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Cupboard, Corner, Paint Decorated,
Glazed Door, Molded Cornice,
Paneled Doors Bedford County,
Pennsylvania, circa 1815-1820

Cupboard, Corner, Paint Decorated, Glazed Door, Molded Cornice, Paneled Doors, Full View

Soft woods, finely grained, small size
Presented in an original and excellent surface, a remarkable example of Pennsylvania style graining.
A small one-part grain-painted corner cupboard,
robust crown-molding and dental molding above nine-light
glazed door in white paint opening to a shelved white-painted
interior over a double-raised-panel door. The whole raised on a molded and applied
bracket-base joined by valanced apron. The cupboard remains in original paint;
cleaned and restored by Peter Dean;
some very minor scattered touch-up performed by Peter.
Restoration report is available.



Cupboard, Canted Step-back, Open Top, Original Surface History New England, Circa 1800 White Pine…nice small size and great surface

Cupboard, Canted Step-back, Open Top, Original Surface History New England, Circa 1800view-2_1256-30

The molded open-top above molded-lower case with single plank door on cutout base. The original salmon paint was long ago overpainted in light gray; now thinned exposing a wonderful surface and pigment. Ex Mason Stewart collection. (Height: 71.5"; base height: 35.75"; width: 48"; base depth: 16"; shelve depths: 11.75"-10.25")

Cupboard, Canted Step-back, Open Top, Original Surface History New England, Circa 1800view-1_1256-30



Step-Back Glazed Cupboard, North Carolina, Original Paint, Wallpapered Interior Piedmont Region, Circa 1840-1860

Step-Back Glazed Cupboard, North Carolina, Original Paint, Wallpapered Interiorview-1_1001-68

Crown molding above a pair of molded six-light doors; lower case with slightly projecting top above two short-drawers and a pair of fielded-panel doors; the case sides also paneled…the whole raised on tapered feet. Wonderful surface and patina. (Very good original condition; H: 80”, W: 42”, top case H: 39”, top case D: 11.25”, bottom case H: 41”, bottom case D: 19.25”)

Step-Back Glazed Cupboard, North Carolina, Original Paint, Wallpapered Interiorview-2_1001-68

Step-Back Glazed Cupboard, North Carolina, Original Paint, Wallpapered Interiordetail_1001-68



Apothecary, Paint Decorated, Step Back, Open Top, 4 Shelves, 30 Drawers
New Hampshire, Circa 1834 to 1840
Well proportioned, competently constructed, original surface history

Antique Step Back Paint Decorated Apothecary with 30 Drawers, Circa 1834 to 1840, angle view

A painted pine apothecary cupboard constructed in two sections; top section features a flat molded cornice above four shelves. The upper case resting on the lower case containing 30 graduated drawers with turned wooden pulls; the whole raised on cutout base. The top section is painted blue, the lower half is faux-grained; painted [or paint-decorated] to resemble bird's-eye and tiger maple, over blue (same blue as top case).
Dimensions: H: 67.5"; W: 81"; D: 10.25"
There is some wood loss to lower-back side of upper case, otherwise very good, commensurate with age and use.



Antique Step Back Paint Decorated Apothecary with 30 Drawers, Circa 1834 to 1840, entire view

Corner Cupboard, Red Paint, Bold Cornice, Fielded Panel Doors, Molded base
New England, Found in Maine Many Years Ago, Circa 1790 to 1820
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Corner Cupboard in Red Paint with Fielded Panel Doors, Circa 1790 to 1820, angle view

(Very good condition; H: 81”, W: 42”, D: 24.5”, corner D: 27.5”)



Step Back Cupboard, Sage Green Paint
New England
Early 19th Century
One piece cupboard in a sage green paint over reddish brown

In good condition with added turned knobs and a Victorian cast iron latch; one backboard replaced; cupboard was intended to sits on floor with no base.
Dimensions: 68.75" H, 41.75" W, 18.5" D.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Cupboard, Tiger Maple Corner Cupboard, Foliated Crown "H" Hinges
American, Northeast or Pennsylvania, Circa 1800
Likely original surface, great hand wrought hardware - SOLD

The case with crown molding is constructed of boldly figured curly maple; hinged, paneled doors opening to three shelves; with short drawer in the midsection centered by a pair of recessed panels of conforming height, two hinged doors below, on cutout base joined by ogival apron (rail). Wonderful hand-wrought iron hinges, old surface.
(H: 79.75"; W: 41.25"; D: 20")

