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Manuscripts, Signed Documents, 1764 French & Indian War Related Document
Date/Period: Jan 31, 1764, Goshen, Connecticut

Manuscripts, Signed Documents, 1764 French & Indian War Related Document, entire view

Measurement: 6 by 7.25”

Material: Ink on woven paper, [Mss.DS]

Transcription: "To Joseph Talcut (Talcott) Esq. Treasury of the Colony of Connecticut
Sir these are to order + desire you to pay unto Eben'r (Ebenezer) Hill the Barror
(Bearer) of the sum of 5/ (pounds) for commuting two French prisoners to Goul (Jail) in
the year 1759 by order of Athority (Authority) Dated Goshen Jan'y (January) 31th 1764
per me Sam'l Pettibone Justice Peace"

Description: 1764 French & Indian War-Related Document, Goshen, CT “commuting
two French prisoners to Goul (Jail)" in 1759. Dated January 31st, 1764 at Goshen,
Connecticut. Written entirely in the hand of Samuel Pettibone and signed by him at the
conclusion (as Justice of the Peace), the document seeks payment to Ebenezer Hill
from the Treasurer of the State of Connecticut for transporting two French prisoners to
JAIL five years earlier, in 1759. Verso of document signed in ink by Ebenezer Hill,
indicating that he was reimbursed for his services. There is also some docketing
information on the verso indicating the document was audited.

Condition: Ink is dark, with all text legible. Multiple folds with some seam separation.
Will look great framed.



Manuscripts, Signed Documents, 1764 French & Indian War Related Document, entire view 2

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