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Silhouettes, Pair of Early Watercolor Profiles, Husband and Wife, Carved Frames Anonymous, “My Mother” and “My Father” with Surname on Verso

Watercolor on laid paper within wonderfully carved frames, tin backs. (Frame: 4.75" x 3.5"; view: 2" x 2.75")




J.A. Davis (Jane Anthony, b. 1821, D. 1855)
Watercolor Portrait of a Lady Holding Book Julia Forbes,
1837, New England A beautifully lady sensitively rendered, mounted in period painted frame

(Watercolor and pencil, Excellent original condition; 8 x 6.5"; view: 5.75 x 4.25")

Was: $6,225; Now: $4,825


Mrs. Moses B. Russell (1809-1854) Portrait of Child in Blue Dress Mounted within a pressed brass frame…

(Frame: 3.75 X3”, view: 1.5 X 2”)



Watercolor Portrait, Gentleman Wearing Blue Coat, by J.H. Gillespie, 1830’s
Watercolor and Gum Arabic

Antique Watercolor Portrait of Gentlman in Blue Coat, by J.H. Gillespie, close up view

The portrait features the artist’s sensitive and fine modeling, detailing, and distinctive background consisting of dabs of brown and blue concentrated on lower, right, and left sides with blue above the sitter. The artist was active on the East Coast of North America circa 1829-1838; he painted in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Maine.
(Excellent original condition; modern matt, mounted in a period veneered frame. Frame: 7.5 by 6.5”, sight-size: 3.25 by 2.75”)



Antique Watercolor Portrait of Gentlman in Blue Coat, by J.H. Gillespie, with ruler for scale

Jacob Maentel, Full Length Profile Portrait; young man in blue coat with top hat
Pennsylvania, Circa 1820
Watercolor on Paper

Antique Watercolor Portrait of Young Man, Jacob Maentel, Pennsylvania, Circa 1820, close up view

The handsome young gentleman wearing dark blue jacket featuring mustard and red buttons holds his top hat with bright red interior.
(The work is mounted in a period paint-decorated frame; ex David Wheatcroft, not examined out of frame; sight-size: 13.5 by 10.5”)



Antique Watercolor Portrait of Young Man, Jacob Maentel, Pennsylvania, Circa 1820, with ruler for scale

Pair of Folk Art Watercolors, Sister and Sister with Doll and Basket of Flowers
Early 19th Century

Charmingly detailed watercolors on paper of two sisters in matching dresses, each holding her treasured possession of the day. With much of their lives ahead, the sisters, close in age at the sitting, are competently captured in their shared expressions of youth, beauty, and the promise of so much more still to come. Although apparently not twins, these sisters exude the sophisticated, yet folky, charm the most advanced folk art collector will treasure while searching out fine examples of children captured in any folk art medium. Charming, charming, charming!

Second quarter of the 19th Century. Found in New York State.
Dimensions: 9.5 by 7.75” frame; 7.5 by 5.75” sight-size.



Double Portrait, Siblings, Full Length, Watercolor
Anonymous, 19th Century
The children playing with top within landscape

Antique Double Portrait of Siblings Playing with a Top, Watercolor, 19th Century, entire view

(Even toning and some foxing, not examined out of frame, frame: 9 by 11.25", sight-size: 6.25 by 8.5")



Portrait, Profile of Gentleman, Federal Period, Watercolor
Anonymous, Possibly Philadelphia Area, Early 19th Century
Nicely rendered image, red striped vest, great hairdo

(Mounted within period gilt frame; reverse-painted matt restored, else fine; view 2 5/8 by 3.5"; overall: 4 5/8 by 5.5")



Silhouette of Woman, by Honeywell, Martha Ann
American, C. 1815

Martha Ann created these fascinating masterpiece silhouettes despite being born without the use of hands using only her mouth and scissors as tools of creation. A most exceptional accomplishment.
Silhouette signed on obverse, with "Cut by M. Huneywell with the astounding mouth" typewritten on verso.
Attractive eglomaise frame.
Overall dimensions: 4.75 by 5.5".



