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Portrait Miniature of Unknown Early 20th Century Army Officer by C. Bernard Pereira US Army Officers Tunic, Artillery Insignia, Captains bars & Light Artillery Cannons on Collar, WWI

Signed C.B. Pereira [Bernard, 1850-1920] Active and lived in New York (3 x 4-inches)



George Washington Portrait, Civilian Dress, Depicted With Sword
Circa 1800 to 1820
A competently rendered image showing Washington with sword
Oil on Canvas

The unlined canvas remains on original stretcher; very good overall condition with scatted and minor fill. (Dimensions: 29 by 34" frame, 24 by 29" frame.)



Red Jacket, Seneca Chief, Full Length Portrait, Copper Worked in Repousse
Signed Leonard, Second Quarter 19th Century
Wooded setting wearing his peace medal, holding tomahawk; rattlesnake by his feet

Copper Worked Portrait, Seneca Chief, 19th Century, close up view

(Good condition, nice patina; frame: 10.75 by 9.75", sight-size: 5.75 by 4.75")



Copper Worked Portrait, Seneca Chief, 19th Century, entire view

Portrait, George Washington, Bust Length, Civilian Coat
Younger Than Usually Depicted, Painted Spandrel
Circa 1790 to 1800
This image is different, not after any well known portrait
Oil on canvas

Mounted on old, if not original stretcher; frame is new.
(Frame: 13 by 15.75"; view: 10 by 13")



Horatio Nelson Portrait, Mixed Media, Lithograph Face
Unknown Maker
19th Century
Cloth, foil, and hair on cloth within period birds' eye maple frame

(Toning halo surrounds profile, probably mounting glue; 7.5 by 10"; sight-size: 5 by 7")



Bas Relief Bust Shell, General U.S. Grant, White Frosted on Convex Tin Shell
Manufactured by Huntington, Loretz and Co., 142 Fulton Street, New York
Circa 1865
Plaster, wood, tin, convex glass, silver leaf, and velvet, retains trade label

(Dings to frame gesso otherwise fine; frame: 17.5 by 15.5"; sight-size: 11.75 by 9.75")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Portrait, Theodore Frelinghuysen, Statesman, Vice Presidential Candidate
Accompanied by Printed Portrait, Hurrah, Hurrah, the Country's Risin'
Signed, William B. Chambers
New York and Pennsylvania
Oil on pressed board panel - SOLD

The subject identified, signed and dated "May, 1837," and with presentation inscription by artist on verso. Also attached to back is a partial label reading [Jameson] Frelinghuysen Insurance Company, New York; J.S. Frelinghuysen was President of the firm during the early 20th century. The portrait remains in very good original condition and is mounted within a period gold-painted gesso frame. The portrait is sold with a small folio hand-colored lithograph on paper of Frelinghuysen (toning, not examined out of frame).
(Print: 12 by 15.5"; view: 9.5 by 13"; Portrait: 17.5 by 15.5"; view: 9.25 by 7")
Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787-1861) was a lawyer, statesman, and patriot, born in Somerset County, New Jersey, graduating from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) class of 1804. Frelinghuysen served as Mayor of Newark, Attorney General of New Jersey and then, in 1828, was elected as an Anti-Jacksonian to the United States Senate, serving until 1835. He was an unsuccessful Vice Presidential candidate on the Whig ticket in 1844 with Henry Clay, Chancellor at New York University, and President of Rutgers College.

536-29 - SOLD

Spencerian Composition, George Washington, Pen and Ink Calligraphy
“Executed With a Pen by Martin Douglas, Student of Oswego Commercial College”
New York, Circa 1860’s (C.P. Meads, Principal)
An outstanding composition honoring George Washington - SOLD

Antique Spencerian Pen and Ink Calligraphy Composition of George Washington, Circa 1860's, close up view

(Frame: 21 by 27”, sight-size: 16 by 23”)

144-51 - SOLD

Sulfide Cameo Plaque, Thomas Jefferson, Early 19th Century
Impressed on obverse, DESPREZ; Rue des Recolets - N0. 2, Paris - SOLD

Thomas Jefferson Sulfide Cameo Plaque, Early 19th Century, entire view

Encased white sulfide portrait of Jefferson, colorless glass, beveled and faceted edge, cameo reverse flat impressed with makers mark; cast gilt metal hanger. The Desprez signature is found on the finest sulfides; he established himself at the above mentioned address in 1793; listed in the Paris Commercial Almanac of 1807, 1812, and 1813. (Fine condition; diameter: 3.25")

1121-6 - SOLD

Painting, Horatio Nelson at Desk, Angel Guiding Nelson's Destiny Points to Fleet
Unknown Artist, 19th Century
Oil on Copper - SOLD

An outstanding composition; Horatio Nelson sits at his desk examining the Trafalgar battle plan, showing his famous two-column line of attack with the Victory leading the front column. On his desk is the trophy of a pyramid and the Sphinx, representing his victory at the Nile in 1798. A shield with Nelson's crest sits in the foreground; a beautiful ethereal angel gestures to a waiting fleet beyond the window, guiding Nelson to his destiny. (Very fine original condition (Frame: 31 by 37", sight-size: 23 by 29")

232-309 - SOLD

Watercolor, Major General Zachary Taylor on Horseback, Pen and Ink, Gilt Frame
Charles C. Spaulding / Penmanship / Keene, New Hampshire
A powerful image, signed in border at lower right - SOLD

(Overall fine, very minor water stain at bottom right mentioned for accuracy; frame: 18 by 15", sight-size: 14.75 by 11.75")

928-58 - SOLD

Portrait, British Officer, Watercolor on Paper, Framed
Anonymous, Circa 1800 - SOLD

(2.5 by 3.25")

1071-6 - SOLD

Painting, Civil War Camp
Signed Robert Kellen
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Within this woodland scene is a makeshift log fort and tent; uniformed soldiers relaxing and a group of four soldiers bearing bayoneted arms at shoulder. The work remains in fine condition and is on original stretcher; mounted within original carved and gilt frame.
Dimensions: Frame: 24.75 x 18.75 inches; view: 17.5 x 11.5 inches.

570-103 - SOLD

Illustration, Robber Barons, Captive Uncle Sam, James Montgomery Flagg
James M. Flagg, (1877 to 1960) New York (Signed)
Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John W. Gates, Henry Clay Frick, Charles Schwab and J. P. Morgan
Watercolor and Gouache, half tone on illustration board - SOLD

Uncle Sam tied to a tree, humiliated by several men in Western garb. The men are well known late 19th - early 20th century business tycoons portrayed as robbers by the artist. The illustration signed James Montgomery Flagg in the lower right corner. The work is mounted within an ornate gilt frame. There are a few specks of paint loss and in-painting in the upper right corner; toning to the board, otherwise in very good to excellent condition. (41 by 29" framed, view area approximately 35.5 by 23.5")

232-303 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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