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Hepplewhite Table in Original Red Paint, Delicate Legs, Overhanging Top New England, circa 1800


Generously overhung chamfered top over single drawer, the whole raised on tall delicate tapered legs. An elegant form. (Slight cupping to top; shrinkage crack and surface imperfections [thinning paint] to top.
Height: 28"; top: 20 x 18.25")





Dressing table with Mirror, Double Scrolled Backsplash, Shaped Top, Original Chrome Yellow Paint
New England, Likely Maine, Circa 1820 to 1830
Displays nuances and visual energy executed by an inspired visionary; a powerful fancy statement

Antique Dressing Table with Mirror in Original Chrome Yellow Paint, Circa 1820, angle view

Single short drawer set within case featuring oxbow front and serpentine sides; ovolo corners having turned and split engaged columns on canted corners continuing to ball feet. The glove drawer rests on a conforming superstructure raised on dramatic bamboo turned tapering legs resting on spike feet.
(Overall H: 62"; table H: 33"; W: 37"; D: 18.25")



Antique Dressing Table with Mirror in Original Chrome Yellow Paint, Circa 1820, entire view
Antique Dressing Table with Mirror in Original Chrome Yellow Paint, Circa 1820, mirror detail
Antique Dressing Table with Mirror in Original Chrome Yellow Paint, Circa 1820, drawer detail

Sheraton Work Table, Elliptical Molded Top, Sliding Sewing Bag Frame
Likely Boston, circa 1815
Mixed solid woods and veneers

Antique Sheraton Work Table with Elliptical Molded Top, Circa 1815, entire view

Please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.
(28 by 18 by 18”)



Antique Sheraton Work Table with Elliptical Molded Top, Circa 1815, top detail
Antique Sheraton Work Table with Elliptical Molded Top, Circa 1815, drawer detail
Antique Sheraton Work Table with Elliptical Molded Top, Circa 1815, bag frame detail

Bed, Crib, Windsor Youth Bed, Paint Decorated, State of Maine
Circa 1835
Wonderful and original paint, folding rail

This possibly unique example features a paneled headboard with rolled top-rail featuring robust orb terminals; the rails with arrow splats joining tall turned legs, each with flattened ball finials and brass casters. Freehand ornamentation painted in green and yellow against a faux grained surface�brushed strokes of black against red. (Missing brass slide bolt on collapsible rail, else very good; H: 43", L: 55", W: 39", mattress H: 24")



Sheraton Dressing Table, Paint Decorated, Scrolled Backsplash, Tapered Legs
New England, Perhaps Maine
Circa 1810 to 1820
Scarce small size, superb and vibrant original paint

Scrolled backboard above overhanging top with rounded corners, the straight skirt with long-drawer joins square double-tapered legs. Original yellow surface outlined in green; outstanding vinegar grained deck surface; freehand and stenciled fruits, foliate, and fanciful tendril-like devices ornament the backsplash and drawer front.
(H: 34.25", W: 29", D: 15.5")



Worktable, Sewing Stand, Original Grain Paint
New England
Circa 1810
A rare example in white pine and paint

The slightly overhanging top on plain apron having a single drawer above a pullout frame to which a work-bag would have been tied; the whole raised on delicate tapered legs; brass pulls. This table remains in a high state of originality including brasses and faux grained surface.
H: 27"; top: 15.25 by 18.5"



Work Table, Three Drawer Ladies Work Stand
New York
Circa 1835
Burl Maple Veneer, Tulip Poplar and White Pine

The slightly overhanging top with rounded corners over a conforming case having three drawers featuring ovolu-fronts with turned knobs; top drawer is fitted. The case is set on a stepped octagonal pedestal ornamented with cove and ogee molding raised on conforming platform resting on scrolled feet.
Dimensions: 31" H, 16.5 by 20.5" top.



