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George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting Auburn, New York, Oil on canvas

George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting

George Lafayette Clough was a notable landscape painter of the 19th Century; he was born in Auburn, New York. He was essentially self-taught but studied under Charles Loring Elliott from whom he received much training. Clough traveled to Europe to study and spent time in Italy, Holland, and Germany during the 1850s. John Lafayette Clough was a member of the Brooklyn Brush and Palette Club and exhibited at the National Academy, Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Brooklyn Art Association, Boston Art Club, The Cosmopolitan Art Association and others. (The painting is lined; mounted on new stretcher; frame: 43.5 x 41.5"; view: 24 x 36")

George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting artist

George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting

George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting detail_

George Lafayette Clough, (1824-1901) Waiting for the Catch, Painting back



Folk Art Painting, Bucolic Scene, Family at Campfire, Castle in Landscape Anonymous, 19th Century Watercolor

Folk Art Painting, Bucolic Scene, Family at Campfire, Castle in Landscape

Seen in the foreground of the mountainous vista is a water-view castle within landscape…a caldron boils over open-fire, mother is seated with baby on her knee, at the fire is another woman, dog and child; a gentleman tends the horse and wagon. (Frame: 23" x 17.75"; view: 19" x 13.75")



Eliot Candee Clark (1883-1980), Signed Pastel on Paper, Woodland Landscape

Eliot Candee Clark (1883-1980), Signed Pastel on Paper,entire

Son of landscape painter Walter Clark and Jennifer Woodruff Clark, Eliot Clark became a landscape painter in the late American Impressionist style. He moved to Albemarle, Virginia in 1932, he was one of the few Impressionist artists in the Southern states. Likely resultant of his association with James Whistler and his time painting at Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1900, with John Twachtman, a family friend. Compelled by his interest in Impressionism, he wrote a book about its exponents including Twachtman, Theodore Robinson, Childe Hassam, Julian Weir, and Robert Vonnoh. (There are a few small tears and paper repairs outside of blue border that are not noticeable; frame: 15.25 x 13.75"; view: 10.25 x 9")

Eliot Candee Clark (1883-1980), Signed Pastel on Paper,entire

Eliot Candee Clark (1883-1980), Signed Pastel on Paper,signature_



Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century, Anonymous Oil on canvas

Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century,

Offering a perspective view…figures in landscape, water view, mountains, courting swans; the man and woman tending cows and sheep (Lined, frame: 55.5 x 34.25"; view: 52 x 30.75")

Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century,detail-4

Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century,detail-1

Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century,detail-2

Over-Mantel Landscape Painting, Eighteenth Century,back



Watercolor, Lovely, Fine and Outstanding,
Chinese Botanical, Circa 1820
Painted on Whatman Paper
With Conkling family history of ownership, Albany, New York

Watercolor, Lovely, Fine and Outstanding,
Chinese Botanical,

(Frame: 28 x 23”; view: 13 x 17”)

Watercolor, Lovely, Fine and Outstanding,
Chinese Botanical,

Watercolor, Lovely, Fine and Outstanding,
Chinese Botanical,



Painting on Wood Panel,
Figures in Landscape, F. Gurnet,
Flemish, Circa 1860
Summer landscape, Artist listed in Benezit

Painting on Wood Panel,
Figures in Landscape, F. Gurnet,

(Excellent condition; frame: 38.5” x 29” View: 31” x 21.5”)

Painting on Wood Panel,
Figures in Landscape, F. Gurnet,
Flemish back

Painting on Wood Panel,
Figures in Landscape, F. Gurnet,
Flemish artist



Painting, Westchester Marshes, George Henry Smillie (1840 – 1921)
Oil on canvas, circa 1870 – 1880

Painting, Westchester Marshes, George Henry Smillie (1840 – 1921)

Painterly depiction of a cottage by a river, from the perspective of the opposite shore. Smillie would sometimes write the location of his landscapes following his signature, and the inscription [N.Y.] follows with the title Westchester Marshes. The title, artist’s name, and partial address [650 Madison St] is written on a label affixed to the rear surface of the stretcher.
(Very good condition; view: 19.5” x 30”; Frame: 23.5” x 33.5”)



Folky Painting, White Waterfront Mill Buildings,
Swans and Lone Mallard Drake
Anonymous artist, oil on canvas, third-quarter 19th century
A peaceful composition within period frame…displaying good color

Folky Painting, White Waterfront Mill Buildings,
Swans and Lone Mallard Drake

Original stretcher, small repair at top-center just under frame; couple fly spec size fills, else fine and original;
(frame: 28" x 23.25"; view: 23.5" x 18.25)



Folky Painting, Mountainous River Scene, Monor Bridge, 1882
Signed Fawn Coman [unknown]

Folky Painting, Mountainous River Scene, Monor Bridge, 1882

The painting displays lovely shades of blue and green, a wonderful palate; the work features a building, a woman in red dress; man walking across bridge, a paddle wheeler and sailboats. Overall great condition.
(Frame: 29.25" x 25.5"; view: 23" x 19.5)

