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A Fine and Rare William and Mary Turned and Joined Gateleg Trestle-Base Table
New York, Circa 1690-1730
A popular form favored by Hudson River Valley settlers
Gumwood and yellow poplar

Antique William and MaryTrestle-table,-NY_view-2

This example closely related to a table that purportedly belonged to Abraham Ten Broeck (1734-1810) of Albany, New York.

The turning sequence on the support legs display Baroque vigor…the legs on these tables generally follow a vocabulary of four templates; stacked balusters, such as found on this example, single baluster, opposing balusters, and baluster above a ball flanked by reels.

For additional information on related tables see Peter M. Kenny, "Flat Gates, Draw Bars, Twists, and Urns: New York's Distinctive, Early Baroque Oval Tables with Falling Leaves", American Furniture 1994, edited by Luke Beckerdite, (Milwaukee, WI: Chipstone Foundation, 1994), pages 106-35. Also, Frances Gruber Safford, American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Early Colonial Period: the Seventeenth-Century and William and Mary Styles, (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2007), pages 159-61, number 65. The author states that there are perhaps only two dozen of these tables known to be extant.
(Excellent original condition; as is typically the case, the hinges were changed during the tables working life.)

Antique William and MaryTrestle-table,-NY_view-1

Antique William and MaryTrestle-table,-NY_view-4

Antique William and MaryTrestle-table,-NY_top

Antique William and MaryTrestle-table,-NY_underside

Call or email David for an enthusiastic discussion


Queen Anne Drop-leaf Table, Oval Top, Old Surface New England, 18th Century Cherry and maple


Top with “D” shape drop-leaves, thumb-molded rule joints, top on plain apron; block and turned tapering legs resting on pad feet…full pads; foot is defined by a turned concentric ring creating a stocking-like foot generally associated with Pennsylvania triffid feet. The woods assign this table to New England.
(Height: 26"; top: 45.25 x 44.75")






Card Table, A Fine Federal Games Table, Ovolo Turreted Corners, Choice Wood Portsmouth or North Shore, Massachusetts, circa 1790-1800 Mahogany and birch


A coastal north shore Sheraton [Federal] mahogany and flame birch rectangular swing-leg with elliptical front having half-elliptical ends; front and ends joined by in-cut ovolo corners over tapered ring turned and reeded legs continuing to turned cuff above the tapered foot. The top and lid edges feature outstanding veneering; aprons with wonderful tablets of birch set off by mahogany crossbanding. Excellent condition.
(Height: 29.75"; top open: 37.25" x 35.25"; top closed: 37.25" x 17.5")






Queen Anne Figured Maple Drop-leaf Table in Old Surface, Original Pins
New England, 18th Century
Rectangular top, plain apron, turned tapering legs resting on pad feet

Antique Queen Anne Figured Maple Drop Leaf Table with Original Pins, 18th Century, closed angle view

H: 28"; Top closed: 47 by 15"; Top open: 47 by 47"



Antique Queen Anne Figured Maple Drop Leaf Table with Original Pins, 18th Century, open angle view
Antique Queen Anne Figured Maple Drop Leaf Table with Original Pins, 18th Century, hinge detail 1
Antique Queen Anne Figured Maple Drop Leaf Table with Original Pins, 18th Century, hinge detail 2

Outstanding and Important Gateleg Table, Classic RI Turnings, Original Red
Rhode Island, Circa 1710 to 1740
This rare example remains in excellent original condition
Maple and white pine

Antique Gateleg Table with Classic Turnings and in Original Red Surface, Circa 1710, open view

Literature: This table is pictured and discussed in American Furniture, Luke Beckerdite, Chipstone Foundation, 2005. Early Rhode Island Turning by Erick Kyle Gronning and Andrew Carr, pages 2 to 21; figures 20 and 21.

Provenance: Gustave J. S. White, Inc., Portsmouth, Rhode Island; sold to John Walton, Inc., Griswold and Jewett City, Connecticut; sold to E. Martin Wunsch, New York; sold to a private collection, by 2006.

Documented: The Rhode Island Furniture Archive at the Yale University Art Gallery
[Object number: RIF579]

(Hinges replaced, other very minor imperfections; H: 27.25"; top leaves down: 41 by 16.25"; top leaves up: 41 by 49.75")



Antique Gateleg Table with Classic Turnings and in Original Red Surface, Circa 1710, closed view
Antique Gateleg Table with Classic Turnings and in Original Red Surface, Circa 1710, end view
Antique Gateleg Table with Classic Turnings and in Original Red Surface, Circa 1710, top detail

Drop Leaf Table, Diminutive Delicate Pembroke, Original Paint, Swing Leg
New England, Circa 1790
A clean table finely crafted in the "old shop traditions"

A beautifully proportioned table of oval shape; the falling leafs are tongue-and-groove and are attached by original butterfly hinges; delicate tapered legs joined by plain apron. Full coverage and original grain paint. (H: 28.5"; top leaves down: 36.5 by 11.75"; top leaves up: 36.5 by 40")



Gateleg Table, William and Mary, Curly Maple
New England, Circa 1740

(Very good condition, very minor leaf-cupping; original drawer; H: 27"; top open: 41.75 by 49.5"; top closed: 41.75 by 14.25")
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.



