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Plant Stand Wrought and Tooled iron, Cast Iron Base, Tree-Twig-Like, Scrolled Root Base Unknown maker, 19th Century

Wonderfully formed branches of lifelike tooled bark-like texture on a heavy cast iron base displaying scrolled roots. Outstanding sculpture in plumb-brown surface.




Carriage Driving Whip, Crop Owned by Franklin Enslin of Ashland, Massachusetts
Second half, 19th Century

Antique Carriage Driving Whip, Owned by Franklin Enslin, Massachusetts, 19th Century, entire view

A quick genealogical search detailed his marriage in 1869; wife died in 1905; they lived on Main Street in Ashland. (L: 86")



Antique Carriage Driving Whip, Owned by Franklin Enslin, Massachusetts, 19th Century, handle detail
Antique Carriage Driving Whip, Owned by Franklin Enslin, Massachusetts, 19th Century, name detail
Antique Carriage Driving Whip, Owned by Franklin Enslin, Massachusetts, 19th Century, town detail
Antique Carriage Driving Whip, Owned by Franklin Enslin, Massachusetts, 19th Century, state detail

Lawn Sprinkler, Turtle, Cast Iron

(10” by 8”)



Soap Dish, Black Mammy by Hubley, Cast Iron

(5.25” by 3.5”)



Doorstop, Dog with a Bone, Cast Iron

(5” by 3”)



George Washington, Cast Iron Portrait, Original Surface, (Fragment, Stove Figure)
Probably Alonzo Blanchard, Albany, New York (Made by several NY firms)
Circa 1840's
Dumb stove radiator fragment featuring traces of original paint

(H on stand: 19"; fragment H: approx. 15", W: 10"; D: 7")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

An Iron Heart Linked Door Mat, Pennsylvania
With 16 rows of conjoined heart shaped links, Circa 1900 - SOLD

Antique Iron Heart Linked Door Mat, Pennsylvania, Circa 1900, entire view

(24 by 16”)

1152-41 - SOLD

Enterprise Coffee Mill, Original Red & Blue Paint & Decoration, Eagle Finial, 27”
Philadelphia, Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, a two-wheel No, 9 coffee mill remaining in original paint; wonderful eagle on shield festooned with leafy decoration, centered by ribbon recording manufacturer’s name and address. Dimensions: 27.5” high, 24” wide, 19.25” deep.

339-19 - SOLD

Vintage Cast Iron Bird House, Cocoon Shape, Retains Hanging Device
Unknown Maker; please call for additional information - SOLD

Vintage Cast Iron Bird House in Cocoon Shape, angle view

(6.5 by 5.5”)

589-14 - SOLD

Hitching Post, Clenched Fist, Cast Iron, Great Patina
Unknown maker, circa 1860 to 1880
Cast in the round; fist with well defined knuckles and fingernails, holding a ring - SOLD

See Horsing Around: 19th Century Cast Iron Hitching Posts, Albany Institute of History and Art, page 45, catalog number 77. (H: 55.5")

1001-42 - SOLD

Barber Pole, Post Form, Tapered, Painted, Stars, Original Paint
Unknown Maker
Circa 1930 to 1940ish
Gilt orb above turned conical section, ring turnings on shouldered square base - SOLD

(H: 60", W: 9", D: 8.75")

1001-7 - SOLD

Folk Art Minstrel Show Figure, Folk Carving, Painted, Dressed in Period Clothes
Ex Morgan Rank Collection of Folk Art and Musical Instruments
American, Unknown Maker, purportedly found in Baltimore
Circa 1900 to 1925
Life size dancing figure, articulated, stuffed torso, upper arms and legs - SOLD

In generally very good condition, as expected the clothes show some deterioration, other minor "use" imperfections. (Figure 60"; suspended from custom stand: 67.5")

232-276 - SOLD

Sewer Tile Novelty Cannon, End of Day, Sewer Pipe Folk Art
Late 19th Century
Probably Ohio
Red Clay, Salt Glazed, Signed "JG" - SOLD

A wonderful and successful effort having great detail and a strong presence; centering the vent are relief cast initials "JG" and a horse head; just behind the muzzle is a rampant lion; the tube is set within the highly detailed carriage by trunnions. The piece remains in remarkably good condition including wheels; some loss to bolt head edge with all else fine.
(H: 17"; L: 21"; W: 10")

232-193 - SOLD

Carved Marble Column
Nineteenth Century
Imperfections - SOLD

(Height: 42.75 inches)

790-1 - SOLD

Garden Urn, Antique
19th Century - SOLD

Large Cast Iron Planter in White Paint, 2 pieces
(H: 28.75"; diameter: 20.5")

514-204 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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