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Highboy, Massachusetts, Original Condition Including Surface & Hardware, Time Capsule Condition 18th Century, Lower Merrimack Valley, Bartlett School, Merrimack-Haverhill Area Cherrywood [primary] maple and pine, original brown wash, drop-finals and knee returns!

This example presented in an “as-found” state, a rarely encountered uncompromised state of originality. The upper-case featuring applied crown moldings over five graduated drawers having overhanging thumb-molded drawer lips; lower case having two long drawers…the lower drawer featuring a faux three drawer front and carved 15-lobe fan. The whole standing on cabriole legs resting on pad feet; all returns present and original; legs joined by a unique apron, a double-lobed-radial-arch flanked by arcades; turned drop-finials are original. Competent and interesting joinery and construction. Written in large fancy script filling a drawer bottom and on the backboards is found a very old shipping address and name; Luther Day, 44 Summer Street, Haverhill, Mass. Day is listed as being in the shoe business at 44 Sumer Street per/the Auditor’s Twenty-Sixth Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Haverhill For The year Ending December 31, 1895.

(Height: 78"; top case width: 36", depth: 18.5”; bottom case width: 38", depth: 19.75”. a single drawer-lip was cracked and glued, all else fine, complete and original)




Highboy, Queen Anne Shell Carved Flat Top,
Marriage Made in Heaven
Connecticut, circa 1765-1785
Cherry, mahoganized finish

A fan carved cherry highboy [high chest] in two parts; the upper section features cove molding above a case having two short drawers, over three long graduated drawers. The lower case with a long drawer over three short drawers, the center drawer fan carved. The whole raised on cabriole legs resting on pad feet. Shaped apron; drawers are overhanging thumb-molded.
(Very good condition; surface was recently restored; height: 66.5"; bottom case: 38" x 21.5"; top case: 36" x 19.25")



Highboy, Queen Anne, Molded Cornice with Drawer, Vintage Red Paint By Decent, Brainard Family, Early Connecticut Collectors, Friends of Nutting Possibly Hartford, Connecticut, circa 1730-1740 …

Maple and poplar, old red paint The frieze incorporating a hidden document drawer over an arrangement of eight drawers, shaped skirt joining cabriole legs resting on pad feet. (Replaced brasses, some old and minor repairs; Height: 66.5"; Bottom Case: width: 37.75"; depth: 21"; Top Case: width: 36"; depth: 20")





Highboy, Queen Anne, Carved Claw & Ball Feet & Fan,
Period Brass Hardware Likely Salem, Massachusetts,
Circa 1750-1775
A fine and attractive example in mahogany

A carved walnut high chest [highboy], the upper case features a beautifully molded cornice above an arrangement of two short and three graduated long drawers; the lower case with one long drawer over three short drawers, the center drawer with a carved fan, above a shaped apron, on cabriole resting on claw and ball feet.
(Repair to back right leg, else very good; height: 71”, width: 39”, depth: 22”).



Lowboy, Carved Cherrywood Dressing Table,
Likely Colchester, Connecticut The Lord Group, Circa 1760

This example features a complex apron profile, the shell fluting terminus is centered by gouge-punching that forms an undulating border; wide horizontal flutes are cut in apron below the shell… the knee brackets display simple spurs, all Colchester traditions.
(Repair to back leg, old refinish, else fine; height: 32.5"; top with inverted corners: 35 x 21"; case: 30 x 18.5")



Figured Walnut Highboy, Original Surface & Engraved Brass Hardware Boston, Circa 1730 – 1750 Walnut, walnut veneer, herringbone banding, white pine secondary wood

(Excellent original condition; height: 65.75"; bottom case: width: 39.25"; depth: 20.5"; top case: width: 37.75"; depth: 19.75")



Cherry, white pine and poplar

Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Connecticut, Circa 1770, angle view

This successful highboy of inspired design was created by an ambitious and highly gifted rural Connecticut Valley cabinet maker. The steeply pitched cyma scrolled pediment with enclosed bonnet is ornamented with vigorous moldings featuring carved rosette termini. The scrolling of the tympanum board creates a relationship between positive and negative space, and centers the plinth with flame carved finial. The drawer organization and graduation is enhanced by superbly carved center drawers, featuring an aster at top and a shell in the lower case. The unusually tall cabriole legs, cyma scrolled apron with drop pendants, create a powerful vertical presence. The combination of design, condition, appealing old color, and carved embellishments work in concert creating a successful expression. The backboard is signed S B 1770 in original ‘bricking’. The highboy remains in remarkably intact condition with only minor repairs; period brasses are installed within original borings.
(Dimensions: H: 89”; Upper case: W: 35.75”; D: 17.75”; Lower case; W: 38.5”; D: 19”.)



Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Connecticut, Circa 1770, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Connecticut, Circa 1770, bonnet detail
Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Connecticut, Circa 1770, drawer carving detail
Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Connecticut, Circa 1770, carved drawer and drop finials detail

Highboy, Queen Anne Cherrywood High chest, Original Brasses, Graceful Apron
South Eastern Rhode Island, Circa 1760
Excellent proportions, layout and apron-leg relationship; very nice example

Antique Queen Anne Cherrywood Highboy with Original Brasses, Circa 1760, angle view

(Excellent condition with only one drawer lip repair; H: 76.25”, top case: 36 by 20”, bottom case: 39 by 22”)



Diminutive Queen Anne Highboy, Rich Color and Patina
New England, 18th Century
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Queen Anne Highboy with Rich Color and Patina, New England, 18th Century, angle view

(Base: 34 by 35.5 by 19.5"; top: 35 by 31 by 18.5")



Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Fan Carving, Cabriole Legs
Massachusetts, Circa 1750 to 1780
The Quality Readily Apparent in the Vigorous Curve of Bonnet and Carvings
Walnut front, maple sides with some figure
This object just in; please call if interested

Antique Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy with Fan Carving, Circa 1750 to 1780, angle view

(The period brasses in original borings are not original; H: 86"; W: 38"; D: 21")



Flat Top Highboy, Newport, Detachable Legs, Slipper Feet
Newport, Rhode Island, Mid 18th Century
The beauty is in the simplicity; displays distinctive legs, apron and feet
This object just in; please call if interested

Antique Flat Top Highboy with Detachable Legs and Slipper Feet, Mid 18th Century, angle view

(Replaced hardware, leg cavity blocks are replaced, H: 69"; W: 37.25"; D: 22")



Highboy, Early Rural New England
Massachusetts, North Shore/Salem Area
Circa 1730 to 1740
Pine, Birch and poplar

Crown molding above four graduated thumb-molded drawers; the sides overhanging. The top case is received by a broad, beautifully cut and finished waist molding of generous proportion; lower-case with single long-drawer above three short-drawers. The case which is raised on rather straight cabriole legs featuring crisp knee-ridges and turned pad feet; the returns were carved and shaped “in-the-round” (single piece of birch). The legs are joined by a triple arcade apron in the taste of the William and Mary period; side aprons feature a subtle cupid’s bow cutout. It is interesting that the drawer sides are rived and delicately molded. The wood is a warm pumpkin-brownish pine color with decent patina; originally painted brown as 9is evidenced by intact full-coverage paint remaining on top-boards. The brasses are period yet not original. Amazingly…the drop finials are original. (Dimensions: 68” H, 38.25” bottom case W, 20” bottom case D, 37” top case W, 19.25” top case D.)



Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Original Hardware, Central Plinth, Concave Carved Small Drawers
Boston, Circa 1750 to 1765
Walnut, great surface and pierced brasses, clean

(Brass hardware on small drawers is replaced, others original; finials are not original although appropriate and displaying good and congruent color, else fine and original; H: 74”, top case W: 35”, top case D: 17.5”, bottom case W: 38”, bottom case D: 21”)



Bonnet Top Highboy, Original Brasses and Finials, Scooped Fan
Connecticut, 18th Century
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Bonnet Top Highboy with Original Brasses and Finials, 18th Century, angle view

(In generally excellent condition, old refinish, minor and superb lip repair, else fine; H: 88.5", top case W: 35.75", top case D: 19.5", bottom case W: 39 5/8", bottom case D: 21 5/8")



Antique Bonnet Top Highboy with Original Brasses and Finials, 18th Century, entire view

Highboy, Fan Carved, Claw and Ball Feet, Old Surface
North Shore Massachusetts, 1750 to 1760
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

(Very good condition, minor imperfections commensurate with age and use; two backboards replaced; H: 73.25", bottom case W: 40.75", bottom case D: 26.25", top case W: 36.25", top case D: 19")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

William and Mary Highboy, Old Surface, Shaped Apron, Original Ball Feet Massachusetts, Circa 1690-1725 Maple with some figure and white pine…diminutive size - SOLD

A two-part high chest, the upper section featuring two short over three long drawers, resting on a three drawer base raised on trumpet/bell-turned legs joined by flat serpentine stretchers on robust ball feet. Old Victorian surface including ebonized legs, stretchers and moldings. The brasses are not original, other minor imperfections congruent with age and use…legs and molding are original.
(Height: 61.5”, bottom case measures 39 by 21”, top case measures 35.25 by 19”)

572-96 - SOLD

Flat Top Highboy, Molded Cornice, Shaped Apron, Fan Carved, Original Hardware
Massachusetts, Likely Boston Area, Circa 1760
Maple; nice old color, clean - SOLD

(H: 84”, top case W: 36”, top case D: 19.5”, bottom case W: 39”, bottom case D: 22”)

270-120 - SOLD

Lowboy, Dressing Table, Queen Anne, Shaped Apron, Cabriole Legs, Rectangular Top
Probably Connecticut, Connecticut River Valley, Circa 1740 to 1760
Original pierced brasses, cherry and Pine - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Lowboy with Shaped Apron and Cabriole Legs, Circa 1740 to 1760, angle view

Dimensions: H: 31.5"; top: 34.75 by 22"

572-60 - SOLD

Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy, Fan Carved, Full Bonnet, Period Brasses
Massachusetts, Northshore; Likely Salem, Circa 1765 to 1780
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

(Excellent condition; height to top of finial: 89", top case W: 36", D: 19"; lower case W: 39", D: 20.5".)

