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Wallpaper Covered Miniature Dome Top Trunk, Rare Colors & Overlaid Papers American, 19th Century

A rare sweet and tiny example retaining original leather hinges affixed with clinched nails; retains wire hasp. The entire box is covered in salmon paper then overlaid with panels of blue paper featuring brick red and creamy oyster white leafy decoration.
(Excellent original condition with as-expected wear to edges; 1.5" x 3" x 1.75")



Wallpaper Box, Tall Oval Bandbox Covered in Faded Salmon and Yellow Paper American, 19th Century

(Minor water staining, overall soiling; 6.25 x 8.5 x 5.25")




Wallpaper Box, Oval Bandbox Covered in Wallpaper, Geometric & Circle Design American, 19th Century

(Typical soiling, minor wear/loss limited to lid edge, else very good; 3 x 6.25 x 4")




Wallpaper Covered Box, Embossed, Lid Displays a Rhinoceros Label MOST APPROVED FINISH – EXTRA STOUT (label) Unknown, 19th Century

(1.75 x 4.5 x 3")




Chinese Lacquered Bank Box, 19th Century

Antique Chinese Lacquered Bank Box, 19th Century, angle view 1

(H: 2”, W: 4 7/8”, D: 3”)



Antique Chinese Lacquered Bank Box, 19th Century, top view
Antique Chinese Lacquered Bank Box, 19th Century, angle view 2

19th Century Wallpaper Covered Box, Blue and Mauve Floral, Small Size
Likely Pennsylvania

Antique Blue and Mauve Floral Wallpaper Covered Box, 19th Century, angle view

(Overall oxidation, scatted soiling to lid; 4.5 by 2 by 2.5")



Antique Blue and Mauve Floral Wallpaper Covered Box, 19th Century, open view
Antique Blue and Mauve Floral Wallpaper Covered Box, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Dresser Box, Hand Painted Original Decoration, Floral and Bird Composition
Anonymous, 19th Century; poplar, “T” head nails, vapor barrier

Antique Hand Painted Dresser Box with Original Decoration, 19th Century, angle view

(11 by 5 by 4.5”)



Antique Hand Painted Dresser Box with Original Decoration, 19th Century, open view
Antique Hand Painted Dresser Box with Original Decoration, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

19th Century Sewing Box, Burl, Exotic Woods Inlay, Banding, Stringing, Fitted Interior
England, 19th Century

Antique Sewing Box with Wood Inlay and Fitted Interior, 19th Century, angle view

(Imperfections, minor losses to banding, buckling to string inlay caused by shrinkage; all easily restored; 14 by 10 by 7”) Please call for full description.



Antique Sewing Box with Wood Inlay and Fitted Interior, 19th Century, entire view
Antique Sewing Box with Wood Inlay and Fitted Interior, 19th Century, open view

Trunk, Leather Bound, Brass Studded, Repousse Bosses, Doubled Headed Eagle
Possibly Spain, 18th Century
Double headed eagle beneath crown, heart & star decoration, initials JP; beautiful condition and patina, original wrought iron hardware, fabric lined interior

The back displays wallpaper with scattered losses; may have once been covered with leather although other leather is overall fine, all else good condition.
(H: 17.25", W: 42", D: 19")



Writing Box, Stationery/Folio, Letter, Copying Box
With Writing Slope, Roll Calendar, Slate Pad, Ink Wells
Circa 1860 to 1880

Walnut, fine condition.
(H: 13.75"; W: 16"; D: 11.75")



Boxes, Glass, Flask, Candlestick
Sold separately

On box, left to right:
Cutlery Box, Original Red Stain
New England
19th Century
This example fitted with two compartments divided by beautifully shaped tall pierced handle, features canted and shaped sides resting on a protruding bottom. (H: 7"; W: 13.75"; D: 9.75")

Sparking Lamp, Blown Clear Glass
New England
Early 19th Century -
Fine condition. (H: 2.25")


Floor, left to right:
Decanter, Masonic Decoration
Blown Clear Glass, Cut and Engraved
With stopper

(H: 10.75")

Trunk, Field Chest, Civil War Era, Original Paint
A.L. Kneeland, Athol (Massachusetts)
Civil War

Beehive Candlestick, Faceted Band, Brass
Circa 1850

A massive example in good color with a few minor dings, all else fine. (H: 19"; base diameter: 6.5")

Butter Churn, Cylinder Barrel Type, Original Red Paint
19th Century
Cooper made barrel type with trap door, original lid and iron bands in great surface. (H to handle: 25"; diameter (approx): 13")

Removed at Owner's Request

Document Box and Stoneware Salt Box
Sold separately

Document Box, Lift Top with Drawer, Original Red
New England
19th Century
White pine
This small box in good surface and good condition is missing a small sliver of wood at the rear corner of lid that measures 1.75 by .25-inch. (Height: 7 inches; width: 10.25 inches; depth: 7.75 inches)

Salt Box, Stoneware, Blue and White, Relief Design
Late 19th Century
This example in excellent condition except for thumbnail size flake on edge of lid. (Height: 5.75 inches; diameter: 6 inches)

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Wallpaper Band Box, "Deaf and Dumb Asylum" Paper, New York, NY after 1831 SOLD

Blue ground, paper over paste board. Dimensions: height 12.75 inches X width 17.75 inches X depth 14.25 inches.

475-54 SOLD

Octagonal Enamel Box
Depicting an 18th Century couple - SOLD

The box is signed on the bottom.
Dimensions: 1-inch high, 2.5-inches wide, 2.375-inches deep.