Trundle Bed with Wooden Wheels, Youth Size, Turned Posts, Original Grain Paint
New England, Early 19th Century
Maple and ash

Antique Grain Painted Trundle Bed with Wooden Wheels, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 16”, W: 41”, L: 60”)



Antique Grain Painted Trundle Bed with Wooden Wheels, New England, 19th Century, headboard detail
Antique Grain Painted Trundle Bed with Wooden Wheels, New England, 19th Century, post detail

Washstand, Hepplewhite, Dramatic Scrolled Back, Original Paint and Decoration
Maine, Early 19th Century
A delicate and desirable country example

The scrolled backsplash featuring stenciled decoration, and side returns are of dovetail construction; the top with slight overhang is fitted for wash-basin and is raised on delicate double tapered legs joined by plain apron fitted with dovetail-jointed drawer retaining original brass pull. (Overall excellent condition; H: 35.75", W: 17", D: 16.5")



1830's Painted Bed

Measures 78" long, 55.5" in width and 52" in height.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Hepplewhite Single drawer Stand, Out swept Double Tapered Legs, Tiger Maple
New Hampshire, Early 19th Century
Rare Hepplewhite stand, eye catching tiger maple, sweeping double tapered legs - SOLD

Antique Hepplewhite Tiger Maple Single Drawer Stand, New Hampshire, 19th Century, angle view

The square top featuring ovolo corners overhanging plain apron with single drawer retaining original brass pull raised on double-tapered out-swept legs.
(Evidence of medial shelf; H: 25.75” Case D: 17.5” Top D: 18”)

1187-8 - SOLD

State of Maine Paint Decorated One Drawer Table, Stand, Original Paint and Hardware
Possibly South Paris, Definitely Maine, Circa 1825 to 1830
The Height of the Fancy Period - SOLD

Antique One Drawer State of Maine Paint Decorated Table in Original Paint, Circa 1825 to 1830, angle view

Classic bronze power stenciling; foliate motif on drawer-front, ornamenting the top is an urn of fruits and foliate; yellow and green painted-trim against black and red graining.
(Scatted wear and paint losses, generally good, absolutely honest; H: 28.5”, top: 16.25 by 20”)

754-19 - SOLD

Work Table, Martha Washington Sewing Stand, Inlaid, Folk Art, Original Surface
American, Circa 1920, Very Competent Design, Construction and Joinery
It's all about Ornamental inlays and surface
Oak, maple, poplar; even a few pieces of old stenciled crates as secondary wood - SOLD

A uniquely ornamented folk-effort featuring carved and applied drawer pulls, bosses and animals. Inlays include scissors, a horse, stars, moon; playing card suits; hearts, clubs and diamonds. The case with "D" shaped ends centering center lift-top section above drawers is raised on saw cut cabriole legs. Interestingly, there is three or four crate stencils within the interior including Packing Case - Atlas Plywood - Boston; we found reference to these packing cases dating to 192. (Excellent original condition; H: 29", D: 13", W: 28")

659-54 - SOLD

Bed, Federal, Paint Decorated, Stenciled, Shaped Headboard, Turned Posts
Maine, Circa 1820 to 1825
An outstanding example of turning and fancy painted ornament - SOLD

Scrolled headboard, high footboard with bolster joining vase, urn and ring-turned posts; all with original surface of black and red graining, bronze powder stenciling; yellow and green trim. Fine condition commensurate with age and use

492-123 - SOLD

Stand, Two Drawer Work Table, Original Surface and Brass Casters
New England, Probably Massachusetts
Circa 1815
Maple and white pine - SOLD

The rectangular top features reeded edges and canted rounded corners and is above a conforming case with applied molding, and having two cockbeaded drawers; the whole raised on spool and reeded swelled tapering legs with ringed cuffs on brass casters. This table remains in a high state of preservation including surface. (H: 30.5; top: 16.25 by 19.75")

270-98 - SOLD

Octagonal Table, Renaissance Revival, Carved Centennial Exhibition Masterwork
Anonymous, Circa 1876
A tour de force, a prime example of glorious excess, outstanding - SOLD

