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Shelf, Wall Hanging, Original Paint Decorated Surface, Dramatic Scrolled Tops American, 19th Century

Wonderful scrolled sides, pair of shelves, dado joinery… Full-coverage paint so, we can’t see wood, [likely pine or white wood] to assign region.
(Great condition; Height: 5.75"; width: 12"; depth: 9")



Shelf, Wall Hanging, Original Paint, Heart-Shape Wrought Iron Hangers, Mustard Paint Likely Pennsylvania, 19th Century,
(whitewood, probably poplar)

The shaped sides featuring lollipop finials joining medial shelf; mortise and tenon joinery.
Thin strip of wood repaired on back of stile, need to look for it; couple extremely minor in-painted areas; truly minor and easily missed…non-distracting.
(Height: 21.25"; width: 19.5"; depth: 6.5")



Shelves, Floor Standing, Shaped Front, Original Painted Surface, Faux Grain
Likely Mid Atlantic, Second Quarter 19th Century
Graduated shelves within scalloped case resting on cutout feet
Yellow pine

Floor Standing Shelves, Shaped Front, Paint Decorated, 19th Century, angle view

(Very good original condition, H: 65.25", W: 36.25", D: 14.25")



Floor Standing Shelves, Shaped Front, Paint Decorated, 19th Century, side view 1
Floor Standing Shelves, Shaped Front, Paint Decorated, 19th Century, side view 2

Worktable, Sewing Stand, Bag Table, Federal Elegance
Attributed to Hook (William)?
Circa 1805

A Federal mahogany carved and mahogany veneer work table, possibly William Hook, Salem, Massachusetts, the shaped top with beaded elliptical edges on a conforming case with ovolo corners above the waterleaf-carved, half-engaged posts continuing to ring-turned receded swelled legs flanking two drawers retaining original hardware. The top drawer fitted with compartments above the bag drawer; each with cross-banding and sting inlay framing figured panels.
Dimensions: 28.25" H, 19.25 by 15" top.



Country Stepped Back Case of Shelves, Shaped Sides, Original Paint
New England, Circa 1780 to 1820ish
Bookcase, keeping room, buttery, appropriate display for period objects

Antique Country Stepped Back Case of Shelves in Original Paint, Circa 1780 to 1820, angle view 1

(Back relieved, conforming to chair rail; H: 72"; W: 48"; D: 9.5")



Antique Country Stepped Back Case of Shelves in Original Paint, Circa 1780 to 1820, angle view 2

One Drawer Stand
Connecticut River Valley
Circa 1800-1810

The stand measures 27.5" in height, while the top measures 21.25 by 15.75".



18th C. Dumbwaiter, Stand, Three Dished Tiers, Urn-Turned, Cabriole Legs, Pad Feet
Unknown Maker, Circa 1760
Dished circular platforms joined by turned posts on cabriole legs resting on pad feet

Antique Urn Turned Three Tiered Dumbwaiter with Cabriole Legs, 18th Century, angle view

(H: 43”, tier diameters: 23”, 19” and 15”)



Antique Urn Turned Three Tiered Dumbwaiter with Cabriole Legs, 18th Century, entire view

Medicine Chest, Apothecary Contents by Wyeth & Brother Apothecaries, Philadelphia, Circa 1860's
Mahogany, 6 Drawers, Fitted for 24 Bottles, Inlayed, Brass Fittings

The contents include standard accessories; scale, cased medicine glass and minim measure; handwritten "Properties and Dose of Medicines Contained in Medicine Chest".
Also rosewood handled pharmacists' spatula, pill counter tile; porcelain mortar and pestle; labeled paper wrapped powders, 19-labled bottles, sealed with contents.
(Minor shrinkage imperfection to case; missing eight bottles, one bottle lid thumbpiece is broken but included; overall good condition; H: 17", W: 12.5", D: 9.5")



Dumbwaiter, Regency
Circa 1825
Excellent wood selection and condition
Ex Lord Blandford

Two molded circular dished shelves raised on turned and lobed baluster standard resting on three reeded, down-swept legs ending in brass caps and castors; the legs are hipped, and feature applied bosses. The underside of bottom tier displays the impressed mark of Lord Blandford. A closely related design may be seen in Gillow's Estimate Sketch Book.
(Height: 33.75"; shelf diameter: 25".)



