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Seam Rubber, 18th Century, Carved and Incised Anonymous, AR APRIL 1-1793 Maple

Pinwheel, moon, dwelling house; tree and human face within notched border; one side features a trailing vine or branch-like device and a footed handled basket containing foliage. The opposite side displays a long undulating snake, chip-carving and hatching. In describing the final side, we note the carving: AR APRIL 1, 1879. (Length: 5.75")




Diorama, Coastal View, Lighthouse, Sailboats & Blue Sky, Carved from the Solid
Unknown Maker, Vintage; perhaps early 20th century
Great size and wonderful old surface

Antique Coastal View Diorama with Lighthouse and Sailboats, Early 20th Century, entire view

(36 by 11.5”)



Antique Coastal View Diorama with Lighthouse and Sailboats, Early 20th Century, with ruler for scale

Diorama, Nautical, Sailing Ship, Carved and Painted, Shadowbox Frame
American, Late 19th to Early 20th Century
Depicts fully rigged vessel on carved choppy seas

Antique Nautical Diorama, Sailing Ship in Shadowbox Frame, Late 19th Century, entire view

(27.5 by 19”)



Antique Nautical Diorama, Sailing Ship in Shadowbox Frame, Late 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Lot Of 28 Whalebone Dominoes
Although dominoes are mentioned in whaling journals, they are rarely found as scrimshaw...
Circa 1850

Antique Toy, Dominoes Set, Lot of 28 Pieces, Circa 1850, entire view

This group demonstrates great age as evidenced by then primitive fashioning, tool marks and spacing of drilled number holes. The red and black pigment used to fill holes is long gone. Probably made shipboard by a sailor during leisure time- playing cards was an important and enjoyable pastime aboard ship. Each piece measures 1 3/16 by .5 by 3/8-inches.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Shellwork, Sailors Valentine, Small Double
Barbados, Circa 1870 - SOLD

Antique Shellwork Sailors Valentine in Hinged Case, Barbados, Circa 1870, open view

(Very good condition, lid displays light scratches; easily rectified; 9 by 9 by 3”)

310-134 - SOLD

Sailor Knotwork Purses, Lot of Four Bags, Very Good Condition
Unknown Maker
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Sailor Knotwork Purses, Lot of Four, Late 19th Century, group view

(Averaging 12 by 7")

274-162 - SOLD

Sailors Shell Work Valentine, Double Octagon, Remember Me, Nine Inch
Probably Barbados
Circa 1850 to 1890
Contains scarce purple shells, five flowers and rare rams horn shells - SOLD

Antique Sailors Valentine, Shell Work, Circa 1850 to 1890, open view

The hinged octagonal case opens to double shell arrangements, one side centering a rosette, the other with motto. (Most bezel molding replaced, else fine and original; 9 by 9 by 2.75")

945-15 - SOLD

Ships Bell Rope, Sailors Knotwork, Red, White, Turquoise, and Black Paint
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Sailors Knotwork, Ship's Bell Rope, Painted, entire view

The ships bell was important, and a symbol of pride taken by her crew, this functional ornament is a successful effort of tapered form crafted by expert knotters. The rarely encountered piece features manrope, Turk's head, shroud, bend knots and more. Paint probably freshened during period of use.
(L: 17".)

274-145 - SOLD

Compass in Painted Box
Found in New York State
Circa 1840 - SOLD

Antique Compass, Painted Box, Hand Made, open entire view

The painted case with wire-hinged lid is in wonderful surface. This non-commercial effort features radial lines laid out by hand, with compass points cut from printed document and applied...the vane retains bluing. In excellent condition, measuring 1.5" H, 4" W and 3.5" D.

424-35 - SOLD

Carved Coconut Box on Base, Full Coverage Low Relief Animals, Eagle, Floral
Likely Sailor Scrimshaw, 19th Century, fine condition, great color and patina - SOLD

Antique Carved Coconut Box, On Base, Likely Sailor Made, 19th Century, entire view

(Height on stand: 6"; W: 5.75"; D: 4.5")

604-41 - SOLD

Antique Cow Horn Beaker, Drinking Cup, Tumbler, 18th or Very Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Cow Horn Beaker/Dringing Cup, 18th Century, entire view

(H: 3.5”, diameter: 3”)

492-140 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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