Table, Sawbuck, Shaped X-Form Base, Best Surface, Pined Stretcher, Circa 1750
Red Pine by analysis, original condition, wonderful patina
This item just in; please call David for more information

Antique Sawbuck Table with Shaped X form Base, Circa 1750, angle view 1

(H: 28.75”, top: 54.5 by 32”)



Antique Sawbuck Table with Shaped X form Base, Circa 1750, angle view 2
Antique Sawbuck Table with Shaped X form Base, Circa 1750, angle view 3
Antique Sawbuck Table with Shaped X form Base, Circa 1750, angle view 4

Table, Games Table, Chippendale, Folding Top, Carved Ponds, Hidden Drawer
Probably Rhode Island, Circa 1770
Mahogany and white pine

The folding top with carved edges, ponds and candle wells above a conforming apron with applied molding is raised on square legs with chamfered inside corners; legs and apron joined by corner brackets. The fly-rail conceals a small game-pieces-drawer.
(Very good condition; good wood, old surface; retains glue blocks; slight lift to proper right front corner. H: 29", top closed: 33 by 16", top open: 33 by 32")



Classical Mahogany Drop Leaf Pedestal Table
Circa 1840 to 1850
Mahogany and mahogany veneer

The top with drop-leafs having rounded corners on ogee aprons is raised on a lyre/vasiform pedestal resting on molded scrolled base with casters.
(H: 29.25": top leaves down: 41.25 by 21": top leaves up: 41.25 by 47.75")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Gateleg Table, William and Mary, Robust Turnings, Small Size
Circa 1750
Walnut - SOLD

Original drawer and feet, very good surface, very minor imperfections
(H: 27.25"; top leaves up: 36 by 46.5"; top leaves down: 36 by 14.75")

843-169 - SOLD

Table, Bench, Rectangular Top, Shoe Feet, Storage under Seat
New England, Early 19th Century
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Shoe Foot Chair/Hutch Table/Bench, New England, Early 19th Century, closed view

(Addition of cleats under top; top: 38.5" by 52" by 28")

271-47 - SOLD

Card Table, Games table, Shaped Top, Ovolo Corners, Square Tapered Legs
Likely Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, Circa 1790
Mahogany, white pine and chestnut - SOLD

Inlaid Federal mahogany card table featuring shaped top, ovolo corners and inlaid edge on conforming frame raised on square tapering legs; the skirt with central panel and cuffed legs feature inlaid stringing.
(Very good original condition, possibly original surface; H: 31", top open: 35.75 by 35.5", top closed: 35.75 by 17.75")

708-2 - SOLD

Table, Kitchen Work Table, Queen Anne, Asymmetrical Drawers, Original Surface
Pennsylvania, Circa 1750ish
Walnut, pine and poplar - SOLD

Rectangular top pinned to apron fitted with a long and short drawer raised on tapered cylindrical legs ending in pad feet. (Excellent condition, Top: 54 by 31.75"; H: 29")

127-17 - SOLD

Federal Table, Rural Hepplewhite Drop leaf, Swing Legs, Original Red
New England, Circa 1790 to 1800ish
Falling leafs with thumb-molded joints set on plain apron raised on double-tapering legs - SOLD

Antique Federal Drop Leaf Table in Original Red, New England, Circa 1790 to 1800, angle view

(Generally very good with only minor imperfections associated with age and use; thinning red and scattered stains. H: 28.25”, top with leaves down: 43.25 by 13”, top with leaves up: 43.25 by 40”)

492-164 - SOLD

Tea Table, Queen Anne, Old Surface
Likely New Hampshire, Circa 1750
A fine rural example in good color
Maple - SOLD

Queen Anne Tea Table, New Hampshire, Circa 1750, angle view

The rectangular top projecting above the apron featuring shaped brackets is raised on round tapering legs ending in delicate pad feet
(H: 26.5", top: 32.25 by 25.25")

1119-3 - SOLD

Table, Queen Anne, Drop Leaf, Dining Size, Round, Old Surface, Shaped Skirt
New England, Circa 1760
Large circular top on cabriole legs resting on pad feet - SOLD

(Old, possibly original surface, slight shrinkage to top causing drop-leafs to rest against knees of legs thusly causing slight outward angle when closed; top is flat when open; no cupping; H: 27.25", top with leaves down: 53 by 14", top with leaves up: 53 by 51.5")

