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Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford
George Maynard, Long Melford

Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford

George Maynard, Long  Melford, entire view

Eighteenth century lantern clock by George Maynard, [strapped bell above] brass case surmounted by pierced and engraved frets
cornered by urn shape finials, engraved Roman numeral chapter ring with quarter and half hour markings signed G Maynard,
Melford; single steel hand; engraved dial-center, thirty-hour, weight powered, movement, verge escapement
with short pendulum. The case is raised on robust feet.
(Height: 15.25"; width: 6.5"; depth: 5.5")

Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford

George Maynard, Long  Melford, angle view 1

Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford

George Maynard, Long  Melford, angle view 2

Antique Lantern Clock, G. Maynard, Melford

George Maynard, Long  Melford, detail view



Lantern Clock, Griffin Rayment,
Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,
Prolific Clock Making Family Griffin (1722-1769)
was son of Son of the famous Richard Rayment (1686-1754) 30-hour rope driven, circa 1730-1760

Lantern Clock, Griffin Rayment,

Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,

Haggar and Miller, Suffolk Clocks and Clockmakers, reported that no Griffin or Giffin lantern clocks are known to be extant; by the late 1750s the demand for this type of clock had waned in favor of longcase clocks.
This is likely the only example extant.

Posted by David Addy: “I received emails from Marc Honcoop containing pictures of a clock which he owns. "I live in the Netherlands. I have a Lantern clock of Giffin Rayment. This is the only one he made.... The clock is all original with no signs of restoration. The clock was bought about 40 years ago for fl.15,000 gulden. That was a lot of money for those years. I don't know the date the clock was made.” Possibly Rayment made the clock with his father about 1730-1740, but I think the clock is younger at about 1760."

Giffin Rayment died in January 1769, and he was buried at St James's church on January 24th. His widow Esther was granted Administration as he had not yet made a will, being only 47 years old.

Lantern Clock, Griffin Rayment,

Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,

Lantern Clock, Griffin Rayment,

Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,



Lantern Clock, Thomas Clay, Seventeenth Century
Chelmsford, Essex, England; 17th Century

The maker's signature is displayed on the base of the front fret; originally with balance wheel escapement, converted to anchor escapement early in its life, probably the late 17th or very early 18th century. This is a good, honest lantern clock with minor wear consistent with age. Literature: English lantern Clocks by George White, page 205, figure IV/104 (left). Now on a modern oak shelf copied from photos in Wallace Nutting's Clock Book. (H: 14.5", W: 7.5", D: 6.5")



Banjo Clock, Attleboro School, Scrolled Side Arms, Mahogany Veneered
Attributed to Horace Tifft
North Attleboro
Circa 1835 to 1845

Eight day, time only, original movement and dial and weight, old finish, running.
(H: 33.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Scroll Saw Fretwork Cathedral-Form Clock,
Three Spires, Gingerbread
Anonymous Maker, Circa 1880 to 1910ish
Large, intricate and wonderful! - SOLD

(Very good condition, we had minor issues corrected; height: 45”, depth11”, width: 22”)

659-160 - SOLD

Massachusetts Shelf Clock, Aaron Willard, Boston, Massachusetts (1757 to 1844)
Circa 1825, Mahogany, mahogany veneer and white pine
Painted on the dish dial; Robert Gould Shaw - SOLD

Antique Massachusetts Shelf Clock by Aaron Willard, Circa 1825, angle view

The case with shaped crest and original brass eagle finial over the upper Eglomise panel inscribed "Aaron Willard/Boston" within elliptical reserve; in front of the dished dial having a white painted face is the original Eglomise plate decorated with American shields and oak leaf motif. The lower case with central mirrored medallion is said to have been enameled black by a family mourning the death of Robert Gould Shaw in 1863. The case containing a weight driven, brass eight-day movement is often referred to as a "dish dial" shelf clock.

The case, made of the best mahogany, retains its original surface with a rich, warm patina; and continues to a cushion molded base resting on turned brass feet. The case is die stamped on the dust board “619", a very identifiable detail commonly found in Boston timepieces whose cases were made by Henry Willard, Aaron Willard Juniors brother-who worked within the Willard clock-making compound at Boston.

The dial, hands, pendulum; winding crank and movement are all original with the surface of the dial remaining in very good condition with only minor, as expected losses. We cannot read the lettering on left side of hands; on the right, clearly inscribed is the name “Robert Gould Shaw”. The movement is complete, and in excellent condition. (Loss of scroll to crest which we are able to expertly restore; H: 36”)

We have other information related to purported provenance which at this time is supposition. Please call for additional information.


