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Board Chest, Blanket Box, Small and Early, Original Condition and Red Paint New England, Likely Connecticut River Valley, circa 1740 Poplar, original dry red paint

The rectangular top with molded edges retains original wrought iron snipe hinges and cleats. The chest is raised on cutout feet and features bold base moldings.
(Very good condition, “T” and rosehead nails, lap-construction; height: 22"; depth: 14.5"; width: 43")







Pilgrim Century Linen-Fold Board Chest Dated 1697, Initialed “SL” Massachusetts, 1697…Connecticut River Valley Yellow Pine

This six-board chest, with an unverified Hadley - Deerfield, Massachusetts legacy was bought from the family some 40-years ago; The chest displays notched and scratched decoration that speaks to early shop traditions. The rectangular top above the nailed case featuring double linen-fold molding centering the initials and date “SL – 97” and gouge carved/scratch-decorated ends. The chest is raised on shaped cutout feet. The initials “SL” may be for Sarah Lyman of Northampton. (Typical of a great many of these early chests, the lid is an old replacement; Height: 22"; width: 54"; depth: 17.5")



Blanket Chest; Paint Decorated, New England, Likely Vermont, Early 19th Century

Rectangular top with applied molding over conforming chest above two working long drawers raised on cutout feet. The drawer fronts competently grained, all else displaying broadly brushed black and red. (Height: 38"; width: 39"; depth: 18")



Blue Painted Blanket Chest,
Boldly Shaped Base Profile, Original Surface
New England, Circa 1820
Fine dovetail construction, interior with lidded till, white pine

Rectangular top featuring applied beaded-molding over dovetailed case raised on molded base resting on tall elliptical cutout feet, the front corners dovetail jointed to the fantastically rhythmic apron. (Hinges replaced, shrinkage crack to molding at a nail…now filled and colored to match; wonderful old wrought iron straps affixed to back rear leg during early working life to reinforce integrity, it’s kind of wonderful, else fine and original.
(Length: 49"; height: 24"; depth: 19.5")



Queen Anne Blanket Chest in Original Mustard and Red Paint, Original Brasses
New England, Circa 1740, White Pine

Antique Queen Anne Blanket Chest in Original Paint and Original Brasses, Circa 1740, angle view

Rectangular molded lid over chest with two false-drawers over two working drawers raised on a molded base joined by a skirt featuring an amazing profile.
(H: 45”; W: 37”; D: 18.25”; any imperfections are minor, and commensurate with age and use; please call for full description and/or enthusiastic discussion.



Antique Queen Anne Blanket Chest in Original Paint and Original Brasses, Circa 1740, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Blanket Chest in Original Paint and Original Brasses, Circa 1740, apron detail

Two Drawer Blanket Chest, Original Brasses and Red Wash
Connecticut River Valley, Circa 1740
Highly sculptural tall scrolled base

The rectangular lid with applied molding is over a conforming blanket chest with two faux drawers facing the case, the deep-well chest is over two overhanging thumb-molded working drawers; the case with base molding is raised on tall and highly sculptural scrolled base. The bottom rail is attached with wood pegs; moldings with handmade nails. The drawers are of traditionally early large dovetail construction and remain on original rails; lock remains in its original position and is secured with clinched rose-head nails. This piece remains in excellent condition with the only change being its hinges. It appears that the first set were clinched cotter-pin type; then leather; finally, during the early 19th century hand forged concealed strap hinges were installed; long tang with spade on interior of lid with butterfly shaped plate on case. Hinge retrofitting was done during the chests "in-use" period by a competent craftsman in a neat manner. The brasses appear to be original as does the red stain. (The case measures 36 5/8", H: 51.25", total W: 39.25", D: 21.125")



Board Chest with Drawer, Blanket Chest, Likely Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Circa 1720
This chest is unusual for its diminutive proportion

Antique Board/Blanket Chest with Drawer, Massachusetts, Circa 1720, angle view

Surface appears to be a wonderful later 18th century red wash over dark stain; the voids cut in the extensions of side-boards that form the feet are associated with board-chests produced in Plymouth County during the late 17th to early 18th centuries. See Robert Blair St. Gorges, The Wrought Covenant, pp. 33, 34, and 41. Intact structural condition; retaining original nailing schedule, “snipe-bill” hinges, lid, and internal cleats; H: 29.5"; W: 43.5"; D: 16". There was a long-ago beetle infestation, limited to bottom of lower backboard; absolutely not active. The lid with molded front edge and chamfered ends is slightly cupped.



