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Rare Antique Portable Gramophone Record Player,
Pet-O-Phone Antique Windup Phonograph...Working Condition, Germany, 1920s Super Rare Tortoise Horn Speaker,
78-RPM, On/Off & Speed Adjustment Controls

Spring-wound phonograph in the style of a leather-bound box camera. The tortoise shell sound bubble is received by the tone arm...produces loud volume and clarity. Leather bound case...working condition.
(5.5" x 6.5" x 4.25")



Waywiser, Surveyor’s Wheel, Instrument for Measuring Distance Traversed Unknown Maker, 19th Century

Graphic wall decoration in original red, white and blue paint (Height: 48.5"; diameter: 25.25")






Sundial, Bronze, Dated 1776

Eight Point Star Under Gnomon, Dark Brown Patina Anonymous Maker
Diameter: 6"; height: 3.5"



Sundial Compass, Sailors, Pocket, Brass Case, Floating Paper Dial

A pocket compass fitted in a turned and threaded brass case; folding gnomon; the exterior chapter ring displays impressed numerals.
(Case diameter: 1 5/8”)



Magic Lantern, Perfekt J.S., Manufactured by Jean Schoenner, with 12-Slides, Late 19th C. German, Childs Box-Form Lantern, Paper Covered & Lined Box, Lens & Chimney

Retains reflector, chimney and adjustable lens; 95% bluing (Missing paraffin burner; 10.25" x 7.25" x 5.5")



Antique Quill Cutter and Thumb Press, Nib Cutter, Brass Mounted

Antique Brass Mounted Quill Cutter/Nib Cutter, Unsigned, angle view

(L: 4”)



Antique Brass Mounted Quill Cutter/Nib Cutter, Unsigned, entire view
Antique Brass Mounted Quill Cutter/Nib Cutter, Unsigned, rear view

Antique Stick Barometer, Timby’s Patent 1857, Rosewood Case

Antique Stick Barometer, Timby's Patent, 1857, angle view

(32 by 2.5 by 2”)



Antique Stick Barometer, Timby's Patent, 1857, close up view
Antique Stick Barometer, Timby's Patent, 1857, instructions detail
Antique Stick Barometer, Timby's Patent, 1857, patent detail
Antique Stick Barometer, Timby's Patent, 1857, label detail

Inclinometer, Plumb and Level Indicator, Rufus Porter, Circa 1847, Fine and Rare

An excellent example of a very rare tool by famed inventor, artist and publisher of Scientific American, true Renaissance man- Rufus Porter; only the second we have handled in more than thirty-years! We think that this is a very special piece of Americana that speaks to multiple collecting interests; appealing to level/tool enthusiasts and to followers of Rufus Porter. The illustrated dial face depicting masons using the device to construct a wall features spandrels centered by a star in each corner. Finely joined mahogany frame retaining original finish; the weighted pointer retains original bluing; original glass.



Civil War Era Binoculars

Brass binoculars with black covering; brass retains about 80% of blacking; no maker mark; very good to excellent; focus is excellent; black leather case is not period. The binoculars measure 9.5-inches extended and 8.25-inches closed.



London Single Draw Marine Telescope

Brass one draw telescope with black leather cover; marked on draw "MARINE INSTRUMENTS / LONDON & -----" (marks are worn;) slide works; very good condition, leather end cap may be replacement. The telescope measures 31.75-inches extended, and 29.25-inches closed.