American School Miniature Oval Portrait, Young Girl against Peachy Salmon Ground
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
Watercolor on paper

Antique Miniature Oval Portrait of Young Girl, Early 19th Century, entire view

(The work mounted within a brass frame, white pine backboard; 2.5 by 3.25”)



Silhouette Profile of Gentleman, Watercolor and Gilt, Full Length
In the Circle of the Frith Family, Royal Victoria Gallery
Great Britain, 1840s

(Modern matt and frame, not examined out of frame; attributed; Frame: 10.5 by 14"; view: 5.75 by 9.25")



Silhouette, Female, Hollow Cut
With Peale's "Museum" Mark
Hannah Dyer Castor (sp?)

Fancy wood frame
Dimensions: 4" by 3" Oval sight size.



Watercolor, Boy with Flute
Anonymous, Mid-19th Century
Mounted in period faux grain painted frame, gilt liner

Antique Watercolor of Boy with a Flute, Anonymous, Mid 19th Century, entire view

(Excellent condition; Frame: 9.5 by 11"; view: 7.5 by 6")



Hollow Cut Silhouette with Watercolor Detail of a Gentleman
Anonymous, American, Early 19th Century

Antique Hollow Cut Silhouette of Gentleman with Watercolor Detail, 19th Century, entire view

(Good condition; mounted within a period lemon gold frame; Eglomise matt; frame: 5 by 6”, sight-size: 3.5 by 4.5”)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes



19th Century Portrait of Black Gentleman, American School, Mr. Baltimore
Watercolor on paperboard, 10 by 8.5-inches (frame: 13 by 12”) - SOLD

Antique Watercolor Portrait of a Black Gentleman, 19th Century, close up view

Inscribed in pencil on back of the wood frame, Colored man named Baltimore/lived in Troy, NY. Other portraits by this yet to be identified artist are found in the Karolik Collection, the Garbisch Collection; also, Sotheby Parke Bernet Americana Sale, New York, April 27, 29, and 30, 1997; lots 428, 429, 430, and 431.

1125-1 - SOLD

Rufus Porter Double Profile Portraits, Husband and Wife, Eglomise & Gilt Matt
Circa 1825 - SOLD

Antique Rufus Porter Double Profile Portraits of Husband and Wife, Circa 1825 entire view

(6” by 9”)

1192-1 - SOLD

Pair of Early 19th Century American Watercolor Portraits, Man and Woman
Pennsylvania Origin, Ex Anita and Irvin Schorsch - SOLD

Antique Pair of Watercolor Portraits of a Man and Woman, 19th Century, pair view

(Frames re-gilt; Frame: 6.5 by 7.25”, sight-size: 4 by 5”)

270-128 - SOLD

Henry Walton (1820 to 1873), Portrait of Boy Seated with Kite at Foot, in Landscape
Likely Central New York, Circa 1830’s
Watercolor on paper - SOLD

Antique Watercolor Portrait of a Seated Boy with a Kite, Henry Walton, Circa 1830's, close up view

(Very good condition, we examined out-of-frame; although the maple veneered frame is period, it is not original. Frame: 9.25 by 7.25"; view: 6.5 by 4.5")

1002-271 - SOLD

James Sanford Ellsworth, Miniature Watercolor Profile Portraits
Samuel C. Parker (1824 to 1906) and Fannie Herrick Parker (1821 to 1891), Bozrah, Connecticut - SOLD

Antique Miniature Watercolor Profile Portraits of Samuel and Fannie Parker, by James Sanford Ellsworth, close up view

Painted on embossed valentine envelopes, subjects seated in green upholstered chairs having yellow frames [catalog chair form 3]; he wears a black coat, white shirt and bowtie; she wears a black dress and elaborate white cap featuring a large rosette over her ear. These are within the artists later body of work; subjects identified by previous owner, John Walton, Griswold, Connecticut. Literature: The Paintings of James S. Ellsworth – Itinerant Folk Artist, 1802-1873 by Lucy Mitchel, pp. 69 and 97, figures A149 and A150. (Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1974)
(The paper on which the gentleman has been painted was reduced along the top and right margins; not affecting the portrait [top of cloud is missing]; mounted within period molded and paint decorated frame measuring: 7 by 5”, sight-size: 4.5 by 3”)


