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Fixed Prices Sales of Major Collections

The Numbers Tell The Story

Following is a simple mathematical illustration of just how much both Buyer and Seller benefit by Our Fixed Price Sale and Brokerage Process. This Process works for Single Items or Large Collections, and in addition to strong financial incentives,


Typical Examples

Look them over. We will tailor a Sale to Meet Your Needs!

Auction Process AAAWT Process
RangeExample 1 Example 2 FixedExample 1Example 2
Seller Fee 10-20%10%20% 20%20%20%
Insurance Fee 0-2%1%1% Incl.Incl.Incl.
Photography Fee 0-2%1%1% Incl.Incl.Incl.
Advertising Fee 0-2%1%1% Incl.Incl.Incl.
Buy-In Fee Variable NoneIncl.Incl.
Total Seller Fee ~13%13%23% 20%20%20%
Auction Bid Price Determined by Bid$100$100
It's Not an Auction
Fixed Price N/AN/AN/A Fixed$115$110
Buyer's Premium 15-22%20%20% 0%0%0%
Total Cost to Buyer $120$120$120 $115$115$110
Returned to Seller 87% of Bid$87$77 80% of Fixed Price$92$88
% of Total Cost Returned to Seller 72%72%64% 80%80%80%
% of Total Cost as Fees/Charges 27%$33$43 20%$23$22
% of Total Cost Directly to Product 72%72%64% 80%80%80%
Net to Seller on $300,000 sale Including Buyer's Fee $216,000$216,000$192,000 $240,000$240,000$240,000
$$ to Total Fees on $300,000 sale Including Buyer's Fee $84,000$84,000$108,000 $60,000$60,000$60,000

Other Seller Considerations

Auction Process AAAWT Process
Pays Fee if No Sale (some)No Fee if No Sale
Setting Reserves DiscouragedMutually Agreed Fixed Price
Possible HomerunSell at Fair Price
Potential Large LossNo Possible Loss
Seller Delivers to AuctionSeller Delivers to Broker
Seller does not offer 1 wk GuarSeller offers 1 wk guar
Bidders set final priceSeller + Broker set price
Mixed media advertisingMixed media advertising
Fakes and Frauds RiskStrictly monitored Quality
Variable ExpertiseBroker Library/Expertise
Potential for PoolingSet Price/anyone can buy

Other Buyer Considerations

Auction Process AAAWT Process
20% of Buyer Cost to Fees0% of Buyer Cost to Fees
Buyer Pays ShippingBuyer Pays Shipping
No Guarantee1 wk Guarantee
Caveat EmptorInformed Purchase
Mixed Service LevelPersonal Service
Mixed Bid processIn-person, email, phone
Mixed Proxy processMixed Proxy process
Sales Records sold to data baseNo records sold
In person, email or phoneIn person, email, phone
Some open bid at high left bidFixed Price

After The Sale:

Auction Process AAAWT Process
Remove Unsold from Auction HouseMaterial Remains Temporarily
Some Fees May Apply to UnsoldNo Fee for Unsold Material
Prices are lowered after 2 weeks
Process continues if agreed to until Sold

Note: Of course there are variations and different structures. Not all auctioneers charge these rates; some less, some much more.

We would be happy to sell your single item, major collection, or estate, and we will tailor a program to meet your needs.

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