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Fireboard, Painted Fireboard, House Within Landscape, Fine Original Condition York County, Pennsylvania, Anonymous, Circa 1820

Examples by this unknown hand illustrated in Architectural Digest Magazine, page 145, December 1991. Also, Skinner Auctions, Hark Away, the Babcock Collection, lot 46, 147, and 162; November 1985. (32 by 32-inches.)



Antique, Andirons, Brass and Iron, Knife Blade, Penny Feet American, Circa 1770-1800

Each with brass finial on iron knife blade shaft, raised on arched iron legs with penny feet.
(Height: 16.5"; depth: 14.5"; width: 7")



Andirons, Brass, Pair Signed in Script W. HOLMES / FOUNDER / BOSTON About 1818-1820 It is likely that only two pair are extant

A nearly identical pair is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, they are stamped: W. HOLMES / FOUNDER / BOSTON. (Accession Number 1980.216a-b) This pair signed [engraved] in script. Holmes is mentioned as a Boston founder in a book review by David F. Wood;Metalwork in Early America: Copper and Its Alloys from the Winterthur Collection by Donald Fennimore. (American Furniture 1997, pages 372 to 376.) It appears that the dogs were shortened to accommodate a shallow firebox; we have a pair of period dogs that can easily be added to the Holmes pair restoring them to original length. (Height: 22"; width: 11.75"; depth: 17")



Bellows, Small Flattened Turtle-Back, Cloth Covered, Brass Nozzle, 19th Century Unknown Maker

The whole covered in cloth with side piping, supple leather is in good condition with a small tear on creased fold.
(10.75 x 4")



Ember Tongs with Whistle,
Iron Pipe Tongs, File Work, 17th Century
Likely English

Fine and rare wrought iron ember tongs with spring-activated handle, hook, and bowl scrape. The cast and filed, scrolled hanging device displays an omega or horseshoe-like device centering initials “HL”. The handle with knop features an integral melodic whistle, both handles and tongs display whitesmith work; overall, fine workmanship. Excellent color and patina…plumb-brown fading to smoky gray. (Fine condition; length: 15.25")



Pipe Tongs, Steele Ember Tongs, Fire Tongs, Stamped 1699
Likely English

Antique Steele Ember Tongs/Pipe Tongs, Stamped 1699, Likely English, entire view

(L: 17”)



Antique Steele Ember Tongs/Pipe Tongs, Stamped 1699, Likely English, angle view
Antique Steele Ember Tongs/Pipe Tongs, Stamped 1699, Likely English, handle detail
Antique Steele Ember Tongs/Pipe Tongs, Stamped 1699, Likely English, tong detail
Antique Steele Ember Tongs/Pipe Tongs, Stamped 1699, Likely English, date detail

Fireplace Tongs, Heart Shaped Finial, Possibly American, 18th Century

Antique Fireplace Tongs with Heart Shaped Finial, 18th Century, entire view

(L: 26”)



Antique Fireplace Tongs with Heart Shaped Finial, 18th Century, finial detail

Ember Shovel, Wrought Iron, Probably American, 18th Century

Antique Wrought Iron Ember Shovel, 18th Century, entire view

(L: 24.5”)



Fireboard, Summer Chimney Board, Old paint
From a Connecticut Home, Early 19th Century
White pine

Antique White Pine Fireboard/Summer Chimney Board in Old Paint, 19th Century, entire view

A finely joined molded and louvered example featuring removable panels with carved finger-notches behind screens allowing for free flow of cool air while remaining decorative and preventing birds and other animals from entering the home via a damperless chimney. Very old 19th century off-white paint over original green; minor imperfections. (44.5” by 34”)



Antique White Pine Fireboard/Summer Chimney Board in Old Paint, 19th Century, with ruler for scale


Wrought Iron Knife Blade Andirons, Brass Faceted Flame Finials, 18th Century
Unknown Maker; A very good pair, superbly wrought - SOLD

Antique Wrougt Iron Knife Blade Andirons with Brass Flame Finials, 18th Century, angle view

(22 by 9.5 by 14”)

632-41 - SOLD

Antique Wrougt Iron Knife Blade Andirons with Brass Flame Finials, 18th Century, finial detail

