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Carousel Horse, Jumper, Glass Eyes, Original Surface
Attributed to Herschell Spillman
North Tonawanda, New York

A carved and painted jumping wooden carousel horse, the figure with glass eyes and carved mane. The breast collar is ornamented with a carved and painted American shield. This horse is painted reddish-brown dapple with black mane; the slightly curved saddle is yellow, blankets are painted yellow with red trim, the tack done in yellow and green. (Dimensions: 59" H, 4.5" W, 12" D.)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Turned and Painted Barbers' Pole, Original Surface History
19th Century
America - SOLD

This trade stimulator is nicely turned and features an old and dry crusty surface that is uniform and at nearly 100% coverage. The pole is surmounted with a large spherical terminal on robust reel and ring turnings above the outwardly flaring strait-sided-midsection above an appropriately sized orb raised on turned plinth. The surface displays both original and very old early working period repaint. There is some wood loss/splintering limited to base; scattered crackle, soiling and minor losses. (Dimensions: 74.5" H.)

505-71 - SOLD

Eagle, Cast Iron, Gold Leaf
Daniel Meeker Foundry
Newark, New Jersey
Circa 1850 - SOLD

A proud and powerful American symbol in weathered gold leaf surface perched on cloudband designed as architectural ornamentation. An eagle of the same form guards the entry, above the main doors of the Arsenal at 64th Street and 5TH Avenue, New York City; it was chosen by the buildings architect, Martin E. Thompson in 1851. (Width: 74"; height: 30".)

274-108 - SOLD

Gilded And Painted Mirror
English Or American
Circa 1800-1820 - SOLD

The concave frame receives the continuous round molding quartered with carved, gesso and gilt ring and foliate decoration. The frame is surmounted with an eagle on rocky-mount having sea serpent and foliate decoration balancing and completing the upper crest while perpetuating the marine theme as sometimes encountered. All elements including glass and backboard are original; great old surface with nary an imperfection sans a small crack that was long ago glued. Height: 38.25"; width: 28.5".

333-73 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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