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Watercolor, Civil War Union Artillery Soldier at Cannon, Overlooking Fort Signed C. Joeckel 1866 Watercolor, Ink, Gold Powder Paint

Watercolor, Civil War Union Artillery Soldier at Cannon,

Uniformed light artillery soldier, with the soldier depicted, most likely Joeckel himself. The soldier's facial image is applied and painted from a photograph, and then merged by a skilled hand. Soldier is wearing a shako and posed at cannon beneath tree flying American flag atop grass covered bluff overlooking harbor. Fort flies American colors; and in the distance is seen a side-wheeler flying the American flag; a lighthouse and mountains complete this waterscape/landscape. The work which retains strong and bright pigment is mounted within a period gilt frame that measures 29.25 by 22.75"; view area: 24.25 by 17.75".

Charles Joeckel was a 34-year-old who enlisted in Boston, Massachusetts on 12/31/1864 into the U.S. Army Batty K, 3rd Light Artillery as a Private. He mustered out as a Sergeant on 12/31/1867, also in Boston. Joeckel enlisted near the end of the war and was a bit long-of-tooth at 34 years old. With Ft Warren being in Boston Harbor, and Ft Independence being in South Boston, one of these forts is likely be the subject of this watercolor. Fort has also been tentatively identified as West Point. Someone who has studied the fort architecture contemporary to the execution of the watercolor may be able to provide and absolute location. Joeckel is assigned to the Regular Army rather than a specific state, which would help explain why he did not muster out at the end of the war as did most soldiers, but instead remained for his full 3-year enlistment. His home is credited as Sandisfield, Massachusetts.

Watercolor, Civil War Union Artillery Soldier at Cannon,

Watercolor, Civil War Union Artillery Soldier at Cannon, signature

Watercolor, Civil War Union Artillery Soldier at Cannon, signature



Painting, American Folk, Riverscape, Landscape, Train, Paddlewheel Boat
Anonymous, Circa 1890, Likely New York State

Antique American Folk Riverscape Painting, Circa 1890, entire view

(Re-stretched, modern frame; frame: 22.5 by 18.5”, sight-size: 15 by 11.5”)



Antique American Folk Riverscape Painting, Circa 1890, train and boat detail
Antique American Folk Riverscape Painting, Circa 1890, river detail

Ship Flying American Flag Painting on Linen, Anonymous, Circa 1870
Watercolor and ink

Antique Painting on Linen of a Ship Flying the American Flag, Circa 1870, entire view

(Not examined out of frame; frame: 27 by 15.5”, sight-size: 22 by 10.5”)



Impressionist Painting, Victorian Beach Stroll, Rocky Seacoast, Gathering Shells
Oil on Canvas, James Verdugo (1932 to 2010) Likely 1970’s

Impressionist Painting of Victorian Beach Stroll, Oil on Canvas, Signed James Verdugo, entire view

(25 by 33”)



Impressionist Painting of Victorian Beach Stroll, Oil on Canvas, Signed James Verdugo, signature detail

Watercolor, View of Algiers in Barbary, American Ships in Harbor, Naval History
Anonymous, inscription in margin identifying United States, Java & Constitution
Superbly executed composition

(Free floated, expert paper repairs limited to mountain and sky; not terribly distracting; frame: 18.75 by 27", sight-size: 16.75 by 25")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Painting, Dutch Ships at Sea, Oil on Panel, 18th Century
Anonymous - SOLD

(Restoration; frame: 41.5 by 30.25", sight-size: 35.75 by 24.5")

1008-23 - SOLD

Marine Painting, Clipper Ship Portrait, Full Sail, American Flag, unsigned
Verso "Built by Donald McKay" with additional information
Circa last half 19th Century - SOLD

Restoration to tear upper right, vertical line at mid canvas; re-stretched long ago
Dimensions: 15.5 by 21".

171-96 - SOLD

Trout Painting on Birch Bark, Original Frame
Circa 1900 - SOLD

Original condition, Frame: 15 by 28.25"; view: 9 by 22.25".

