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Trade Sign, Farrier, Horse Shoe, Scrolled Wrought Iron Frame, Painted Shoe Unknown Maker, circa 1900 Carved horseshow hangs within the scrolled iron frame

(Overall: 33.25 x 25.75 x 3)





Antique Pedestal, Original Red, White & Blue Paint American, 3rd Quarter of 19th Century

The walnut top painted red is over canted case featuring fielded panels created by the application of moldings; molded mopboard. Square nail joinery. (Interior cleats removed; sliver of wood long gone from one side of mopboard; height: 31"; base: 19.25 x 16"; top: 16.5 x 16")





Vintage Painted Sign, Pointing Index Finger, This Way!
A fun sign is great surface, wrought iron mounting bracket

Vintage Painted Pointing Finger Sign, with Wrought Iron Mounting Bracket, pointing left view

(19.25 by 9.25")



Vintage Painted Pointing Finger Sign, with Wrought Iron Mounting Bracket, pointing right view

Brewery Trade Sign, Engraved & Enameled Brass, Otto Huber – Golden Rod
Brooklyn, New York, in business 1889 to 1920

Vintage Engraved and Enameled Brass Brewery Trade Sign, Brooklyn, New York, entire view

Golden Rod was a very pale beer
(The sign is mounted on linoleum; Frame: 44 by 29"; view: 24 by 22")



Vintage Engraved and Enameled Brass Brewery Trade Sign, Brooklyn, New York, with ruler for scale

Art Deco Stained Glass Trade Sign, United Pacific Insurance Company
Tacoma, Washington, Circa 1933/1934

Vintage Art Deco Stained Glass Trade Sign for United Pacific Insurance Company, entire view

Mixed media sign was commissioned about 1933/1934 and was installed over the entrance of the Reliance Insurance Company building in Tacoma, Washington. The sign went to storage in the early 40's when Reliance relocated offices. The sign was discovered in the Tacoma building by construction workers then shipped to Reliance’s Philadelphia headquarters in 1997. The sign was installed with back lighting in the stairway between the 15th and 16th floors 1998; removed from stairway about 2004 when Reliance vacated the floors. The sign remains in excellent original condition and measures 53 by 73.75". Please call for additional information.



Vintage Art Deco Stained Glass Trade Sign for United Pacific Insurance Company, close up detail

Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Copper, Pierced and Illuminated, Three Dimensional
American, Early 20th Century
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Pierced and Illuminated, Early 20th Century, facing right view

(Very good condition, wiring restored; H: 43", W: 13.75", D: 36")



Antique Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Pierced and Illuminated, Early 20th Century, angle view
Antique Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Pierced and Illuminated, Early 20th Century, with ruler for scale
Antique Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Pierced and Illuminated, Early 20th Century, lit up facing left view
Antique Trade Sign, Regal Boot, Pierced and Illuminated, Early 20th Century, lit up angle view

Trade Sign, Green House and Nursery, J.H. Brisbin, Original Paint
Painted on Framed Wood Panel
Found in New York State

Antique Trade Sign, Green House and Nursery, Found in New York State, side 1 view

(Very good condition, L: 86.5"; H: 30.25"; D: 3")



Antique Trade Sign, Green House and Nursery, Found in New York State, side 2 view

Trade Sign, Fireman's Axe, Sheet Iron, and Original Thinning Paint
19th Century

Antique Trade Sign, Fireman's Axe, Sheet Iron, 19th Century, entire view

(L: 39")



Antique Trade Sign, Fireman's Axe, Sheet Iron, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Trade Sign in Original Paint, Nice Small Size, G. Kruger Boot & Shoe Maker Anonymous, 19th Century SOLD

The sign features original applied moldings and desirable blue background; nice detail including stitchery; windward sign is heavily weathered as expected. (15.75 x 22 x 2")

290-23 SOLD

Hitchcock Chair Company Trade Sign, Turned, Split and Applied Spindles
Vintage, stenciled signature as were the chairs, side spindles relate to chair legs
Connecticut, Vintage; likely first-half 20th century - SOLD

