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AAAWT, Inc. trades in firearms manufactured on or before 1898 ONLY. The U.S. exempts these antiques. Gun laws vary widely from country to country. Please check your own Federal, State, or local laws to determine your legal responsibility. AAAWT, Inc. complies with all applicable firearms and related laws without exception.

Antique Arms Gallery

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Swords and Knives 2

Chiseled Steel Rapier
Gold Flashed
Late 18th century 570-560

Saber, Silver Hilted Small Sword Pattern 570-561

American Hilted
Short Saber
with Military Blade 308-379

Sword, Saber
Brass Hilt
Octagonal Bone Grip 570-484

Horseman's Saber
Brass Hilted
Blade Marked J. Rose 570-485

Militia Officer's Sword
Eagle on Globe Finial
Gilt Hilt & Scabbard 570-486

Elaborately Decorated Continental Hunting Sword 424-22

William Rose & Sons
Calvary Saber
Philadelphia, Penn 570-523

Brown Bess Musket, 2nd Model Socket Bayonet, Triangular Blade with Fullers 728-35

Model 1840 Calvary Saber German manufactured by Schnitzler and Kirschbaum firm of Solingen, Germany 1216-4

US Model 1860 Light Calvary Saber 1216-3

Eagle-Pommel Sword and Scabbard, Bone Grip, Gilt Brass, Blued Blade Unknown 570-620

Artillery Officer's Sword
Widmann, Philadelphia
Circa 1840 to 1860, 570-427 - SOLD

Sword, Saber
Durs Egg
Circa 1796 to 1804, 570-258 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Revolutionary War Period, 570-389 - SOLD

Saber, Hanger Sword
War of 1812
Brass Mounted, 570-424- SOLD

Brass Mounted Scabbard
American Rev War Period, 281-52- SOLD

Bowie Knife
Antler Handle
19th Century, 570-408 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Eagle Pommel
Circa 1778 to 1790, 570-317- SOLD

Tomahawk Pipe
Brass Head
Circa 1890, 281-56 - SOLD

Knife, Dirk
Reeded Horn Grip
Nineteenth Century, 934-4 - SOLD

Civil War Sword
Presented to Lieut. Richard S. Titus
Model 1850, 570-412 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Brass Mounted
Circa 1775 to 1780, 570-259 - SOLD

Small Sword
Pierced Steel Hilt
18th Century, 570-261 - SOLD

Bayonet, Anonymous, 891-3- SOLD

Confederate Bowie Knife
Large D Guard, With Sheath, 232-184 - SOLD

Revolutionary War
American Short Saber, 308-174 - SOLD

Saber, American Horseman
Circa 1780, 570-175 - SOLD

Relic, Civil War "Saber" Bayonet from Battlefields of Spotsylvania Court House, 110-791 - SOLD

American Horseman's Saber
Leather Scabbard
Revolutionary War Period, 570-311 - SOLD

Benjamin Lincoln
American Horseman Saber
Circa 1770 to 1785, 570-310 - SOLD

Eagle Pommel Saber
Honor and My Country
Circa 1810ish, 570-385 - SOLD

Revolutionary War Era
Probably American, 1071-12 - SOLD

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