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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

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Arms-Related, Cool Stuff, Misc

General George Custer
Gold & Enamel Valor Medal
by Tiffany 1310-142

Identified Civil War
Hard-Sided Knapsack,
Major Charles Appleby

Civil War, Vermont Militia
Officer Dress Epaulettes
with Vermont Militia Buttons

Extraordinary Historic Archive
of Captain Leonard Blinn, 100th
Ohio Infantry 1310-73

Burnside Carbine by the
Burnside Rifle Company,
54 Caliber percussion
Breechloader 335-135

The Never-Fail
Gopher Trap Gun,
Firearm Curiosa,
Seldom Seen 308-617

Union Gutta Percha Case,
Stand of Flags, SCARCE

Civil War Prisoner of War Gilt
Ladder Badge Recording 4
Prisons Survived by James
Walstead 1310-55

Silver Presentation Honor
Goblet, Kaiser Wilhelm to Baron
von Richthofen 1310-3

Civil War Era Pistol Holster,
Right Handed Draw 110-783

Pair of Leather Saddle
Holsters 232-33

Ordinance, Cast Iron Bar
Shot and Cannon Ball,
6 Pounds 1334-36

Canteen Cheese Box
19th C. 936-1

Hat Plate American Eagle
C. 1870 1017-3

Civil War Period Tobacco
Pouch, Portraits of Lincoln and
Grant Unknown Maker, Likely
Unique 232-373

Abraham Lincoln Campaign
Archive: 5 Piece Lot, Owner ID'd

Circa 1850 Percussion Cap
Signal Cannon, Toy?
Unknown Maker 1334-15

Bullet Mold
Whitesmith File Work
17th or 18th C 424-272

Civil War: Ephemera.
Several Items 1354-11

Travel Desk, Probably
English, 2nd Half
19th C. 1354-13

British Copper Shotgun
Flask 230-19

Miniature Signal Style Salute
Cannon Tube, Impressed USN
Unknown Maker 1334-16

Antique Percussion Cap Signal
Cannon, Saluting Cannon on
Carriage 331-14

Rail-Splitters Campaign Torch,
Political, Lincoln, Painted Tin, Wood
Handle 232-371

17th Century Helmet,
Burgonet, Steel, Lobster
Tail, Earflaps, Visor
& Face Strip 861-5

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