The octagonal top is layered like a cake with the edge of each tier ornamented by a distinctive and different vocabulary of carving. The pedestal features carvings of a hawk, an owl, a gryphon and a winged dragon; four creatures perched on scrolled devices rising from dentil molded foliated pedestals raised on paw feet resting on plinths rising from a stylized carving of the Memorial Hall. (The 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia) Sausage and ball-turned rails surround the great hall. The whole stands on a molded and carved octagonal base set upon an octagonal base mounted on four powerful carved paw feet. This fantastic sculptural piece features full coverage carving, diapering, incising and moldings; an encyclopedic and masterful effort of great success. The table remains in excellent original condition with no chips, cracks; there are a few minor repairs to fence on plinth, else fine and original. (H: 31"; top: 18 by 18")

570-443 - SOLD

Queen Anne Day Bed, Vasiform Splat, Inversely Arched Top Rail, Molded Stiles
Possibly Connecticut, 18th Century
Robustly turned, great original surface and original feet
Cherry and ash - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Day Bed with Vasiform Splat, 18th Century, angle view

(Superb condition; H: 42.5”, W: 27”, L: 73.5”)

1138-2 - SOLD

Federal Stand, One Drawer Table, Birds Eye Maple Panels, Mahogany Banding
New England, Circa 1800
Birch, birds eye maple veneers, mahogany banding, white pine secondary wood - SOLD

Antique Federal One Drawer Stand with Birds Eye Maple Panels, Circa 1800, angle view

(Good condition commensurate with age and use; H: 28.75", top: 15.5 by 15.75")

414-61 - SOLD

Antique Table, Ladies' Rotary Work Table, Foot Stool, Pin Cushion and Drawers
Garland's Combination Rotary Work Table by F.A. Garland, Nashua, NH
Form and function combined; folk furniture, whimsical utility!
The Height of Early Edwardian Eccentricity
Four labeled drawers (H: 30"; diameter: 22") - SOLD

The star-inlayed top rotates; within the scalloped apron are four side-hung drawers retaining original maker's labels. The molded circular midsection joining stiles features an urn-shaped pincushion and drop-finial; curvaceous human form molded legs are joined by a padded and tasseled foot-stool resting on painted cast iron human form legs. (Finely constructed, walnut and pine, 19th century, excellent original condition)

606-81 - SOLD

Press Bed, Folding Bedstead, Half Canopy Tester, Turned Posts
New England, Circa 1800
Maple, pine - SOLD

Good condition, canopy brackets reproduced, else fine and original; H: 83.5", rail H: 19", L: 78.25", W: 54", canopy D: 27.25", headboard H: 37.25", L in up position: 25.25")

492-100 - SOLD

Bed, High Fluted Pencil Post with Full Tester
Gabled Headboard, Square Legs
New England, Circa 1750 to 1775
Maple, pine headboard, curly maple rails, nice old surface, tight and functional - SOLD

(Overall H: 81", head board H: 31.75", W: 55.5", L: 77")

505-83 - SOLD

Press Bed, Folding Bed, Field Bed, Original Red Paint
New England, Found in Connecticut
Circa 1790
Maple and white pine, beaded folding rails, honest and original paint - SOLD

(L: 77.75", W: 52.5", H: 33")

336-139 - SOLD

Work Table, One Drawer Stand, Possibly Southern, Original Brass and Surface
Use of Walnut and Poplar and Exposed Glue Blocks Suggests Southern Made
Early 19th Century
Unknown Maker - SOLD

Featuring square top with generously proportioned overhang on plain apron containing dovetail joined drawer; the whole on tapering legs; dry surface, as found original condition. (H: 28.5"; top: 18 by 18")

410-123 - SOLD

Hepplewhite Table, One Drawer Stand, Original Red and Brass Hardware
New England
Circa 1800
Exceptionally clean and delicate form - SOLD

The projecting top with scratch molded beaded edge features ovolo corners and is on a plain apron with single beaded drawer with similar beading; the whole raised on double-tapered beaded legs. (H: 28"; W: 18.5"; D: 21.75")

314-51 - SOLD

Work Table, Shaker, Sabbath Day Lake
1860 - SOLD

Original surface, drawer is nailed construction
(H: 27.5"; top: 22 by 21.75")

1020-10 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Dressing Table, Classic State of Maine, Original Surface
Circa 1825 to 1840
Maple, basswood, and pine - SOLD

Scrolled back splash featuring stenciled returns above tabletop having canted edges; plain apron contains single long-drawer; the whole raised on beautifully turned legs resting on ball feet. The entire table retains original black and red fancy grain paint in fine original condition. Replaced brass drawer pulls, all else fine and original. (Dimensions: 24.5" H, 31.25" W, 16" D.)

