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Folk Art Portrait, Watercolor, Profile,
Best Mustard Yellow Painted Frame
New England, circa 1820-1830
Handsome blue-eyed gentleman, the portrait within original frame [and glass] - SOLD

(Fine Condition; frame: 4.25 x 5"; view: 2.75 x 3.5")


Folk Portrait of Gentleman, Profile
Unknown Artist, circa 1820

The work is clean and is mounted in an appropriate modern frame. (Frame: 6 x 4.5"; view: 2.75 x 4.25"



19th Century Portrait, Watercolor, Seated Learned Gentleman, Gilt Frame Anonymous, circa 1830

The subject is seated in an armchair, he holds a quill pen, at a table draped in blue on which sits a desk standard, books and papers. A photocopy of a label is attached to the back; the original is likely sealed within the enclosed back; S. Jennings – Carver and Gilder, 5 Goswell Street. Jennings was lactated at 5 Goswell St, London 1826-1837.
(Fine condition, not examined out of frame: frame: 10.5 x 9.5"; view: 7 x 6")






Folk Art, Watercolor, Girl Seated with Cat, An Evening Lesson – Pet – 1839 Anonymous, 1839

The seated young lady holding her pet cat reads her ABC book and is centered by potted plants. (Strong pigments, not examined out of frame…frame is not period; frame: 8.25 x 9.75"; view: 6 x 7.5")



Folk Portrait of Woman Holding Red Book, Annotations on Verso Mrs. Campbell, Artist, Bangor, Maine

The artist information and address along with other notes are found on the reverse. We suspected English School, with the noted information, perhaps Anglo-American. The work is mounted within a period frame featuring a blonde finish and gilt liner. (frame: 5.75 x 7"; view: 4.25 x 5.5")



Watercolor Portrait of Young Gentleman Unknown Artist, circa 1820’s

The image of this handsome fellow is mounted within a period reeded frame with corner bosses. The frame may be original; not examined out of frame. (Frame: 4 x 3.25"; view: 2 x 2.75")






Miniature Oval Portraits, Watercolor, Mother & Child, Strong Color, Fine Condition American School, Early 19th Century Wonderful images

We have examined these portraits out of frame, there are no problems; call to discuss. (Frame: 8.5 x 7.5"; view: 3.75 x 5"; images measure: 2 7/8 by 3”)



Double Silhouette, Painted Profiles, Henry & Elizabeth Ditman, Attrib. Augustus Day

A lovely circa 1830s work displaying Day’s oeuvre such as hair detail Henry W. Ditman (1809-1872) Elizabeth Ditman (1813-1877) Henry was originally a farmer and blacksmith in Philadelphia; Henry, according to the December 13, 1889 Philadelphia Inquirer, was a lieutenant in the Frankford police many years before. Ditman Street in Philadelphia was named for Henry Ditman.
(The silhouette is mounted in a gilt frame measuring 8 x 7"; view: 5.5 x 4.5")



Silhouette, Hollow-Cut Profile, Black Gentleman, Watercolor Hair Detail, Painted Frame
Anonymous, 19th Century

Hollow-cut silhouette of a man in profile to right. Cut paper with hair detail in watercolor; backed with black textile. (We don’t know if the frame is original to the piece; the paper displays strong toning-witness mark conforming to rabbet…it’s just that the back of frame and rabbet display an inconsistent dark surface; let’s assume that the frame is not original, nonetheless a very rare and interesting profile. Frame: 6 x 8"; view: 5 x 3".)



Portrait on Paper, Profile, Gentleman, Granny Note on Verso States John Drake Anonymous, 19th Century, Mounted Within Black Painted Period Frame

Minor restorations and imperfections; width: 31”, height: 24”



Auguste Edouart, Boston Silhouette,
standing silhouette of William Greenough of Cambridge
The Renown Silhouette Artist Arrived in America in July of 1839 Signed Lower-left: Edouart/fecit 1842/Boston/U.S.

Cut paper over charcoal drawing, within archival frame; few small areas of foxing, small spots of in-paint to bottom of jacket and pants. (frame: 12.5 by 9”, 10.5 by 7” sight)



Pair of Portrait Miniatures,
possibly David Clark, Jr. and Mary Clark
Nantucket, MA, c. 1775

Colorful portrait miniatures depicting two children of whaling master Captain David Clark and his wife, Ruth (Marshall). Clark was a descendant of Thomas Clark of the Plymouth Colony, and all five of his children grew to adulthood. As a whaling captain, the family would have been of admirable social standing on Nantucket. These expressive portraits descended through the family, although it is uncertain which of the children they represent. (Frame: 6 by 5”, sight-size: 4 by 3.25”)



Watercolor Portrait, Profile of Woman, By a Member of the Justus Dalee Family
Nineteenth Century

