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Basket, Rib-Type Woven Splint Egg Basket,
Finely Wrought, 6-Inch
Confidently Attributed to Mary Causby (1873-1955), Burke Co., North Carolina White oak splint, late 19th to early 20th century

Typical of the weavers outstanding fine work; an exceptional diminutive size, this example featuring her characteristic fine-weave converging-rib kidney form having wrapped double rim and arched handle displaying Causby’s distinctive twist at juncture with rim. Original dry natural surface with outstanding patina.
Mary Josephine Brown Causby (1873-1955) reportedly learned the fine art of basketmaking at a young age from her father Robert (1842-1904), while growing up in Quaker Meadow Township, Burke Co., NC. She is recorded as a "basket maker" in the 1900 census, then single and living with her parents. She would marry J. N. Causby in the spring of the following year. Many of her finest baskets feature the unusual and distinctive vertical twist at the handle-rim juncture as seen on the example offered here.
(Other than two little cracks, this basket remains in fine original condition)






Ash Splint Field or Clothes Work Basket New England, early 20th century

Large double handle basket in good condition with double-wrapped rim. Handles are carved and notched. Sturdy and decorative. (Base: 17”; Mouth: 18”; Height: 14”)



Oak Splint Cheese Basket New England, 19th century - SOLD

Medium cheese basket with double-wrapped base in diamond form with squared tips. Blue diagonal paint on exterior. Hexagonal weave, excellent condition. (Rim width: 7”)

1230-11 - SOLD

Basket, Northeast Woodland Indian, Painted Splint, Potato Stamp
19th Century

Painted split featuring alternating salmon, natural and yellow bands with stamped heart ornamentation. Minor imperfections, some fading.
Dimensions: 6.5" H, 18" W, 9" D.



Basket, Loom, Woven Ash Splint Bobbin Basket, Natural and Original Surface
New England, 19th Century

(Good condition with minor; loss of carved hanging device; great surface; 22 by 16 by 8")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Oak Splint Cheese Basket New England, 19th century - SOLD

Medium cheese basket with double-wrapped base in diamond form with squared tips. Blue diagonal paint on exterior. Hexagonal weave, excellent condition. (Rim width: 7”)

1230-11 - SOLD

Antique Basket, Original Red Paint, Ash Splint
New England, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Ash Splint Basket in Original Red Paint, 19th Century, angle view

(Good condition; 3.25 by 9.5 by 7.75")

201-419 - SOLD

Basket, Hexagon Weave, Round Rim, Hex Base
Yellow and Salmon Splint Banding
Unknown maker, vintage antique - SOLD

(Very good condition with a couple breaks; height: 5", W: 11", D: 11")

405-9 - SOLD

Baskets, Taconic, Pair, Swing Handles, Domed Centers, One Signed JES
19th Century
New York
Small round woven splint baskets with carved wood swing handles - SOLD

(Large: 12" H at handle, 6" H at rim, 10.25" diameter; small: 9.5" H at handle, 5.25" H at rim, 8" diameter)

606-42 - SOLD

Splint Sewing Basket, Oval Over Square, Original and Great Red Paint, Lined
Late 19th Century
New England - SOLD

The dusty interior is lined with green taffeta and features a nifty segmented trapunto thimble-cozy. This workbasket remains in excellent condition including rim and corners.
(Dimensions: 3.5" H, 8" W, 7" D.)

201-358 - SOLD

Nantucket Swing Handle Lightship Basket
Circa 1920
Carved and notched wooden ears, turned, molded and incised bottom; tapered and chamfered oak ribs, good color - SOLD

The rattan remains in fine original condition; loss of two-inch section of rim-binding with all else very good.
(H: 6"; H at handle: 11.25"; diameter: 9")

431-65 - SOLD

Baskets, Swing Handle, Carved Handle
Sold separately

Basket, Swing Handle, Taconic, Original Surface, Fine
New York
19th Century
Double wrapped rim, carved handle on notched loop ears, pushed-up bottom
(H: 5 7/8"; height at handle: 12.75")

Mellon Form Basket, Carved Handle, Original Surface
19th Century
Excellent condition (H: 5"; height at handle: 8.5"; W: 9.25"; D: 8.75")

Miniature Covered Storage Basket
Eastern Woodlands, Schaghticoke? - SOLD

This small nineteenth century rectangular storage basket with shoulder remains in fine original condition and has a very good patina…thirteen of the wefts are stained; alternating red and green with three splits having traces of bluing. (Base 4.5 X 3.25 inches; basket rim 2.25 X 4 5/16 inches; the lid conforms to base size and sits down on shoulder; height 4-inches.)

191-250 - SOLD

Feather Basket
Original greenish blue paint
Ash Splint
Circa 1850
28-Inches - SOLD

Round top with double wrap tapering before swelling to the bulbous body then again tapering inward to the round base with pushed-up bottom. Scattered imperfections and missing handles...a wonderful form.

201-187 - SOLD

Basket, Bobbin Basket, Original Sage Green Paint
Curly Fancy Decoration
Probably Maine
Ash splint - SOLD

This small basket in wonderful surface remains in generally excellent condition with only the loss of one small piece of splint. (Height: 6 inches; width: 6.75 inches; depth: 3.75 inches)

763-2 - SOLD

Basket, square work basket, double wrap rim
Signed by maker, excellent condition
Circa 1878 - SOLD

"For Hannah Roberts made by her friend Joseph Eldridge in his 86 years, 1878"
(Height: 5 inches; width: 17 inches; depth: 16.75 inches.)

191-320 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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