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Antique Associates at West Townsend

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Painting, View of Mt,
Tabor from Danby, Vermont
1381-5 - SOLD

Portrait of Lieutenant
William Hindman Campbell,
of the United States Navy
233-29 $4,600

Eighteenth Century Portrait
of Gentleman, Green
Waistcoat Anonymous,
English School
786-12 $4,350

Cameo Pin, Susan B.
Anthony, Signed verso:
Jules Le Brethon 1871
1292-13 - SOLD

Folk Art Double Portrait,
Siblings, Girl Holding Book
Showing Child, and Lamb,
Sister with Rooster Toy
928-130 - SOLD

Sheraton Side Chair Featuring
Portrait of William Henry
Harrison, Eagle Splat
232-433 - SOLD

Nineteenth Century One
Drawer Stand, Table, Original
Red Paint, Fine Surface
176-207 - SOLD

Queen Anne Slant Lid
Desk, Fine Fitted Blocked
and Shell Carved Interior
271-81 $5,600