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Painting, Clipper Ship Witch Of The Wave, Oil on Canvas
Captain J.H. Millett
New York and San Fransisco, 1852
Glidden and Williams Line, Boston
Overall: 24 by 34-inches - SOLD

This picture of the beautiful vessel with her bow carried boldly up to the bowsprit presenting an unbroken angle along its every line is depicted full sail flying her colors against a blue shy as she cuts the whitecapped seas while eight sailors tend her needs of the costly vessel.

Observing her performance on the passage from Portsmouth to Salem, he was confident that she would fully answer the expectations of her owners and that her commander, Captain Millett, is every way qualified to do her justice. He will make her perform her best. Taken from the Boston Daily Atlas, May 19, 1851.

She was built at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, by Mr. George Raynes, and is owned by Messrs. Glidden & Williams, and Twombly & Lamson, of Boston; John Bertram, of Salem, and Flint, Peabody & Co., of San Francisco, and is intended for the California and China trade.

Captain Hunt, one of the periods most experienced pilots, spoke of her in the highest terms. Her register is 1498 91-95ths tons. On the keel she is 191 feet long, between the perpendiculars (government measurement) 202, and over all 220 - she has 40 feet breadth of beam, 21 feet depth of hold, including 7 feet height of between decks, 40 inches dead rise at half floor, 6 inches curve of sides, and 3� feet sheer on the line of the covering board; but the sweep of the rails is modified so that over all her extreme outline is almost straight.

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