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View of Fort Putnam and Hudson River, Edmund C. Coates, (active 1837 to 1857)
Landscape, portrait, marine & history painter; lived in New York City during active period
Oil on Canvas

Antique Painting of Fort Putnam and the Hudson River, By Edmun C. Coates, entire view

(Frame: 35.5 by 30.25”, sight-size: 29.5 by 24.5”)



Antique Painting of Fort Putnam and the Hudson River, By Edmun C. Coates, with ruler for scale
Antique Painting of Fort Putnam and the Hudson River, By Edmun C. Coates, close up detail
Antique Painting of Fort Putnam and the Hudson River, By Edmun C. Coates, hunter detail
Antique Painting of Fort Putnam and the Hudson River, By Edmun C. Coates, artist detail

Painting, House within Landscape
Anthony Thieme (1888 to 1954)
Oil on Artist Board

With estate stamp, Boston, Massachusetts on verso.
(Frame: 17.75 x 22.75"; view: 11.25 x 15.25")



Marsh at Sunrise
By Charles Partridge Adams
Mixed Media on Paper

Mixed media painting on paper of a tranquil marsh at sunrise; muted greens and yellows; signed in red in lower left corner "Chas. Partridge Adams." Gilt frame, French mat. Excellent condition. Measures 13-inches by 15.5-inches framed; view area measures 5.75-inches by 8.5-inches.



Painting, Horse Drawn Wagon Crossing Bridge over River, Landscape
American School, 19th Century
Oil on Canvas

(Good condition, repairs to two tiny punctures; original stretcher; Frame: 31 by 40.25", sight-size: 26.25 by 35.5")



Folk Painting, Landscape, Waterscape
Possibly New York (Lake George)
19th Century

Side wheel and sail and sail boats navigating islands within mountainous valley
Original condition, soiling, crackle (Frame: 22.5 by 28.25"; view: 17.5 by 23.25)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Antique Painting, Landscape, Park Like Setting, Canal, Church Steeples, Towers
American School, 19th Century
A large composition; the location awaiting identification - SOLD

(The canvas is lined and is on original stretcher; lightly cleaned, couple tiny bits of fill with else fine and original. Frame: 29.5 by 45.25", sight-size: 24 by 39.75")

570-506 - SOLD

Painting, Landscape, Farmstead and its Environs
A Bucolic Rendering of Nineteenth Century Country Life
19th Century (Purchased from Southeastern Massachusetts family) - SOLD

(Wax lined, original stretcher; extremely minor in-painting; overall: 29.25 by 25.25"; view: 35 3/8 by 21.5")
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.

270-111 - SOLD

Folk Art, Hunting Camp Painting, Great Composition and Social Commentary
Cook peers out of window; shack surrounded by cooks' necessities; towel rack, water keg, pans and more; also hunters, dogs and game within woodland setting at water's edge; great detail and color. - SOLD

(Excellent condition; 24 by 20.25")

216-481 - SOLD

Watercolor, Waterscape, Landscape, Painted Mat
Found in Maine (Purportedly related to Campobello)
Nineteenth Century
Painted on Bristol board
The work is centered by a painted mat, leafy border and floral spandrels - SOLD

(Clean other than extremely minor paper imperfection; mounted in modern frame that measures 18 1/8 by 15 1/8", 16 3/8 by 13.25" sight-size)

336-129 - SOLD

Ipswich Landscape Seascape, Watercolor, Arthur Wesley Dow (1857 to 1922)
Late 19th to Early 20th Century - SOLD

Dow an American artist lived and worked in New York and Massachusetts; known for landscape, coastal view and marine painting. The image measures 3.75" H by 5.5" W sight, 12.25" H by 10.5/8" W framed) Not examined out of frame.

1042-7 - SOLD

Sharpsburg Maryland, Watercolor, June 1863, From My Window
Sign reads S.C. Bolinger Tin Smith - SOLD

Watercolor on cardstock, very nice (Frame not original)
(Frame: 15 by 13.5"; view: 8.75 by 10")

928-31 - SOLD

Painting, York Gate, Folk Art
Verso signed, Wm Clark Architect
An inspired work of perspective, shadow, and naive accuracy
Flat Modern Art of the Period - SOLD

Mounted on original stretcher within original painted frame.
(Dimensions: 31 by 33.5" frame, 28 by 25.5" sight-size.)

