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Antique Oil Painting, Basket of Strawberries, Original Frame, Signed on Frame (verso) Painted by Jennie Williamson at the Wilbraham School Wilbraham, Massachusetts, Late 19th Century

Painted on Windsor and newton artist board A bright work mounted in original gilt frame. (Frame; 15.5" x 13.5"; view: 9.5" x 7.5")



Pastel Still Life,
Fruits in Colorless Footed Glass Bowl,
Grapes & Pears on Marble
Probably J.H. Clark, New York

A closely related painting signed by Clark exists, we have images of composition and signature. (Excellent condition; frame: 30.25” x 24”, view: 19” x 13”



Still Life Painting,
Melons, Fruits, and Paper Sack, In the Circle of Helen Searle
American, third-quarter of 19th century, possibly Rochester, NY
Oil on canvas

Helen Searle (1830-1844) Born in Vermont, moved as a child, with family, to Rochester. NY [this painting came to us from Buffalo, NY] (Very good condition, lined, one small area of fill; Period gilt frame and original stretcher;
(frame: 30.5 x 14” View: 21 x17”)



Schoolgirl Watercolor on Velvet, Floral Theorem Within Gilt Frame
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
An unusually small rose and rosebud composition

Antique Schoolgirl Theorem on Velvet, Anonymous, 19th Century, entire view

(Minor frame imperfection otherwise fine: frame: 7 by 6"; view: 5 by 4.25")



Painting, Still Life, Fruits and Game, Charles Bale (1845 to 1925)
British, Circa 1870 Oil on Canvas, Signed Lower Left

Antique Still Life Painting of Fruits and Game, Signed Charles Bale, Circa 1870, entire view

(Relined, original stretcher; frame: 24 by 20”, sight-size: 17.5 by 13.5”)



Antique Still Life Painting of Fruits and Game, Signed Charles Bale, Circa 1870, with ruler for scale

Pastel Drawing, Peaches on Grassy Ground Within Brown Enamel and Gilt Frame
Anonymous, Late 19th Century

Antique Pastel Drawing of Peaches on Grazzy Ground, Late 19th Century, entire view

(Frame: 12 by 14”, sight-size: 8 by 10”)



Antique Pastel Drawing of Peaches on Grazzy Ground, Late 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Theorem, Schoolgirl, Basket of Fruits, a Freehand Watercolor and Pencil Drawing
Anonymous, 19th Century
Childlike composition on paper

Antique Schoolgirl Theorem with Basket of Fruits, 19th Century, entire view

(Frame: 11.5 by 8.5”, sight-size: 9.5 by 6.5”)



Antique Schoolgirl Theorem with Basket of Fruits, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Watercolor Theorem Still Life, Fruits, Foliage and Twig
By Abigail Gleason (b. 1810), Princeton, Massachusetts

Antique Watercolor Theorem Still Life of Fruits, by Abigail Gleason, Massachusetts, entire view

As depicted, the work remains bright and crisp with no imperfection and is mounted within its original gilt frame. The pine backboard is inscribed with the young artists name and other indecipherable period script. Miss. Gleason married Derring J. Rawson at Holden, Massachusetts 24 April, 1830. AAAWT was consigned this work and other lots by Abigail Gleason by the family. (Frame: 7.75 by 6.25”; view: 6.5 by 5”.)



Antique Watercolor Theorem Still Life of Fruits, by Abigail Gleason, Massachusetts, with ruler for scale

Watercolor, Study of Seashells on Bed of Seaweed, Possibly by Mary Steele
New York, Late 1840s’

Antique Watercolor Study of Seashells, New York, Late 1840's, close up view

(Watercolor and Quash on paper within a period paint decorated frame; 14 by 18”)



Antique Watercolor Study of Seashells, New York, Late 1840's, with ruler for scale

Antique Still Life Painting, Fruits, Oil on Artist Board
W.J. Brown, Ohio Folk Artist (Coal Miner)

