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Porringer Top Tea Table in Surface, Queen Anne Connecticut, circa 1750-1770
(Likely Norwich area) Maple…outstanding example


The overhanging rectangular top with outset rounded corners is pinned to shaped apron joining cabriole legs resting on pad feet. (Excellent original condition; height: 28"; top: 30" x 21.25")








Tea Table, Generous Proportions, Ex H.F. Dupont, Chestertown House, Southampton, NY New England, circa 1735-1765


A maple Queen Anne table; overhanging oval top on plain apron with molded lower edge raised on delicate block and tapering turned legs resting on offset pad feet. (Height: 24.75"; top: 28.5 x 21.5")





Queen Anne Tea Table, Oval Top, New England, Circa 1750 - 1760 Maple with some figure Oval top pinned to shaped apron raised on turned legs resting on pad feet


A pair of wood cleats and metal bracket were added to underside likely to close shrinkage gap. (Dimensions: height: 27”, top is 31” wide.)






A Fine Queen Anne Red Painted Tea Table, Original Surface, Outstanding & Rare
Westport, Massachusetts Area, Circa 1750 to 1780

Antique Queen Anne Red Painted Tea Table in Original Surface, Circa 1750, angle view

This attractive tap table retains its original, untouched red painted surface with a warm mellow patina. The table has a rectangular two-part top and squared edge. This top is affixed to the rails with four pegs. The painted surface on the top is excellent with a few scattered scuffs. The top rests on a rectangular frame with simple squared rails that join the blocked tops of the turned legs. The legs, which are gently splayed, are turned and tapered to a high pad foot. The table is in outstanding condition with no significant repairs. There is a finely executed early 19th century repair to a crack at one corner of the top; corners are slightly rounded; pegs securing top are original. This table was found at a flea market in Hingham, Massachusetts in the 1960’s. Ex-Antique Associates and Pam Boynton

Two very similar examples are published within “Harbor & Home, Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts”; Jobe, Sullivan & O’Brien, page 109, Figure 30.1. (Top: 26.5 by 30.25”; H: 27”)



Antique Queen Anne Red Painted Tea Table in Original Surface, Circa 1750, entire view
Antique Queen Anne Red Painted Tea Table in Original Surface, Circa 1750, foot detail

Tea Table, Queen Anne Tilting Dished Top on Bird Cage Support, Pennsylvania
Likely Chester County, Circa 1760
Walnut; historic surface

Antique Queen Anne Dished Top Tea Table with Bird Cage Support, Circa 1760, angle view

The dished top tilting on a birdcage and baluster and ring-turned standard resting on cabriole legs ending in pad feet; the leg shoulders are reeded.
(Very good original condition; H: 36”, top diameter: 36”)



Antique Queen Anne Dished Top Tea Table with Bird Cage Support, Circa 1760, top up view
Antique Queen Anne Dished Top Tea Table with Bird Cage Support, Circa 1760, back view
Antique Queen Anne Dished Top Tea Table with Bird Cage Support, Circa 1760, bird cage detail
Antique Queen Anne Dished Top Tea Table with Bird Cage Support, Circa 1760, center post detail

Queen Anne Tip Top Tea Table, Mahogany
Likely Massachusetts, 18th Century
Cleated top on ring, wafer and urn turned column, cabriole legs, and slipper feet on pads

Antique Queen Anne Tea Table with Circular Top and Cabriole Legs, 18th Century, angle view

(Dimensions: top: 32.5”, H: 28”)



Antique Queen Anne Tea Table with Circular Top and Cabriole Legs, 18th Century, top up view 1
Antique Queen Anne Tea Table with Circular Top and Cabriole Legs, 18th Century, top up view 2

Tea Table, Square Tip Top, Turned Pedestal, Tripod Base, Original Surface
New England, 18th Century
Maple, fine state of preservation