570-335 - SOLD

Fishermen Preparing to Launch Skiff, Perhaps Cornish Coast
Signed lower right: Burgess
Large Oil on Canvas
Circa 1880 - SOLD

It has been suggested that this picture compares to others of the Newlyn School.
Women in doorways watch as their men folk in foul-weather clothing prepare for another journey in the pursuit of mackerel (Newlyn's main industry).
(Frame: 66 by 38.75"; view: 58.75 by 35.5")

827-2 - SOLD

Simka Simkhovitch, Indian Point, Grass Island, Old Greenwich
Simka Simkhovitch (1893 to 1949)
Oil on canvas - SOLD

The artist was born in Petrograd, Russia and studied art at the Royal Academy in Petrograd. After painting and teaching for a short while within the Soviet Republic, Simkhovitch immigrated to the United States (1924) to settle in New York; later in Greenwich, Connecticut. Soon his work was included in major international exhibitions. Simkhovitch was a frequent exhibitor at many national group exhibitions including those at the Carnegie, the National Academy, and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also painted murals during the WPA and was commissioned to produce works at the federal Court Houses in Jackson, Mississippi and in Beaufort, NC. His paintings are in collections many museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.
(Excellent original condition; 21.25 by 25")

410-102 - SOLD

Ships Portrait, Maritime Folk Art
19th Century - SOLD

Two British merchantmen and a steamship flying an unusual assortment of flags are depicted entering and leaving American waters in this large watercolor. In a the foreground a side wheeler heads into port flying an American flag on the mainmast, a red swallow tail company pennant with "GW" in white, a Belgian national flag, and a British naval ensign on the stern. Just visible behind her is a pilot boat with a large "6" on its sails. In the background two merchantmen under full sail fly American flags at the stern as well as company pennants and the British Merchant Navy red ensign on their mainmasts. Seen on the steamship's deck are men wearing top hats and two ladies with parasols along with uniformed sailors on her decks. The painting is in a period 37 by 25" gilt frame. The view area is 17.75 by 29.5". The colors are quite strong though the painting has the usual toning. The edges have been professionally restored. A handwritten note on the backboard reads "L. Newman Paint[er]."

570-119 - SOLD

Edith Briscoe Stevens
Oil on Artist's Board
Circa 1925 - SOLD

Oil on artist's board depicting several boats in harbor with fishing nets drying in breeze; brilliant colors laid on by palette knife; signed in lower left "E. B. STEVENS;" "DOUARNEZ, BRITTANY / JUNE 23, 1925 / SARDINE NETS DRYING / BY EDITH BRISCOE STEVENS / 6 REGENT ST HARTFORD / CONN. U.S.A." is printed in pencil on the reverse; the gilt art nouveau frame appears to be original to the painting; the frame shows some rubbing on the edges, the painting is in excellent condition. (15.75-inches by 13.75-inches framed, view area 11.5-inches by 8.5-inches.)


767-12 - SOLD

Fabric and Oil Painting on Canvas, Schooner 'Cassandra'
Thomas Willis (1850 to 1912)
Cassandra of Liverpool
D.S. Cromarty, Master - SOLD

An oil on canvas rendering with silk applied sails and embroidered details featuring sailors on deck, a tug vessel and lighthouses in the background. This excellent example of Willis' work remains in generally very good condition with only very minor thread loss, a tiny area of silk splitting at the tip of one sail. The work has been reframed, yet remains on original stretcher. (Frame: 36.75 x 25 inches; view: 31.25 x 19.5 inches)

274-117 - SOLD

Ship Painting, French Ship Captured by American Navy
Oil on Canvas
Early 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, beautiful palette; Man of War flying American colors.
Dimensions: 14.25 by 12.25-inch frame, 10 by 8-inch sight-size.

570-120 - SOLD

Marine Painting, The Brig Lima of Portland,
Entering the Port of Cette, 1849,
Captain John Higgins, Commander - SOLD

Signed and dated lower right, Aristide Chapuroy, Cette 1849, French, Active 1838-1849 Watercolor on paper; 16.5 x 25” sight size; in a period, gilded frame. The LIMA, 261 tons, was built in 1829-1830 by George and Ivory Lord, G & I Lord of Kennebunk Landing, Maine, and was later owned by Winslow & Little of Portland. The LIMA was involved in the coastal, Caribbean and transatlantic trade. Reference: Chapurot painted a companion watercolor of the LIMA leaving the port of Cette, illustrated in Brewington, The Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum; page 31; no. 121.

274-203 - SOLD

Painting, Michele Funno, American Hermaphrodite Brig Alfarata, Bay of Naples
Attributed to Michele Funno (1830 to 1880)
Italian, Circa 1860
Gouache on paper, a beautiful painting displaying strong vibrant color - SOLD

An American vessel from Salem, Massachusetts in the Bay of Naples. A very finely executed ship portrait with particular attention to sail and rigging detail, and figures of the Captain and his Lady on the afterdeck. The work is contained in a pressed wood gilt frame having overall dimensions of 27 5/8 by 19.25”; 24 by 16” view area. This bright painting is in good condition overall with two very small holes repaired in the sky, some minor scuffing and foxing. Ex Vose Galleries.

274-202 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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