Vintage Dog Head Andirons, Cast Iron, Early 20th Century

Vintage Pair of Cast Iron Dog Head Andirons, Early 20th Century, angle view

Unknown maker
(21 by 21 by 11”)



Vintage Pair of Cast Iron Dog Head Andirons, Early 20th Century, rear angle view
Vintage Pair of Cast Iron Dog Head Andirons, Early 20th Century, head detail
Vintage Pair of Cast Iron Dog Head Andirons, Early 20th Century, legs detail
Vintage Pair of Cast Iron Dog Head Andirons, Early 20th Century, finial detail

Ember or Pipe Tongs, Tobacco Tongs, Outstanding, Slender and Graceful
Eighteenth Century

Antique Pair of Slender and Graceful Ember/Pipe Tongs, 18th Century, angle view

(L: 28”)



Antique Pair of Slender and Graceful Ember/Pipe Tongs, 18th Century, entire view
Antique Pair of Slender and Graceful Ember/Pipe Tongs, 18th Century, handle detail 1
Antique Pair of Slender and Graceful Ember/Pipe Tongs, 18th Century, handle detail 2
Antique Pair of Slender and Graceful Ember/Pipe Tongs, 18th Century, handle detail 3

Andirons, Chippendale, Flame and Diamond Head, Baluster Shaft, Stepped Plinth
Raised on cabriole legs resting on claw and ball feet; Outstanding
New York, Circa 1775

Antique Chippendale Andirons with Baluster Shaft and Stepped Plinth, Circa 1775, angle view

(Good condition; 24.5", W: 12.5", D: 22.75")



Colonial American Box Stove Plate, Cast, Wrought, and Sheet Iron
Probably Pennsylvania German
Miracle of the Oil, Dated 1694
Circa 1740

This plate being closely related to the left side plate of a Five Plate Stove recovered from a lake in Sudbury, Massachusetts, owned by Robert Thayer and thought to be among the first cast in America. There is definite connection between this end plate and that which is published in Mercer's Bible in Iron, Mercer number 59 and 60; Henry Mercer titled the aforementioned "The Wheel of Fortune." These plates are dated 1726; Mercer thought these were the earliest examples of plates cast in America, at the Colebrookdale Furnace in Pennsylvania; founded in 1720. See: The Society for the Preservation of Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture Newsletter, May 2004, part 2.
The plate that we feature is mounted within an early carved frame and is ex-Robert Thayer. (Dimensions: 43" H; 38.5" W; 4" D.)



Federal Brass Andirons, Column Shaft on Plinth, Barbed Scrolled Feet
Complete with Tools and Jamb Hooks
Probably Boston
Circa 1785 to 1800

A fine pair with matching tools; the shaft having lemon top with mid-banding on tapering column ending in square plinth raised on arched spurred legs resting on slipper feet with pads; complete with matching log stops.
Dimensions: 29.75" andiron H, 12.75" andiron W, 17" andiron D, 32.75" tool H.



Brass Andirons, Stepped Penny Feet, Vertical Ribbing atop Urn Finial
Last Quarter 18th Century
Probably Philadelphia
Featuring cast log stops with ball terminus

Excellent condition, (H: 22.5"; W: 12.25"; D: 15")



Bellows, Carved Walnut Fireplace Bellows, Portrait of George Washington
Anonymous, 19th Century
Long handles, brass tacks and nozzle

(Leather remains supple, good condition: L: 45.5"; W: 8.75"; D: 2.5")



Fireboard, Summer Chimney Board, Original Paint, Highly Oxidized
New England, found in Northern Worcester County, Massachusetts
Circa 1800

A finely joined molded example featuring a single long recessed panel above three matched vertical panels within mortise and tenon frame. (37" by 32" by 1")



Brass and Iron Andirons with Matching Tools
First Half Nineteenth Century

This pair sold with matching tools; shovel and tongs.
(Andirons: height: 17.25 inches; width: 9.25 inches; Depth: 18.75 inches; Shovel: length: 22.5 inches; Tongs: length: 24.5 inches.)