Antique Fruit Still Life signed W.J. Brown, 1905, entire view

The work remains bright and untouched and is mounted within original gilt frame, the glass that protected has been removed. (Frame: 17.25 by 24"; view: 11.25 by 16")



Antique Fruit Still Life signed W.J. Brown, 1905, signature detail
Antique Fruit Still Life signed W.J. Brown, 1905, with ruler for scale

New England Schoolgirl Theorem, Painting on Velvet, Isle of Wight, All Original
Anonymous, Circa 1830, Rare Large Format

Antique Schoolgirl Theorem, Isle of Wight, New England, Circa 1830, entire view

(Original glass, some loss to eglomise as depicted; original frame; 35 by 28”)



Antique Schoolgirl Theorem, Isle of Wight, New England, Circa 1830, title detail

Still Life Painting, In the Style of the Old Dutch Masters, After Jan Brueghel the Elder, Vase of Flowers
Anonymous, 19th Century
Oil on Wood Ply Panel

Still Life Painting in the style of the Old Dutch Masters, 19th Century, close up view

(Minor fill limited to edges where frame rubbed panel; frame: 26 by 30", sight-size: 19 by 23.5")



Still Life Painting in the style of the Old Dutch Masters, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Important Mourning Painting, Folk Art, Schoolgirl, Outstanding
New England
Unknown Maker
About 1830
Watercolor and Foil on velvet, strong bright original color, fine condition

(Frame: 29.75 by 24.75"; view: 27 by 22")



Theorem Painting, Folk Art, Still Life of Fruits in Compote
Possibly Maine, 19th Century
Ex Hazel Marcus, Peter Tillou

A fine stenciled and hand painted, and stenciled, well balanced effort featuring fruits and foliage within opaque compote on table. The work remains in brilliant color and is mounted within a 19th century painted frame, ornamented with bronze and silver powder stenciling. (Frame: 15.25 by 19.25"; view: 10.5 by 14.5")



Theorem, Watercolor on Silk, Fruits and Flowers in Basket
New England
Early 19th Century
An elegant example with butterfly; mounted in period carved and gilt frame

(Very good condition, one minor stain at lower left; Frame: 19.75 by 16.25"; view: 15.5 by 13")



Still Life Painting, Basket of Cabbage and Tomatoes, American School
Signed G.V. Strauss, Around 1899
Oil on canvas on academy board

Antique Still Life Painting of a Basket of Cabbage, Signed G.V. Strauss, entire view

A G.V. Strauss (Gibson, Illinois) is listed in the Semi-Annual Exhibition by the Art Students League of Chicago Catalog (at the Art Institute), several other internet listings may be found. (Excellent condition; frame: 27.75 by 20.5"; view: 15.25 by 22.5")



Antique Still Life Painting of a Basket of Cabbage, Signed G.V. Strauss, with ruler for scale
Antique Still Life Painting of a Basket of Cabbage, Signed G.V. Strauss, signature detail

Theorem on Velvet, Basket of Flowers, Sepia and Blue
New England, 19th Century
A sophisticated composition remaining on original stretcher

(Uniform toning, scattered staining, the frame has age-however not period, nor original; frame: 21.5 by 21.75", sight-size: 17.5 by 12.75")



Painted Theorem Still Life on Velvet, Bird, Butterfly and Floral
Early Nineteenth Century
Unknown Maker
A parrot like bird and butterfly centered by floral wreath

The work is mounted within a period gilt frame and features an eglomise mat; material is evenly toned and displays good color; not examined out of frame; originality of frame unknown. (Frame: 22 by 19"; view: 19.75 by 16.75")



Theorem, Oil on Velvet, Period Gilt Frame
American, 2nd Quarter 19th C.

