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Transferware, Historical Blue, Clews,
Landing of Lafayette, Open Vegetable Dish Landing of Gen. Lafayette at Castle Garden,
New York, 16th August 1824
Staffordshire, circa 1819-1836

Floral border, strong color, impressed Clews on base, title below scene
(Fine original condition, deep blue; 8.25" x 11.25" x 2.5")






Blue Willow Transfer, Serving Dish
Unicorn and Pinnox Works, Tunstall
Wedgwood & Co Ltd
Circa 1900

Covered serving dish, lion final, impressed and transfer mark on bottom Wedgwood & Co Ltd, for Unicorn and Pinnox Works, Tunstall, Staffordshire,not the Wedgwood; excellent condition.
Dimensions: 6-inches high, 10-inches wide, 8.5-inches deep.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Transferware Historical Dark Blue Staffordshire
Erie Canal Series, Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls
Enoch Wood & Sons
View of The Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls, 1823 - SOLD

See Larsen, American Historical Views on Staffordshire China, pp. 24 & 25, plates 42 & 43. (Height: 10”, fine original condition, beautiful deep blue)


1290-1- SOLD

Staffordshire Transferware, Historical Dark Blue,
Ship of the Line in the Downs
Wood and Sons [unmarked] Square Bowl,
circa 1830-1835
Wide Shell Border, Inverted Corners - SOLD

A Ship of the Line in the Downs, the ship flying an American flag, shell border A historical blue Staffordshire bowl printed in dark underglaze-blue in the center with a ship flying the American flag above a banderole inscribed “A SHIP OF THE LINE IN THE DOWNS” within a wide shell border, and on the exterior with four marine scenes reserved on a shell-patterned ground. See Larsen,American Historical Views on Staffordshire China, page 21 and Laidacker I, page 48, number WS15. [Cancelled as a Staffordshire, American Historical…because the view is English; the downs were in England, the American flag was placed on English views; this is according to Dr. Christopher Colles, in Old China, Volume I, plate 73.] (3.25" x 8.75" x 9")

1290-3 - SOLD

Staffordshire Transferware, Historical Dark Blue,
Wadsworth Tower, Coffeepot & Cover
Likely Enoch Wood & Sons,
circa 1818-1840 [Shell border)
View of Montevideo or Wadsworth’s Tower
built by Daniel Wadsworth in 1810
atop Talcott Mountain in Avon, Connecticut. - SOLD

From the top of the tower a fine view of the Connecticut River Valley was seen; the tower which stood at 55-feet was blown down in 1840
(Fine original condition; 10.5”)


1290-2 - SOLD

Fisherman’s Hut Transferware Dinner Plate Unknown American maker, circa 1825 – 1835 - SOLD

Made in the United States for export to Britain, the dark blue pattern of this plate displays the supposed joys of country living. A fisherman and his family stand outside their hut, the baby embracing the fruits of his father’s trade. Two boats float on the water behind them, while a country residence and tower form a background on the far bank. A floral border with an urn encircles the scene. See text from: A.W. Coysh and R.K. Henrywood, The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery, 1780 – 1880 Volume I (1982), p. 138
(Diameter: 10”)

110-831 - SOLD

Queen Anne Soup Bowl with Cover and Under Tray, Possibly Worcester, England
Related to Queen Charlotte Pattern, Circa 1760 to 1770 - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Soup Bowl with Cover and Under Tray, England, Circa 1760, entire view 1

(Excellent condition; Bowl: 5.5 by 4.5"; Plate: 8" diameter)

1152-63 - SOLD

Staffordshire, Historical Transfer Printed Plate, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Enoch Wood and Sons (1819 to 1846) Circa 1828, Dark Blue - SOLD

Impressed mark; E Wood and Sons Burslem, Warranted, centering eagle, Semi-China, also transfer mark. See: Jeffrey B. Snyder; Historical Staffordshire: American Patriots and Views (Two minor and small rim chips, else fine; 9.25")

274-171 - SOLD

Staffordshire Plates, Platter, Tureen
Sold separately

Top row, left to right:
Staffordshire Plate, French View Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
Vue D'une, Ancienne Abbey

Staffordshire Platter, French View Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
Hermitage en Dauphine

Staffordshire Plate, French View Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
East View of LaGrange, the Residence of the Marquis LaFayette

Bottom row, left to right:
Staffordshire Beaded Bowl, French Views Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
Vue Prise en Savoie (Unmarked)

Staffordshire Sauce Tureen and Under Tray
French View Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue

Staffordshire Custard Cup, French View Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
Maison de Raphael (unmarked)
See Arman no. 198
Condition: perfect. Dimensions: Height: 2.25-inches; diameter: 3.5-inches.


