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Pair, Clothespin Windsor Side-Chairs, Branded: P. Neal, Black over Red Paint
Unknown, circa 1810
Full height, comfortable

Pair, Clothespin Windsor Side-Chairs, Branded: P. Neal, Black over Red Paint
Unknown, circa 1810
Full height, comfortable, entire view

Clothespin top rail joining posts flanking seven spindles;
robust saddle seats raised on bamboo turned legs joined by box stretcher.
(Height: 35.75"; seat height: 18"; width: 15.75": depth: 16"

Pair, Clothespin Windsor Side-Chairs, Branded: P. Neal, Black over Red Paint
Unknown, circa 1810
Full height, comfortable, brand detail



Paint Decorated Steel Windsor Armchair,
Industrial, All Metal By Simmons
for Eastern Scientific (Medical Supply Company)
Providence, Rhode Island, Circa 1926
Just for cool, all metal Windsor bow back armchair

inspired by a period sack-back in every way. The form originally designed for the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Fine original condition; paint loss confined to seats; thinning paint on knuckle-form handhold. This chair was used in a Rhode Island doctor’s office and has remained within the original owner’s family. (H: 36"; seat H: 18": W: 23.5"; D: 17")



Windsor Mammy’s Bench, Rocking Settee, Tablet Back over Urn Shaped Splats
New England, 19th Century
Original fancy stenciling and yellow trim against broadly brushed black and red paint

Antique Windsor Mammy's Bench/Rocking Settee with Original Fancy Stenciling Decoration, 19th Century, angle view

(Excellent original condition; H: 28"; W: 47"; D: 22")



Antique Windsor Mammy's Bench/Rocking Settee with Original Fancy Stenciling Decoration, 19th Century, entire view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Antique Step Back Bucket Bench, Case of Shelves, Original Red Paint
New England, Early 19th Century
A scarcely encountered rarity of great utility - SOLD

Antique Step Back Bucket Bench, New England, 19th Century, angle view 1

(H: 65.5", W: 42", top D: 8.75", bottom D: 11.75")

843-251 - SOLD

Country Bench, Plank Seat, Pointed Arch Cutouts, Traces of Original Thinning Blue Paint
New England, Early 19th Century
Plank seat above cutout base joined by straight apron with shaped ends, best patina - SOLD

Antique Country Bench with Traces of Blue Paint, New England, Early 19th Century, angle view

(One side with nearly full coverage original paint, the other side with mostly weathered surface displaying traces of paint; probably lived on a porch for many years; H: 16.5”, W: 71.5”, D: 11.5”)

1096-5 - SOLD

Settee Bench, Windsor, Rocking, Original Paint, Fine Condition, Extremely Rare
Branded A. Howe, possibly Ara Howe (1797 to 1863) Circa 1830’s
Worked in Sterling, Massachusetts before Moving to Vermont
A diminutive rarity in remarkable condition displaying exquisite design - SOLD

Windsor Settee Bench, Original Painted Decoration, Circa 1830's, angle view

Published within the Decorative Arts Photographic Collection at Winterthur is a Boston-style rocking chair by Ara Howe, retaining Howe’s label; it is 20-years later than the settee, however the front arm posts and the shape of the arms are related.
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested. (H: 30.5”, Tablet W: 34.5”, rocker D: 26.75”, seat depth to spindles: 12”)

1120-58 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Windsor Side Chairs, Maker Signed, Matched Set of Six
Stamped T.H. BROWN, WARRENTEED, and S.R.
Probably Thomas H. Brown, Sterling, Massachusetts
(SR probably owner; see Evans, p. 709)
Circa 1830
Hand-painted, original condition - SOLD

Tablet-crests with rounded ends featuring hand painted fruits, leaves, and tendrils on raking posts centering five spindles above scooped, incised, and chamfered plank seats raised on turned legs joined by box-stretcher; overall over-varnished yellow paint with green trip. (H: 34", seat H: 17", W: 18", D: 16.25")

399-2 - SOLD

Bucket Bench, Shaped Sides, Graduated Shelves, Plate Rail, Original Red Paint
Pennsylvania, 19th Century
Country form, function and great surface - SOLD

Antique Bucket Bench with Shaped Sides in Original Red Paint, 19th Century, angle view 1

(Very good condition, competent construction; dimensions: H: 43”, W: 44”, D including projecting bottom shelf: 14”)

843-254 - SOLD

Bench, Windsor Settee, Paint Decorated, Arrow Back, Scrolled Arms
New England
Circa 1825 to 1840
Retaining original paint, broad black brush strokes against red, yellow and green trim; tablet is stenciled - SOLD

(Very good original condition, extremely minor imperfections consistent with use;
H: 35.5", seat H: 17.5", W: 71", D: 19")

556-63 - SOLD

Chairs, Windsor Tablet Back, Matched Set of Six
New England
Early 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, the tablet ornamented with stenciled and hand painted decoration; backswept stiles centering six conforming rods above shield shaped seat raised on turned tapering legs joined by box stretcher. Excellent condition. (Height: 35.5"; seat height: 18"; width: 15.75"; depth: 16".)