Folky Painting, Mountainous River Scene, Monor Bridge, 1882



American School House Portrait Within Landscape
Reynolds’s Bristolboard Blind Stamp at Upper Right Recto
Anonymous Artist, Likely 1880’s

American School House Portrait Within Landscape

Pencil and watercolor within period gilt frame (Excellent condition, not examined out of frame
(Frame: 23 x 19"; view: 20 x 15.5")

American School House Portrait Within Landscape

American School House Portrait Within Landscape ruler_



Pair of Small Late Nineteenth Century Landscapes, Oil on Paper Board
Unknown Artist; gilt frames

Antique Pair of Small Oil on Paper Landscape Paintings, Late 19th Century, pair view

(Frame: 7.5 by 6.75”, sight-size: 6.5 by 4.5”)



Antique Pair of Small Oil on Paper Landscape Paintings, Late 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Canadian Folk Art, House Portrait within Landscape, Crayon and Watercolor
Anonymous, Circa 1900

Antique Canadian Folk Art House Portrait, Crayon and Waterolor, Circa 1900, entire view

(Excellent condition, modern frame; 21 by 27")



Winter Scene, Children at Play
Wilhelm Meyerheim (1815 to 1882)
Dated 1854
Oil on canvas

Wilhelm Meyerheim was born in Danzig, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland); eventually settling in Berlin, working there until his death. His father, a talented portrait painter, provided him with his early training before he studied in Danzig, eventually continuing his education at the Academy in Berlin. His works suggest that he spent time sketching the peasantry in the countryside's of Hesse and Tyrol. The artist soon became popular painter - creating scenes of everyday outdoor life, simple activities which often included his favorite subject's, children and horses; winter scenes, often with the same old tree as depicted herein-silhouetted against the winter sky. The work has be lined and stretched on a modern strainer and is mounted within a period frame. Extremely minor fill mostly confined to outermost edges. Dimensions: 25.5 by 31.75: framed; 21 by 27.5" sight-size.



American School Folk Art, Landscape, Residence of Mrs. Hoover, Federal
Watercolor, pencil, and Gouache, Indistinct Signature
Benevola, Maryland
19th Century

A house portrait, "The Residence of Mrs. Hoover, Benevola, Maryland", a blue Federal home having a white picket fence and outbuildings with family and carriage in the foreground, signed indistinctly on the lower right.
(Dimensions: 21.25 by 27.5" frame, 12.25 by 18.5" sight-size.)



Painting, Chrysler Building, New York City, Oak Frame
Anonymous, Early 20th Century
Oil on paperboard

Caption at bottom of painting reads: "42 LOOKING EAST FROM 6 AVE WORLDS BUSIEST AT THE PARK SUB" (Retouch limited to sky; frame: 35.5 by 32.5", sight-size: 24.5 by 28.5")



Painting, Landscape, Attributed to De Grailly (New York and France, 1804 to 1899)
Road to Town, Travelers on Horseback and Foot, Figural Groups, Dogs
Oil on canvas
Victor De Grailly, Unsigned, Possibly the work of De Grailly

(Relined, scattered minor retouch; original stretcher, modern frame measuring 35 by 29.75"; view: 28.25 by 23.5")



Painting, Daniel Charles Grose (1838 to 1900)
Orientalist View of an Indian Palace with Shipping and Distant Hills
Oil on canvas (Frame: 18 by 14"; view: 11.5 by 7.5")

Daniel Grose was born in England; he lived in Canada during the 1860s and in Washington DC in the 1870s and 1880s. His uncle was the well-known English landscape painter Francis Grose; it is assumed that Daniel settled in Canada whereas so many of his romantic landscapes are in Canadian museum collections. The painting remains in fine original condition and is mounted on original stretcher; frame is original and has old and minor restoration and/or imperfections.



Primitive House Farm Portrait
Found in Ohio
Circa 1900

Oil on pressed board, fine condition (Frame: 28 by 20.25"; view: 22.5 by 14.75")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Painting, Willow Valley, Woodstock Township, New York, Kotzbauer
Early 20th Century, Signed at lower left, J.B. Kotzbauer (German American artist)
Oil on pressboard - SOLD

Antique Painting of Willow Valley, New York, Signed J.B. Kotzbauer, Early 20th Century, entire view

(Frame: 13.5 by 11”, sight-size: 12 by 9”)

360-8 - SOLD

Pastel on Marble Dust Painting, Architectural, American House and Environs
Anonymous, 19th Century
A pleasing composition of linear perspective - SOLD

Antique Pastel Painting of the American House Hotel, Anonymous, 19th Century, close up view

Pastel on paper (marble dust) Frame: 26.5” by 21.5”; view: 22.5” by 17.5”