Antique Watercolor Portrait Profile of a Woman, by a Justus Dalee Family Member, 19th Century, close up view

(Frame: 7.25 by 9”, sight-size: 2.25 by 3.5”)



Antique Watercolor Portrait Profile of a Woman, by a Justus Dalee Family Member, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Portraits, Pair, Newton Benning and Wife, Baltimore, Maryland
Signed, Newton Benning & Wife, painter Of Pictures, 1856, Baltimore, US
Oil on sheet iron, mounted within paint decorated frames, under glass

(Cleaned, minor restoration, not examined out of frames; frames: 14.25 by 15.5", sight-size: 9.25 by 10.5")



Profile Portrait, Watercolor, Gentleman, Folk Art Portrait
American School, Anonymous, Circa 1810 to 1820
A handsome man in blue coat rendered against blue stippled background

(Very good; mounted in modern frame with Victorian brass matt; Frame: 6.25 by 5.25)



Folk Portrait, Watercolor, Woman in Paid Dress, Full Length
19th Century
Purportedly Mrs. Abbot Thayer, Beacon Hill, Boston

Mounted in period frame; not examined out of frame.
(Frame: 13.75 by 12.25", sight-size: 10 by 8.5")



Folk Portrait, Boy with Book
English School, 19th Century

Antique Folk Portrait of Boy with Book, 19th Century, close up view

(The paper displays light toning on edges and is glued to period pressboard; frame: 5 by 6”, sight-size: 2.5 by 3.25”)



Antique Folk Portrait of Boy with Book, 19th Century, entire view

Folk Portrait, Watercolor, Girl with Parrot, Seated in Decorated Chair
19th Century
Titled, "You Rogue!"

Mounted in black painted frame, not examined out of frame
(Frame: 7 by 8.5", sight-size: 4.25 by 6")



Watercolor Portraits, Pair, Man and Woman, English School
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
Likely original rosewood frame with gilt liner and matt

(Frame: 14.25 by 12”, sight-size: 9.25 by 11.5”)



Silhouette, Peale Museum, Gentleman, Hollow Cut, “Museum” Mark
Philadelphia, 19th Century

Antique Hollow Cut Silhouette of a Gentleman from the Peale Museum, 19th Century, entire view

(Good condition; mounted within period frame, Eglomise matt; frame: 5.5 by 4.5”, sight-size: 4 by 3”)



Hollow Cut Silhouettes, Pair
Man and Woman, Laid paper
New England, 1800ish
Paper and fabric, cut from child’s handwritten calligraphic specimen sheets

Antique Pair of Hollow Cut Silhouettes of Man and Woman, New England, Circa 1800, pair view

(Appears to be original fabric, reframed, stains and toning as depicted; frame diameter: 4.25"; view diameter: 3.75")



Antique Pair of Hollow Cut Silhouettes of Man and Woman, New England, Circa 1800, backs view
Antique Pair of Hollow Cut Silhouettes of Man and Woman, New England, Circa 1800, back detail 1
Antique Pair of Hollow Cut Silhouettes of Man and Woman, New England, Circa 1800, back detail 2

Silhouette, Male, Hollow Cut

Nice early frame. Back removed and reinstalled a long time ago; back period-possibly original; great patina, some foxing.
Dimensions: 2" by 3.75" sight; 4 by 5" w/frame



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Mourning Watercolor Painting, Double sided Gold Memorial Locket, Woven Hairwork

Antique Mourning Watercolor Painting in a Gold Locket with Woven Hairwork Back, Dated 1811, entire view

Depicting a woman grieving at Urn-topped monument; the monument displaying initials “MG”, and “Died Sept. 18th, 1811”; the reverse featuring hair-work and cutout script initials “MG” that appear to also be rose gold. Painted in grisaille, brown and soft blue-gray; the mourner with skin tone facial pigment. (2 by 1.625")

912-242 - SOLD

Silhouettes, Three Profiles, Full Length, Watercolor and Pencil
Anonymous, 19th Century
Original condition including frames and backboards - SOLD

(Two silhouettes frames: 10.75 by 8", sight-sizes: 8 by 4.75; single silhouette frame: 9.5 by 12", sight-size: 6.5 by 9")

1096-63 - SOLD

Pair, Eighteenth Century Shades, Shadow Portrait Silhouettes, Oval Half Length
Likely Exeter, England, 18th Century; Original Frames
Watercolor and pencil profiles on paper, gentleman wearing tricorn hat, lady wearing lace bonnet - SOLD

Antique Pair of 18th Century Portrait Silhouettes in Original Frames, pair view

Inscribed on the gentleman’s undisturbed backboard papers is: Ladys [sic] & Gentn. [sic] May have more Copies without a second sitting---Old shades accurately reproduced & draft’d [sic] in the present taste by Clarke Church (possibly Yard; illegible) – Exeter. Inscribed on the ladies verso: Ladies & Gentn. [sic] may have more Copies with out [sic] the inconvenience of a second sitting.
(5 by 4”)