637-55 - SOLD

Bench, Original red paint
New England
19th Century - SOLD

The top featuring faicure board with shaped ends; bench is raised on board ends with half round hollow curves forming feet. (Length: 72.5"; depth: 9.5"; height: 15".)

637-59 - SOLD

Side Chairs, Windsor Dining Chairs, Original Paint, Set of Six
New England, Circa 1810
Shaped tablet featuring stepped down ends - SOLD

The top-rail with elevated crest panels ornamented by both hand and stenciled decoration above backswept posts and six spindles joined to solid shaped seats raised on faux bamboo turned legs joined by similarly turned box stretchers. The chairs are in very good original condition including painted surfaces. As depicted, minor losses and wear; some minor surface restoration limited to tablets; one spindle has a minor and unseen repair else fine.
(H: 35.5"; seat H: 17.5"; W: 15"; D: 15.75".)

581-5 - SOLD

Small Bucket Bench
19th Century
Mustard Paint - SOLD

As depicted, the rectangular top raised on shaped sides with cutout feet; sides are tenoned through top and are joined by lower shelf. Height: 19.75"; width: 39.25"; depth: 11".

201-248 - SOLD

Painted Bench
New England
19th Century - SOLD

The single board top with ends notched for comfort above the shaped fascia molding. The bench is raised is double-mortised "through the seat" stiles ending in a roundel foot. Great old surface. ( Height: 20"; length: 93.5"; depth: 12".)

175-44 - SOLD

Four Windsor Side Chairs, Original Fancy Paint, Maker Signed, Thumb Back
Peter Atherton Willard (Branded, PA WILLARD / Warranted)
Sterling, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
Circa 1825 to 1845
Stenciled and freehand ornamentation, vinegar grained seat, yellow ground - SOLD

Very minor imperfections, good functional seating
(H: 33": seat H: 17": W: 17.25": D: 16.25")

1043-1 - SOLD

19th Century Red Painted Bucket Bench - SOLD

Great utility country piece...bucket bench over 2 paneled doors.
Dimensions: 46.5" overall height, 26.75" height to first shelf, 20" space between shelves, 15.5 by 39.75" lower shelf area, 41.5" overall width, 15.5" overall depth.

637-61 - SOLD

Tablet-top Windsor
Side chair with patriotic decoration
Circa 1830-1840 - SOLD

Maple, poplar, original painted decoration
This is a fine example of a classic early nineteenth century Pennsylvania plank seat, half-spindle-back side chair. However, the unusual ornamental treatment makes it especially noteworthy. American painted furniture with patriotic painted decoration is rare. As depicted, a spread-wing American eagle and crossed flags embellish the crest rail. Additional paint decoration on this piece includes black outlining on the back, seat, front stretcher and legs. The chair is published within Deborah Harding's, Stars and Stripes, Patriotic Motifs in American Folk Art, (New York: Rizzoli, 2002), p. 94.
The chair remains in a fine state of originality. (Height: 32"; seat height: 17.25"; width: 15.25"; depth: 19".)

210-154 - SOLD

Pennsylvania Bucket Bench
18th Century - SOLD

As depicted, cleaned to original blue paint; the shelves are mortised into case...wide dovetail joinery and a terrific base profile.
(Height: 51"; width: 43.5"; depth: 12".)

718-8 - SOLD

American Settle Bench, Paneled, Shaped Wings and Armrest
Hudson River Valley, New York
Circa 1780
White and red pine - SOLD

This bench with fielded panels and storage area under seat was grain painted in 19th century. Beautifully executed paneling; shaped sides and in very good condition. The seat which opens to the storage box is missing its hinges.
We have had the wood tested by Harry Alden who reports that the bench includes white pine and American red pine.
(H: 61.5", W: 59.25" D: 15.75")

492-84 - SOLD

Windsor Settee, Paint Decorated, Tablet Back
Circa 1840 - SOLD

Mixed woods, original painted decoration, 37 x 71.5 x 18"
Later over-paint was removed from the entire surface of the settee, except the front of the crest rail, to reveal the original worn paint. There is some minor scattered in-painting to areas of loss, the left arm, arm support, and spindles under the arm were replaced by Alan Andersen to match the originals on the right side of the settee.

This is one of a small group of tablet-back Pennsylvania settees having related landscape decorated crests, examples of which are illustrated in Dean A. Fales, Jr., American Painted Furniture 1660-1880 (New York, 1972), p. 268; Jean Lipman, Elizabeth V. Warren and Robert Bishop, Young America, A Folk Art History (New York 1986), p. 75, fig. 4.18; and Pook and Pook, Inc., "The Pioneer Americana Collection of Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Shelley," April 20, 2007, lot 301. Pp. 78-79.

210-186 - SOLD

Settee, Windsor
Philadelphia, medallion back
Old White Paint
Circa 1810 - SOLD

As depicted, delicate yet sturdy bamboo turned rod-back with conforming arms above plank seat with rounded corners raised on base of ten similarly turned legs joined by conforming stretchers. The bench remains in very good condition.
(Height: 35"; width: 80.5"; depth: 21.5".)

410-69 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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