Antique Board/Blanket Chest with Drawer, Massachusetts, Circa 1720, entire view
Antique Board/Blanket Chest with Drawer, Massachusetts, Circa 1720, hinge detail

Vermont Painted and Decorated Lift-Top Blanket Chest, Original Boldly Grained Surface
Circa 1820
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Vermont Paint Decorated Blanket Chest in Original Surface, Circa 1820, angle view

(Good condition commensurate with age and use; rope handles added, small losses to foot profile (full height) thinning worn paint to top; signed on back; H: 24”, W: 42.5”, D: 17.75”)



Antique Vermont Paint Decorated Blanket Chest in Original Surface, Circa 1820, signature detail

Chippendale Blanket Chest
Circa 1800

This chest, in original condition, with a boldly molded rectangular lid over conforming case raised on molded base featuring outstanding ogee feet. The condition including original red paint is excellent.
Dimensions: 24" high, 50.75" wide, 22" deep.



New England Blanket Box, Six Board Chest, Original Red Paint, Dry Patina, 18th Century

Antique Six Board Blanket Box in Original Red Paint, 18th Century, angle view

The thumb-molded and cleated top remains affixed to original snipe-hinges; interior with lidded-till; sides continuing to floor; wonderful cutout forming base (feet). (Excellent original condition, thinning paint to top; H: 23”, W: 50”, D: 16.5”)



Antique Six Board Blanket Box in Original Red Paint, 18th Century, entire view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Folk Art Blanket Box, Original Painted Decoration, Black on Blue, Basswood Likely Maine, circa 1810-1820 Liberally applied bold abstract daubs of black paint against a sky-blue ground - SOLD

Rectangular lid having applied molding over the chest which is raised on a ogee cutout base. We note that a small early 20th century strap lock hasp was affixed to the lid; approximately two-inches of the applied molding was removed to facilitate the strap. The hasp was removed, the small section of molding was replaced and painted to match. A small wedge shape section of wood was professionally replaced at each hinge.
(Height: 24"; length: 41.5"; depth: 18")


1221-27 - SOLD

Queen Anne Paint Decorated Blanket Chest, Original Surface History & Condition New England, Circa 1730 - SOLD

Rectangular lid retaining original snipe hinges…with applied moldings over conforming case featuring double-arched moldings; single long drawer retaining original turned wood pulls…the whole raised on boldly molded base raised on ogee cutout legs. The grain painted surface, likely circa 1820s over original paint. This chest is clean (Height: 36"; width: 38.5"; depth: 16.25")


Exceptional Queen Anne Painted and Decorated Blanket Chest with Drawer
Probably Rhode Island, Early Nineteenth Century
Broadly brushed swirls of white against dark green [oxidized to near black] - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Painted and Decorated Blanket Chest, Rhode Island, 19th Century, angle view 1

EX-Lefkowitz Collection, H: 34"; W: 35"; D: 17.5"

216-608 - SOLD

A Fine and Outstanding Nineteenth Century Fancy Painted Blanket Chest
Weymouth, Massachusetts, Attributed to Abiel White, Circa 1820 - SOLD

This important painted blanket chest perfectly demonstrates the kaleidoscope of motion and color favored during the early nineteenth century. The chest features a lift-top with applied half-round moldings above a deep storage compartment above two long-drawers retaining original brass hardware. The chest is raised on distinctive stylized cutout bracket feet; this same foot is found on numerous other case pieces by noted cabinetmaker-Abiel White. Construction techniques consistent with Abiel White’s work further confirm this attribution. The blanket chest is in excellent original condition including paint.

Literature: Illustrated in Harbor & Home; Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts 1710-1850, page 16, plate 2.6.

The chest was exhibited at Winterthur Museum, (Delaware) Spring 2009 and The Nantucket Whaling Museum Summer-Fall 2009.

(Dimensions: W: 36”, H: 36”, D: 17.25”)

270-134 - SOLD

William and Mary Blanket Chest, Original and Beautiful Ball Feet on Conical Pads
Likely Massachusetts, Early 18th Century; Old, possibly original surface history
Hard Pine - SOLD

William and Mary Blanket Chest with Original Ball Feet, Early 18th Century, entire view

Molded rectangular lift-top with applied moldings retaining original snipe hinges over the conforming case featuring original moldings; deep-well above two false drawers above two working drawers, the whole raised on molded base resting on gorgeous feet. (H: 40.25", W: 37.5", D: 18.75")

1096-10 - SOLD

Antique Chest, Blanket Chest, Original Red and Green (oxidized to black) Paint
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Circa 1830
Displaying exquisite design, masterful craftsmanship and remarkable condition - SOLD

(Excellent condition; H: 23.5", W: 43", D: 18.5")

606-84 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Blanket Box, Five Colors, Exuberant
Probably Vermont, South Shaftsbury School
Circa 1790 to 1830
A dramatically decorated six board basswood chest - SOLD

(Wear consistent with age, moved and replaced hinges, lock and lid for till are missing, else fine; H: 18"; W: 40"; D: 17.5")