Antique Bookcase, Case of Shelves, Original Green Paint, Rare and Useful
New England, 19th Century

Antique Bookcase or Case of Shelves in Original Green Paint, 19th Century, angle view

(Good condition, commensurate with age and use; H: 73.75", W: 37.25", D: 10.75")



Antique Bookcase or Case of Shelves in Original Green Paint, 19th Century, entire view
Antique Bookcase or Case of Shelves in Original Green Paint, 19th Century, surface detail

Shelves, Hanging, Original Grain Paint
New England or New York State
19th Century

Three equidistant shelves set within scalloped sides. An attractive shelf with minor wood losses. (Height: 37.5"; width: 31.75"; depth: 8")



Pole Screen, Chippendale
Circa 1800
Mahogany and pine

The standard with acorn finial raised on baluster turning; delicate cabriole legs with crisp ridged pad feet; excellent surface. The oval frame is original and retains one original brass mounting device, the other is replaced. (Height: 56.5")



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

A Large Whale End Hanging Wall Shelf, Dovetail and Dado Joinery
New England, 19th Century SOLD

Antique Large Whale End Hanging Wall Shelf, 19th Century, angle view

(Very minor imperfections and shrinkage commensurate with age and use; 32 by 38 by 10"


1152-17 SOLD

Antique Clock Shelf, Wall Shelf with Wedge Form Case Containing a Drawer American, Anonymous, Maple and Pine, Red Paint - SOLD

Will accommodate your tallest shelf clock, wall clock or otherwise… (Height: 59”, width: 10”, depth: 10”)

632-73 - SOLD

Cricket, Stool, Original Soft Gray Paint, Ogee Cutout Feet
New England, 19th Century, Branded “VJB” - SOLD

Antique Cricket/Stool in Original Soft Gray Paint, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Top displays thinning paint; 13 by 7 by 7.25")

745-128 - SOLD

Wall Brackets, Pair of Shaped Shelves, Carved Winged Female Figures
Anonymous, 18th Century, Mahogany - SOLD

Shaped, carved and molded shelf above angelic female, her wings supporting shelf; elaborate carved and pierced scrolling leaf and floral supports swaged with drapery.
(Generally very good, ready to hang; extremely minor imperfections H: 20", W: 13", D: 8.75")

570-513 - SOLD

Antique Easel, Magnificently Carved, Original Surface
Unknown Maker, Circa 1890
Circa 1890 to 1900
A work of art in itself! - SOLD

(Very good condition; H: 62.5", W: 23")

271-42 - SOLD

A Rare American Dumbwaiter
Mahogany...two-tiered stand
Massachusetts, probably New Bedford
CIRCA 1810-20. - SOLD

This attractive stand features exceptional figured mahogany and a revolving top with reeded edge tiers separated by turned brass balusters. The top rests upon a ring turned post with pineapple caved central urn all on squared spider legs with brass casters. The piece is constructed of mahogany and lightwood veneers with maple and white pine secondary woods. (Heights: 43"; width: 21.5".)

270-68 - SOLD

Large Carved Hornbeam Barrel, Great Patina, Hollowed Log, 19th Century
For storing apples, grain - SOLD

Large Antique Carved Hornbeam Barrel with Great Patina, 19th Century, angle view

(37 by 21”)

987-23 - SOLD

Red Painted Clock Shelf, Chestnut, Red Paint
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Red Painted Clock Shelf, 19th Century, angle view

(26 by 15 by 6”)

271-53 - SOLD

Joint Stool, William and Mary, Molded Top, Carved Rails, Block and Turned Legs
England, 17th Century
Oak, nice surface - SOLD

The rectangular single board top having molded edge and displaying superb grain and color pegged to conforming carved rails raised on blocked and ring-turned tapering cylindrical legs joined by box stretcher; pegged construction. (Loss of height, feet wort to stretchers; H: 21.5"; top: 12 by 17.25")

659-80 - SOLD

Dry Sink, Painted, Original Surface History, Small Size, Early, Original Pulls
Likely Pennsylvania, Circa 1840's
Framed well with cutout front, two beaded short drawers above recessed panel doors on cutout base in dry red paint - SOLD

(W: 41.25", D: 17.5"; H: 33")

201-375 - SOLD

Umbrella Stand, Sailor in Crow's Nest, Whaling, Cast Iron, Original Paint
Anonymous, Circa 1875 to 1900
Rarely encountered in original paint; outstanding - SOLD

The casting features a sailor on crow's nest holding cast iron rope which forms the umbrella holder; the plinth having crossed anchor and blubber spade, bales and barrels. This remarkable stand retains its original detachable drip pan.
(H: 27"; W: 21.25"; D: 9")

191-412 - SOLD

Country Store Display Stand, Original Paint
Great for Cane Stand, Umbrella Stand
19th Century - SOLD

The pierced canted top within saw-tooth apron raised on rectangular legs joined by canted base pierced to receive vertically stowed objects.
Dimensions: 38.5" H, 18" W, 39.5" L.