492-134 - SOLD

Portrait, Feminine Lady by Jane Anthony Davis (1821 to 1855), J.A. Davis - SOLD

(Frame: 5.75 by 6.75", sight-size: 4.25 by 5.25")

216-541 - SOLD

Portraits, Miniature, Pair, British Officer and Wife, Oil on Paper on Jute Backing
Anonymous, Illegibly Signed, 18th Century, Later Frames - SOLD

Good condition, appears to be no restoration; one examined out of frame.
(Frame: 4.75 by 5.5", sight-size: 3.25 by 2.75")

1071-5 - SOLD

Profile Portrait, Silhouette of Gentleman
Signed D. Davis
19th Century - SOLD

Watercolor, pencil and crayon (Frame: 9 by 8.25"; view: 5.5 by 4.25")

191-455 - SOLD

Folk Portrait, Watercolor, Woman Wearing Bonnet and Blue Dress
19th Century - SOLD

Mounted within paint decorated frame, some toning and foxing
(Frame: 10.5 by 13.25", sight-size: 7 by 9.75")

536-34 - SOLD

Folk Portrait, Watercolor, Woman Holding Flower, Full Length
19th Century - SOLD

Mounted within painted frame; toning, scattered foxing and soiling consistent with age
(Frame: 11 by 13", sight-size: 7 by 9.5")

536-35 - SOLD

Portrait, Brother and Sister with Doll and Dog, Shown in Landscape
19th Century
A competent rendering - SOLD

Mounted within paint decorated frame; not examined out of frame.
(Frame: 14.5 by 12.5"; view: 11.75 by 9.75")

240-192 - SOLD

Silhouette, Woman in Brown Dress
Hollow Cut and Watercolor - SOLD

Signed on back gifting the profile, names not legible.
Dimensions: 3.25 by 4.25" frame; 2.25 by 3.5" sight-size.

336-66 - SOLD

Silhouette, Man, Pencil and Watercolor
By D. N. Jones, on Back - SOLD

Dimensions: 3.5 by 4.75" frame; 2 by 3.25" sight-size.

336-90 - SOLD

Two Miniature Paintings - SOLD

As depicted, each 1.25-inches diameter and mounted on a 1.75-inches diameter round piece of laid paper, one is painted with a scene of castle ruins by a river, the other depicts an American man o' war in full sail with Old Glory unfurled at the stern.

333-81 - SOLD

Circa 1820
Oil on pine panel - SOLD

A lovely, small portrait of sisters in white dresses and red sashes posed in an unusual outdoor setting. Very good original condition. (5.75 x 6.25 inches.)

310-76 - SOLD

Reverse Painted On Glass
Pair Of Eglomise Silhouettes
Lt.Gen/Sir Adam WILLIAMSON and Lady Ann (Jones) Williamson
Each With Label Of WM. Hamlet of Bath...Patronized by Her Majesty
Subjects identified on backboards; inked period script...
Circa 1800-1815 - SOLD

As depicted, the images with draped and looped curtains typical of this scarcely encountered hand...Sir Williamson, a known British commander is depicted wearing civilian dress with top hat and cane while Lady Williamson is positioned before a pianoforte holding rolled sheet music. The works are mounted within original gilt frames and are made all the more special by each retaining original artists labels. (Frame: 9.5 x 12 inches; view: 6.5 x 9 inches.)

448-9 - SOLD

Jacob Maentel, Full Length Profile Portrait of Gentleman
By Jacob Maentel (1763 to 1863)
Active in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania
Watercolor on paper - SOLD

Classic full-length Maentel profile depicting handsome young-man wearing long tail and high boots standing on grassy knoll Other than usual toning and creases, the work remains in excellent condition. (Frame: 8.75 by 12.5"; view: 6.75 by 10.5")

505-67 - SOLD

Portrait of Hartwell Melvin, Miniature
Rufus Porter (1792 to 1884)
Circa 1820
Watercolor, ink, and gouache on paper - SOLD

(Frame: 4.5" by 5.5"; view: 3.2"5 by 4.25".)

274-136 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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