230-49 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Open Top Box, Perfect Size for Box of Tissues, Original Vinegar Grained
Vermont, 19th Century
Poplar, bottom signed L.L. Reem - SOLD

Antique Paint Decorated Open Top Box with Original Vinegar Grained Decoration, 19th Century, angle view

(Excellent original condition; H: 3.75", W: 11", D: 5.5")

201-424 - SOLD

Country Open Top Sewing Box, Original Green, Yellow and Black Paint
New England, 19th Century, Rabbet and Dado Joinery - SOLD

Antique Open Top Sewing Box in Original Green Paint, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 2.25", W: 7.5", D: 4.5")

201-425 - SOLD

Document Box, Mini Chest, Original Red Paint
American, Circa 1780 to 1820ish
Very nice surface, wooden pegged and nailed
Rectangular cleated lid on molded case; rabbeted stiles continue to floor as feet - SOLD

(Very good, minor and tiny losses or wear commensurate with age and/or use; H: 9", W: 15.25", D: 7.5")

424-252 - SOLD

Box, Cuff Box, Geometric Chip Carving, Red Stain, Scratch Carved "CUFFS"
Anonymous, Circa 1900 - SOLD

Poplar (H: 7.75"; W: 7.5"; D: 7")

659-82 - SOLD

Candle Box, Raised Panel Lid, Carved Pull, Original Red Paint
New England
Circa 1820
Pine - SOLD

Rectangular chamfered sliding lid, great dry surface, fine condition
(H: 6"; W: 7"; L: 15.5")

912-191 - SOLD

Case of Drawers, Old Surface
New England
Early 19th Century
White pine and mahogany veneer drawer fronts - SOLD

The rectangular case of dovetail construction fitted with ten competently constructed dovetailed drawers, retaining original brass hardware. The surface appears to be original. (Height: 7 inches; width: 25 inches; depth: 11.75 inches)

424-71 - SOLD

Hat Box
Volunteer Firefighters
By Joseph S. Tillinghast
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Circa 1835
With Nantucket History - SOLD

Depicted on this extremely rare and important bandbox...the engine received in 1830 by Eagle Engine Company 13 of New York City; this company was in existence at the time of the reorganization of the NY Fire department in 1783. "In 1830", writes Mr. Zophar Mills in Our Firefighters-"they had their new engine-the first one in the city that was silver plated, and probably the only one in this country whose brass work was silver plated. The engine was painted black, gold striped, highly polished, and the back had Jupiter hurling thunderbolts painted on it in the best style of art. She was the most elegant engine seen in those days, and all expense of decoration was paid for by the company and their friends." (Zophar Mills was unanimously elected a member of this company in 1832.)
The integrity of this box remains intact with only the typical vestiges of time evident; imperfections and soiling of lid with all else being generally good. Pasted inside the cover is the manufacturer's label, on which is recorded the owner's name-Elizabeth F. Gardner-Nantucket-North Shore; owners name again inscribed in ink on exterior of lid and base. (Height: 14 3/8-inches; width: 20.5-inches; depth: 16.25-inches.)

339-16 - SOLD

Tiger Maple Box - SOLD

Measures 10 inches in width, 5-inches in height and 7.25-inches in depth.

360-3 - SOLD

Masonic Motif Collar Box - SOLD

Wooden box with gutta percha panel decorated with Masonic symbols. Stamped "Ward's" on front of box. Sides of box show wear, front clasp broken, applied lid soiled but in very good condition.
Dimensions: 5-inches by 5-inches by 3-inches.

980-40 - SOLD

Extremely Rare
Tri-Corner Hat Box
18th Century - SOLD

The molded lid sits within similar molding applied to conforming case. The box is made of white pine and was originally papered; only traces remain. The box is painted in a red resin stain.
Dimensions: 5.25-inches high, 20-inches wide, 17.25-inches deep.

424-21 - SOLD

Two Drawer Ballot Box - SOLD

Dimensions: 10-inches high, 8-inches wide, 8.25-inches deep.

348-195 - SOLD

Early Covered Wooden Box in Attic Surface - SOLD

Dimensions: 6.75-inches high, 15.75-inches wide, 10.75-inches deep.

348-214 - SOLD

Trunk, Leather, Tooled
European, probably Spain
17th or Early 18th Century - SOLD

As depicted, an early domed trunk covered in "all over" tooled leather featuring scrolled and floral motifs; the front includes a pair of magnificent angelic creatures. The lid remains on original snipe hinges; wrought iron handles, fittings, and massive decorated lock intact. In generally good condition with minor losses to scalloped leather border. (Height: 14 inches; width: 39.75 inches; depth: 19 inches)

161-41 - SOLD

Trunk, Red Stain
Mid 19th Century
Poplar - SOLD

Rectangular trunk of dovetail construction; the leather handle is riveted to case and features 1847 copper coins as washers. (Height: 9 inches; width: 18.25 inches; depth: 10.5 inches)

566-44 - SOLD

Carved Book Box
Battle Of Lake Erie Centennial
On Spine....History Of OH Perry
On Cover...Niagara-We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Ours
Circa 1913 - SOLD

As depicted, the legend within raised border centering the Niagara above scrolls, leafy decorative devices and name plaque. At top right are spandrels with scratch carved dates. The spine with shield carved "History" above portrait, and crossed flags. Box contains a conforming sliding drawer. (Length: 10 inches; width: 6.25 inches; depth: 1.5 inches.)

232-136 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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