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Select Reference Books are offered as they become available. Many are duplicates from Dave Hillier's personal library, others from downsizing collectors, and many come directly from New England housecalls. For futher information on any book, or for shipping costs, please contact Lynn Hillier at or 978-597-8084. If there is something specific you are seeking, speak up. We may just have one.

Collecting Antique Marbles
Paul Baumann

Collecting Antique Marbles
Paul Baumann, cover view



American Spinning Wheels
The Shaker Press

American Spinning Wheels The Shaker Press, cover view



The Bank Book
Bill Norman

The Bank Book Bill Norman, cover view



J Lehn and Lehnware, pamphlet

J Lehn and Lehnware, pamphlet, cover view



JW Fiske 1893 - Weathervanes

JW Fiske 1893 - Weathervanes, cover view



Eskimo Art
Cottie Burland

Eskimo Art Cottie Burland, cover view



This is the Way I Pass My Time
Ellen Gehret

This is the Way I Pass My Time
Ellen Gehret, cover view



Encycolpedia of Political Buttons 1896-1972,
Ted Hake

Encyc of Political Button 1896-1972,
Ted Hake, cover view



American Folk Painting
Wm Wiltshire Collection

American Folk Painting
Wm Wiltshire Collection, cover view



The Shenandoah Pottery
A.H. Rice & John B Stoudt

The Shenandoah Pottery A.H. Rice & John B Stoudt, cover view



Nantucket Lightship Baskets
by Edgar Seeler, Katherine
Hardcover: 127 pages
Publisher: Deermouse Press; 3rd edition 1981 edition (1982)
Language: English
SBN-10: 0960059636
ISBN-13: 978-0960059638

Condition: Excellent



Simple Forms and Vivid Colors, An Exhibition of Maine Painted Furniture, 1800-1850, At the Maine State Museum, July 8, 1983-February 28, 1984
Churchill, Edwin A.; Foreword by Dean A. Fales, Jr.
Published by The Maine State Museum (1983)
ISBN 10:0913764159 ISBN 13: 9780913764152

Description: The Maine State Museum, 1983. Softcover.
Condition: Very Good Condition



George Boyd: The Shorebird Decoy An American Folk Art
by Winthrop Carter
Publisher: Tenant House Press (January 1, 1978)

Book Condition: Very Good



By Earnest, Adele
ISBN 10: 0887400205 / ISBN 13: 9780887400209
Published by Schiffer Publishing, Exton, 1984

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Excellent



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For More Information on these items, call 978-597-8084 or
Email David Hillier at DRH@AAAWT.COM or Lynn Hillier at LCH@AAAWT.COM


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