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Wallpaper Panels from Vues d’Amerique du Nord
Jean Zuber & Cie.
Designed by Jean-Julien Deltil (1791 – 1863)
Alsace, Rixheim, France
Circa 1834 - SOLD

Zuber is one of the great producers of scenic wallpaper, few of which are still operational. These panels belong to a thirty-two-part set that depicts views from an idealized North American society. This series was meant to emphasize the natural beauty of the new nation, as well as the nearly Utopian quality among its people. In one panel offered, “Views of New York Bay,” African-Americans are prominently placed and elegantly dressed. In another, “Military Assembly at West Point,” a crowd peacefully watches drills. These parties are present in other scenes, such as “View of Boston Harbor” and “View of Niagara Falls.” Though intended for the European market, original printings of the scenic wallpaper have been found in American homes from the early 19th century. It can be found in many important collections including the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room, where First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy installed it during the building’s renovation in 1961. The wallpaper represents a promising Old-World image of post-revolutionary, pre-industrial America as a new hope for humanity. (Maximum H: 80.5”; W: 37”)

333-107 - SOLD

Pair of Jam Hooks, Ball and Urn Finials, Wrought, Cast and Cut Iron
Anonymous, Late 18th Century

Antique Pair of Wrought Iron Jam Hooks, Late 18th Century, pair view

(Light scattered surface rust; leave alone or clean; 5.75 By 4 by 3”)



Last of the Mohicans, Antique Sculpture by N. Plaza, France, 19th Century
Cast and Bronzed Zinc, "Caupolicán"
Reduction after the original by Nicanor Plaza (1844 to 1918), Paris, France, 1890 to 1910

Antique Bronze Sculpture, Last of the Mohicans, France, 19th Century, angle view

Native American wearing a loin cloth, headdress and beads holding a bow, the figure stands watchful looking intently to his left; his club and a quiver are at the ready near his feet.
Displayed on the sculpture’s base is found, in Gothic letters: “The last of the Mohicans.”
Please call for historic information regarding the sculptor and the artist’s original commission generally considered his finest work. (There is a break at the subjects’ left proper ankle otherwise very good condition. We are able to share additional information, call or email if interested. (H: 32.75" base: 13.75” by 17.5")



Antique Bronze Sculpture, Last of the Mohicans, France, 19th Century, entire view
Antique Bronze Sculpture, Last of the Mohicans, France, 19th Century, title detail
Antique Bronze Sculpture, Last of the Mohicans, France, 19th Century, sculptor detail
Antique Bronze Sculpture, Last of the Mohicans, France, 19th Century, foundry detail

Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Molded, Painted, and Gilt

Antique Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Painted and Gilt, entire view

(20 by 47 by 1.75”)



Antique Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Painted and Gilt, back view
Antique Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Painted and Gilt, bottom detail
Antique Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Painted and Gilt, lock detail
Antique Pair of Glazed Stagecoach Doors, Painted and Gilt, scratches detail

Cast Iron Indian Warrior Door Stop, Bookend, Original Paint

Antique Cast Iron Indian Warrior Door Stop in Original Paint, angle view

(H: 8.5”)



Doorstop/Bootjack, Lobster, Cast Iron
Signed Keen Kutter

(10” by 7”)



Amos and Andy Figure, Cast Iron

(4.5” by 2.5” by 1.5”)



Doorstop, Basket of Flowers in a Vase, Cast Iron

(5” by 5”)



Carnival Swing Figure, Clown Bean Bag Toss Clown, Original Paint
Circa 1900'ish

This colorful and amusing profile was made from a substantial piece of wood with iron strapping on the back and remains in excellent condition. Cyr Auctions of Gray, Maine sold a nearly identical figure named Pimpo in 1999.
(Dimensions: 65" H, 19.25" W, 3.5" D.)



Doorstop, Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery
Unknown maker, likely British

Cast Iron Doorstop, Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Likely British, angle view

(Chips to high spots; H: 5.25", W: 6.75", D: 2")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Zinc Sculpture of an Elk Bull, Base Signed O. Schmidt, Circa 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Zinc Sculpture of an Elk Bull, Circa 19th Century, angle view 1

We know nothing about the creator of this attractive piece
(H: 35"; L: 22"; W: 10")

1169-3 - SOLD

Antique Cast Brass Eagle, Hanging Apothecary Show Globe Mount, Bracket
Unknown Maker, 19th Century
A powerful and decorative wall mounting device in green paint
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Cast Brass Eagle Hanging Globe Mount, Unknown Maker, 19th Century, facing right view

(Missing a chain; show globe, lamp; really not certain; H: 18", D: 16", W: 4.5")

1001-37 - SOLD

Antique Window Valence, Possibly Hitchcock, Rare
New England
1825 to 1840 - SOLD

(L: 37"; D: 6.5"; H: 8")

787-13 - SOLD

Mills Target Practice Trade Stimulator Penny Drop Game
Countertop, Cast Aluminum
Roman Olympian Theme
A gaming device used in bars and stores - SOLD

(Dimensions: 18.5" H, 12.25" W, 7" D.)

647-49 - SOLD

Charming Cast Iron Boy - SOLD

This charming circa 1870 Victorian cast iron boy/cherub has been attributed the Fiske Foundry and we believe him to have originally been part of a garden fountain. He is a high quality decorative piece with an excellent surface that stands alone quite nicely to decorate either home or garden. There are single holes in each foot where he had been attached to his original stand.
Dimensions: 35-inches tall.

346-1 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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