Brass Andirons, Ball Top, Log Stops, Spurred cabriole Legs on Slipper Feet
Probably Boston
Circa 1810

(Dimensions: H: 14.5"; W: 9.5"; D: 19.75")



Fireplace Trammel, Wrought Iron, Scrolled
Anonymous, 18th Century

(L: 25.5-41.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Brass Utensil Peg Rack,
Engraved, Farm Chores, Likely Dutch - SOLD

(Excellent condition; 13” X 5.25”)

492-181 - SOLD

Fireplace Trammel, Wrought Iron, Scrolled, Punched Diamond Decoration
Anonymous, 18th Century; owner's initials - SOLD

(L: 27-48")

879-42 - SOLD

Fireplace Fender, Wirework Screen, Brass Rail, Integral Jamb Hooks
Late 18th to Early 19th Century
Jamb hooks over brass molded tool trays within rounded corners - SOLD

Antique Fireplace Fender with Wirework Screen and Brass Rail, Late 18th or Early 19th Century, angle view

(15.5 by 38 by 11.5)

572-77 - SOLD

Andirons, Miniature, Brass, Iron
Sold separately

Miniature Andirons, Creepers, Brass and Iron
New England
Circa 1830 to 1840
Ring turned baluster form shaft, spurred cabriole legs, ball feet, (H: 5.25")

Miniature Andirons, Creepers, Wrought Iron
18th Century
Arrow finial on tall knife-blade shafts raised on arched legs, (H: 7.25")
Miniature andirons used between large andirons, usually repeating the design of the larger. They kept parts of larger partially burned timbers from dropping onto the hearth, thus increasing the draft for the fire. Extant examples are very rare today. See Kauffman, The American Fireplace, pages 273 and 298.

Pair of Early Wrought Iron Cresset Top Andirons with Spit Hooks, Scrolled Base
Continental, 17th Century or Earlier
The cressets for supporting small vessels; keeping the contents warm - SOLD

Antique Pair of Early Wrought Iron Andirons with Cresset Tops and Spit Hooks, 17th Century, angle view 1

(H: 31"; D: 21")

1164-1 - SOLD

Fireboard, Painted, Classic Castle Landscape, Maine History, Artist Signed
By descent, the Hansen Family of South Berwick, Maine (Painted for family home)
Circa 1830's
Frederic Thomas Somerby, American Painter (1814 to 1871)
White pine
Somerby was a writer, artist and decorative painter who kept a studio in Boston - SOLD

On the back, in pencil; Harry H. Hansen states that "the board was in Grandfather Hansen' house; Grandmother told of an itinerant painter being employed to paint the board for the fireplace in the old homestead about 1830; was sent to me by Mrs. Abbott who bought and lived in the old home soon after I was married in 1875 and she did not know that anyone would appreciate it more than I who had lived so many years with my grandfather. I am turning it over to my niece Mrs. Annie Allen McDonald". Harry H. Hansen. (Fine original condition; 37 by 26.25")

417-90 - SOLD

Fender, Brass, Fireplace Fender, Broad Bands of Openwork, Paw Feet
Likely England, 19th Century
Twist turned bands, repousse orbs centering pierced panels - SOLD

(Very good condition; H: 11.5", W: 51.25", D: 15")

1008-26 - SOLD

Fireplace Mantel and Surround, Carved Portraits of Washington and Lafayette
Vintage, Early 20th Century, Original Surface, Dry Patina, Hand Carved
Found on Long Island, New York - SOLD

At the center is a relief carved panel replete with symbols of mourning; it is raised and centered against a field of angled matchstick molding flanked by blocked ends featuring relieve carved portraits of George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette; above reeded columns; The surround is surmounted with a conforming and projecting mantel, its forward edge is carved; ornamented with tasseled swags against a diapered ground centered by molded narrow frieze. (Several small pieces of molding are missing and will be easily replicated by our restorer or yours; H: 62.5", W: 78", D: 8.75")

232-300 - SOLD

Stove Plate, Fire Back, Cast Iron, Queen and Lions
Unknown Maker, Early - SOLD

(Good condition; 23 by 29.5")

1071-19 - SOLD

Brass Andirons, Ball Top, Log Stops, Spurred Cabriole Legs, Slipper Feet, Tools
Probably Boston
Circa 1810 - SOLD

