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Model Biplane, Vintage, Single Seat, Original Paint and Ornament
Unknown maker, First Quarter 20th Century
Competently constructed and painted; a nice model in great condition

Antique Vintage Model Biplane with Single Seat and Original Paint, First Quarter 20th Century, facing left view

(Sold with display stand; H: 14.5", wingspan: 22", L: 26")



Antique Vintage Model Biplane with Single Seat and Original Paint, First Quarter 20th Century, facing front view
Antique Vintage Model Biplane with Single Seat and Original Paint, First Quarter 20th Century, facing right view
Antique Vintage Model Biplane with Single Seat and Original Paint, First Quarter 20th Century, rear view

Child’s Antique Bone Shaker Tricycle, Wood Frame and Wheels, Rare, Excellent
Circa 1870 to 1880
Wooden Kinetic Sculpture; wonderful and original dry surface

Antique Child's Bone Shaker Tricycle with Wood Frame and Wheels, Circa 1870 to 1880, angle view

(Original and excellent condition; L: 48”, W: 14.5”, H: 31.5”)



Antique Child's Bone Shaker Tricycle with Wood Frame and Wheels, Circa 1870 to 1880, entire view
Antique Child's Bone Shaker Tricycle with Wood Frame and Wheels, Circa 1870 to 1880, rear angle

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Noah's Ark, 19th Century, Noah and Wife, Animals and Birds
Large Hand Painted Ark Featuring 200+ Animals, Birds and Figures - SOLD

Antique Toy, Noah's Ark, 19th Century, 200+ Animals, angle view

Ark roof is two tone with olive branch and dove; sliding door allows for internal storage. 73 pairs animals including major pairs; 25 pairs of birds and 5 loose critters; Noah, his wife, and 2 others. The large amount of figures makes for an impressive presentation
(Condition; normal wear to paint, most figures complete; 26" L by 12" D by 7.5" H)

127-16 - SOLD

Toy, Noah's Ark
19th Century
Massive Ark with an Exceptional Passenger List - SOLD

This Beautifully hand painted Ark originated in the Erzebirge region of Southeastern Germany in the mid 19th Century, at a time when detail was everything. At 26-inches long by 16-inches high by 6.5-inches wide, this imposing structure houses some of the best turned out and oversized animals we've seen in a long while. The Ark itself is a boat style structure with a high carved hull, which atop sits a fixed house, and a painted frieze that adds contrast and punch. 43 Pairs of animals with a pair of antlered Moose, fabulous seated monkeys or apes, large 5-inch giraffes, and imposing 4-inch elephants, wide body hippo, and so many creatures with grins and smirks that you feel you're engaged in a conversation. 12 pairs of birds, including extraordinary swans and geese with attitudes. Add 24 solo animals to the mix, 8 dramatically dressed people with that extra detail rarely found, and you have that one Noah's Ark to keep you smiling for years to come.


Antique Rocking Horse, Shoofly, Horse Head, Original Paint, Windsor Style Seat
Pennsylvania, Circa 1860 - SOLD

Antique Rocking Horse, Shoofly, Original Paint, Circa 1860, facing left view

(Very good original condition as depicted; H: 21.5", L: 45", W: 14.25")
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.

606-93 - SOLD

Noah's Ark, Composition Painted Animals, Vibrant Paint and Detail, Large
Unknown Maker
Circa 1900
24 Pairs of Animals, 6 Singles, and Noah - SOLD

Antique Toy, Noah's Ark, 24 Pairs of Animals, Circa 1900, angle view

(L: 28", D: 12", H: 20")

1064-1 - SOLD

Childs, Goat Drawn Farm Wagon, Original Paint and Removable Buckboard Seat
Later 19th to Early 20th Century
Polychrome wagon and seat on red undercarriage - SOLD

Antique Childs Goat Drawn Wagon, Late 19th Century, angle view

(The platform board is original and has been repaired; H: 28.5"; W: 45"; D: 26")

958-17 - SOLD

Christmas House, Doll House, Four Story, Windows, Doors and Balustrade
Circa 1920 to 1940
Unknown Maker - SOLD

Antique Christmas House, Doll House, Circa 1920 to 1940, angle view

A charming architectural effort featuring pierced moldings, working doors, glazed widows; tin can clock, and wired for Christmas lights. The house is painted with pigment mixed with glitter which would catch light and sparkle near the family tree delighting children. Very minor imperfections consistent with age, wired for Christmas lights.
(H: 53.5", W: 24", D: 14")

1052-1 - SOLD

Rocking Horse on Glider
With Hair Mane and Tail - SOLD

Antique Rocking Horse, On Glider, Hair Mane and Tail, entire view

Glider rocking horse on a red wooden frame. The dapple-gray horse has a leather saddle and tack, and a hair mane and tail. There are some breaks in the leather, some paint scratches, one rail has fallen out, and the saddle may be a replacement. All of these are noted for accuracy. Measures 26-inches in height, 32-inches in length and 13-inches in width.

514-114 - SOLD

Painted Sled - SOLD

Antique Sled, Original Paint, Late 19th Century, angle view

Late 19th to early 20th century all original paint decorated sled.
The end of the sled runners feature the best cast iron painted swan's heads.
Dimensions: 34-inches long, 36-inches high to top of handle, 15-inches wide.

687-1 - SOLD

Doll House, Original Condition
New York State
As found, abandoned, with a few accessories as shown - SOLD

Antique Doll House, Painted, Large Size, right angle view

(H: 32.25"; W: 31.25"; D: 24.25"; D (with porch): 33.25")

144-18 - SOLD

Grain Painted Empire Style Doll's Chest - SOLD

Antique Chest of Drawers, Dolls Chest, Empire Style, Grain Painted, angle view

This four-drawer empire style 19th Century doll's chest is grain painted, with brass ring handles. Measures 11.25-inches in height, 10.5-inches in width and 6.75-inches in depth.

514-60 - SOLD

Doll House
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Doll House, English, 19th Century, angle view

Hand painted brickface doll house with wallpapered interior.
Over 50 years ago there was a bit of trim replacement.
Dimensions: 17.25" H, 12.5" W, 10" D.

1032-9 - SOLD

Toy, Noah's Ark, Hand Painted
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Noah's Ark, 19th Century, Hand Painted, ark and animals view

Vibrant blue flat bottom Noah's Ark with hand carved and painted figures. 32 pairs of animals, 12 single animals, 18 pairs of birds and Mr. and Mrs. Noah.
Dimensions: 9.25" ark H, 21" ark W, 6.25" ark D, 12" stand H, 23.5" stand D, 23" stand W. Stand not included.

876-1 - SOLD

Noah's Ark
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Noah's Ark, German, 19th Century, ark and animals view

Large colorful barge style ark at 12.25" H by 22" L by 6 1/8" W, with eight people and 181 animals. Included is a great wall mounted display piece made especially for this set. Dimensions of people: approximately 4" H each. Animals range from 1" H to 5 1/8" H.

608-12 - SOLD

Large 19th Century Painted Doll House - SOLD

Antique Doll House, Painted Brick Design, 19th Century, angle view

Two-story dollhouse with painted brick facade and five arched windows. Included are two adult dollhouse figures as well as miniature Frozen Charlottes and house accessories. The dollhouse measures 31-inches in height, 15-inches in width and 10-inches in depth.

514-54 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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