Spring Fleams, Lancets, Engraved, Packtong
Sold separately

Brass Spring Fleam, Lancet, Engraved
In Fitted Leather Case

Trigger type brass and steel fleam. The fleam is within a fitted brown leather case with tan lining. Remains in good condition. (L: 2.5")

Spring Fleam, Lancet, Packtong
In Fitted Leather Case

Trigger type silver alloy and steel fleam. The fleam is within a fitted red leather case with a brown brushed cotton lining. Fleam remains in good condition, case with losses as depicted. (L: 2.5")

Brass Two Draw Telescope
Leather Grip

A two draw brass telescope with brown leather grip; screw cap; no markings but possibly London. The telescope measures 16-inches extended, and 6.75-inches closed.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Kaleidoscope, Parlor Model by C.G. Bush, Claremont, New Hampshire, Scarce Circa 1875 - SOLD

Stamped by maker, dry cell type, two mirror, 5-point, removeable lens cap. Made between 1873 and 1900. Turned wood pedestal on tripod base. 9.5" high. Scope is 10.25" long, 3.5" diameter. Cardboard tube with brass end and brass ship's wheel turning dry cell with ampules; 2-mirror system, 5-point mandala, magnifying end.

1218-6 - SOLD

Robert Roskell Early Marine Box Chronometer, Gold Hands, Silvered Dial Liverpool, England, circa 1839, Number 1054/52815 - SOLD

Brass bowl and gimbal, three-tier brass-bound mahogany box with top-lid, (vacant escutcheon) and base; decorative key-hole escutcheon, the base with inset bone disc (cracked) inscribed 1054, external brass drop handles. Robert Roskell worked under his own name at 31 Church Street in 1839…he favored Kulberg movements and Hartnup and Eiffe balances. Instruments made under Robert Roskell’s name [alone] are rare, this combined with the early date greatly increases the importance of the instrument.
The small case measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5"…main spring is replaced, we have original.

604-50 - SOLD

Coopers Barrel Shave, Scorp, Hallow Shave, Signed Hardy (Family, Edges Tool Makers)
Probably New Hampshire (W: 5 5/8”) - SOLD

Antique Coopers Barrel Shave Signed Hardy, Probably New Hampshire, angle view

Hardy, David, P.
Hebron, New Hampshire, 1872
Tool Types: Edge Tools

Hardy, Ephraim, L.
Brookline and Hollis, New Hampshire, 1821-1870
Tool Types: Axes, Coopers’ Tools, Draw Knives, and Shaves

201-458 - SOLD

Dividers, Gold Flashed Divider, Compass, Engraved, Map, Nautical or Draftsman
Anonymous, Likely 18th Century; or Earlier
Gold flash on brass/silver
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Pair of Gold Flashed Dividers, Likely 18th Century, entire view 1

(L: 5.75”)

110-705 - SOLD

Antique Traveling Apothecary, Leather Rollup with 18 Blown Glass Bottles
Anonymous Maker, Early
A wonderful artifact, leather is supple and displays great color - SOLD

(Great condition considering utilitarian purpose; extremely minor imperfections; open: 15.25 by 9 by 1" rolled-up: 9 by 4.5 by 3.25")

570-504 - SOLD

Molding Plane, Cesar Chelor, "Cesar Chelor, living in Wrentham", Freed Slave
Wrentham, Massachusetts, 18th Century, Makers Mark on Toe
Yellow birch, original wedge and iron - SOLD

Francis Nicholson, first known American plane maker freed his slave Cesar Chelor (1720-1784) upon his death circa 1753; Chelor, the celebrated maker and independent businessman was the first African American to imprint tools. (1754-1784)
(Very good condition, scattered staining; L: 10", H: 6", W: 1.5")

673-12 - SOLD

Clinometer, Inclinometer, Mantle Clock Style, William B. Melick Patent, Circa 1890
Exceptional Form, Ornate Gold Painted Details, Engraved Face
A masterpiece of 19th century industrial art, US Patent: 416,683
Most expensive level of its day; ten times the cost of conventional level - SOLD

A simply gorgeous tool; art and function combined. This working example remains in scarcely encountered untouched original surface including 95% japanning and 95% of the original and elaborate gold ornamentation. The base displays original milling marks.
(Superb condition, minor surface loss to scattered highpoints; L: 12", H: 3.5", D: 1.25")

987-9 - SOLD

Inclinometer, L.L. Davis, Springfield, Massachusetts, Circa 1870, Filigreed - SOLD

