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Select Reference Books are offered as they become available. Many are duplicates from Dave Hillier's personal library, others from downsizing collectors, and many come directly from New England housecalls. For futher information on any book, or for shipping costs, please contact Lynn Hillier at or 978-597-8084. If there is something specific you are seeking, speak up. We may just have one.

Folk Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley
William E. Wiltshire III, 1975

Condition: Dust jacks in very good condition.



Timeless – Masterpiece American Brass Dial Clocks
Frank L Hohman III, 2009

Condition: Dust jacket in excellent condition.



Dixon MacD. Merkt with Mark H. Lytle, 1984

Condition: Signed by the author; dust jacket in fair condition.



Philadelphia – Three Centuries of American Art
The Philadelphia Art Museum, 1976, Paperback

Condition: Great condition.



Silversmiths of North Carolina, 1696-1850
G. B. Cutter, 1973

Condition: Limited edition of 1,000 copies; this is number 600; no dust jacket.



American and British Pewter
John Carl Thomas
1st Edition, Paperback

Condition: Great condition.



Political Buttons, Book III: 1789-1916
Theodore L. Hake, 1978, Paperback

Condition: Excellent condition.



Book of American Clocks
Brooks Palmer, 1950

Condition: Dust jacket in excellent shape.



Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries
Nerylla Taunton, 1997

Condition: Dust jacket in great condition.



Photography in Nineteenth Century America
Edited by Martha A. Sandweiss, 1991, Paperback

Condition: Excellent condition.



Tramp Art – One Notch at a Time; The Craft, the Techniques and the Makers
Clifford A. Wallach and Michael Cornish, 1998

Condition: Signed by the author; dust jacket in excellent condition.



Martha’s Vineyard Decoys
Stanley Murphy, 1978 SOLD

Condition: Dust jacket in good condition.


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For More Information on these items, call 978-597-8084 or
Email David Hillier at DRH@AAAWT.COM or Lynn Hillier at LCH@AAAWT.COM

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