Joseph Nye Dunning Patent Timepiece or Banjo Clock, Original Steel Hands
Burlington, Vermont, Circa 1832
Pendulum door and case in finely figured mahogany - SOLD

Antique Joseph Nye Dunning Patent Banjo Clock, Original Steel Hands, Vermont, Circa 1832, angle view

Dunning (1795-1841) was born in Brunswick, Maine, he began his career in Concord, Massachusetts in partnership with Lemuel Curtis, where they produced many fine clocks. The pair moved to Burlington, Vermont in 1821, where Dunning continued his career after the partnership dissolved in 1832.
Mahogany case, outstanding wood selection, flat moldings joined by corner blocks enclosing the crotch mahogany tablets in the throat and door, brass bezel and side arms; painted iron dial signed below the center arbor; J.N. Dunning, Roman numerals. Brass eight-day, timepiece, weight-driven and regulated by a pendulum. Gilt finial likely replaced, else fine. (Very good original condition; 34 by 10")

492-177 - SOLD

Clock, Shelf Clock, Triple Decker, Strap Movement
Ralph and John B. Terry
Bristol, Connecticut
Circa 1835
Eight day, time and strike, mahogany veneered case - SOLD

The R. & J.B. Terry partnership was short-lived; they were in business for two years. This example, a true triple-decker features a carved and gilt eagle pediment above the pierced dial-aperture glazed with silvered mirror glass. The dial, with Arabic numerals has been restored; restoration to chapter ring and dial center. The mahogany veneered case, in three sections is flanked by ebonized and gilt columns; top and bottom turned and split; the middle section features full tapered columns. The glasses are original; some in-painting; seen through the scalloped roundel in middle section is a reverse painting on glass, depicted is Andrew Jackson. The case is raised on slightly protruding base resting on gilt ball feet. Minor imperfections include some paint and gilding restoration. This attractive clock which measures 37 by 17 by 5 1/8" is in running condition.

570-222 - SOLD

Clock, Shelf Clock, Triple Decker, Great Eglomaise
Birge, Mallory and Company
Bristol, Connecticut
Circa 1838 to 1843 - SOLD

Original glasses and putty, faux smoked decoration, retains good label A mahogany containing 30-hour movement; case with carved gesso and gilded fruit basket splat, turned, gilded and smoke grained columns flanking the painted wooden dial with Roman numerals features gilt spandrels and open dial center displaying strap movement. The dial section surmounted by a carved, gesso and gilt fruit basket; centered by faux grained half columns with gilded capitals. The mid-section features an outstanding reverse-painted tablet flanked by free standing gilt columns, lower section with faux smoked half columns and door framing the excellent reverse-painted tablet. The printed maker's label remains intact. The carved and gesso pediment with shrinkage cracks; dial with shrinkage fissures; lower glass tablet cracked at upper-right; missing ball feet. All else fine.
(H: 35.75"; W: 17"; D: 5")

570-227 - SOLD

Iron Front Mantle Clock, Ornate Original Condition
American Clock Co., 55 John St., New York
Circa 1860
Polychrome and mother of pearl - SOLD

A rare 30-hour painted iron front clock; the iron front has cast into the back "No. 1 F. S. Otis Patent. N.Y., 1857". The front features a painted landscape scene, pearl inlay, and painted cast iron grape leaves, scrolling, shells and flowers. The paper dial with Roman numerals displays some staining and thinning paint; 1859 patent bezel is fine. Movement mounted to backboard.
(H: approximately 20")

570-228 - SOLD

Benjamin Franklin Bronze and Slate Figural Mantle Clock
Paris, France, Third Quarter 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Mantle Clock with Bronze Figure of Benjamin Franklin, 19th Century, angle view

Seated figure of Franklin with scientific apparatus surmounting base inset with enameled dial and gilt brass mounts; the dial signed Mercier.
(Movement is missing bell, bezel on reverse is without glass: 22”, W: 14”, D: 7”)

1121-23 - SOLD

Large Figural Bronzed Metal Clock, George Washington and the Constitution
Probably France, Retailed by Robins, Clark and Biddle, Circa 1876
Retains original Japy Freres movement (Paris), Marble Base
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Bronzed Metal Clock with Figure of George Washington, Circa 1876, angle view

(Dial signature is mostly illegible, generally good condition; H: 25.5", W: 28", D: 9")

232-347 - SOLD

Pocket Watch, Denison, Howard & Davis, #3515, Gold Case
Waltham, Massachusetts
19th Century - SOLD

(Diameter: 2")

782-6 - SOLD

Pocket Watch, E. Howard & Co., Gold, Reed's Patent, #10152
Boston, Massachusetts
19th Century - SOLD

(Diameter: 2")

782-7 - SOLD

Novelty Clock, Topsey, Cast Iron, Blinking Eyes
Attributed to Bradley and Hubbard
Meriden, Connecticut
Circa 1865 to 1875 - SOLD

The cast iron case in the form of a black woman; thirty-hour lever escapement, paper dial; mechanical drive providing automaton motion to the eyes which move up and down following the action of escapement. Old repaint now with dry patina; clock doesn't run; screw missing from left boot; ready and worthy of restoration.
(H: 16.5")