274-159 - SOLD

Blanket Box, Trunk, Original Blue Paint, Molded, Dovetail Joinery, Lidded Till
Found in Maine
Early 19th Century
Pine and basswood - SOLD

Lid with applied molding, interior with nice molded till, dovetailed case, applied base molding; maker had a nice plane. Small piece of tanned leather affixed to top, probably was shipping label. We note a tad of molding loss at proper right side, under lid, doesn't distract. (H: 15.5"; W: 37.25"; D: 17")

410-118 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Dramatic Original Paint, Molded Lid and Base
New England
Circa 1800 to 1820
Pine - SOLD

The lid with cleats above dovetailed case fitted with lidded till above a pair of short dovetailed drawers, the case resting on molded applied bracket base.
The faux graining done in bold broad brush-strokes, dry surface; very good paint coverage with some thinning to top. The hinge rail is restored and bracket returns are worn smooth. (H: 22"; W: 44"; D: 17.5")

413-26 - SOLD

Dower Chest, Rare Small Size, Original and Unusual Painted Decoration
Berks County/Lebanon County Area
Circa 1790 - SOLD

The thin arches, the dentil on the arch, the baluster column, and the half hearts on the corners alternating with tulips are Berks County characteristics; the large compass flower is perhaps unique. The low "C" feet are typical Lebanon County therefore, perhaps Berks County closer to Lebanon County. Only 34.5" wide rather than typical 48 or 50".
The lid with protruding applied molding is above a dovetailed case raised on molded bracket base. The ornamentation is unusual with warp around hearts featuring delicate stemmed tulips; two panels of decoration; robust balusters supporting dentilated and saw-tooth arches surmounting large, bold and unusual compass flowers flanked by tulips within tiny pots. The double panels center yet another small pot of flowers that is surmounted by a compass hex device; end panels are grained with wide brush strokes. The paint is intact but thinning; lid hinges have been moved, base is original; with rear support brackets restored.
A fairly priced diminutive and good looking chest.
(Dimensions: 16.5" H, 34.5" W, 15.5" D.)

946-10 - SOLD

Schwenkfelder Dower Chest, Original Paint, Outstanding Ogee Feet
Sabina Iaeckel 1807, (Sabina Yeakle, anglicized version of the original "Jaeckel")
Probably Hereford, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Dated 1807
Poplar, pine secondary
Dry blue and salmon paint, scrubbed top, original brasses and hardware, well-formed ogee bracket feet; finely joined. (Full report including genealogy and cognates available) - SOLD

The chest remains in fine original condition, bloom to front panel, shrinkage crack to top that opens and closes with seasons, else fine; dimensions: H: 29.25"; W: 51.5"; D: 22.5")

216-522 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Lift Top, Original Paint, Shaped Apron
New York
Circa 1800 - SOLD

The lid retains original cleats and features an canted front edge; deep chest raised on cutout feet, the front feet joined by lazy scroll skirt centering double lobes. (H: 32.75"; W: 44"; D: 20")

402-22 - SOLD

Blanket Chest, Original Paint and Stenciled Decoration
Possibly Western New York or Ohio
Circa 1877 - SOLD

The rectangular lid with applied molding above conforming dovetailed case raised on molded base with turned bell and spike feet. The original pumpkin paint, green trip paint, and stenciling remain in good condition.
Dimensions: 26.25" H, 41.75" W, 19" D.

431-48 - SOLD

Paneled Blanket Chest
With drawers
18th Century-Early 19th Century - SOLD

The lid with mortises and tenon applied molding hung from strap hinges above a case of raised panels; two front panels above conforming short drawers...the whole raised on applied bracket base with center drop. Old green paint over green paint; imperfections. (Height: 24.5"; width: 44.25"; depth: 20.5".)

714-4 - SOLD

Blanket Chest With Two Drawers
Original cut and chased brasses and escutcheons
Probably Guilford, Connecticut
Circa 1730
Maple and tulip poplar.
The surface possesses exceptional depth and character; the brasses are bold, and the construction compelling - SOLD

Measures 40" in height, 39.75" in width and 19.75" in depth.

621-25 - SOLD

Blanket Chest Above Drawers
Proportion, color and condition...
Probably Connecticut
Circa 1820 - SOLD

Having an applied molded top with snipe hinges, above a blanket box with two faux drawers, above two dovetailed drawers without pulls; overhanging thumb-molded drawer fronts with only minor loss. The case is raised on a tall dovetailed bracket base having an excellent profile. Constructed of pine with wooden pins; retaining a good old red/brown painted surface. Restoration to small portions of two feet, all else fine. Height: 43.75"; case width: 36 1/8"; depth: 20".

402-3 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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