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Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey,
David Lacey (born December 4, 1785)
married Laura Burr (born April 25, 1793)

Remained in Family by Descent, to AAAWT

Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey

Attributed to Ezra Ames (1768-1836) (Excellent original condition, extremely minor fill; original frame and stretcher, lined; frame: 16.25" x 13.75"; view: 13" x 10.5")

Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey

Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey

Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey

Portraits of Laura Burr Lacey
Second Cousin to Aaron Burr and David Lacey



Horace Bundy, Portrait of young Boy Holding Book, 1847
Bundy, self-taught itinerant; started as coach-painter;
b. Hardwick, VT (1814-1883)
Oil on canvas

Horace Bundy, Portrait of young Boy Holding Book, 1847

Wonderful portrait of young boy wearing printed vest and brown coat, the canvas depicting childhood innocence is signed and dated on verso. Bundy started in Lowell, Massachusetts; most active in Vermont and New Hampshire. The painting is mounted within original frame. We knew this painting years ago when it was one of a pair, the canvas was wax-lined and stretched on new strainers many years ago; extremely minor in-painting of “specks” mentioned for accuracy. The pictures were exhibited at The Mead Gallery at Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1974; and are published within the catalog. [Ex Peter Tillou] (35.5 x 31.5 inches; view: 24.5 x 29.5 inches.)

Horace Bundy, Portrait of young Boy Holding Book, 1847



Portrait of King Gustav V (r. 1907 – 1950)
Oil on canvas, dated 1908

Portrait of King Gustav V

Painted about a year after his accession to the Swedish throne, Wadell shows Gustav in his army General’s uniform. Probably painted after an existing photograph, medals have been added and removed. Though images of the new king were available to the mass market following the advent of early photography, painted portraits were desirable because of their vibrant colors. Minimal restoration on lower edge of sash. (Frame Height: 36” Width: 27.5”; View Height: 29 Width: 20.5”)

Portrait of King Gustav V

Portrait of King Gustav V signature

Portrait of King Gustav V back



Sturtevant J. Hamblin, Portrait, Young Girl in a Red Dress Holding Large Yellow Apple
Massachusetts, Circa 1845
Oil on Canvas

Sturtevant J. Hamblin, Portrait, Young Girl in a Red Dress Holding Large Yellow Apple

(Lined and mounted on new stretcher, very minor in-paint, original frame measures 27 by 32”, sight-size: 21.5 by 26.5”)



Portrait of a Young Girl in a Red Dress by Sturtevant J. Hamblin, Circa 1845, with ruler for scale
Portrait of a Young Girl in a Red Dress by Sturtevant J. Hamblin, Circa 1845, background detail

Portrait of Mother and Infant, Belknap, Folk Art
Attributed to Zedekiah Belknap (1781 to 1858)
Oil on Canvas

Portrait of a mother holding her child who is wearing a white dress with blue bows on the shoulder, the mother has a red cape draped over her shoulders and wears a lace bonnet, housed in a gilt frame, the edges of the frame have been painted in yellow ochre, which has also been painted over the back of the canvas, the varnish is raised in some areas of the portrait. The painting remains in original condition with no visible damage or in-painting.
(36.5" by 31.5" framed, 29.5" by 24.5")



Folk Art Portrait of Lady Wearing Bonnet with Yellow Ribbons, Puffy Sleeves
Likely by the combined hands of John Grout and Ruth Whittier Shute
Circa 1835

Oil on canvas, turned and split column frame, original stenciled decoration
This portrait has been relined and mounted on a new stretcher; some minor in-painting.
(Frame: 28.5 by 32.5"; view: 22.5 by 26.5")



Triple Portrait, Three Siblings, the Kendall Children, Sterling, Massachusetts
Attributed to Jones Fawson Morris (1801 to 1839), The children of Dr. Pierson and Lucinda Kendall of Sterling; George,
Charles and Lucinda; about 1828
Oil on bed ticking, original frame (Frame: 29 by 34.25"; view: 25.75 by 29.25)

See American Folk Art, Lovingly Collected, Worcester Art Museum, Paul S. D'Ambrosio, page 55, The Pratt Children, circa 1835.
The painting remains in very good condition; was laid on board during the mid-20th century with only scattered and minor losses restored; lightly cleaned and very minor in-painting. This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Old Master Painting, Portrait of Little Girl Wearing Holding a Flower
Painted and Signed by FG Stolberg (Franz Gebhard Stolberg)
Circa 1650
Possibly a Collaboration, Portraitist and Painter of Still Life
Interior with floral still life in the circle of Georg Flegel (1566 to 1638) - SOLD

Oil on canvas, signed lower left; excellent condition, relined canvas and two tiny areas of in-painting. (Dimensions: 31.5 by 36.75" frame, 25.5 by 30.5" sight-size.)