843-223 - SOLD

Wall Hanging Cupboard, Old Surface, Brass Keyhole Escutcheon
New England, 19th Century
Pine - SOLD

Antique Wall Hanging Cupboard with Old Surface, New England, 19th Century, angle view

The pediment rising to a pair of scrolls centering a domed apex with returns above the case featuring bold applied moldings centering a fielded panel door opening to a pair of shelves.
(Good condition: H: 40"; W: 22.5"; D: 9.5")

1145-9 - SOLD

Country Step Back Cupboard, Canted, Blue Paint, Original Surface History
New England, Circa 1800ish
White Pine
The top section is canted, the ends with domed terminals at medial shelf above lower section with single door. Early robin’s egg blue over red paint; best dry patina. - SOLD

Antique Country Step Back Cupboard with Original Surface History, New England, Circa 1800, angle view 1

(Very good condition, displays generations of use and desirable wear; right proper side never overpainted in blue displays original red paint
(Likely used tight to wall, painted in-place; a rural furniture lover’s dream; H: 79”, W: 48.25”, base D: 20”, bottom shelf D: 13”, top shelf D: 11”)

1096-4 - SOLD

Carved and Joined Oak Livery Cupboard, Press, Two Part, 17th Century
Somerset County, England, Circa 1620 to 1640
Baluster columns and huge lunettes are typical of Somerset shop traditions - SOLD

Antique Carved and Joined Livery Cupboard from Somerset County, England, Circa 1620 to 1640, angle view

Two piece cupboard featuring fielded side panels; the top section with single shallow shelf on brackets; lower case with single shelf. The case displays a wonderful old surface and patina (The front stiles continuing to legs have been pieced at lower rail; hinges are refreshed with some minor wood piecing; upper door lock is missing; an attractive and generally clean cupboard, the few imperfections commensurate with age and use. H: 67.5”, W: 45.25”, D: 22.5”)
This item just in, more information may follow, please call if interested.

1008-38 - SOLD

Cupboard over Open Shelves, Original Paint, Paneled Door, Rare Small Size
Second Half 19th Century - SOLD

Bold and crisp molding over paneled doors opening to white painted interior; the sides joined by two shelves continuing to half-round cutout-base. (Superb and original surface, overall excellent condition; lower shelves moved, one possibly an early replacement or cabinetmaker mistake; H: 68.5", W: 36.5", D: 14")

1001-18 - SOLD

New England Flat Wall Cupboard
In Original Pumpkin Paint
Early 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a flat wall cupboard; the picture-frame molding centering four recessed panel doors that open to reveal five interior shelves. Sides are also molded. Great color and surface quality; original hardware and turned wood door-pulls. Paint on left side thinning; we had one small ear of stile freshened with all else original and fine. (Height: 80"; width: 40.75"; depth: 18".)

492-40 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Jelly Cupboard
1st Half 19th Century
Poplar and white pine - SOLD

The simple case raised on cutout feet features a pair of paneled doors within beaded molding that open to reveal three fixed shelves.
Dimensions: 60.5" high, 38" wide, 19" deep.

201-267 - SOLD

Small Hanging Cupboard - SOLD

Dimensions: 23.25" high, 13.875" wide, 8.5" deep.

348-192 - SOLD

Painted Server Cupboard
1st Half 19th Century - SOLD

The scalloped gallery above the case which is of mortis and tenon construction and features flat panels; two short drawers above a pair of conforming paneled doors...the whole raised on a molded base standing on turned turnip feet. This cupboard remains in excellent original condition with left proper side base molding restored; left proper rear foot extended and brasses are period replacements.
Dimensions: 51.5" high, 43.25" wide, 19" deep.

201-268 - SOLD

Canted Back Wall Cupboard, Scalloped and Thumb Molded Interior Borders
Deerfield, Massachusetts Area
Circa 1750 to 1800
Reddish brown paint, extremely rare - SOLD

Hard pine with strong traces of old red paint revealed by the removal of later over-paint; scalloped ornamentation is authentic and unaltered; the door is a very old "working-period" replacement; some height loss otherwise very good.
(H: 78"; W: 45"; D: 17.25")

This outstanding cupboard is similar to one in old brown paint over original reddish-brown that is displayed in the Hardenbergh parlor at Winterthur. Historic Deerfield owns two cupboards of this type that feature shaped fielded raised panels on the fronts, one of which is repainted, the other refinished with replaced feet. Dean Fales noted that the two cupboards at Deerfield are a "local type made in or near Deerfield; (and) While these cupboards do not have known histories, a similar painted one at Winterthur was owned by Osmund and Winifred Skinner of Shelburne, a town just west of Deerfield on the Mohawk Trail. Another related cupboard was found just North of Greenfield in Bernardston." Philip Zea affirmed the locality of Deerfield as the origin for these cupboards and acknowledged the use of relatively thick boards of hard pine in their construction. It is interesting to note that this same hard pine is used for the tops and as secondary wood in Hadley chests produced in the same region.