843-244 - SOLD

Highboy, Diminutive
Good Color, Perfect Drawer Overhanging Thumb Molding
New England, Circa 1760
A marriage made in heaven - SOLD

(We note that there are minor surface boroughs limited to apron under lower case center drawer caused by beetle larvae long ago; this will be easily rectified by a skilled woodworker. There is a chip to proper left crown molding at outside edge; loss to one knee-return, otherwise clean and very attractive. H: 71.75", top case W: 37.75", top case D: 18", bottom case W: 39.5", bottom case D: 19")

505-108 - SOLD

Highboy, Diminutive and Graceful, Old Surface
Litchfield or Hartford County, Connecticut
Circa 1760 to 1775
Cherry, white pine and poplar - SOLD

The drawer organization, graduation and carving; split top drawer configuration and positioning of brasses in concert with design elements of apron, and graceful cabriole legs; produce a very pleasing and successful form displaying the makers competence.
Excellent condition, replaced hardware; H: 68.5"; top case W: 38.25"; top case D: 20"; bottom case W: 37.25"; bottom case D: 20".

274-155 - SOLD

Highboy, Period Brass, Fluted Quarter Columns, Carved Feet, All Peg Joinery
Pennsylvania, 18th Century
Walnut and pine - SOLD

Bold crown-molding above upper case having three short drawers over four graduated drawers; lowercase with three short drawers over single long drawer, drawers are thumb-molded with overhanging lips. The whole raised on cabriole legs resting on claw-and-ball feet joined by scalloped apron. Period brasses are in original borings; three bails and two back-plates in lower case are replaced. We note that there are a few minor lip issues that will easily be respired. (H: 74.25"; bottom case W: 40"; bottom case D: 21.5"; top case W: 36"; top case D: 19.5")

410-127 - SOLD

Highboy, Queen Anne, Curly Maple, Carved
New England, North Shore, possibly Salem
Circa 1740 to 1760
Maple, birch and pine - SOLD

Rectangular molded top above the upper case of four overhanging thumb-molded and graduated long drawers, the top drawer molded to simulate three short drawers; molded lower case with two long drawers; the fan carved bottom drawer simulating three drawers; all above an arcaded apron featuring a pair of lobed drops. The case raised on cabriole legs featuring carved returns and pad feet on platforms.
This finely striped example remains in superb condition with no drawer lip repairs; probably old-refinish; now with rich color; one side-return is missing as is one brass bail, the brasses appear to be period are within the original borings. (H: 65", bottom case W: 40.5", bottom case D: 19.75", top case W: 39", top case D: 18")

1047-1 - SOLD

Queen Anne Highboy, Small Size
New Hampshire
Mahoganized maple - SOLD

(Quarter-round molding added to waist, fan carving is not period, other imperfections; H: 73", W: 38.5", D: 19.25")

572-45 - SOLD

Highboy, Queen Anne, Original Brasses
Cherry - SOLD

Dimensions: 70.5" H, 38.5" W, 21" D.

336-75 - SOLD

A Rare And Wonderful
William And Mary Veneered Highboy
Boston or New York
Circa 1690-1710
Walnut veneers on pine and oak - SOLD

An extremely early classic first generation highboy that has survived in excellent condition, retaining its original brasses, legs, feet, and stretchers. The shapes of front and side skirts conform to stretcher profile; front skirt is edged with cock beading, some of which is restored. There are minor veneer repairs and possibly some small replacements to stretcher appliques; finish is late 20th century.
(Height: 60.25"; base width: 39.25"; base depth: 22"; top case width: 37"; top case depth: 20.75".)

424-40 - SOLD

Highboy, Queen Anne, Diminutive
Coastal Connecticut or Long Island
Circa 1730
Retaining most of the original undisturbed cotter pin secured brasses
Maple and sycamore case, birch legs, hemlock and white pine secondary wood - SOLD

An unusually small and early example, influenced by Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts shop traditions. The choice of woods, the drawer design and organization; apron configuration and the elongated Dutch pad feet suggest a coastal origin. The chest remains in good condition, and features an appealing surface with considerable old color and patina. (Height: 61.5"; top case width: 37.5"; top case depth: 17"; bottom case width: 38.5"; bottom case depth: 19")

274-105 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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