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Antique Letterbox, Ash Burlwood, Wall-Mounting, Beautiful Color and Patina Unknown Maker, American, 19th Century

Pierced backboard supporting pocket having canted front and cyma-recta sides.
(Fine condition; 9.25 x 14.25 x 5")



Wall Box, Original Paint, Soft Powder-Gray Greenish, Square Nailed, Lap Joinery New England, 19th Century White pine

Tall arched backboard pierced for hanging, joined with many tiny rectangular headed finish nails and a few larger square nails. Very possibly a candle box.
(Height: 9.5"; width: 9.75"; depth: 8")




Pipe Box, Hanging, Shaped & Pierced Backboard, Drawer, Original Surface Connecticut or Rhode Island, Circa 1770-1820

Cherry, pine and chestnut secondaries Exquisite design featuring wonderfully shaped side and backboard joining thumb- molded front panel above thumb-molded drawer with brass pull. Ex Harry Hartman, Pam Boynton, AAAWT to private collection. (Tiny losses to corners of drawer face; minor restoration to bottom drawer bottom compensating wear, else fine; H: 22”, W: 5.75”, D: 5.25”)



Pipe Box, Federal,
Pierced Shaped Back, Shaped Side & Front Panels, Inlaid,
Fitted with Drawer American, Circa 1790-1810
Walnut, pine secondary wood

Height: 19.75"; width: 5; depth: 4.75"



Small Wall Box, Pierced Lollipop Finial, Natural Finnish, Great Surface New England, First-half 19th Century-SOLD

(6 x 5.5 x 7")


Pipe Box with Drawer,
Shell Carved, Red Painted Maple
Probably New Hampshire, Circa 1750 to 1800

An exceedingly rare form featuring lollipop top, shaped down-swept sides joining the shell-carved frontice; the pipe-well above molded drawer on projecting base.
(H: 17.5”; W: 7”; D: 3.5”.)



Wall Box, Folk Art Comb Box, Graduated and Layered Hearts, Original Paint
Anonymous, Late 19th Century
Spade shape, ogee fascia; carved orbs, notching & original nutmeg paint

Antique Folk Art Comb Box/Wall Box in Original Paint, Late 19th Century, angle view

(15 by 7 by 2.5")



Antique Folk Art Comb Box/Wall Box in Original Paint, Late 19th Century, entire view

Small Wall Box, Chamfered Edges, Demilune Backboard, Crusty Old Green Paint
New England, 19th Century
Interior lined with conforming sheet iron pan, green paint is darkly oxidized

Antique Small Wall Box in Crusty Old Green Paint, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Period green paint over first green; now oxidized; nearly black; 9 by 3.75 by 5.5")



Antique Small Wall Box in Crusty Old Green Paint, New England, 19th Century, entire view

Hanging Saltbox, Sloping Lid, Fitted with Two Compartments, Original Surface
Circa 1820 to 1860

The dovetailed case is fitted with two spice compartments; piece is clean
(Dimensions: H: 12.25"; W: 14.25": D: 7.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Scouring Scrub Box, Lollipop Hanger, New England, 19th Century, Square Nailed, Pine - SOLD

(Tight shrinkage fissure to front panel; height: 17.25"; width: 5.5"; depth: 3.5")


Candle Box in GREAT Surface,
Raised Panel Slide-lid, IHO - 1825 Anonymous, Fruitwood - SOLD

Fitted with a sliding lid carved with raised panel; the case with applied and integral molded edge. The backboard continuing to a fabulously shaped crest pierced for hanging. (Small imperfection to lower back corner, minor and few beetle borings; Best oxidized salmon/red paint. Height:17"; width: 7.25"; depth: 3.25")

1256-33 - SOLD

Hanging Wall Box, Candle Box, Original Painted Surface History
American, 19th Century
Butternut - SOLD

Antique Hanging Wall Box/Candle Box with Original Painted Surface History, angle view

Domed backboard with ogee returns, dovetail joined case featuring applied molding at base; thin robin’s egg blue overpainted in oyster shell white; lovely dry patina.
(Very good condition; Base affixed with early type out-of-round waffle head nails; H: 9”, W: 12.5”, D: 7.75”)

532-88 - SOLD

Pipe Box, with Drawer, Original Surface
Connecticut, Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1780
Cherry, dry patina - SOLD

The tall shaped back is pierced for hanging and is down sloping to where it is joined to also down sloping sides; triple lobed front profile. Minor imperfections include replacement of side molding at base. (20.25" H, 6" W, 5" D)

240-196 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Wall Box, Candle Box, Original Surface
New England
19th Century
Broad brush strokes in black and red paint - SOLD

(Wear consistent with age; good paint coverage on box, thinning on domed backboard; no repair; H: 10.25", W: 12", D: 6.75")

532-49 - SOLD

Pipe Box, Stamped Spooner, Original Paint Decoration, Red and Yellow
New England, Possibly Worcester County
Nineteenth Century
The base stamped twice, SPOONER - SOLD

Pierced Lollipop above slopping shoulders surmount backboard above hinged slant lid centered by cantilevered and bowed pipe storage brackets; all above a foil-on-paper lined cavity for tobacco storage. Simple lap-joinery, excellent original condition; (H: 20.75", W: 8.25", D: 6.25").