879-96 - SOLD

Double Miniature Profile Portraits, Husband and Wife, Within the DaLee Circle
Likely New York, 19th Century
Attributed to a member of the Justus DaLee family
Watercolor and pencil - SOLD

Antique Double Miniature Profile Portraits of a Husband and Wife, Attributed to the Justus DaLee Family, 19th Century, entire view

(Very good condition, mounted within period mahogany veneered frame; frame: 7.5 by 5.75"; view: 4.75 by 3")

809-48 - SOLD

Illustration, Watercolor, Woman, Hat, Flowers, Birds, Paul King, New York
March, April, May, Calendar Illustration
Paul King (1867 to 1947)
Watercolor on Paper, Signed at lower right - SOLD

Waterclor of a Woman in Hat with Flowers and Birds, Signed Paul King, with ruler for scale

(Fine condition, not examined out of frame; view: 7 by 8.75”)

659-66 - SOLD

Watercolor, Patriotic Americana, Liberty Like Figure, American Flag
Anonymous, 19th Century, Likely Centennial
Watercolor and ink on paper, painted frame - SOLD

Plumed or crowned figure with extended sword directed towards a lion (England) and wearing red and white striped dress; the date "1776" is displayed on her chest. The work is centered by flags, that which is on the right is emblazoned with "US". The piece was worked on what appears to be ledger paper and is mounted within a red painted frame. We have examined the verso finding no useful information.
Overall very good condition, paper is floating in frame; should be properly mounted.
Frame: 7.25 by 9", sight-size: 4.5 by 6.75")

570-508 - SOLD

Portrait of Gentleman Artist at Easel with Paint Palette, Watercolor
19th Century - SOLD

(Frame; 11.5 by 10"; view: 7.5 by 6")

191-413 - SOLD

Jacob Maentel, Full Length Portraits of Elizabeth and William Ault
Jacob Maentel (1763 to 1863)
Watercolor with pen and ink on paper
Displaying strong color, and even toning, archivally mounted in period frames - SOLD

(Dimensions: Frame: 11 by 9"; view: 9.5 by 7.5")

522-3 - SOLD

Watercolor Portrait, Young Girl Seated with Basket of Fruits
Monogram, AG or GA
1833 - SOLD

(Frame: 10.75 by 12.25"; view: 5.5 by 7")

191-391 - SOLD

Silhouettes, Hollow Cut and Watercolor, Lot of Three
Attributed to Anson Newell
Ellington, Connecticut
Circa 1840
Mounted within original frames retaining original backboards - SOLD

(Toning, soiling and water stains; 5 by 4" frames, sight-size 3.75 by 2.75")

336-131 - SOLD

Henry Walton, Watercolor Portrait of Benjamin Franklin Ellison, Age 4 years
Central New York Area
Inscribed, Drawn by H. Walton 1836
Watercolor on paper - SOLD

This sensitive rendering, a full-length portrait depicting Master Ellison standing within a garden path; holding a whip in one hand and his cap in the other, is conservation mounted within a period frame which may be original. (View area: 8.75 by 7")

127-8 - SOLD

Silhouette of Woman by Honeywell, Martha Ann
American, C. 1815 - SOLD

Martha Ann created these fascinating masterpiece silhouettes despite being born without the use of hands, using only her mouth and scissors as tools of creation. A most exceptional accomplishment.
Silhouette signed on obverse, with "Cut by M. Huneywell with the astounding mouth" typewritten on verso.
Attractive eglomaise frame.
Overall dimensions: 4.75 by 5.5".

1032-2 - SOLD

Watercolor, Girl with Dog - SOLD

1840's full length portrait in birds-eye maple frame.
Dimensions: 13 by 14.25" frame, 8 by 9.25" sight-size.

663-2 - SOLD

Portrait of Handsome Gentleman, Profile, Blue Coat, Red Collar
New England
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Watercolor on paper, carved oval frame; red stain
Excellent condition (Frame: 5.5 by 4.75"; view: 4 by 3")

336-118 - SOLD

Watercolor Of Prancing Horse
Probably Pennsylvania...perhaps a reward of merit
Nineteenth Century
Anonymous - SOLD

This chestnut-red colored horse with white stockings, black tack and a lively eye is shown standing on a brick red floor with white crosshatching. The artist trimmed the outside edges in yellow with fine black border. The frame with beaded liner was long ago over-painted black...whitish yellow paint is seen through the thinning black paint.
(Frame: 6.25 by 8.25-inches; view: 4 by 6-inches.)