A simple floral theorem in muted colors.
Note: minor stain in the bottom right corner.
(Frame: 13.5 by 11.25"; view: 11.5 by 9.25")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Painting, Lilacs Blossoms on Open Book, on Marble Top Table
American, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Lilac Blossoms on Marble Top Table Painting, 19th Century, entire view

(24 by 28”)

659-107 - SOLD

Still Life, Spilled Basket of Fruits, Halved Walnut, Grape Vine, Leaves, and Tendrils
Anonymous, Circa 1890 (Illegible signature) - SOLD

Antique Still Life of Spilled Basket of Fruits, Anonymous, Circa 1890, entire view

(Very minor restoration, original stretcher; 12 by 29”)

659-99 - SOLD

Theorem, Watercolor Theorem Painting, Fruits Arranged in Transparent Compote
American School, Possibly New York, 1840’s, Probably Original Frame - SOLD

Antique Watercolor Theorem Painting, American School, Circa 1840's, entire view

(19 by 17”)

659-92 - SOLD

Theorem, Schoolgirl Watercolor on Velvet, Fruits in Basket, New England Folk Art
Found in Vermont Many Years Ago, Circa 1830
Lovely small composition, fruits in basket, likely the original frame - SOLD

(Typical toning, else fine; 13.75 by 11”)

606-116 - SOLD

Tinsel Painting, Tinsel Picture, Floral Motif against Black
Anonymous, Circa 1880
A forgotten folk art, competently rendered - SOLD

Antique Tinsel Floral Motif Painting, Circa 1880, entire view

(23.25 by 19.5")

659-70 - SOLD

Schoolgirl Theorem, Watercolor on Velvet, Basket of Flowers on Wispy Matt
Anonymous, Likely New England, Circa 1834 to 1840
A lovely rendering featuring a bright blue iris and other flowers - SOLD

(Excellent condition; frame: 21.75 by 19.25"; view: 16.75 by 15.25")

659-87 - SOLD

Theorem, Schoolgirl Watercolor Painting on Velvet, Basket of Fruits and Foliage
New England, Early 19th Century - SOLD

This composition, a bounty of fruits, berries, foliage and tendrils arranged within a wonderful woven basket with fancifully scrolled handles rests on a leafy matt and is mounted within a gilt frame. (Typical and good condition commensurate with age, not examined out of frame; frame: 16.75 by 14.5", sight-size: 12.75 by 10.5")

1002-190 - SOLD

Still Life Painting, Basket of Fruits, Grape Vine, Leaves and Tendrils
Anonymous, American School, 19th Century
A decorative painting in period gilt frame - SOLD

(Oil on canvas mounted on academy board, in-painting; (Frame: 24.5 by 28", sight-size: 19.5 by 23")

928-57 - SOLD

Still Life, Fall River School, Fruits on Table, Gilt Frame
Massachusetts, Late 19th or Early 20th Century
Anonymous, in the circle of R.S. Dunning - SOLD

(Excellent unlined condition; frame: 27.5 by 23.5", sight-size: 15.25 by 19.25")

570-434 - SOLD

Antique Still Life Painting, Basket of Fruits, Oil on Paperboard
New England, Anonymous
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Light cleaning and minor in-painting limited to small area of tablecloth
Frame: 16 by 14.5" view: 12.75 by 11.25"

161-54 - SOLD

Watercolor, Pot of Flowers, Composition Cut and Applied to Paper
Label identifying maker as Mary Griswald
Probably Connecticut
19th Century
Flowers and foliage within bright blue pot ornamented with red saw tooth design - SOLD

(Frame: 10.25 by 8 3/8"; sight-size: 8.25 by 6 3/8)

336-132 - SOLD

Folk Art Watercolor and Theorem Painting, Watermelon on Platter
New England
19th Century
The melon on platter and a bunch of grapes precariously balanced on marble slab - SOLD

The work is mounted within a gilt frame of the period, measures 20 by 24"; very good condition, foam-core backing; not examined out of frame. (16 by 20" sight-size)

508-47 - SOLD

Theorem, Painting on Paper
Artist Unidentified
Circa 1825 - SOLD

Within the wonderful yellow basket displayed on a blue and green featherlike tablemat is a composition of fruits, foliage and tendrils done freehand and with stencil. This composition remains in bright; paper mounted on backboard with typical toning to background. (Overall 19 by 16.5")


Still Life, Fruit Compote, Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Dimensions: 41.25 by 27.25" frame, 35.75 by 21.75" sight-size.

