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Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Shaker Bentwood Box, Covered, Oval, Five Fingers, Fitted Interior, Red Stain
Possibly Mount Lebanon, Circa 1845 - SOLD

Antique Oval Shaker Bentwood Box with Fitted Interior, Circa 1845, angle view

Pine top and bottom, maple sides joined by fingers, fastened with coper tacks; top and bottom affixed with wood pegs; the interior id fitted with three compartments.
(Areas of grain-split from shrinkage limited to ends at base as shown; thinning pigment; 13.5 by 9.5 by 5.75ā€)

1160-1 - SOLD

Shaker Box, Oval, Bentwood, Pantry, Original Surface History, Faux Graining
New England, 19th Century
Pine top and bottom, maple sides having three chamfered edge fingers - SOLD

(Copper tacks securing fingers, lid and base nailed; nails securing base need to be refreshed, else fine and clean; 10.25 by 6 7/8 by 4" H.)

1111-5 - SOLD

Shaker Type Pail, Original Surface History, ā€œVā€ Shape Tongue/Grove Joinery, Diamond Shaped Bail Plates
Likely New Hampshire, 19th Century
Early working-period salmon paint over blue - SOLD

Antique Shaker Type Pail with Original Surface History, New Hampshire, 19th Century, entire view

(The is a 1 by 1 7/8 pie-shape loss of surface wood at the top of a single stave, else fine; 11 by 13ā€)

201-451 - SOLD

Brush, Shaker, Curly Maple - SOLD

Drafting style brush.
Dimensions: 11.5" L.

1032-82 - SOLD

Shaker Boxes, Firkin, Pails

Left to right:
Shaker Pail, Original Blue Paint, Coffin Bail Plates
Circa 1850 to 1865
(Height: 9.5 inches; diameter: 12.75 inches)

Shaker Box, Oval, Four Finger
Natural Finish, dry patina

Shaker Box, Round, Band Box, Three Fingers
New Lebanon
Maple, pine and cherry

Blue Feather Edge Platter, Molded, Creamware
Joseph Stubbs, Longport (Impressed mark)
19th Century (17 by 13.75")

Blanket Chest, Miniature, Original Surface
The rectangular lid with applied molding above conforming dovetail constructed case raised on a molded bracket base; the interior features a lidded till. Original stained surface and brass keyhole escutcheon. Very good condition with minor molding loss; approximately 4.5 by 1/8 inch bead near left proper front foot. (Height: 11.25 inches; width: 18.75 inches; 10.5 inches)

Box, Swing Handle, Pantry or Butter Box
Original Surface
New England
19th Century
Ash and pine

Firkin, Original Green Paint
New England
19th Century

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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