272-2 - SOLD

Hollow Cut Silhouette
Of Caroline Green Parsons of Enfield, CT
19th Century - SOLD

The back reads that Caroline is a descendant of William Bradford of Plymouth Colony.
Dimensions: 3 by 4-inch sight size.

336-35 - SOLD

Silhouette, William Henry Brown, Cut and Applied, Lithograph Background
Charleston, South Carolina
December 15, 1848 - SOLD

Brown was a renowned silhouette artist, surviving profiles are quite scarce. This example, full length, cut free-hand, is dated and signed on the lower left edge; now hidden by frame. The work is dated and identified on the verso. The lithograph featuring a possible vista of Charleston and a framed picture of Washington's tomb has light scattered foxing and some toning at lower left within carpet. The backboard has a partial label advertising John S. Bird, Fancy Goods and instruments, "The Cheapest Goods in Charleston."
(Frame: 12 by 15.75"; view: 10.5 by 14.25")

809-36 - SOLD

JUSTUS DALEE (1793 to 1878), Full Length Portrait, Girl in Pink Dress
Delineated in Palmyra, March, 1843
Palmyra, New York
Watercolor, pencil and ink on paper
A rare full length portrait of a standing girl in pink dress - SOLD

A letter in the collection of The American Folk Art Museum from Justus Dalee to his brother Richard dated May 8, 1843, states in part that "I went to Palmyra, as I wrote John and made $50 in less than 3 weeks, all money. Mary and I started again April 11 and visited Palmyra a second time, made 50 to 60 dol's more, but instead of money it was mostly trade."

A closely related portrait of a standing girl in a red dress was formerly in the Barry Cohen collection and is illustrated in David A. Schorsch, The Barry Cohen Collection (New York: America Hurrah and David A. Schorsch, 1990), pp. 64-65, and Stacy C. Hollander, Stacy C. Hollander, Ed American Radiance, The Ralph Esmerian Gift to The American Folk Art Museum (New York: American Folk Art Museum and Abrams, 2001), p. 73.

For a thorough examination of this artist and his work see Michael and Suzanne Payne, "To Please the Eye, Justus Da Lee and His Family," Folk Art Magazine, Winter 2004/2005, pp. 46-57.
Watercolor, pencil and ink on paper, 4.75 by 2 7/8 inches, in the original gilt frame.
Inscribed in ink at lower center in block lettering: "Delineated in Palmyra, March, 1843"

Cleaned of some background foxing and de-acidified, refitted into its original frame to museum standards.

210-104 - SOLD

Gentleman and Lady
Seated On Upholstered Settee
Watercolor, pencil and pinprick

New England
1830's - SOLD

A possibly unique rendering depicting a seated couple within landscape of trees, flowers and monument. The gentleman offering a flower to the lady with both subjects holding a book. The ladies hat and collar and the gentleman's shirt are pinpricked adding texture to the work; colors remain strong. The work is mounted within a grain-painted frame of the period that measures 11 by 13.5-inches; the dimensions of view area are 8 by 10.75-inches.

264-23 - SOLD

Pin Prick, Watercolor, Scissor Picture, Rooster, Scherenschnitte Silhouette
Anonymous, Circa 1800
Strutting rooster displaying great detail and attitude - SOLD

(Minor imperfections, warpage and gilt loss to side of frame; yet folksy and attractive; frame: 9 by 9.25", sight-size: 6 by 6.25")

570-507 - SOLD

Pair of Pendant Profile Portraits, Possibly James Sharples, Sr. (1752 to 1811)
Pastel on paper - SOLD

Antique Pair of Pendant Profile Portraits, Pastel on Paper, 18th Century, close up view

A charming pair of oval three-quarter profile busts by Sharples, showing his characteristic subdued color palette and crisp, precise lines despite the delicate nature of the medium. He and his family toured the United States from 1794 to 1801, selling his series of American political figures and taking portrait commissions, as seen here. The works are mounted within gilt frames; not examined out of frames. (Frame: 12” by 10”; View: 8.5” by 6.5”)

659-155 - SOLD

Silhouette, American, Hollow-Cut, Water Colored, Circa 1835 Likely by James Hosley Whitcomb, Deaf-Mute of Hancock, New Hampshire - SOLD

Hollow-cut silhouette of a man in profile to left. Cut paper with hair and clothing details in watercolor or ink wash. Backed with black textile. The work mounted in period gilt frame.
(Frame: .25 x 5"; view: 2.5 x 3")

809-73 - SOLD

Pair of Very Good Hollow Cut, Pen & Ink & Watercolor Silhouettes, Lady and Gentleman New England, 1820s Outstanding fully painted body’s - SOLD

Now mounted under eglomise matt within recently painted gold frame measuring 7.5 x 5"; view: 6 x 3.5"

809-72 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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