223-20 - SOLD

Still Life
Basket of Peaches
Circa 1900 - SOLD

As depicted, basket of peaches set upon grasses and fine wildflowers. This picture mounted within carved frame and having a pine stretcher should be cleaned, otherwise excellent.
Dimensions: 23.25 by 19.25" frame, 19.5 by 15.5" sight-size.

171-70 - SOLD

Watercolor Theorem - SOLD

Measures 20.75 by 23.5".

198-7 - SOLD

Classical Still Life Painting, Riches of Mother Nature with Spaniel
Anonymous, probably English
19th Century
Oil on canvas - SOLD

An expressive still life with a wealthy abundance of mature and exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and a spaniel, neatly arranged on a marble table centered by drapery opened to a column on plinth before a beautiful blue sky featuring a sunrise palate. The scale, color, light and contrast are splendid. Relined and mounted on strainer, some in-painting and current minor imperfections.
(View area: 35 by 48; overall: 44 by 55")

581-9 - SOLD

Watercolor on Paper
19th Century - SOLD

Colorful floral watercolor in very good condition. The theorem is framed in a period frame that is possibly original to the piece.
Dimensions: 15 5/8 by 15 5/8" frame, 10 5/8 by 10 5/8" sight-size.

475-69 - SOLD

Theorem Watercolor on Velvet, Bright Color, Large Format
Watermelon, Other Fruits and Bird
Circa 1840 - SOLD

The unidentified artist filled the overflowing wide shallow basket with sliced melon, grapes; pineapple, lemons and other fruits.
This composition measures 29 by 22.75" overall; view area: 25 by 19".

384-56 - SOLD

Still Life With Fruit
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Oil on canvas still life of fruit - peaches, grapes, cantaloupe, plums, etc - in a wicker basket and on plates, glass of water, atop a marble topped table, in a gilt and gesso frame, patch on the reverse, some minor scattered in-painting. (31 ¾" x 27" framed, 27 ¼" x 23" view.)

467-9 - SOLD

Watercolor Theorems, Botanical Arrangements, Still Life Paintings
New England
Circa 1830
Watercolor on velvet, hand painted and stenciled by a young lady being schooled in the genteel manner; probably inspired by floral engravings - SOLD

Neatly rendered yet unconstrained compositions featuring fluted blue compote and a basket on grassy green matt, each holding lovely flowers and plant materials. The handling of the work including plant selection, placement of flowers, foliage; detail, and imagery combine to produce a highly individualized, semiformal arrangement. The works are mounted within matching painted frames of the period. Foxing, toning, and water stains as shown.

1004-3 - SOLD

Theorem, American School, Urn of Fruits & Foliage on Small Landscape Anonymous, Circa 1825 Watercolor and mica on paper…lots vibrant of blue! - SOLD

Depicting a variety of fruits, foliage and tendrils arranged within large urn on spreading circular foot. The work is mounted in a period frame with a gold stenciled liner; not examined out of frame…very light/minor foxing and stains, the water stains are limited to the bottom and are barely noticeable.
(Frame" 23.5 x 19.5"; view: 19.5 x 15.5")

176-176 - SOLD

Still Life Painting, Oysters and Beer, Signed E.G. Cole – 1887, American - SOLD

Original Frame Oil on canvas within lovely frame, fine original condition…

659-169 - SOLD

Pastel Still Life, Oranges, Raspberries, Lemons, Period Gilt Frame
Anonymous, Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Pastel Still Life of Orangs and Raspberries, Late 19th Century, entire view

(Frame: 14 by 12”, sight-size: 11.5 by 9”)

1079-4 - SOLD

Pastel Still Life, Peaches, Grapes, Leaves on Marble Slab, Period Veneered Frame
Anonymous, Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Pastel Still Life with Peaches and Grapes, Late 19th Century, entire view

(Frame: 14.25 by 11.25”, sight-size: 11.5 by 8.75”)

1079-5 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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