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May 4, 2016 Antiques and The Arts Weekly Ad
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Coats of Arms, Looking Glass, Arm Chair, Chest of Drawers, Candlestick, 18th Century

Sampler, Needlework, Portrait, Armchairs, Gate Leg Table, Pewter, 19th Century

Family Record, Triple Portrait, Windsor Armchair, Slant Front Desk, 19th Century

Major General Zachary Taylor
Circa 1847 to 1850

Brokerage Program Information

Antique Arms Wanted

Child's Painted Settee,
Chair, Armchair
Circa 1835 to 1840 - SOLD

Antique Arms, Muskets, Rifles, Kentucky, Percussion, Fowler, Underhammer, 19th Century

Tomahawk, War Club, Crooked Knives, Powder Horn, Basket, Bowl, 19th Century

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