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Creamware, Transfer Printed Tankard,
Apotheosis, Sacred to the Memory of Washington
England, Liverpool, Circa 1800
Although a common transfer, this is the only extant tankard we know of…

Minor imperfections restored…two tiny rim chips and a short hairline; H: 6”



Spode Dishes and Bowls, PEACOCK on a ROCK, Lot of Six Pieces, Various Marks
England, Circa 1810 to 1830
Dinner plates, salad dishes and bowls

Antique Lot of Six Spode Dishes and Bowls with Various Marks, England, Circa 1810, group view

(Diameters: 8” for four pieces, 9.5” for the remaining two)



Chinese Export Garnitures, Pair, Porcelain Mantle Urns, Baluster Form
Likely for American market, circa 1790

Antique Pair of Chinese Export Baluster Form Garnitures, Circa 1790, pair view

(Fine condition, no lids; H: 9.5”)



Chinese Export Armorial Platter, Arms of Bausset, French, Circa 1750 to 1760
Marquis de Baussett (1723 to 1809)
Reference: Lebel, Antoine; French and Swiss Armorials on Chinese Export Porcelain of the 18th Century, page 100

Service ordered for Joachim, Marquis de Bausset, an officer of the Kings Galleys; in 1751 he married Marie Francoise de Thomassin de Reillane with whom he had eight children. He was brother of Emmanuel Francoise, Bishop of Frejus who also ordered a service through cousins established in Poundcherry. (Minor edge chips, else fine and original; 12 by 9.5")



Dutch Delft
Tobacco Jar
With The Three Bells Mark
18th Century

Blue and white covered tobacco jar decorated with two Indians smoking on either side of "MANILLA".
This tobacco jar has been professionally restored.
Dimensions: 11.75-inches tall with lid, 6.25-inches without lid, diameter: 5-inches.



Chinese Export, Porcelain Plate, Judgment of Paris, Famille Rose Enamels Qianlong Period, Circa 1750
Reference: Michael Beurdeley, Chinese Trade Porcelain, page 157.

A view of 'Paris' seated by his recumbent hound, offering the golden apple to Aphrodite flanked by Hera and her peacock, and Athena with Cupid seated at her feet. the rim with gilt scrolled edge. (Very good original condition; diameter: 9")



Porcelain, Chinese Export Armorial Dish, Arms of Johnstone Impaling Gordon
Chia Ch'ing, Circa 1805
Baronets of Westehall, Dumfriesshire Impaling Gordon
Reference: D.S. Howard Chinese Armorial Porcelain, volume I, page 783, X4

Sir James Johnstone, 3rd Baronet, had for sons, James and William succeeded him as 4th and 5th Baronets; and George, sometime Governor of Pensacola in Florida and John of Alva. (Restoration to hairline crack; diameter: 7.5")



Porcelain, Chinese Export Armorial Dish, Arms of Winder
K'ang Hsi, Circa 1720
Reference: D.S. Howard Chinese Armorial Porcelain, volume I, page 797, Y3

A rare plate for this period, the Winder family was originally seated in Cumberland. Although probably K'ang His, the service may be later, some date to 1760. Howard states that the underglaze blue and similarity in quality of porcelain and style to 1720 Imari are clear. (Chips to foot of base, else fine and original; diameter: 7.75")



Porcelain, Chinese Export Armorial Dish, Plate, Arms of Colvil, Colville
Scotland, Circa 1800 to 1825
Arms of Colvill or Colville
Reference: D.S. Howard, Chinese Armorial Porcelain, page 229; L2.

Sir Robert Colvill was created Lord Colvill of Ochiltree in Scotland in 1651. The 3rd Baronet died in London in 1782, when the title was claimed by his cousin Robert, but this was disallowed by the House of Lords. It is significant that this coat is shown as impalement on a service made in 1745 for Charles Bennett, 2nd Earl of Tankersville, who married Camilla, daughter of Edward Colville of Whitehouse in Co. Durham, a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Caroline. Although unlikely due to his age, this service may have been made for Edward Colville, his son.
Note: There are differences in the spelling of the name Colvill/Coville It is not written incorrectly. (Excellent original condition having only a few fleabites to foot of base, else fine; diameter: 8.75")



Porcelain Plate, Scudder's American Museum, 8.5"
Rare Puce Transfer
19th Century
Established by John Scudder in 1810; sold to P.T. Barnum in 1841

Fine original condition



English Blue and White Delft, Chinoiserie Decoration, London, Circa 1720 to 1750

Antique English Blue and White Delft Dish, Circa 1720 to 1750, entire view

(A few typical bits of small glaze loss to rim edge, else fine; Diameter: 9")