570-314 - SOLD

Landscape Painting
Oil on canvas
Signed Harrison Bird Brown (1831 to 1915)
1877 - SOLD

A lovely landscape painting by noted artist H.B. Brown, who was born at Portland, Maine and is known for White Mountain landscapes and maritime paintings. The work remains on original stretcher, and has been relined and cleaned; miniscule touches. (Frame: 23.75 x 39.75 inches; view: 19 x 35 inches)

570-160 - SOLD

Mountain Lake Landscape Painting
Oil on Canvas, original frame and stretcher
Late 19th century - SOLD

Dimensions: 29.5 by 21.75-inch frame, 25.5 by 17.75-inch sight-size.

767-27 - SOLD

Painting, Landscape with Lake and Mountains
Attributed to Alvan Fisher (1792-1863)
First Quarter 19th Century
Oil on canvas
Fisher was born in Massachusetts and was an early pioneer of landscape painting foreshadowing the Hudson River Valley School of painters - SOLD

As depicted, an example of Fisher's early work, mounted on original stretcher within original frame; the canvas prepared by Dechaux of New York. This painting will benefit by cleaning. (Frame: 32 x 27.25 inches; view: 26 x 21.25 inches)

492-62 - SOLD

Home In The Country
New England
Circa 1850
Oil on paper
As depicted... - SOLD

Minor imperfections and paint losses at lower left; some soiling.
Frame: 16.25 x 12.5 inches; view: 12.5 x 8.75 inches.

492-49 - SOLD

Mountain Scene With Sheep
By Edward Gay - SOLD

Edward Gay was born in Ireland in 1837. Along with his parents he rode the great wave of Irish immigration following the Great Famine. The family settled in Albany, NY where Gay's artistic talents were noticed and encouraged by local artists James and William Hart and George Boughton. Though by 1858 he had already exhibited in the National Academy of Design in NYC, in 1862 he traveled to Europe and studied in Germany under Johann Schirmer and Karl Friedrich Lessing. He returned to the United States in 1864. In 1867 he and his family moved to Mt. Vernon, NY. Here he painted numerous views of the bucolic landscapes surrounding his newfound home. He also painted a number of scenes of South Carolina, where his daughter had moved after her marriage. In 1905 he built a summer home in Cragsmoor in upstate New York. He also made frequent trips to Europe to paint. Though he began painting in the classic Hudson River School style, Gay eventually painted in the Barbizon manner. He was a member of the Century Association and the Union League Club of New York. His works are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Historical Society, and Westchester Woman's Club, Brigham Young University, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Union League Club of NYC and many others.

This oil on artists board painting is depicts a craggy mountain range with sheep in the foreground. The painting has a view area of approximately 9 x 12 inches and is mounted in a period gilt frame with an overall size of 18 x 15 inches. The varnished is deeply yellowed, but the painting is in otherwise excellent condition.

110-114 - SOLD

Mountain Waterfall Painting
Oil on Board, Brooklyn frame maker label and remnants of note on reverse
Attributed to W R Miller - SOLD

Dimensions: 12.75 by 10.5-inch frame, 7.75 by 5.5-inch sight-size.

767-20 - SOLD

Panoramic River View, Likely Upper Hudson River Valley, Signed Bilsing
19th Century
Signed "C. Bilsing" bottom right, oil on canvas, original frame - SOLD

Antique Panoramic River Painting, Likely Upper Hudson River Valley, Signed Bilsing, 19th Century, close up view

Partial printed paper label remaining on reverse of frame: Sammons, Clark & Co. (Chicago, framers; 1868-1875) (Tiny puncture repaired; frame: 17 by 14”, sight-size: 11 by 8”)

661-27 - SOLD

Folk Painting, Cotton Elliot Farmstead, South Rumford, Maine
Signed lower left, J.S. Record
Oil on Pressboard - SOLD

Antique Folk Painting of Cotton Elliot Farmstead, Maine, Signed J.S. Record, entire view

(Frame: 15 by 11, sight-size: 12 by 8”)

360-7 - SOLD

Paintings, Pair, Cottage and Bridge in Landscapes, Signed H. Bond (L/R, Herbert)
Wales and Scotland, Painted 1880 to 1910
Oil on Canvas, original condition, likely original frames, stretcher artist signed - SOLD

Antique Folk Painting of Cotton Elliot Farmstead, Maine, Signed J.S. Record, entire view

(Frames: 17.5 by 13.5”, sight-sizes: 11.5 by 7.5”)

659-64 - SOLD

Painting, the Old Mill, Berkshire County, Herbert McCord
Signed L.R., H. McCord [George Herbert McCord, 1848 to 1909]
A well-known member of the second generation of HRV School of Painters - SOLD

Antique Painting of The Old Mill, Berkshire County, Herbert McCord, close up view

(Frame: 13.75 by 15.75”, sight-size: 7.75 by 5.75”)

659-123 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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