A fine and untouched survivor retaining 95% or more of its original fancy gold painted ornamentation on the delicate filigree webbing. Most of these are found broken and/or with only traces of gold. This is a great survivor; looks like the brass face has never been polished; great patina. (Excellent condition; L: 12", H: 2.25", D: 1")

987-11 - SOLD

Davis Level & Tool Company 6" Mantle Clock Inclinometer, Original Box, RARE
Springfield, Massachusetts, Circa 1875, US Patent 68,961
Extremely rare box (few extant) with full label, level and box in original condition

This stunning example featuring gold painted trim dates from 1875 and is the first type offered by the Davis Level and Tool Company, also the least common variation.
(Excellent original condition, probably 95%coverageminor and scattered enamel losses to highpoints, else fine. Box lid missing end panels; base missing one end panel, else very good including label; 6 by 2.5 by 1.75")

987-5 - SOLD

Artificers' Leveling Instrument, John Harmon, Boston, Circa 1880 to 1885, With Box
Extraordinary example retaining bright, original gold highlights; one of three known retaining its original slide lid box; 100% nickel remains on sight tube. - SOLD

John W. Harmon Artificers Sighting Level within its original wooden slide-top box; complete with two bases. (The round base is rarely found with this tool as it was not attached and was easily separated.) This example in superb original condition retaining 98% original japanning and very appealing multicolored (red, blue and gold against black) pin striping. The sight tube retains 100% original nickel. Harmon patented three variations of this device, this is US Patent 234,709. Again, one of three known within original boxes; our consignor owns two; here's your opportunity!
(Excellent original condition; box: 12.5 by 5.5 by 4", level: 11.5 by 3.5 by 1")

987-6 - SOLD

Barometer, Thermometer and Mirror
Molded Broken Arch and Scrolled Pediment
Negretti and Zambra
19th Century
London - SOLD

Pediment top with silvered humidity dial, waist with thermometer dial, bulls-eye mirror; weather dial, and name disk with level. Retains knob, backboard and paper label. Dimensions: 38.5" H, 9.75" W, 2.5" D.

106-56 - SOLD

Universal Inclining Dial Compass, Shagreen Cased
Signed, Patrick
Small enough for the pocket, traveling or window ledge - SOLD

This example features a compass in the base, three leveling screws and a pair of bubble levels. The hour plate is hinged; user may set any angle of latitude from degree marks on arched arm fitted to one side of base. The gnomon and arm are hinged accommodating flat packing within shark-skin case. The instrument is finely engraved and remains is excellent original condition; wood case covered in Shagreen is generally very good with very minor imperfections limited to vapor barrier and two tiny adjustable foot punctures that pierced the bottom of case.
(Box: H: 2"; W: 6"; D: 5.75")

570-235 - SOLD

Barometer, Paper Register
W. Smith
Stowe, Vermont
Walnut - SOLD

An uncommon simple barometer made in Vermont featuring a paper label within the simple case ornamented with ripple-moldings. Dimensions: 35" H.

952-3 - SOLD

Surveyor's Equipment, Trough Compass, or Circumferentor
18th or early 19th century - SOLD

Wooden surveying compass half round; wood marked with degrees, old note pasted to side says, true as is the needle to the pole shall be the fire that warms my soul as true to friendship sacred laws surveyors call and countries cause. Joshua Dean Caning 1874

274-78 - SOLD

Bookstand, Tabletop
Late 18th Century
Engraved brass with cast winged cherub - SOLD

Adjustable rest on hinged conforming stand standing on cast feet; the "stop" at foot of book-rest features cast cherub centered by acanthus scrolling and simple file-work. (Height: 10.25 inches; width: 14.25 inches; depth: 10.75 inches.)

570-146 - SOLD

Dollond Type Telescope
18th Century - SOLD

Dollond type telescope; painted wood barrel; brass lens fittings, front cap has slide and can be removed; slides work; no maker's mark; very good with only minor flaking of paint. Measures 21.5-inches long.

459-13 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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