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Select Reference Books are offered as they become available. Many are duplicates from Dave Hillier's personal library, others from downsizing collectors, and many come directly from New England housecalls. For futher information on any book, or for shipping costs, please contact Lynn Hillier at or 978-597-8084. If there is something specific you are seeking, speak up. We may just have one.

Book Gallery Addendum of Available Books

Call For Details

SKU Title Author Price
500-579 M. and M. Karolik Collection of Eighteenth-Century American Arts Edwin J. Hipkiss $100.00
500-581 Sotheby's Important Americana
500-582 Christie's Important American Furniture, Silver, Maritime, Folk and Outsider Art
500-583 Early New England Potters and Their Wares Lura Woodside Watkins $40.00
500-584 Horton Foote Collection of American Folk Art
500-585 Made in Bermuda: Bermudian Silver, Furniture, Art & Design
500-586 Chicago Metalsmiths Sharon S. Darling $15.00
500-587 Elegant Plate: Three Centuries of Precious Metals in New York City Volumes 1 & 2 Various $30.00
500-588 The Arts and Crafts in Philadelphia, Maryland and South Carolina Alfred Coxe Prime $30.00
500-589 The Drummonds of Charing Cross Hector Bolitho, Derek Peel $15.00
500-590 New Jersey Arts and Crafts: The Colonial Expression
500-592 Candleholders in America: 1650-1900 Joseph T. Butler $20.00
500-593 19th-Century America Furniture and Other Decorative Arts
500-594 The Material Culture of Plymouth Colony
500-595 Oro Del Peru
500-596 Victoriana Americana Evelyn Swenson $45.00
500-597 American Decorative Arts at Dartmouth Margaret j. Moody $25.00
500-598 History of the United States Mint and American Coinage Ancient and Modern
500-599 Paul Revere & the World He Lived In Esther Forbes $20.00
500-600 Hoare's Bank: A Record
500-601 Dean's Analytical Guide, to the Art of Penmanship Henry Dean $20.00
500-602 American Art from American Collections James Biddle $25.00
500-603 An Engraver's and a Farmer's Art Asher B. Durand $25.00
500-604 First United States Mint: It's People and It's Operations Frank H. Stewart SOLD
500-606 The Life and Times of A.B. Durand John Durand $45.00
500-607 Classical America 1815-1845
500-608 The Story of American Bank Note Company William H. Griffiths $85.00
500-609 A source Book of Antiques and Jewelry Designs Clarence P. Hornhng $70.00
500-610 The Arts and Crafts in North Carolina James H. Craig $40.00
500-611 The Arts and Crafts in New York 1726-1776
500-612 New-York Historical Society Collections 1885
500-613 The Arts and Crafts in New York 1777-1799
500-614 David Rittenhouse Brooke Hindle $45.00
500-615 The Old Church Plate of the Isle of Man E. Alfred Jones $60.00
500-616 The Church Plate of the Diocese of Bangor E. Alfred Jones $65.00
500-617 Old Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic; It's Makers and Marks J.H.Buvk $35.00
500-618 English Plate 597-1830 Charles Oman $35.00
500-619 Catalogue of Plate Belonging to the Duke of Portland, K.G., G.C.V.O. at Welbeck Abbey E. Alfred Jones $175.00
500-620 American Pewter J.B. Kerfoot $80.00
500-621 American Pewter (without Jacket) J.B. Kerfoot $70.00
500-622 Pewter in American Life
500-623 Old Pewter It’s Makers and Marks Howard Herschel Cotterell $30.00
500-624 Pewter in American It's Makers & Their Marks Ledlie Irwin Laughlin $70.00
500-625 Guide to American Pewter Carl Jacobs $30.00
500-626 Das Grosse Silberbuffet
500-627 Das Luneburger Ratssilber
500-628 The Tiffany Touch Joseph Purtell $65.00
500-629 Enamels Enameling Enamelists Glenice Lesley Matthews $25.00
500-630 The Hudson-Fulton Celebration MCMIX
500-631 Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650-1920
500-632 Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter's Heritage and Legacy Mary Ellen and Laurence Blair $65.00
500-633 Who's Who in Zuni Jewelry Gordon Levy $85.00
500-634 The Jewelry and Enamels of Louis Comfort Tiffany Janet Zapata $90.00
500-635 Bayou Bend American Furniture, Paintings and Silver from the Bayou Bend Collection David B. Warren $30.00
500-636 The Burlington Magazine
500-637 William & Mary and Their House
500-638 Checklist of American Silversmith's Work 1650-1850
500-639 Jewels and Plate of Queen Elizabeth I A. Jefferies Collins $150.00
500-640 Het Oudste Kaapse Zilver 1669-1751 D. Bax $95.00
500-641 Heritage Vintage Poster Auction
500-642 Cottone Auctions
500-643 American Bird Decoys, Bourne Auction 1974
500-644 American Bird Decoys, Bourne Auction 1974

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