Vintage Hitchcock Chair Company Trade Sign with Applied Spindles, Connecticut, entire view

(Excellent condition; Dimensions: 16 by 29”)

659-140 - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Furniture and Casket, Original Surface
Anonymous, pine, excellent condition, small size - SOLD

Antique Furniture and Caskets Trade Sign in Original Surface, entire view

(40 by 17 by 1.5”)

283-19 - SOLD

American Sign, Carved an Incised Yellow Pine, Traces of Original Paint
P. Chick, Federal Period; property or business sign
Eagle with shield form body clutching arrows flanked by tree above name - SOLD

Antique Carved American Sign with Traces of Original Paint, Eagle with Shield, angle view

(26.5 by 37 by .5”)

935-21 - SOLD

19th Century Trade Sign, Shoe Department, Original Paint and Molding
Unknown Maker - SOLD

Antique Shoe Department Trade Sign in Original Paint, 19th Century, entire view

(93 by 16 by 1.5”)

935-25 - SOLD

Sign, The Salvation Army, Original Paint
Early 20th Century - SOLD

Antique Sign, The Salvation Army, Early 20th Century, entire view

Missing original molding, otherwise fine condition.
(L: 143.5" H: 11.5")

346-41 - SOLD

Antique, Large Bathroom Key Tag with Key, Original Paint
Late 19th Century; likely a public building or rooming house
That’ll keep them from walking away with the key! - SOLD

Antique Large Bathroom Key Tag and Key in Original Paint, Late 19th Century, entire view

(Diameter: 6”)

201-473 - SOLD

Advertising, Heinz Pickles, Die Cut, Litho, Chain Hung String Holder, Embossed
Turn of last century, likely 1910 to 1920, rare figural advertising, with period string - SOLD

Antique Advertising Sign, Heinz Pickles, String Holder, 1910 to 1920, side 1 view

(Good condition, commensurate with age and use, scatted oxidation and enamel loss limited to "pure foods" plate; minor imperfections to pickle. This example remains in original unrestored condition and measures 15" by 17" by 7")

1001-33 - SOLD

William Cullen Bryant House, Private School Sign, Mildred Bryant Kussmaul
Two sided, original paint and wrought iron hangers - SOLD

Antique Private School Sign, William Cullen Bryant House, Double Sided, entire view

(37 by 28.25 by 1")

290-12 - SOLD

Turned & Painted Cigar - SOLD

Very good condition. Measures 12.5" in length.

348-42 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Dr. Barrows Office, Original Surface History
Nineteenth Century
Wonderful dry surface, mustard yellow lettering - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Dr. Barrows Office, Nineteenth Century, entire view

(L: 36.25", H: 14.75", D: 1.5")

935-8 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Sheet Iron, Double Sided Pocket Watch, Original Surface History
Unknown Maker, found in Pennsylvania
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Sheet Iron, Pocket Watch, 19th Century, entire view

Chisel cut sheet iron affixed to hand forged swing ring, dry painted surface.
(23.75 by 13.75")

606-33 - SOLD

American Shield, Painted Red, White & Blue, Canvas Stretched on Molded Frame
1876 Centennial
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique American Shield, Red White and Blue, 1876 Centennial, entire view

An unusual example with thirteen carved and applied stars, with reverse also painted. (Minor wear imperfections; 27 by 31 by .75")

606-34 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Rock Spring Hotel
Staunton, Virginia - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Rock Spring Hotel, Virginia, entire view

Rock Spring Hotel, by J.R.Smith, a two-sided sign with molded edges, in black and gold on white ground, with a black frame. Fresh to the market, being recently discovered in a collector's attic and having tremendous eye appeal. Excellent reminder of the 19th C. American's obsession with health and longevity, and the willingness to travel for the merits of the medicinal mineral water springs of Virginia.
Dimensions: 36" by 48" by 3". Board separation as seen.