237-6 - SOLD

Federal, Corner Chamber Stand, Inlaid
New England
Circa 1790
Excellent mahogany, shaped back, medial shelf with drawer, flaring legs - SOLD

(Dimensions: 40.75" H, 21" W, 15" D.)

294-26 - SOLD

Table, One Drawer Stand, Original Paint
Circa 1830
Graining similar to that of John Rupp
Soft woods, pine and poplar - SOLD

A nearly square oversized top on plain apron with single drawer raised on block and turned legs. Fantastic fancy grain-painting; the top grained to represent veneer panels with the drawer simulating matchbook veneer; all-over paint in superb original condition. Dimensions: 30.5" H, 24 by 23.75" top.

556-48 - SOLD

Work Table, Sheraton, Lift Top Bag Table, Pierced Brass Ornamentation
Probably Boston
Circa 1810 to 1815
Inlayed and banded, satinwood, mahogany, and maple - SOLD

Made by highly-skilled craftsman, the top with turret corners lifts to expose a mirror and fitted interior with adjustable writing flap over two drawers, over sewing basket on side-drawn frame. The case is veneered in satinwood; triple graduated panels are compartmentalized by inlayed rosewood banding on all sides conforming to drawer arrangement. The case beneath lid with turret corners is joined in the front by engaged inlayed columns; the rear by engaged inlayed blocks. The delicate spiral-turned legs raised on original brass castors are ornamented by pierced brass collars centered by baluster turnings. The secondary wood is white pine with the finely constructed drawer sides being mahogany. (H: 30"; case measures 22 3/8 by 16.75".)

903-59 - SOLD

Bed, Original Painted Decoration
New England
Circa 1830 - SOLD

The scrolled headboard retains pressed brass ornamentation as do the robustly turned posts; the broadly brushed black paint against a field of red is original, as are the rails. (Height: 48.75"; width: 55.5"; length: 79")

492-69 - SOLD

Folding Bedstead, Press Bed, Original Red Painted Surface, Shoe Feet
18th to Early 19th Century, Found in Rhode Island; many years ago
Maple, Pine, old dry finish - SOLD

A third-quarter 18th century folding low-post (rope) press bed raised on robust turned legs with rare shoe-feet. These scarcely encountered beds are hinged to raise the lower the frame, making room for activity during the day. (Height (head board): 34"; H (rail): 23"; W: 53.25"; L: 77")

326-6 - SOLD

Inlaid Mahogany Sewing Table
Circa 1810 - SOLD

A Massachusetts Sheraton inlaid mahogany, mahogany veneer and birds eye maple veneer two-drawer worktable. The rectangular cross-banded top with canted corners and inlaid octagonal edge above a conforming case fitted with single compartmented-drawer and a bag-drawer below; each drawer with string-inlaid birds eye maple veneered panels...raised on tapered ring-turned fluted cylindrical legs having ringed cuffs.
The table remains in excellent condition including the bag-drawer frame and round bag bottom; bag fabric is greatly compromised. The brass pulls are possibly original. Height: 27.75"; Top: 20.25 by 15.25".

270-51 - SOLD

Trundle Bed, Original Red Paint and Wash, Original Wheel Feet
New England
Circa 1800 to 1820 - SOLD

Mortise and tenon construction, turned posts joined by rails, keeper rails and shaped headboard. Fine original condition. (H: 15.5"; L: 66.5": W: 45")

424-168 - SOLD

Table Stand, One Drawer, Queen Anne, Unique
Rhode Island
Circa 1760 to 1780
Mahogany - SOLD

The nearly square top on plain apron having single drawer; the whole on turned tapering legs resting on pad feet.
Dimensions: 22" H, 16.75 by 16.25" top.

