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Grain Painted Inkstand
Labeled "Chappel / Buffalo, NY"

Turned and grain painted inkstand with gilt trim on sides and ebonized and gilt decorated on top. The stand has 5 openings with three of the original glass inserts, and the original blue paper label on bottom for James L. Chappell of Buffalo, NY. The stand remains in very good condition with no chips or cracks. Measures 2.75-inches in height and 6-inches in diameter.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Cane, Tenth Anniversary, Tinned Sheet iron, Nineteenth Century Anonymous - SOLD

A rare, possibly unique tenth anniversary gift…tubular handle above flattened knop-discs centering twisted shaft above the tapered ferrule; great color and patina. (Fine original condition; length: 30.25")

997-30 - SOLD

Pair of Tenth Wedding Anniversary Slippers
MUSGRAVE AND SON (1870 to 1882)
New York, New York
Circa 1870 - SOLD

Tinned iron, original white and gold paint, each, 8 by 3.75-inches by 2.5-inches, the left slipper had a very small area of paint loss on the backside which was expertly in-painted; the right slipper bearing a printed paper label: "TIN GOODS / for / WEDDING PRESENTS / EMBLEMATIC OF DIFFERENT / TRADES & PROFESSIONS - MUSGRAVE AND SON / NEW YORK CITY"

William Musgrave and family immigrated to New York City from Liverpool, England, in 1849, where William had been employed as a ironmonger. William Musgrave first appears in New York City business directories in 1851 located at 35 Sixth Avenue as a "Tinsmith." From 1856-1863 William Musgrave is listed in partnership with Waldron Young (Musgrave and Young) at 97 Maiden Lane and 162 West 41st Street, listed under "Japanned wares." From 1863 to 1865 they are still partners, but are then listed as "tinsmiths." From 1866 to 1868 the firm is in the name of William's son, Edgar F. Musgrave located at 162 West 41st and listed as a "tinsmith" and "tin wares". A notice in the New York Herald of January 11, 1870 stated: "William Musgrave Sr. and Edgar F. Musgrave have this day entered into a co partnership, the business hitherto carried on under the firm name E.F. Musgrave & Co. will from this date be continued in the name Musgrave & Son. / William Musgrave Sr. / Edgar F. Musgrave, New York, January 1, 1870." Musgrave & Son are listed in the New York City business directories at 348/350 41st Street from 1870-1882.

From 1883-1900 the firm was listed as Edgar F. Musgrave at the same address. The 1880 census lists William and Mary Musgrave living in Passaic, New Jersey with their married daughter and her family. Edgar Musgrave was married to Sarah Newton, and died January 19, 1912 in Yonkers, New York, and listed in his obituary as a "hardware merchant." The 1880 census records Alfred Musgrave, the youngest son of William and Mary Musgrave as "collector of tin ware wholesale."

The maker's original printed label found on this pair of painted tin slippers make them a great rarity within the category of American tenth wedding anniversary objects, which are universally anonymous both as to maker and exact place of origin. This subject was explored in the exhibition "Marriage Milestones: Tenth Wedding Anniversary Tin, at the Museum of American Folk Art, 1984-1985, and the article by Nancy and James D. Clokey III, of the same title in the Clarion, Winter 1985, pp. 26-33. (Other information available)

210-219 - SOLD

Railroad Track...with rail switch
Perhaps a model?
Appears to be late 19th Century - SOLD

Stored in square nailed box that is painted green. Measures 21.5-inches in length, 5-inches in depth and 2-inches in height.

110-314 - SOLD

Wood Flute / Fife
Brass Caps
19th Century - SOLD

Wooden flute / fife with scribed brass end pieces.
Old dry surface.
Dimensions: 15-inches long.

110-326 - SOLD

Anniversary Tin, Oversized, Tin Parade Noise Maker
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 19.75-inches long, 6.25-inch diameter.

348-209 - SOLD

Anniversary Tin, Tree of Life, Dustpan
19th Century - SOLD

As a 10th anniversary gift, this household utility item was embossed with a tree of life.
Dimensions: 12.5 by 12.5 by 1.25".

945-1 - SOLD

Diminutive Tin Anniversary Basket - SOLD

This small 19th c. anniversary basket would be great for a collection of miniatures.
Dimensions: Overall height including handle 6.5-inches; basket height 2.5-inches; diameter 6.5-inches

SHF-337 - SOLD

Anniversary Tin, Tambourine
19th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 8" diameter, 2.5" W.

898-10 - SOLD

Folding Music Stand - SOLD

Dimensions: 8.75 by 1.5 by 1.25-inches closed, 17.75 by 8.25 by 6.5-inches open.

348-193 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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