570-275 - SOLD

Portrait, Child with Dog and Cat, American School, Full Length Folk Portrait
Anonymous, Possibly Southern, 19th Century
Displaying the innocence of childhood and a loving bond with her pets - SOLD

A typed sheet of history is affixed to verso; states that the subject is Emma Woodfin Kerr (1851-1914) with family history. (Strong color, relined, mounted on new stretcher within contemporary frame; scattered in-painting/restoration; frame: 31 by 35.5"; view: 25 by 29.5")

965-3 - SOLD

Full Length Portrait of Child Holding Flowers, Dutch School, 17th Century
Oil on oak panel
Probably the work of two artists, the portrait painter and the still life painter - SOLD

Very good condition with minor fill; mostly glazing.
(Dimensions: 50.75 by 39.5" frame, 44.5 by 32.75" sight-size.)

570-333 - SOLD

A REVERSE PAINTING ON GLASS OF LIBERTY, CIRCA 1800 Chinese School, After Edward Savage (American, 1761-1817), LIBERTY For the American market… Depicting Liberty as the goddess of youth Hebe, featuring the Boston Harbor and State House in the background at lower right. - SOLD

Artists and propagandists during the late 18th and early 19th centuries were often inspired by standard iconic images, figures, and symbols displaying revolutionary ideology and republican values. This famous work represents an outstanding example of the integration of these symbols combined within a single, allegorical image. In this work is the beautiful Lady Liberty as the Goddess of Youth Hebe, wearing a flowing Classical robe, she offers a cup, sustenance to the American eagle whom has descended from the sky; a sunburst illuminating his wings and Liberty. Liberty is attracting light to a darkened world; note that she is positioned before a nearly obscured Doric column; artists were not shy when connecting the new Republican age to the Classical period. Under Lady Liberty’s right foot are symbols of the era's revolutionary sentiments: a key, a royal garter, a broken scepter and chains, this vignette signifying the destruction of the tyrannical bonds that had long given the British monarchy power over Americans. The port of Boston, location of the legendary Tea Party is shown behind Liberty…Boston was also the target of many "Intolerable Acts." The artist included dramatic bolts of lightning reaching from the skies roiling clouds, suggesting the future storm that would cause revolutionary winds of change for Boston and the entire Young Republic. Surmounting the image is the American flag, displaying fifteen stars, flying from a pole crowned with a liberty cap which is seen in many contemporary, revolutionary images. Literature: A similar Chinese export reverse painting on glass is illustrated in The Decorative Arts of the China Trade,by Carl L. Crossman, The Antique Collector's Club, publishers, p. 217, plate 122. View area: 23.5-inches by 1/2 x 17.5-inches; Frame: 19.25 x 25.75-inches.

492-173 - SOLD

Oil Painting by Pieter Symonsz Potter
(Enkhuizen 1597/1600-1652 Amsterdam)
Pieter Symonsz Potter Was a Dutch Golden Age Painter.
Genre Painter, Landscape Painter, Still Life Painter, Flower Painter
Oil on Panel, Signed Lower Left - SOLD

According to Houbraken he was the city secretary of Enkhuizen, married to the daughter of Paulus Bertius and the father of the painter Pieter I Potter, making him the grandfather of Pieter II, Paulus, and Maria Potter. According to the RKD his wife was the sister of the painter Willem Bartsius, and he was the father, not the grandfather, of Pieter II, Paulus and Maria. He was first trained as a glass painter and in 1628 moved to Leiden to learn painting in oils. He is known mostly for genre pieces and farm landscapes, and he became a member of the Delft Guild of St. Luke in 1646, and a member of the Confrerie Pictura in 1647 (though this record in the Hague guild archives may have been for drawing lessons for his oldest son Peter).1. (View 6.75” square; frame: 10.25” square) 1.Source: Wikipedia

843-295 - SOLD

Portrait, Handsome Boy and His Dog
Descended In The Van Wyman Family
Anonymous, Mid 19th Century
New York State
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Portait of Boy with his Dog, New York State, Mid 19th Century, close up view

This striking portrait has it all; the extraordinary composition depicts a dashingly handsome boy and his loving dog positioned in landscape. The painting descended in the Albany, New York area. (The painted was conserved some years ago; re-stretched and relined, lightly cleaned and very minor scattered in-painting to small abrasions-all else fine.)
(33 by 40")

570-538 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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