Square tilt-top over turned pedestal raised on ridged cabriole legs resting on slipper feet Retaining full pads; iron lock, wonderful surface.
(Original condition; H: 27.25", top: 30.5 by 31.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Tea Table, Tilt Top, Queen Anne
Connecticut, Circa 1790 to 1800
Great surface, folky feet - SOLD

The table features a generous top, a boldly turned shaft and a tri-partite base; dovetailed battens secure the top to birdcage mechanism of extremely robust and whimsical design, with a highly unusual and sophisticated locking device composed of wood, employing the spring-actuated flexibility of the wood itself to engage it.
The large size and refined joinery of this particular table are characteristics may be associated with Chapin School examples. This large size is excellent for use as a breakfast or bridge table or small space dining table. For a related example by Amzi Chapin see: Thomas P. and Alice K. Kugelman with Robert Lionetti, Connecticut Valley
Furniture, page 358, figure 7.5.

274-170 - SOLD

Tea Table, Queen Anne
Likely Rhode Island, Circa 1750 to 1770
Cherry - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Tea Table, Likely Rhode Island, Circa 1750, angle view

This example features a rectangular top with thumb molded edge projecting above a shaped apron joining and raised on turned tapered legs resting on delicate pad feet.
(Table is an easy read, two-board top displays scattered staining, all else fine; (Top: 34.5 by 24”, H: 26.5”)

240-227 - SOLD

Table, Breakfast Table, Round Tip Top
Northeast America
18th Century - SOLD

The round top on shaped cleats is secured to block by wood pin with turned handle; the turned standard features trumpet and ball turning and is raised on cabriole legs with pad feet. We have a candlestand made in the same shop displaying the same imagery. Good condition. (Top diameter: 35.75"; H: 28")

903-73 - SOLD

Table, Tea Table, Tip Top, Curly Maple Tip and Turn Table
Pennsylvania, 18th Century
Nicely figured maple, clean and functional, small size, recently refinished - SOLD

(H: 26.5", diameter: 33")

270-103 - SOLD

Chippendale Tea Table, Spiral Pedestal, Claw and Ball Feet
Probably Massachusetts
Circa 1760 to 1780
Mahogany - SOLD

The round top tilting over vase and ring-turned spiral-carved pedestal raised on cabriole legs ending in ball-and-claw feet. Refinished; outside edge of feet are laminated with most of toe being analogous to leg/foot. The base of post has a mended shrinkage fissure at one leg dovetail joint. (A very attractive table measuring: diameter of top is 36.25"; H: 29".)

549-21 - SOLD

Queen Anne Tavern Table, Splay Legs, Oval Top, Scalloped Aprons, Turned Legs
New England, Circa 1725 to 1750
Mellow brown color with traces of original red wash of paint, full height
Published within Masterpieces of Furniture, by Verna Cook Salomonsky, Plate 43 - SOLD

Examination of this rare and outstanding table was done to determine authenticity, specifically whether the top was original to the base. The table, having turned legs joined by stretchers and scalloped aprons features a mellow brown color with remaining evidence of red wash of paint. This red paint is more noticeable at the more protected upper areas of base. The top was removed to examine it for previous and present attachments. The top, which was originally held to its base with four wooden pegs, is now held by screws. These screws are utilizing the original peg holes in the top. A deformed shape in the wood of the top around the holes can be clearly seen on the underside. The wood movement and shaping was caused from the top shrinking and expanding around the original wooden pins. The present screws are small enough that they did not disturb this evidence and the shape of the square wooden pin is still visible on the underside of the top. This same wooden pin evidence is still present in the top of the legs. Two battens or cleats are attached to the underside of the top, most likely to prevent it from cupping and keeping it relatively flat. A shadow line on the top of the base the thickness of this batten is visible on the sides of the base which are not in contact with the battens. This shadow line indicates that at some point this top was rotated 90-degrees. Several additional holes in the top of the legs bear witness to this reattachment. All holes in the top of the legs can be accounted for between the two different attachments and no additional holes are present. The coloration on the underside of the top and on the inside of the aprons is consistent and the top shows no signs of not being original to the base; the conclusion is that this is an authentic period table retaining its original top. (H: 24.75"; top: 31.25 by 24.75")