(Assembled set; dimensions: H: 17"; D: 19")

1008-11 - SOLD

Andirons, Knife Blade, Brass Urn Finials & Signed Brass Plaques, Penny Feet
Stamped IC, Possibly John Constantine, worked in New York (blacksmith)
1795 to 1799
Listed in business directories; bought brass finials from R. Wittingham - SOLD

Literature: see Kaufmann and Bowers, Early American Andirons, pp. 50 and 51.
(H: 17.25", L: 13.5", W: 7.75")

336-135 - SOLD

Chippendale Andirons, Double Urn Top, Acorn Finials, Claw and Ball Feet
Probably New York
Circa 1875 - SOLD

Elegant; double urn tops on columnar shafts above square plinths standing on beautiful cabriole legs with ball and claw feet; conforming log stops. Fine and original.
(H: 27"; W: 12.5"; D: 20.75")

497-98 - SOLD

Brass Andirons, Engraved, Claw and Ball Feet, Low Ball Top
New York, possibly Richard Wittingham
Late 18th Century - SOLD

The tall "Wittingham" type finals above belted and engraved spheres atop engraved plinths, raised on arched legs featuring boldly scrolled spurs and robust claw and ball feet. (H: 21"; W: 13.75'; D: 19.75")

946-6 - SOLD

Fireplace Screen, Folding Fire Screen
Wirework, Brass Trim
Circa 1780 to 1820 - SOLD

A D-shape folding fender featuring applied wire swags and scrolling beneath brass molded rail. (H: 24"; W: 42"; D: 18.5")

818-21 - SOLD

Pair of Hessian Soldier Andirons - SOLD

Dimensions: 19.25" high, 11" wide, 19" deep.

580-1 - SOLD

Set of Bellows
With original label
Philadelphia - SOLD

Dimensions: 19.75 by 7.625".

308-20 - SOLD

Pair Of Outstanding Brass Andirons
Signed, R. Whittingham
New York - SOLD

As depicted...fine condition. Height: 27".

605-49 - SOLD

Cast Iron Stove-Plate or Fire-Back
Anonymous...puddle cast
18th Century - SOLD

The male figure with halo stands on rocky landscape near a tree and plays a harp; the figure is displayed within a round beaded device centered by leafy scrolling and is festooned above. (23 by 23".)

731-45 - SOLD

Andirons, Brass and Iron
Early 18th Century
Anonymous - SOLD

Simple yet elegant, fine craftsmanship; the tapered billet pierces the lower knop beneath which the leg tapers to the ball foot. The iron posts pierce the baluster, reel and ball brass ornamentation that is securely peened. Excellent condition. (H: 16.25"; W: 9"; D: 19")

424-89 - SOLD

Pipe Tongs, Ember Tongs, Wrought Iron, File Work
Eighteenth Century - SOLD

This example displays fine workmanship and features a spring between looped handle with pipe tamper and filed stand; excellent color and patina. (Overall: 16")

107-115 - SOLD

Fire Screen, Wirework, Brass Rail and Ball Finials
Circa 1825
"D" Shape - SOLD

(Dimensions: 12.5" H, 41.75" L, 13" D.)

718-28 - SOLD

Andirons, Figural, Original Paint
Black Couple, Knees Bent, Hands on Knees
Late 19th, Early 20th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a pair of cast iron figural andirons in the form of a couple squatting with hands on knees. Outstanding condition. (Height: 16.5 inches; width: 9.5 inches; depth: 16 inches)

161-40 - SOLD

Pair of Early Andirons
Possibly Dutch
Cast Face Finials - SOLD

Height: 19.5 inches; width: 10.5 inches; depth: 20 inches.

424-4 - SOLD

Chippendale Andirons
Urn Top with flame finials
and matching log-stops
Circa 1760-1780 - SOLD

A pair of brass columnar urn-top andirons standing at 24".
Each with flame-on-urn final above tapered columnar standards on a stepped plinth raised on arched and spurred cabriole legs having ball and claw feet. The iron log rests are 18.5" in length.

270-61 - SOLD

Domed Fire-Back
Puddle-Cast Iron
Coat Of Arms - SOLD

(21.5 x 26.75 inches.)

731-46 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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