570-216 - SOLD

Wine casket urn, Chinese Export
Carved for British Market
Circa 1840
Teakwood - SOLD

As depicted, probably Ceylon; pierced and carved work featuring vines laden with fruits and grapes on a round base of carved stems, on an exquisitely carved octagonal base raised on projecting carved base. (Height: 21.5"; diameter: 13.5".)

570-144 - SOLD

Fantastic Victorian Fern Table
Oak - SOLD

The molded round top with drop finials above fluted and tapered standard on turned base raised on carved cabriole legs with paw feet. The table is in old brown over black paint. Fine condition.
Dimensions: 31" high, 16" top diameter.

912-71 - SOLD

New England Hepplewhite Table in Red - SOLD

Square top with generous overhang above one drawer.
Dimensions: 28.5" high, 24.25 by 24.75" top.

201-246 - SOLD

Green Painted Stand - SOLD

Measures 59.5" in height, 39.5" in width and 20" in depth.

348-172 - SOLD

Shelf, Whale End Wall Shelf, Painted
New England, First half 19th century - SOLD

Very old dark paint; dovetailed case
(Imperfections, wear consistent with use; H: 37.75", W: 35.5", D: 10")

497-52 - SOLD

Painted Corner Shelf
New England
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, three graduated shelves within curvaceous front stiles. Front and back stiles set within dados. Original black paint.
Dimensions: 26.25" high, 27" wide, 19" deep.

201-245 - SOLD

Shelves, Hanging Pewter Rack
Possibly Pennsylvania
Early 19th Century - SOLD

The dovetailed case featuring shaped front profiles having two blind-dovetailed reverse-graduated shelves, each with plate rails, both on shelf and set within stiles for forward leaning of dishes. This unit remains in very good condition and features old white paint over an original surface history. (Height: 32.75"; length: 59.25"; depth: 12")

274-107 - SOLD

Shelves, Wall
Probably New England
19th Century
Walnut - SOLD

Five protruding shelves with rounded corners, dovetailed into stiles having scalloped and lobed profile. (Height: 47"; width: 18.75"; 8.5" between each shelf.)

264-46 - SOLD

Shelf, Whale End
New England
19th Century
White pine, with walnut vertical stile - SOLD

In old black paint with true whale shaped ends and in fine condition. (Height: 23"; depth: 7.75"; width: 26.75")

912-51 - SOLD

Dumbwaiter, Three Tiers
Circa 1800
Mahogany - SOLD

Very good condition.
(Height: 48.5".)

818-10 - SOLD

Fine And Rare
New England
Circa 1810
Poplar - SOLD

In original white paint having green trim; posts with beaded edges, shelves with molded edges and original brasses. Later over-paint was expertly removed to reveal the original painted surface; scattered losses have been professionally in-painted; the drawer front with extensive in-painting. This stylish etagere may have been conceived as part of a bridal suite based on the rare use of a white painted background. (Height: 59"; width: 32"; depth: 13".)

210-159 - SOLD

Hepplewhite Table
Southern, possibly Virginia
First quarter 19th century
Hard Yellow Pine, original green paint - SOLD

The overhanging rectangular top is deeper than usually encountered and is on a molded apron; single drawer with molded front; the whole raised on double tapered legs. Excellent construction and condition; original green paint; top is about scrubbed of paint with good patina, all else with nearly full coverage paint. (Height: 29"; top: 20 x 26.75".)

661-15 - SOLD

Hanging Wall Shelf
Old Red Paint...canted sides
New England
19th Century - SOLD

As depicted, canted sides joined by three graduated shelves; bottom shelf dovetailed to sides; vertical splines dovetailed to shelves.
Dimensions: 25.75" high, 24.5" wide, 7.25" deep.

201-244 - SOLD

Table, Work Stand, Two Drawer
Pennsylvania or New York
Circa 1830
Maple with some figure, poplar - SOLD

The overhanging top with molded edge above a case with recessed panel sides and two drawers; shallow drawer above deep drawer, each appearing to retain original turned knobs. The delicate turned legs and block stiles are engaged. Nice old surface. (Height: 28.75"; top: 17.5 x 21.25".)

323-60 - SOLD

Small Corner-Shelf
Great Surface
Pine - SOLD

As depicted, shaped sides centering three graduated quarter-round shelves in original red. (Height: 23.5"; width: 10.5"; depth: 7.5".)

384-20 - SOLD

Hepplewhite Table
One-drawer work-stand
Coastal Massachusetts
Early 19th Century
Cherry, white pine - SOLD

The overhung top over apron with single drawer, triple-inlay at lower edge, inlayed panels framed with line-inlay within upper front stiles...string inlay traces the outer edge; appears to retain original brass pull. Table is raised on double-taper legs with original brackets. Old refinish; minor imperfections.
(Height: 29.75"; top: 19.25 x 18.25".)

640-7 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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