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Dunlap School Chest on Frame, Bandy Legs,
Three Short Over Five Long Graduated Drawers
Henniker, NH, Likely Joel Joslyn
(Worked in the Samuel Dunlap shop 1793-1797)
Maple, successful proportions, about two-to-one, thumb-molded drawers

Dunlap School Chest on Frame, Bandy Legs,
Three Short Over Five Long Graduated Drawers

(Brasses are period, however, not original; height:55”, width: 38.5” , depth: 19.75” )



Chest on Chest, Chippendale, Bonnet Top,
Carved Fan, Pilasters, Bosses, Small Size, Cherry
Massachusetts, Possibly Concord (Circle of Joseph Hosmer) Circa 1785
An outstanding example displaying successful form, fine carving, and a good surface

Chest on Chest, Chippendale, Bonnet Top,
Carved Fan, Pilasters, Bosses, Small Size

A virtually identical chest-on-chest is illustrated and discussed in Nancy E. Richards and Nancy Goyne Evans' New England Furniture at Winterthur, pages 398-400. Another chest with closely related fan and carved pilasters is illustrated and discussed in New England Furniture by Brock Jobe and Myrna Kaye, pages 204-208. For further information about Hosmer, see The Concord Museum, Decorative Arts from a New England Collection. David F. Wood, Editor, pages 21-24. (Lovely period brasses may be second set; minor imperfections consistent with age and use.
Dimensions: full height to finial: 85”; height to pediment: 80.5”; bottom case width: 39”; bottom case depth: 21.25”; top case width: 36”; top case depth: 18.5”)

Chest on Chest, Chippendale, Bonnet Top,
Carved Fan, Pilasters, Bosses, Small Size view 2

Chest on Chest, Chippendale, Bonnet Top,
Carved Fan, Pilasters, Bosses, Small Size view 3



Rhode Island Tall Chest, Tiger Maple Drawer Fronts, Original Brasses, 7-Drawer Circa 1780 Curly maple drawer fronts, maple sides, chestnut secondary wood

Rhode Island Tall Chest, Tiger Maple Drawer Fronts, Original Brasses, 7-Drawer Circa 1780

The rectangular tray-top with applied boldly molded cornice above a conforming case featuring a pair of aligned short drawers over five long graduated drawers with overhanging thumb-molded edges, the whole resting on a molded base with tall straight bracket feet.
(Height: 61"; width: 36"; depth: 17.75")



Five Drawer Tall Chest, Original Paint, Broadly Brushed Graining
Found in Westport, Massachusetts
Maple and pine, original turned wood pulls

Antique Five Drawer Tall Chest in Original Paint, Massachusetts, angle view

Graduated thumb-molded drawers within molded case resting on applied bracket base
(46 by 49.5 by 21”)



Chest on Chest, Great Surface and Original Brasses, an Untouched Survivor
New England, Late 18th Century
Likely original surface, maple and curly maple

The upper section with outstanding molded cornice above five thumb-molded long drawers set into lower section with three similar drawers; the case is raised on shaped bracket feet. This chest is for the collector who desires nearly perfect two-to-one proportions, small size; dry and probably first surface and original brasses surrounded by a halo caused by 200 years of polishing. Yes, there are a six or seven drawer lip imperfections that are not offensive to those that appreciate such survivors. The proper right rear foot is missing half of the applied profile; expert restoration available; these losses are easily restored and colored. Constructed of maple; drawer fronts with some striping, white pine secondary wood including backboards. (Great color and patina; H: 76.5"; top case measures 34 by 18"; bottom case measures 36 by 19".)