287-58 - SOLD

Breakfast Table, Tea Table, Tilt Top, Nice Old Color
Probably Massachusetts
Circa 1775 to 1790
Maple - SOLD

The generously proportioned single-board round-top attached to molded cleats pivots on a block affixed to the robust urn-turned standard raised on ridged cabriole legs ending on full pad-feet.
(Dimensions: 28" H, 38" top diameter)

996-4 - SOLD

Tea Table, Tilt Top, Dished Top
Probably Newport, Rhode Island
Circa 1760 to 1770
Fine mahogany and birch tipping block - SOLD

In the manner of Job Townsend and John Goddard, the pillar variant is a pleasant departure from the more common Palladian column. Classic details include signature shaped cleats, dish edge profile, and great wood.
(Dimensions: 29.75" top diameter, 27" H.)

294-24 - SOLD

Table, Tea Table, Queen Anne
New England
Mid 18th Century
Maple, in old surface - SOLD

The molded two-board top on cut-out skirt raised on delicate tapering legs ending in fine pad feet; wood pins affixing the top are undisturbed; during its functional life a few nails were been added. A lovely example with its top measuring 25 by 33"; H: 27.75".

731-63 - SOLD

Tea Table, Queen Anne
Rhode Island
Circa 1740 to 1780
Maple, traces of original brown stain - SOLD

The top with molded edge is made of two boards and is pinned to frame rails; nice cut-out brackets at lower corner of each rail which are tenoned and pinned into the legs. The whole raised on elegant figured maple legs resting on extraordinary full pad feet. (H: 27"; top: 35.5 by 30.75".)

410-59 - SOLD

Tea Table, Tray Top
Circa 1735-1760
Cherry - SOLD

The nearly square top with applied moldings on apron featuring a finely executed carved and applied molding; cabriole legs resting on turned pad feet. Top with old shrinkage fissures repaired from underneath; small section of molding restored and molding corners re-approximated. (Height: 25.25"; top: 28 x 22.5")

274-92 - SOLD

Oval Top Tea Table
New England
Circa 1740 to 1765
Maple - SOLD

The two-board oval top overhanging straight apron with simple quarter-round convex bracket responds raised on turned and tapered legs terminating in turned pad feet. Old refinish. (Top measures 34.5 by 26.75"; Height: 26.75".)

270-3 - SOLD

Tip-Top Birdcage Tea Table
Circa 1775
Walnut with single board top - SOLD

The dished top pivoting on birdcage with short robust balusters; a perfectly tapered column with outstanding compressed ball; the whole raised on cabriole legs ending with claw and ball feet. Probably the original surface; minor imperfections. See Sack, Fine Points, page 260; the identical table published therein as BEST. (Height: 27.5"; diameter: 32".)

410-51 - SOLD

Oval-Top Tea-Table
New England
Circa 1750
Maple...desirable small size

As depicted, generously overhanging top on plain apron raised on turned splayed legs Resting on pad feet. Table retains much of the original red painted surface; some additional nailing to top, all else fine.
(Height: 26"; top: 24 by 36".)

274-64 - SOLD

Country Tilt-Top Tea-Table
Possibly Connecticut
Walnut - SOLD

As depicted, delicate proportions and great color...the dished-top tilting and turning on bird cage with turned posts, supported by the baluster turned standard raised on well arched slab-cut cabriole legs ending in padded snake feet. Nice old color, great patina and excellent condition. (Height: 27.5"; top diameter: 28".)

274-55 - SOLD

Breakfast or Tea Table, Tilt Top Birdcage
New England
Circa 1775 to 1790
Maple - SOLD

This example with generously proportioned round top; molded cleats secure the two-board top to the birdcage with turned posts raised on robust urn-turned standard raised on tripod base resting on feet with full pads.
(Dimensions: 28" H, 38" top diameter)

424-117 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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