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Jewish Wine Bottle Label, Hebrew and Grape Decoration, Vintage Made in Israel, Second Half of 20th Century

(2.25 x 1")




Georgian Sterling Silver Meat or Game Bird Skewer
William Eaton, London, George IV
Plain tapering body with ring handle

Antique Sterling Silver Meat or Game Bird Skewer, William Eaton, George IV Period, England, entire view

(Tip L: 14”)



Antique Sterling Silver Meat or Game Bird Skewer, William Eaton, George IV Period, England, marks detail

Silver, Etui, Fish Form

Approximately 5-inches. Tail section moves. Head lifts off to reveal a toothpick, spoon and folding knife. Head has faceted ruby red glass eyes. No hallmarks. Very good condition with a broken or missing scale on one tail segment.



Silver Fish Slice, Pierced Scimitar Blade, Fiddle Handle, Paul Storrs (1771 to 1844)
London, 1820
A Georgian fiddle pattern by a renowned maker, clear hallmarks and good weight

(The handle monogramed; fine original condition; L: 12")



Group of Silver Spoons & Strainer

From left to right:
Coin Silver Mustard Spoon
By Coin & Clark Sawyer
Marked "LBW"
Dimensions: 5.25-inches long.

Silver Master Salt Spoon
Marked "J&W MO."

Dimensions: 3.875-inches long.

Large Scalloped Coin Silver Serving Spoon - SOLD
Dimensions: 8.5-inches long.

Sterling Silver Tea Strainer
Dimensions: 6.875-inches long.

Group of Silver Knives

From top to bottom:
Coin Silver Serving Knife
With Presentation
The knife is in scribed "A.M Bayly / From / B.H. May".
Dimensions: 11.75-inches long.

Coin Silver Cake Knife
Dimensions: 9.25-inches long.

Silver Cake Knife
By G.M. Howell
The knife is inscribed with an "H".
Dimensions: 9.375-inches long.

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Pair of American Silver Spurs,
Signed Bailey, Late 18th Century
Likely, John Bailey, New York City A scarcely encountered pair in fine original condition with iron rowels - SOLD

(Excellent condition; width: 2.75”)

281-89 - SOLD

Silver Marksmanship Medal from Temple Bar and St. Paul's Volunteers
THE GIFT OF Lieut. Col. Jasper Atkinson to Edward Moore
Merit at PRIZE FIRING 7th May 1799
Unmarked - SOLD

The oval silver medal encased in an cast oval silver frame displaying oak leaf and acorn ornament; engraved is a crown over "LLV" over "1799" within oak leaf and acorn wreath surmounted with ribbon engraved "Temple Bar and St. Paul's Volunteers." The obverse engraved "THE GIFT OF Lieut. Col. Jasper Atkinson to Edward Moore for Merit at PRIZE FIRING 7th May 1799." This beautiful prize measures 2.5" by 2? without hanging device and is in very fine condition.

107-184 - SOLD

Silver Tablespoon, Daniel Russell (1726 to 1778)
Newport, Rhode Island
Circa 1765 - SOLD


Wear to bowl
Dimensions: 7.75" L.

336-110 - SOLD

Tiffany Sterling Silver Salver, Tray, Pierced Border, Footed
Monogrammed - SOLD

(Dimensions: 10.75" diameter)

667-4 - SOLD

Silver on Copper Tray, Feather and Vine Scrolled Handles
19th Century
Engraved armorial shield, fine condition, heavy weight - SOLD

(Dimensions: 11 by 14")

667-3 - SOLD

Sterling Silver Ladle
In Shell Shape - SOLD

Dimensions: 13.5-inches long.

230-68 - SOLD

Group of Fish Slices & Fork

From left to right:
Chased & Engraved Silver Fish Slice
Marked "Chandless"
Dimensions: 11.5-inches long.

Sterling Silver Fish Fork
Dimensions: 9.5-inches long.

Coin Silver Fish Slice - SOLD
Dimensions: 11.875-inches long.

Silver Snuffer Tray
Circa 1808 - SOLD

Dimensions: 8.25-inches long, 3.5-inches wide.

230-41 - SOLD

Group of Silver Serving Spoons

Outside pair:
Pair of Shovel Shaped Silver Servers - SOLD
Dimensions: each 9.125-inches long.

Inside pair:
Pair of Silver Serving Spoons
Dimensions: each 8.875-inches long.

Silver Serving Spoon - SOLD
Dimensions: 11-inches long.

Silver Meat Fork
Marked "CMW" - SOLD

Dimensions: 12.75-inches long.

230-70 - SOLD

Pair of Hester Bateman Silver Table Spoons
Circa 1781 - SOLD

Pair of tablespoons with engraved decoration and marked "Hester Bateman".
Dimensions: 8.75-inches long.

385-14 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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