1100-8 - SOLD

Table, Aesthetic Movement, East Lake Inspired, Ebonized Incise Carved and Gilt
Unknown Maker
Circa 1875
Original surface, excellent form and condition - SOLD

Rectangular top with molded edges above incise-carved inset apron having arched latticed corner brackets. The table is raised tapered circular legs joined by stretcher shelves featuring balustrade. (Dimensions: top: 22 by 15.75"; H: 30")

1029-2 - SOLD

Country Chippendale Table, Original Brownish-Red Surface, Great Patina
New England, Circa 1800
Maple and pine - SOLD

Antique Country Chippendale Table in Original Brownish-Red Surface, Circa 1800, angle view

Square top pined to plain apron having single drawer; raised on square legs joined by box-stretcher. (H: 28”, top: 28 by 24”)

201-446 - SOLD

Queen Anne Drop Leaf Table, Old Surface
New England
Circa 1760 - SOLD

Round top on plain apron with applied molded ends; fly rails; cabriole legs resting on turned pad feet. Very good condition.
(H: 27.75"; top leaves down: 47.25 by 16"; top leaves up: 47.25 by 47")

107-194 - SOLD

Side Table, Butterfly Leaf Supports, Demilune Drop Leaves, Block and Turned Legs
Probably Connecticut
Circa 1725 to 1750
A rare butterfly table with single dovetail joined drawer at near full height
Cherry and poplar - SOLD

(Very good condition with minor imperfections being consistent with age; tight shrinkage fissure in one leaf expertly glued, and difficult to see; one hinge is an early replacement, old, possibly original surface; thin leather-pads added to bottoms of feet accommodating for wear; replaced glue blocks, else fine. H: 27.5", top open: 38 by 39.5", top closed: 12 by 39.5")

843-194 - SOLD

Work Table, Original Red Stain
Early 19th Century
New England - SOLD

Rectangular pinned top with breadboard ends on plain apron with single long drawer having turned wood pulls; the whole raised on turned legs resting on ball feet. (H: 28"; Top: 43.5 by 30.75")

285-86 - SOLD

Table, Card Table, Original Paint Decorated Surface
New England
Circa 1810
Maple and pine - SOLD

The rectangular top with batten ends on a plain apron with single long drawer; the whole raised on double tapered legs. The top with green sponge painted decoration; the base in brown paint; period brass in original borings. This piece remains in excellent condition with only typical paint losses to surfaces of top as depicted. (H: 28"; top (open): 35.75 by 39"; top (closed): 17.75 by 39".)

818-26 - SOLD

Federal Pembroke Table, Molded Serpentine Top
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1800
Cherry, possibly original surface, string inlay, double tapering legs - SOLD

Dimensions: 28" H, 35.75 by 18" top with leaves down, 35.75 by 35" top with leaves up.

956-6 - SOLD

Gate Leg Table, William and Mary, Original Red Paint, Great Surface
Probably Eastern Connecticut
Circa 1730 - SOLD

A generously proportioned drop-leaf table with falling demilune leaves, the top retaining original hinges on plain apron raised on vigorous and refined mirror-image baluster turnings separated by rings, and joined by similarly turned stretchers; the gates also similarly turned; original feet. The top with traces or original red displays a rich patina and surface history, and slightly cupped at center; base retains nearly all original red paint; dry surface with great patina. The drawer has been missing for a very long time, all else fine. (Dimensions: 28" H, 42 by 17" top with leaves down, 42 by 50.25" top with leaves up.)

497-84 - SOLD

Table, Gate Leg, Small Size, Outstanding Turnings, Old Surface
New England
Early 18th Century
Maple - SOLD

Original oval top on plain apron with drawer raised on block, baluster and reel turned legs joined by similarly turned stretchers; original feet. Approximately one-quarter of outside edge of leaf is an old replacement, warping to top; undisturbed hinges. (Dimensions: 26.5" High, 32.75 by 11.5" top; 32.75 by 43" open top.)

605-77 - SOLD

Table, Work Table, Original Red Painted Surface
New England
Circa 1730
Maple and pine - SOLD

Rectangular top with breadboard ends on plain apron with single long drawer raised on baluster turned legs joined by box stretcher. This table has survived in good surface and with original feet; imperfections include a replaced breadboard, restoration to top at rear left corner. Dimensions: 25.5" H, 25 by 41.75" top.

413-20 - SOLD

Gate Leg Table, Tuckaway, Shoe Feet
Circa 1730
Maple and ash - SOLD

An extremely narrow top with oval falling leaves on baluster turned legs raised on shoe feet joined by similarly turned stretcher; the gate-legs on button feet. The table has be refinished and is ready for pigmented wax; one turned foot and the bottom of one shoe-foot have been restored. (Dimensions: 26.75" H, 30.25 by 4.5" top when closed, 30.25 by 29.25" top when open.)

107-113 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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