691-18 - SOLD

Candle Box, Wall Box, Canted Lid, Breadboard Ends, Original Lipstick Red Paint
New England
19th Century
A rare small size remaining in fine original condition, great surface - SOLD

(H: 4.5"; W: 12 1/8"; D: 6")

1008-3 - SOLD

Hanging Box and Spoon Rack, Carved, Outstanding and Rare
New England, probably Piscataqua region
Circa 1750
White pine (by analysis)
An elaborate manifestation of "Friesian" Carving by a New England Artisan
White pine - SOLD

One of only a few extant examples of "Friesian" carved objects of 18th- century New England origin; many surviving similarly carved spoon-racks and boxes are assigned to Pennsylvania, New York, and Mid-Atlantic shop traditions. This hanging box may be the most elaborate of only a small number of New England examples.
The strong regional association of the hanging box is reinforced by its unusual iconography. A stylized representation of a pine tree appears on either side of the central section of the back-board. A similar motif is rendered in paint on the facade of a first quarter 18th-century board-chest from Hampton, New Hampshire, and formerly in the collection of Nina Fletcher Little, (Little by Little, p. 194, fig. 257). This chest and a group of related objects all from Hampton are ornamented with painted rosettes related to the carvings ornamenting this wall box.

A white pine board-chest in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is carved with vertical bands of "Friesian" ornament at its outer edges that resemble the faceted serrations of the hanging box. See American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Early Colonial Period: The Seventeenth-Century and William and Mary Styles, pp. 217 and 218, number 91.

A white pine box illustrated in American Antiques from the Israel Sack Collection, vol. II, no. 731 is carved with "Friesian" motifs similar to those that appear on the hanging box.

At least one other hanging box probably made by the Hampton shop survives; a lidded example displaying a similar vocabulary of "Friesian" motifs is in the collection of Historic Deerfield and illustrated in Furniture of Historic Deerfield, p. 283, figure 569.

A relatively fragile object intended for a utilitarian purpose, the hanging box survives in a relatively intact state. The wall-box appears to have been originally pigmented with a thin red wash; probably in the 19th-century, a second coat of green paint was applied; now worn substantially, revealing the earlier red beneath. At some time before the application of the green paint, three original spoon rests were removed and lost. In its current state two rests are professionally restored. (H: 25.5"; W: 12.75"; D: 6.5")

843-187 - SOLD

Click to view the Hanging Box and Spoon Rack; C. 1750 New England Antique Associates at W Townsend AAAWT.COM video

Comb Box Wall Pocket, Folk Art, Original Paint Decoration
Late 19th Century
Poplar, square nailed - SOLD

(H: 24.5"; W: 13.25"; D: 3.25")

505-48 - SOLD

Comb Box Wall Pocket, Mirror, Folk Art, Original Paint Decoration
Late 19th Century
Poplar, this example with mirror - SOLD

(H: 20"; W: 13"; D: 3")

505-49 - SOLD

Wall Box, Hanging Candle Box, Dovetailed, Old Green paint
New England
19th Century
Pierced dome shaped hanger above rectangular box; old green or red paint
Pine and poplar - SOLD

Two small out-of-round knot-pins in base, great condition and surface
(H: 5"; W: 12"; D: 4.5")

336-106 - SOLD

Wall Box, Original Paint and Decoration
Circa 1890 to 1920
An inspired effort featuring lively profile and vibrant paint - SOLD

Fine condition. Dimensions: 11.5" H, 10" W, 4.25" D.

428-8 - SOLD

Display Case, Painted, Chip Carved and Scalloped Galley - SOLD

Dimensions: 11 5/8" H, 7 5/8" W, 4.25" D.

348-215 - SOLD

Paint Decorated
Late 18th to early 19th century - SOLD

As depicted, a rare wall box having three canted and molded pockets beneath a rounded top. Simple construction; handmade nails and wonderful paint.
(Height: 18 inches; width: 5 inches; depth: 2.25 inches.)

578-3 - SOLD

Wall Box, Candle Box, Original Surface, Lollipop Backboard
New England
Early 19th century
Pine, thinning red paint, scrubbed surface - SOLD

Rectangular canted box with pierced lollipop shaped backboard.
(H: 13.75"; W: 12.75"' D: 6.75")

912-190 - SOLD

Candle Box, Table Box, Large Size, Original Red
New England
Circa 1800 to 1840
White pine - SOLD

Slide lid with raised chamfered panel set within dovetail constructed case. (Fine condition; 22.75" by 16" by 5.5".)

424-84 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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