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Windsor Stool, Medium-High Height,
Delicate, Yarn Sewn Top,
Original Surface Unknown maker, circa 1780-1820

The circular top features concentric rings turned into the side; beautiful long legs pierce the seat then taper-and-swell to nodules...tapering again to small feet.
(Fine condition; height: 13.5"; seat diameter: 10.5")



Cricket, Stuffed Foot-Stool Featuring Domed Needlework Top, Diminutive Unknown Maker, America, 19th Century

A wonderful folky example, the upholstered white pine top raised on turned tapering walnut legs resting on circular feet. For a great read see American Windsor Furniture Specialized Forms by Nancy Goyne Evans, Chapter 3; Production of Stools, Stands and Miscellaneous Forms.
(Scattered non-distracting thread loss; height: 6.5"; diameter: 7")



Upholstered Wing Chair

The chair measures 45" in overall height, while the seat measures 17" in height, 28.5" in width and 31" in depth.



Wing Chair, Transitional, Chippendale and Hepplewhite Vocabulary
Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1790 to 1800
Maple and pine

Antique Transitional Wing Chair, Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1790 to 1800, angle view

Good lines, good bones, good color, new upholstery; slightly tapering leg suggests turn of period. (H: 49": W: 32.75"; D: 25")



Antique Transitional Wing Chair, Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1790 to 1800, frame view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Youths Wing Chair, Easy Chair, Cabriole Legs
New England, 19th Century
Curly maple and white pine, height: 33-inches
A wonderful piece with soul…and cute! (sorry) - SOLD

Antique Chippendale Back Stool, Unknown Maker, Circa 1750, angle view

With its perfect proportions it could easily be mistaken for a full-size chair. Arched crest rail, curved wings, armrests on conical supports continuing to seat; cabriole front legs with double returns resting on large pad feet, rear legs are backswept and chamfered; legs are joined by block and turned stretcher system. We have pictures pre-upholstery showing the frame. Reasonable upholstery services available.


843-289 - SOLD

Queen Anne Side Chairs, Set of Eight
Boston, walnut
Circa 1760 - SOLD

The ex-owner of this remarkable group of chairs assembled them during a 30-year period; they are all stylistically inspired by the same shop traditions. The yoke back and shaped stiles centered by vasiform splat received by the molded lower-splat shoe above trapezoidal slip seats. The front legs are of cabriole form with turned pad feet while the raking rear legs are turned and block/square with nicely molded edges. One upholstered seat frame is new with all others being original to individual chair; each chair is of similar color and surface patina; obviously with slight differences that are not noticed when circling the table. Each chair measures 40" in height; seat heights: 17"; front width: 19.75".

271-18 - SOLD

Federal Sofa, Small Size, Birch Inlaid Panels, Reeded Front Legs and Arm Supports
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Circa 1800 to 1810
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Small Size Federal Sofa from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Circa 1800 to 1810, angle view

(Excellent condition; H: 32", seat H: 15", W: 64", D: 24")

271-40 - SOLD

Chair, Side Chair, Queen Anne
Salem, Massachusetts
Circa 1770
Walnut - SOLD

This transitional hair features a Chippendale serpentine crest above an 'owl' shaped splat with carved volutes; over-upholstered trapezoidal seat, cabriole legs joined by block-and-turned stretchers, terminating in pad feet.
Dimensions: H: 37.25"; seat H: 17"; W: 22"; D: 18".

274-132 - SOLD

Pair Queen Anne Side Chairs
Circa 1740-1760 - SOLD

The carved yoke shaped crest over solid vasiform splat of successful design centered by the incurvate stiles above the trapezoidal slip-seat within molded frame; front rail with matching half-round drops. The chairs are raised on cabriole legs with slipper-feet. Excellent condition with one chair having a small expertly executed splice at junction of stile and top-rail. (Height: 40.5"; seat height: 18.5"; width: 21.5"; depth: 21.5".)

295-28 - SOLD

Period Sheraton Sofa - SOLD

Early 19th Century rural New England sofa reupholstered for country decor.
Dimensions: 74" long, 34.5" high, 25" deep.

201-247 - SOLD

Sheraton Wing Chair
New Hampshire
Circa 1815
Period Sheraton easy chairs are uncommon and desirable... - SOLD

Considering the Chippendale style serpentine crest rail, this is a relatively early example of a Sheraton easy chair. The tall and slender form is quite desirable; almost a ladies chair. The narrow verticality is accentuated by extremely refined, and tall, delicately turned, tapering birch legs. The castors are original, a very nice feature. The already successful lines will be greatly improved by a competent upholster. (Height: 49"; seat height: 17"; width: 32.5"; depth: 32".)

270-29 - SOLD

Chairs, Queen Anne, Balloon Seats
Connecticut, Norwich or East Hartford
Circa 1755 - SOLD

See The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, fall 1985, pages 73 to 77. (Height: 41"; seat height: 18"; width: 22"; depth: 17")

274-93 - SOLD

Sheraton Sofa
Circa 1800-1820 - SOLD

A North Shore sofa with arched upholstered back joined by flanking down-curved padded arm rests continuing to downward-sloping reeded and scrolled arm support-handholds supported by ring-turned and fluted baluster above fielded rectangular panels; the padded arms enclosing the bench seat over tapering ring-turned reeded legs with ringed cuffs. The front with four similar legs; the rear with two backswept saber legs. Minor lower secondary frame imperfections noted; long ago, a pair of braces were added to the curly-maple frame between front and rear rails; also, originally made with four rear legs. An attractive and functional piece.
(Length: 73.5"; height: 34"; depth: 24".)

731-34 - SOLD

Queen Anne Slipper Chair
Mahogany - SOLD

The carved, pierced, and molded back above trapezoidal slip-seat raised on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet; the rear legs back swept and molded...unusual shaped and molded stretcher configuration. Minor imperfections and losses.
Dimensions: 37.25" overall height, 16" seat height, 21.25" wide, 17" deep.

903-27 - SOLD

Pair Of Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs
Massachusetts, probably Boston
Circa 1775 - SOLD

This carved mahogany side chair with a serpentine crest ending in molded scrolled terminals above the openwork pierced scroll owl splat; above the over-upholstered trapezoidal seat frame; on frontal square beaded legs joined to the chamfered rear legs by square H-stretcher. The chairs have good rich color and are in fine condition. (Height: 37.5"; Seat Height: 17.5"; Width: 21.5"; Depth: 18".)

492-9 - SOLD

Roundabout Chair
Boston, Massachusetts
Circa 1760
Walnut - SOLD

Carved and shaped crest continuing to out-scrolled arms on turned supports flanking vasiform splats received by molded shoes above compass shaped seat raised on frontal cabriole leg...other legs turned with pad feet; legs joined by turned and blocked cross-stretcher. Overall condition is very good, slip seat frame and some returns replaced; minor foot imperfections. (Height: 30.5"; width: 29.25"; depth: 26".)

605-68 - SOLD

Queen Anne Armchair
New England...18th century
Maple - SOLD

The yoke crest above vasiform splat...carved arms with ram's horn handholds on turned arm supports; trapezoidal seat raised on block and vase turned front legs; the rear posts/legs are backswept; legs joined by robustly turned stretchers. Old mahoganized surface with nice color and patina. The chair has been reduced in height...small section of carved brush foot remains as depicted. Tiny initials "LW" carved in each arm early in the chairs life.
(Height: 40"; seat height: 17"; width: 23.75"; depth: 20".)

731-62 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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