505-61 - SOLD

Lantern Clock
By William Risbridger
Dorking, England
Circa 1700-1720 - SOLD

This example surmounted by a large bell atop which is a tall and elegant finial...above the pierced and engraved dolphin and floral frets cornered by sophisticated finials. Centering the engraved, enameled and silvered chapter ring that is somewhat wider than its earlier cousins is the dial center with full coverage engraving being of leafy Rocco design. The chapter ring is signed either side of the numeral VI-Will Risbridger-Dorking. This mechanically fine clock is raised on robust feet and stands at 15.25". For futher information about this clock and others, contact David Hillier at

843-17 - SOLD

Traveling Alarm Clock
Mid-18th Century - SOLD

The engraved and shaped arched dial, ball feet, and beautifully turned heavy pillars suggest that this clock was made between 1730 and 1760; perhaps in Germany or Austria. The base of back-plate is rather crudely engraved-B London-perhaps an owner. There is an old repair to pendulum; hands may be old replacements with all else fine including movement. (Height: 5.25"; width: 3.25"; depth: 1.5".)

843-65 - SOLD

Gold Case
Pocket Watch
Circa 1815 - SOLD

Dimensions: 2.25" diameter.

385-8 - SOLD

Miniature Lantern Clock Timepiece, Time and Alarm, Brass Case and Frets,
Anonymous, Probably London
Circa 1700
Engraved silvered alarm dial and chapter ring, dial plate engraved with tulips - SOLD

Roman numeral chapter ring with quarter and half hour markings, single steel hand, thirty-hour, weight-powered, time and alarm movement, strapped bell, verge escapement with short pendulum. The time train with some restoration; in running condition, but may need overhaul. (Dimensions: 8.25" H, 4" W, 5" D.)

843-146 - SOLD

Gallery Clock, Marble Dial, No. 20
E. Howard and Company
Circa 1923
Unusual engraved and gilt Arabic numerals, painted minute markers - SOLD

Marble dial remains in excellent condition as does the white painted case housing the eight-day weight driven timepiece; internal hand counter-balance, Geneva stop, recoil escapement; large black open trefoil hands. (28 by 28 by 5")

423-12 - SOLD

Banjo Clock, Willard
Aaron Willard Jr.
Boston, Massachusetts
Circa 1825
A rare alarm patent time piece with gilt rope frames
One of a "handful" extant examples - SOLD

This attractive banjo clock features a rare alarm movement with outside bell mounted at the crest. The frames each contain magnificent original painted glass tablets in exceptional condition. The throat glass is exceptional with outstanding and important foliate and scroll motif with fanciful flourishes above a basket of fruit and the word "patent: within a scroll festooned with Rocco style decoration...the red, gold, blue and sepia decoration is all the more forceful against the mustard ground. The lower glass is decorated with the deity Aurora driving a team of winged horses, within a gilt border against the conforming mustard ground. Note the definition of Aurora's face and the incredible detail of the chariot as related to color and fancy ornamentation. The chariot is positioned before a powerful explosion of light rays and roiling clouds as it floats on ethereal clouds that ground the composition.

The movement is signed with a die stamp at the upper right on the front plate "A. Willard Jr / Boston". Very few movements are signed. The case retains a dry surface with fine old patina. Height Overall 32 1/8"

The original brass movement has been serviced and is in good running order. The alarm mechanism has been expertly restored. The alarm hand and weight are replaced with exact copies from original examples. The bell is period but not original to this clock. The original dial has restoration to the infield.

270-69 - SOLD

Traveling Lantern Alarm Clock
By John Payne (1731 to 1735), Lenham
Mid 18th Century - SOLD


This small British timepiece with arch dial and applied Rocco spandrels centered by a silvered disk engraved with makers name within the arch. The face, also with lovely cast Rocco spandrels surrounding the engraved and enameled chapter ring that frames the dial center which is decorated by a double quietly elegant trailing vines and foliate engraving in the center of which is the alarm setting disk. This clock is sold with a hanging shelf of undetermined age; for display and use as depicted. Mechanically fine and having a height of 8.5". For futher information about this clock and others, contact David Hillier at

843-16 - SOLD

Pillar and Scroll Clock
Eli Terry
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, an elegant shelf clock, the dial with raised gilt spandrels; raised gilt ornamentation within chapter ring. This attractive time piece has typical restoration including feet, reverse painted tablet, and other minor imperfections.
Dimensions: 31.25" high, 17.25" wide, 4.5" deep.

431-49 - SOLD

Storm King Barometer
E. C. Spooner, Boston
Mid-19th Century
Telescope Form...ebonized and faux burl walnut on walnut - SOLD

The domed molded crest above silvered register having engraved barometer and thermometer. The paper label reads- The Standard / The Storm King / Barometer / Manufactured / And Sold by / E. C. Spooner / Boston. Some very minor silver loss and slight staining on paper otherwise very good. (Length: 41.5".)

593-22 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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