Staffordshire Cup Plate, French View Series, Enoch Wood, Medium Blue
Arched Stone Bridge (Unmarked)

Staffordshire Plate, French Views Series, Enoch Wood, Dark Blue
LaGrange the Residence of the Marquis Lafayette

Staffordshire Plate, Historical, Dark Blue, Dam & Waterworks, Philadelphia, 10”
Henshall and Company (1790 to 1826) STERN and WHEEL Version - SOLD

Antique Historical Staffordshire Plate with Dam and Waterworks Transfer, Philadelphia, entire view

After a drawing by Thomas Birch, engraved by R. Cambell (1824)
Excellent original condition.

659-65 - SOLD

Enoch Wood Deep Blue Staffordshire Sporting / Zoological Series, Serving Bowl, Tiger
Enoch Wood & Sons / Burslem (Impressed mark) 1830s’, Serving Dish - SOLD

See Coysh and Henrywood’s Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery, vol. II, page 188.
(Very good condition; H: 2.25”, W: 11.75”, D: 9”)

955-18 - SOLD

Transferware, Historical Blue, Texian Campaign Series, Platter, 17 Inch
Battle of Resaca de la Palma
English, Staffordshire, 19th Century
Transfer printed in medium blue
Underside titled Texian / Campaigne within cartouche marked J.B. (James Beech) - SOLD

The series was introduced by James Beech about 1837 to 1840 commemorating the Texas Revolution (1835 to 1836) or first Texian Campaigne, when Texas achieved its independence. (As depicted, some minor and scattered glaze wear limited to edges.)

1114-11 - SOLD

Make Do, Tea Set, Childs Size, Three Piece - SOLD

Dimensions: 3.5" teapot H, 3" sugar H, 3" creamer H.

508-72 - SOLD

Rare Abington and Ridgeway Relief Molded Anti Slavery Jug
Uncle Tom's Cabin Stoneware Pitcher
Staffordshire, England
Pale olive green with a flat exterior finish - SOLD

The handle depicts a supplicant slave; sides are molded in high relief displaying anti-slavery vignettes. One image is after the most famous scene from Uncle Tom's Cabin; Liza and little Harry escaping slavery by fleeing across the frozen Ohio River. The obverse depicts a slave auction; the content buyers are at peace while the "merchandise" weeps. A molded cartouche on the base reads "Published by E. Ridgway & Abington|Hanley|January 1, 1853," An exceptional example remaining in fine original condition. (H: 6 3/8")

643-8 - SOLD

Staffordshire Pitcher, Ship Alciope, Newbury Port, Massachusetts
Ambrose H. White, Master, 1832
Black transfer depicting ship flying American flag above panoply of flags and cannon; under the spout, hand painted: Ship Alciope of Newbury Port, USA, Ambrose H. White, Master 1832 - SOLD

Capt. White was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts on December 17, 1800, and commenced his sea life at the young age of 13. At the age of 21 he was supercargo; at 23-years of age he was master, a position held for 30 years, 12 of those years were in Batavia and China trade. In 1824 he established residence in Newburyport and became a Calcutta merchant until his death. Captain White, a man of character, integrity and strong religious convictions commanded ships Virginia, Potomac, Ashtabula, Argonaut, Ashburton, Alciope, Franchise and Moses Brown; he died June 3, 1881in Boston. (Ambrose H. White married Harriet Spalding April 20th 1834) Ships Ledger book of letters, 1828 to 1834, is in the collection of The Marine Society of Newburyport Massachusetts.
(H: 8")

562-46 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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