Chest on Frame, Queen Anne, Bandy Legs on Turned Pad Feet
Probably New Hampshire
Circa 1775

Constructed of maple; outstanding flat molded cornice above a case of six thumb-molded graduated drawers, set into a molded frame with superior scalloped skirt raised on cabriole legs having crisp ridge and retaining original carved returns; raised on turned pad feet. The chest, with traces of original surface has a dry patina. Minor imperfections include three very small lip-corner-repairs. Other extremely minor imperfections and replaced brasses.
(H: 66.5"; W: 39"; D: 21.25")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Chest of Drawers, Collector's Chest, 20 Drawers, Tall Chest
New England, 19th Century
Molded cornice above case raised on molded applied bracket base
Pine - SOLD

(Good condition, old honey color surface; H: 54.5"; W: 42.25"; D: 20.5")

167-39 - SOLD

Fan-Carved Highboy, Flat Top High Chest,
Original as Found Condition, Surface & Brasses Too,
New Hampshire, Circa 1750 – 1780
Diminutive size remaining in original condition…about two-to-one proportions - SOLD

A Queen Anne maple fan-carved high chest of drawers, flat top, molded cornice over nine drawers; shaped apron joining cabriole legs resting on pad feet. The red stained surface appears to be original as are the brasses. (Any imperfections are minor, commensurate with age and use; pigment loss to lowercase drawer fronts as depicted; right rear proper knee return is missing; height: 67.5”, cornice width: 39.5”, top case width: 36”, depth: 18.5”; bottom case is 38” wide by 20” deep.)

1223-2 - SOLD

Six Drawer Tall Chest, Original Brasses and Surface
New England, 18th Century
A very good example remaining in a fine state of originality
Maple and Pine - SOLD

Antique Six Drawer Tall Chest with Original Brasses and Surface, 18th Century, angle view

(H: 55.75”, W: 38.25”, D: 18.5”)

572-59 - SOLD

Chest on Chest, Maple, New England, Late 18th Century
A marriage made in heaven! Nice proportions - SOLD

Antique New England Chest on Chest, Late 18th Century, angle view

Top case features five overhanging thumb-molded drawers; bottom case with three similar drawers; the whole raised on molded and applied bracket base.
(Top case: 37.25 18.25”, bottom case: 39.5 by 19.75”)

1120-76 - SOLD

Queen Anne Maple Chest on Chest, 9 Drawers, Bandy Legs
New Hampshire, Circa 1760 to 1780 - SOLD

Antique Queen Anne Maple Chest on Chest with Bandy Legs, Circa 1760 to 1780, angle view

Robust molded cornice over five graduated drawers; lowercase with waist molding and five graduated drawers; a molded base raised on bandy legs resting on pad feet.
(Brasses are replaced, minor lip restorations; H: 80.75”, W: 38.25”, D: 19.75”)

1152-49 - SOLD

Chest on Chest, Bonnet Top, Diminutive, Original Hardware, Old Surface
New England, Circa 1770
Maple, white pine secondary wood - SOLD

A choice bonnet-top example having exemplary drawer organization and proportion; bonnet, waist and base moldings are beautifully shaped and unify the design.
(Intact original condition; H 80"; upper case W 36"; lower case W 38")

843-245 - SOLD

New England Tall Chest of Drawers, Six Drawers, Crisp and Clean
Massachusetts or New Hampshire, Late 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Tall Six Drawer Chest of Drawers, New England, Late 18th Century, angle view

Molded cornice above dovetailed case having six thumb-molded graduated drawers featuring brass bail pulls and keyhole escutcheons over bracket feet.
(Any imperfections are minor, and commensurate with age and use; please call for full description. (H: 62”, W: 38.5”, D: 18”)

1222-1 - SOLD

Chippendale Tall Chest of Graduated Drawers, Original Brass Hardware
New England, Circa 1800
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Chippendale Tall Chest with Original Brass Hardware, Circa 1800, angle view

(H: 51 5/8”, W: 35.5”, D: 18.5”)

271-50 - SOLD

Chest on Frame, Chippendale, Claw and Ball Feet, Scrolled and Spurred Apron
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Circa 1780
Period brasses within original borings may be original, walnut and poplar - SOLD

Antique Chippendale Chest on Frame with Clab and Ball Feet, Circa 1780, angle view

Crown molding above three short-drawers over two short-drawers over three long-drawers; the case raised on frame resting on cabriole legs joined by beautifully shaped apron. (Dimensions: H: 67.75"; W: 41"; D: 23")

505-114 - SOLD

Chest on Chest, Bonnet Top, Carved, Old Surface, 18th Century, Cherry
Elaborately Ornamented Featuring Numerous Connecticut Treatments - SOLD