For the cupboard at Winterthur:
Advertisement for Louis M. Ream, Esq. in the Magazine Antiques, January 1928, page 3, and Jay Cantor, Winterthur (New York, 1985), page 175.

For the cupboards at Deerfield:
Article on Historic Deerfield in The Magazine Antiques, September 1956, page 232, Helen Comstock, American Furniture (New York, 1962), figure 190; Dean A. Fales, Jr., The Furniture of Historic Deerfield (New York, 1976), page 252, figures 493 and 494.

For related published examples:
Wallace Nutting, Furniture Treasury (New York, 1928) figures 497 and 505.
Height 77", Width 45", Depth 17 3/4".

1039-1 - SOLD

Hanging Corner Cupboard
Late 18th Century
Butternut and pine, old surface - SOLD

Crown molding above 6-light door hung from rat-tai hinges.
The drawer conforms to case and is of dovetail construction.
Dimensions: 51.25" H, 20" D, 37" W.

769-32 - SOLD

Cupboard, Hanging Cupboard, Original Red
19th Century
White pine - SOLD

The case with cornice features a pair of molded recessed-panel-doors set within beaded opening; interior with four shelves. Beautiful dry red surface; dimensions: 36" H, 37.25" W, 13.5" D.

958-2 - SOLD

Step-Back Cupboard
BLUE PAINT...dry patina
First-half 19th century
New England
Pine - SOLD

As depicted, a desirable provincial aesthetic...the open-top with two shelves resting on cleats affixed with clinched nails...the exposed original ship-lapped backboards in natural color have great patina. Lower case with a pair of simple board-doors hung on butt hinges. This one piece cupboard remains in a high state of originality. (Height: 73.75"; top section height: 40.75"; width: 50.75"; depth: 17.75".)

637-54 - SOLD

Cupboard, Flat Wall, Architectural
New England
18th Century
Soft gray period paint, great dry surface - SOLD

The outstanding cyma-recta crown molding above the case with boldly beaded-corners; door with three beaded interior cleats hangs from period "H" hinges affixed by rose-head nails. It appears that the hinges were refreshed long ago during the cupboards early period of use; door opens to reveal three shelves and original red paint; terrific tool marks. This cupboard is designed to be installed with proper right side against wall. (H: 74 1/8"; W: 32"; D: 19 1/8".)

175-47 - SOLD

Paneled Step Back Cupboard
Old paint, original "H" hinges
New England
18th Century
White Pine - SOLD

A one-piece cupboard featuring paneled doors hung from original hinges; brass hardware appears to be original. The cupboard was long ago cleaned revealing original surface history; green paint. The interior with early 19th century thinning mustard paint over green. It appears that the cupboard may have lost a small molding at top with all else generally excellent. (Height: 81"; width: 65.5"; base depth: 18.75"; top depth: 9.5".)

740-2 - SOLD

Corner Cupboard
Circa 1800
Cherry - SOLD

Dimensions: 92" high, 42" wide, 20.5" deep.

295-31 - SOLD

Cupboard, Step Back
19th Century
Rare small size - SOLD

The top case with two doors, each with six lights above lower section with single double-paneled door...the whole raised on outstanding applied bracket base. This piece is clean, small and has a wonderful dry surface. (Overall height: 79"; width: 47.75"; depth: 18.5".)

769-8 - SOLD

Jelly Cupboard, Old Paint, Peg Construction
Probably Hudson River Valley
Circa 1750
A small example in great surface featuring six shelves - SOLD

The rectangular pine case with molded front corners is raised on cutout feet and features applied molding above the removable two-board door with nicely molded edges and double tapered interior inset tapered battens. The door hangs on original iron pintle hinges that retain leather washers; iron slide-bolt latch appears to be original. The surface has character, early 19th century green paint over original red paint with great patina. The tongue-and-groove backboards are affixed with rose-head nails. The case is raised on cutout feet, the side profile slightly arched; the rear feet show more wear than front. It appears that a horizontal base molding is missing and the cupboard shows wear from use otherwise fine.
(H: 61"; W: 33"; D: 17.5".)

175-48 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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