271-25 - SOLD

Field Bed, Canopy Bed, Tester, Federal, Carved, Original Condition
Circa 1815 to 1825 - SOLD

Vase and ring turned head-posts joined by scrolled headboard; the front posts are spiral rope turned and acanthus carved. The tester and surface may be original. (Overall H: 85.5"; L: 79.25"; W: 54.25"; rail H: 20")

637-141 - SOLD

Folding paint
New England
Eighteenth Century - SOLD

This example with turned tapered cylindrical posts centering an arched headboard has molded rails and is painted red with the headboard being blue. It is curios that the headboards tenon is half the depth of the mortise that receives it. The width is perfect...perhaps an early replacement yet a great combination; a marriage made in heaven.

977-3 - SOLD

Sheraton Field Bed
New England
Mahoganized birch and pine
Circa 1820-1830 - SOLD

The turned urn-form head-posts centering a pine headboard joined by original side-rails to turned and fluted urn form foot-posts. Complete with reproduction arched tester.
Dimensions: 79.5" overall height, 40.5" headboard height, 74" long, 54.5" wide.

731-35 - SOLD

State Of Maine Washstand
Original faux graining and painted decoration
Circa 1815 - SOLD

The shaped splashboard with high scrolled crest and cyma-curved and scrolled ends is of dovetail construction and is ornamented with brass rosettes; and is above a shallow shelf above the top with basin cutout; also fitted for glasses. The chamber-stand is raised on finely turned delicate legs joined by the medial shelf fitted with full-width drawer of dovetail construction that retains its original brass pulls. The grain painted rosewood decoration, green banding, and yellow striping is original as is the bronze powder stenciled conch and oak leaf decoration with hand-painted tendrils on the backboard and drawer front; note the stencil star motif on inner side scrolls. Basswood and white pine. (Height: 42"; width: 19.5"; depth: 16".)

410-24 - SOLD

Sheraton Field Bed
New England
Circa 1800-1815
Birch and pine - SOLD

Four posts with original tester (canopy) frame; tapered pencil posts centering pine headboard joined by retrofitted side-rails to the turned and fluted urn-form foot-posts.
Dimensions: 81" overall height, 37" headboard height, 86" long, 53.5" wide.

731-36 - SOLD

One Drawer Stand, Hepplewhite Table, Scalloped Top, Old Red Paint
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1800
Rural elegance - SOLD

The curvaceous top, a feast of motion, above plain apron with single birds eye maple veneered drawer cross banded with red paint; the whole raised on delicate tapered legs. Very good condition, dry patina. (H: 28.25"; top: 15.75 by 16.5")

270-99 - SOLD

Table, Work Table, Classical, New York City
School of Duncan Phyfe
Circa 1814 to 1835
Mahogany and poplar, appropriate period brasses refreshed
Inscribed, period script, Joseph W. Collins, 97th W. 11th St., NYC - SOLD

The rectangular case with straight frame joining stiles featuring inlaid brass and drop pendants (top also with brass inlay within cross-banding) fitted with five drawers; top drawer opening to an adjustable writing surface lined in baize and with compartments for ink bottles and pens. The candle-drawers centering middle-drawer above single long drawer have wooden spring locks. The case is raised on vigorously turned acanthus-carved column standard resting on out-swept waterleaf carved legs resting on finely carved lion-shank legs ending in carved paw-feet on casters. Original surface, minor cosmetic imperfections; expert restoration services available. (Dimensions: 31.25" H, 23.75 by 16.75" top)

410-101 - SOLD

Work Table, Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer
Attributed to Duncan Phyfe
New York - SOLD

Rectangular top with acanthus carved turret corners, two drawer front, the top drawer opening to reveal a writing surface, on four foliate carved posts, medial shelf with four carved saber legs retaining original brass castors. Very minor imperfections, remaining in old surface, as found condition. (Height: 30.5"; width: 27"; depth: 18.5")

556-46 - SOLD

Day Bed
Curly Maple
19th Century
Ohio - SOLD

As depicted, turned posts joined by plain rails; excellent condition. (Length: 74"; height: 24.75"; depth: 21.75".)

594-18 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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