Rosettes, spiral columns, steep bonnet, applied carved center-plinth ornament above elaborate double-sunburst carved top center drawer blending Colchester and Wethersfield production features.
And yes, unusual with three-drawer base; base may have been reconfigured during the nineteenth century. The base is very old; underside displays great color and patina. This chest arrived at ad deadline; we hope to thoroughly inspect and make conclusions before publication so that we may enthusiastically discuss, sharing informed conclusions at time of publication. (Other minor imperfections easily remedied; old lip repairs to drawers; metal band loosely inserted within tympanum supporting loose roof-boards. Period brasses within original borings; H: 78.5", top case W: 38", top case D: 18.25", bottom case W: 39.25", bottom case D: 18.5")

1082-1 - SOLD

Tall Chest, Six Drawers, Curly Maple
Rhode Island
18th Century - SOLD

The dovetailed case having applied crown molding above six graduated overhanging, thumb molded drawers, raised on molded applied bracket base. The chest remains in generally excellent condition with only as expected minor imperfections; brasses replaced. (Height: 50.25"; width: 36"; depth: 17.5")

271-24 - SOLD

Tall Chest, Queen Anne
MA RI CT Border
Circa 1775
White pine with chestnut drawer bottoms - SOLD

The flat molded cornice above a dovetailed case of five graduated thumb-molded drawers raised on a molded bracket base. Old salmon-tan paint over blue. Typical lip losses and replaced brasses. (Height: 48.75"; width: 42.5"; depth: 19.5".)

492-54 - SOLD

Painted Tall Chest
New England
Early 19th Century
Wonderful original puce paint...white pine - SOLD

As depicted, five graduated drawers within case raised on cutout base; turned wooden pulls appear to be original. This chest remains in superb original condition with only a small section of proper right front foot profile missing.
Dimensions: 50.75" high, 39.25" wide, 18.25" deep.

201-266 - SOLD

Chest of Drawers, Molded Tall Chest, Two over Four Drawers
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1740 to 1780 - SOLD

Boldly profiled crown molding above the molded case featuring two short drawers over four long drawers; the case is raised on a robustly molded base resting on double-ogee cutout feet joined by an outstanding and sophisticated skirt. (Cyma recta, reversa, and cavetto profiles) Backboards are original; albeit that the brasses are old-they are not original; old refinish with tint recently added. Dimensions: 56" H, 40" W, 21.5" D.

645-1 - SOLD

Five Drawer Tall Chest, Queen Anne, Traces of Original Red
Rhode Island
18th Century
Maple - SOLD

Beautiful and bold crown molding over case with five graduated overhanging-thumb-molded drawers raised on molded applied bracket base. Excellent condition; replaced brasses.
(Dimensions: 49.75" H, 39.75" W, 18.5" D.)

640-9 - SOLD

Chest of Drawers, Tall Chest, Six Drawers, Queen Anne
New England
Circa 1780
Maple with pine sides - SOLD

Crown molding above a case containing six overhanging, thumb molded, graduated drawers raised on applied bracket base. Condition: generally excellent with only one spur on left proper rear foot restored; brasses have been replaced in the original borings; old refinish. (Height: 54.5"; width: 39.75"; depth: 20.25")

264-48 - SOLD

Seven Drawer Tall Chest
Circa 1780 to 1800 - SOLD

A true "tall-chest" constructed of maple...beneath the crown molding are seven overhanging lipped edge graduated drawers. The case is raised on an applied shaped bracket-base with unusual spur like returns. Minor imperfections such as two replaced backboards; one drawer lip repair and appropriately replaced brasses...all else very good including old dry surface. Height: 65"; Width: 39.25"; Depth: 17.5".

393-2 - SOLD

Chippendale Tall-Chest
Original brasses...six drawers
Rhode Island
Circa 1760-1780
Maple, white pine, and chestnut - SOLD

The molded cornice above a case of six scratch-beaded graduated-drawers raised on a molded, dovetailed applied bracket foot base. Very nice ancient red surface. This chest remains in very good condition with only, as expected, minor imperfections. Rear left foot has been extended less than one".
(Height: 53.5"; width: 38"; depth: 19.5".)

581-3 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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