1032-96 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Red, White, and Blue, Falls City Cabin, Original Paint
Unknown Maker, fine condition
Antique - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Falls City Cabin, Original Paint, entire view

(96 by 11.25 by .75")

346-42 - SOLD

Acme Peanut Roasting Ovens with Trays, One with Base, Great End Tables
The Acme Peanut Roaster, Manufactured by Atsatt Brothers
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Patented April 2nd, 1895

Antique Peanut Roasing Ovens, Tin, 1895, side by side view 1

(24 by 17.5 by 17.75")

The example with base: 294-39 - SOLD
The example with no base: 294-40 - SOLD

Pewter Candlestick, Trade Stimulator, Trade Sign, Massive
Anonymous, antique, countertop or shop window - SOLD

Antique Pewter Candlestick, Trade Sign, Anonymous, entire view

Dimensions: 24" H.

497-70 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Hardware
Late 19th Century
Gold on black ground; applied molding - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Hardware Sign, 19th Century, entire view

Dimensions: 74" L, 17.75" H, 2" D.

898-4 - SOLD

Winged Hourglass, Cast Iron
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Winged Hourglass, 19th Century, angle view

Representing time's swift flight; long used as graveyard and Masonic symbol among other meanings. Dimensions: 20" W, 7.25" H, 2" D.

661-24 - SOLD

Trade Sign, National Fire Insurance Company
Reverse on Glass with Lady Liberty as Central Motif
Hartford, Connecticut - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, National Fire Insurance Company, Connecticut, entire view

Excellent condition in oak frame. Great label from Zero Marx Sign Works on back, the company that produced the sign.
Dimensions: 34 by 26" frame; 19.5 by 27.5" sight-size.

883-3 - SOLD

19th Century Pee Wee Miniature Golf Sign - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Miniature Golf Sign, 19th Century

Dimensions: 33 1/8 by 19.25".

210-166 - SOLD

Cutout, Carved and Painted
Fish Profile
First Half 20th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Cutout Fish Profile, Early 20th Century, entire view

Perhaps an ice fishing decoy makers trade sign; or a fish mongers sign or a simple decoration. Nice old paint; good patina. (35 by 7 by 1".)

594-10 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Original Paint
Third Quarter 19th Century
A great statement! - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, I Work For Cash, 19th Century, Original Paint

The stylized black lettering against a white background; original paint is now dry with a wonderful flat patina. The applied moldings with chamfered leading edge are square nailed to signboard. Perfect height for above windows or a door. (Length: 76"; height: 8.25".)

570-169 - SOLD

Trade Sign
Clocks, Watches & Jewelry Repaired
E. Spencer - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, E. Spencer Clock, Watch and Jewelry Repair, Double Sided

Measures 22.5" in height, 34" in width and 3.5" in depth.

270-57 - SOLD

Apothecary Trade Sign
Carved Applied Letters And Half-Domes
Black Painted Sandpaper Background - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Apothecary, Applied Letters, White and Black Paint

Very good condition. (60 x 15.25 x 2.5 inches)

722-7 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Factory Shoe Store
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Factory Shoe Store, 19th Century, entire view

Two Sided Sign, Gold Lettering on Black, Signed F.N. Leman, Boston, MA.
Dimensions: 96.25" L, 19.75" H, 2.5" D.

346-34 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Antique, Original Paint, Highly Stylized
Couch Signs - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Couch Signs, Original Paint, entire view

(Dimensions: 36 by 8 by 1".)

216-432 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Gun Shop, Shotgun Form, Carved, Original Paint
Circa 1875 to 1900'ish
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Shotgun, Gun Shop, right side view

A carved and black painted wood gunsmith's sign in the form of a double barrel percussion shotgun; complete with trigger guard, rammer, hammers and sights.
Trigger guard partially restored; missing buttplate. Length: 67".

876-11 - SOLD

Trade Sign, the Cock Pit Tea Room, Original Paint on Wood
Antique, circa 1880 to 1900ish
Probably English
Five tongue and groove boards mortised and tenoned to end battens - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Cock Pit Tea Room, Original Paint, Circa 1880 to 1900ish, side 1 view

Water damage at top, some paint loss, one side stronger than other
Dimensions: 27.25" H, 24" W, .75" D.

121-164 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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