Antique English Blue and White Delft Dish, Circa 1720 to 1750, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Porcelain, Chinese Export Armorial Dish, Arms of Sir Robert Newman, Rare
K'ang Hsi, Circa 1715
Reference: D.S. Howard Chinese Armorial Porcelain, volume I, page 165, A2 - SOLD

For Sir Roger Newman of Gluvias and Ludgvan near Penzance in Cornwall who was created Baronet in 1815 (Excellent original condition; diameter: 9")

1007-10 - SOLD

Chinese Export, Charger, Oriental Garden Scene, Peonies, Bamboo, Gilt
Circa 1770 - SOLD

Two small chips, all else fine (Diameter: 14.75")

1007-7 - SOLD

Chinese Export, Porcelain, Medium Platter, Armorial, Arms of Bull, Polychrome
Circa 1765 - SOLD

Flower and festoon border, chain diaper (minor edge wear, small chip, all else fine)
See, Chinese Armorial Porcelain by Howard, page 810. (Volume I) (13 by 9.5")

1007-3 - SOLD

Chinese Export, Porcelain, Covered Vegetable Tureen, Armorial
Arms of Putland Impaling Bligh, (Interior with armorial, two armorials on lid)
Circa 1805 - SOLD

Some gilt wear and minor scatted edge frittering (11 by 9")
See similar, Chinese Armorial Porcelain by Howard, page 775, W12 (Volume I)

1007-4 - SOLD

Chinese Export, Porcelain, Massive Platter, Flower and Festoon Border
Chain Diaper (13 by 16.25")
Arms of Thompson
Circa 1750 to 1765 - SOLD

See, Chinese Armorial Porcelain by Howard, page 612; S2; (Excellent condition)
THIS PLATTER is also illustrated in Tudor-Craig 1927 pp. 92 and 93 where he dates the service to 1750 and it was sold at Christies December 20, 1919. He further noted the service was (in the possession of, and) the property of Colonel Samuel John Thomson C.I.E, C.B.E, I.M.S.

1007-6 - SOLD

Chinese Export, Porcelain Plate, Mandarin Family Scene
First Half 19th Century - SOLD

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 9.5" diameter.

1007-2 - SOLD

Abolition Sugar Bowl, Kneeling Slave, Am I Not A Man?
Circa 1820 to 1830
Period equivalent to a T-shirt or bumper sticker announcing your beliefs - SOLD

Cream colored earthenware with transfer-printed decoration displaying four kneeling slaves, two on bowl, same for lid. Excellent condition (Dimensions: 4.75" H, 3.75" diameter.)

232-203 - SOLD

Liverpool Portrait Plate, President James Madison
Black Transfer on Creamware Scalloped Rim Plate
First Quarter 19th Century
10" - SOLD

Although not identified beneath the image this portrait is identical to that which is published in David and Linda Arman's book, Anglo American Ceramics on page 133; Arman states, "the only published example of this great rarity". Two shallow flakes on rim as depicted; we are able to have restoration done before shipping.

310-95 - SOLD

Delft Tobacco Jar...with cover
Circa 1770
Dutch - SOLD

Blue decorated with central inscription "Duinkerker" within elaborate cartouche of flowers and scrolling centered by surmounted urn of flowers. Fitted with period brass cover. The rim has a chip otherwise all else fine and original. (Height: 11-inches)

738-16 - SOLD

Delft Charger
Polychrome...floral - SOLD

This period charger has a diameter of 12.5-inches.

718-13 - SOLD

Chinese Export Cann
Spectacular decoration
Circa 1750-1770's - SOLD

Unusually large Chinese export cann with central polychrome overglaze "Mandarin" decoration and under-glaze blue decoration; make-do iron handle, two large chips on rim and cracks on body.

605-25 - SOLD

Delft Charger
William Of Orange
Lobed - SOLD

As depicted, William of Orange on horseback within a wooded setting within a stylized tulip, daisy and leafy vine border; all in blue, green, black and yellow...over and under glaze. We note that there is a hairline on rim at eleven o'clock with all else excellent. (Diameter: 13.25-inches.)

718-11 - SOLD

18th Century Porcelain Monteith, Faubourg St. Denis, Paris - SOLD

Porcelain monteith made at the Faubourg St. Denis factory in Paris, probably after 1779 when it came under the protection of the Comte d'Atois (1757 - 1836 / Charles X), stenciled gold C.P. under crown on bottom, as well as "X" scratched into glaze .
Excellent condition; noted for accuracy: firing cracks on foot, one filled with glaze.
Dimensions: 5-inches high, 13-inches long.

593-19 - SOLD

Delft Posset Pot
England, circa 1720 - SOLD

Dimensions: 6.875-inches high, 5.625-inch diameter at top.

605-56 - SOLD

Framed Delft Tiles
Depicting Amsterdam - SOLD

Dimensions: 21 by 15-inch frame, 17.25 by 11.5-inch sight size.

232-117 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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