210-254 - SOLD

Folksy Farm Scene, House, Barns, Orchard, Fenced Pasture, Cattle
Anonymous, Late 19th Century; Queen Anne Style Architecture
Graphite, watercolor and crayon pencil - SOLD

Antique Folksy Farm Scene Painting, Anonymous, Late 19th Century, entire view

A tidy farm environ, the farmer driving his hay wagon pulled by a team of horses; a dog and his companion stroll towards the brook.
(The period oak frame measures: 35 by 28”, sight-size: 28 by 21.5”)

928-73 - SOLD

Painting, Mountain Landscape & Castle, Thomas Chambers, Folk Art (1808 to 1866)
New York, Circa (1833 to 1860)
Rhythmic shapes, bold colors and strong contours - SOLD

(Tiny puncture at lower right was expertly restored, else fine; gold gilt frame is period although not original; frame: 27 by 21", sight-size: 23 by 17")

659-47 - SOLD

Painting, Folk Art, Farm Landscape, Watercolor, West Bend
Anonymous, 19th Century
A detailed and folksy country view - SOLD

(Couple tight tears at lower right and left extremities; 20.5 by 14.25" overall)

216-492 - SOLD

Painting, Mountainous Camp Scene, Tents on Mountainside
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

(Frame: 38.5 by 28.5", sight-size: 34.5 by 24.5")

1062-4 - SOLD

Painting, Ink, Freehand and Stencil, Blow Tube Technique
Probably New York
19th Century - SOLD

Stenciled cathedral, stag and cottage within stenciled hillocks; clouds and freehand trees - the foliage created by spreading ink with a small mouth-pipe; bark and hillocks in foreground done by hand. The work remaining in very good condition with even toning, having minor foxing, is mounted within a black painted frame; not examined out of frame. (Frame: 13.75 by 11.25"; view: 8.5 by 11")

532-27 - SOLD

Watercolors, Pair, Landscape, one: Man Walking Dog, the other: Boy Fishing
By Adrian Livingston
1895 and 1896 - SOLD

The works are mounted within carved and gessoed gilt frames; excellent condition, save for water stain on one mat.
(Frame: 35.5 by 23.75"; view: 31.25 by 19")

1020-5 - SOLD

American School, Oil on Canvas Painting, Hudson River School, Landscape
Perhaps West Point looking north with Storm King Mountain in the distance
19th Century - SOLD

Hudson River view with sailing boats, steamer, landscape
Original frame and stretcher, minor scattered fill, (Frame: 23 by 31"; view: 16 by 24")

1020-20 - SOLD

New Hampshire Rapids
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

The frame measures 28 by 22-inches, while the view area measures 22.5 by 16.5-inches.

144-21 - SOLD

New England Winter Scene
Oil on canvas
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, old woman with burden of firewood, homestead; village and mountains in background. The work is mounted within original gilt frame and remains on original stretcher, all else fine.
Dimensions: 22.5 by 19.5-inch frame, 18.5 by 15.5-inch sight-size.

903-39 - SOLD

Castle Garden Painting, Folk Art
19th Century - SOLD

Oil on canvas, original stretcher, mounted within original gilt frame
No restoration; Frame: 25.5 by 35.5"; view: 21.5 by 31.5"

659-16 - SOLD

EDWARD KRANICK, A Man, Boy, and Dog Overlooking the View of Morristown NJ
Morristown, New Jersey
Oil on Canvas
Signed lower right Edward Kranick 1852 - SOLD

A German-born painter active in New Jersey after 1849, executed this tranquil oil on canvas, depicting a (hunter?) man, a boy, and a dog overlooking the view of Morristown.
Excellent original condition, Ex Kennedy galleries.
25.5 by 35"

216-429 - SOLD

Painting, New England Farm Scene
Nineteenth Century
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

An idyllic folksy farm scene with flowering trees, cows at feeding trough; stone fence with split-rail gate, and farmer walking to post-and-beam barn. The work is stretched tightly on early stretcher and is mounted within red painted frame.
Dimensions: 16.25 by 21" frame, 12.5 by 17.25" sight-size.

191-332 - SOLD

Painting, View of Massachusetts State Prison at Noon
Avery and Dwight Artists
Charlestown, Massachusetts
1886 - SOLD

Oil on canvas, (35 by 50-inches.)
Depicted is a scene of the West Yard of the prison; painting is inscribed "Avery & Dwight Artists" and bears the title and names of prison officials within ribbon along the bottom. The prison, located at Lyndes' Point popularly called Charlestown prison was designed by Charles Bullfinch and was built in 1805. This maximum-security facility served New England for 150-years until being mostly demolished in 1955. Housed within the walls were criminals, many of them very famous; paupers and debtors, and the insane. The picture depicts prisoners in neat formation with officials keeping watch. The work has been cleaned and relined; moderate in-paint.

216-391 - SOLD

Painting, Farm Scene, New England
Purportedly Worcester County
Signed B.V. Brooks
1895 - SOLD

Oil on canvas, fine condition
View area: 36 by 24".

956-2 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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