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Robert Deacon Peckham (1785-1877)
Portrait of Children and Pet Dog
Likely Massachusetts, circa 1830s, Oil on Canvas

Robert Deacon Peckham (1785-1877)
Portrait of Children and Pet Dog

Seated Children, one child with book, sibling with pet dog (The canvas has been lined and is mounted on original stretcher within modern frame; there are scattered minor losses pretty much limited to outside perimeter; frame: 43.5" x 49.5"; view: 34.5" x 40.5").

Robert Deacon Peckham (1785-1877)
Portrait of Children and Pet Dog

Robert Deacon Peckham (1785-1877)
Portrait of Children and Pet Dog back



Portrait, American School,
Lady at Draped Window,
Fine Original Condition
Unknown Artist, circa 1830s

AntiquePortrait, American School,
Lady at Draped Window entire_787-17 ,

(Untouched original condition: frame: 32.5 x 28.25"; view: 27.5 x 23.25"

AntiquePortrait, American School,
Lady at Draped Window Drape_787-17 ,

AntiquePortrait, American School,
Lady at Draped Window back_787-17 ,



Portrait of Infant with Dog Seated on Carpet Anonymous, American School, 19th Century

Portrait of Infant with Dog Seated on Carpet Anonymous, American School ,

Oil on canvas, original frame and stretcher
(Recently cleaned… Frame: 37 x 42"; view: 28 x 35")

Portrait of Infant with Dog Seated on Carpet Anonymous, American School ,

Portrait of Infant with Dog Seated on Carpet Anonymous, American School ,back




Pair of Federal Pendant Portraits, Man and Woman
Anonymous, American School, early 19th century
Oil on canvas

Antique Pair of Federal Portraits of a Man and Woman, American School, Early 19th Century, pair view

Soberly yet well-dressed, this couple belonged to the rising middle class in post-Revolutionary America. May have been painted following a wedding or to mark a professional success of the husband. The portraits have been lined on canvas and mounted on newish stretchers, otherwise original condition. (Frame: 30 by 27.5"; view: 22 by 25")



Full Length Portrait, Boy in Blue with Whip & Wagon, Joseph Whiting Stock
Attributed to Joseph Whiting Stock (American, Massachusetts, 1815 to 1855)
Portrait of a boy dressed in blue with whip and pull wagon, circa 1845 to 1855
Oil on canvas

Antique Full Length Portrait of a Boy in Blue, Attributed to Joseph Whiting Stock, Circa 1845, close up view

(Lined, new stretcher, extremely minor fill; fine condition; Dimensions: 43" high by 27" wide; frame 49.25" by 33.25".)



Antique Full Length Portrait of a Boy in Blue, Attributed to Joseph Whiting Stock, Circa 1845, with ruler for scale
Antique Full Length Portrait of a Boy in Blue, Attributed to Joseph Whiting Stock, Circa 1845, carpet detail

A Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Individual Coats of Arms, Dated 1662
Johanna Magdalena Von Sigershoven & Maximilian Von Sigershoven
Likely Austro-German

Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, close up views

Maximillian Von Sigershoven was an Alderman and member of war council in the city of Bern, Switzerland. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the army and a “Caretaker” of the State. (This pair of oil on canvas portraits once displayed typical and expected imperfections; now strip-lined, repairs to small punctures, and overall craquelure. Considering the age, the portraits remain in very good condition, each canvas displays scattered in-painting. Dimensions: frames: 44 by 34”, sight-size: 28.5 by 38”)



Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, entire views
Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, husband text detail
Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, crest detail
Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, wife text detail
Antique Pair of 17th Century Marriage Portraits, Johanna and Maximilian Von Sigershoven, Likely Austro-German, hand and flower detail

Portrait, Young Woman Wearing Bonnet and Fichu, Folk Art
Anonymous, Circa 1830's
An attractive and agreeable subject confidently rendered

(Some over-glazing, else fine; frame: 36.25 by 45.25"; view: 38.75 by 29.5")



Triple Portrait, Three Siblings, the Kendall Children, Sterling, Massachusetts
Attributed to Jones Fawson Morris (1801 to 1839), The children of Dr. Pierson and Lucinda Kendall of Sterling; George,
Charles and Lucinda; about 1828
Oil on bed ticking, original frame (Frame: 29 by 34.25"; view: 25.75 by 29.25)

See American Folk Art, Lovingly Collected, Worcester Art Museum, Paul S. D'Ambrosio, page 55, The Pratt Children, circa 1835.
The painting remains in very good condition; was laid on board during the mid-20th century with only scattered and minor losses restored; lightly cleaned and very minor in-painting. This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested.



Portrait, Lady in Bonnet, Puffy Sleeves, Folk Art
American School, Anonymous
Circa 1830's
An agreeable and sensitive rendering

Relined, extremely minor in-paint
(Dimensions: 31 by 36.25" frame, 24.5 by 29.5" sight-size.)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Mid 18th Century Portrait of Bewigged Gentleman
Anonymous, Circa 1750
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Antique Portrait of Bewigged Gentleman, Oil on Canvas, Circa 1750, close up views

An agreeable gentleman within spandrels
(Relined and installed on new stretcher during the 19th century; frame: 34 by 29"; view: 23.75 by 28.75")

997-25 - SOLD

Portraits, 18th Century, Man and Woman, Signed Samuel Jennings, Pennsylvania
A native of Philadelphia, working there from 1787 to about 1792
Circa 1790, signed on verso, S. Jennings Pinx - SOLD

Antique Pair of 18th Century Portraits, by S. Jennings, close up views

(Although not re- lined the canvas has been re-stretched mounted within new frames; scattered in-painting and restoration; Frame: 23.25 by 27.25"; view: 22.25 by 18.25")

659-127 - SOLD

Portrait, Dorothy Quincy (1747 to 1837), Mrs. John Hancock, Early 19th Century
After John Singleton Copley (The original, circa 1772)
A beautiful portrait rendered in thoughtful pose; hand to face as favored by the artist in several other renderings - SOLD

Dorothy Quincy was born in Boston to Judge Edmund Quincy and Elizabeth Wendell Quincy, they were one of Massachusetts leading families; her formative years were lived within the Quincy home at Braintree, Massachusetts. The home was frequently visited by John and Samuel Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, James Otis, and John Hancock; all friends of her father, an ardent patriot.

While visiting her future husband, John, and his Aunt Lydia in their home at Lexington, Dorothy was present when American Revolutionist Paul Revere arrived to warn Hancock of approaching British soldiers; when the battle between British Regulars and Patriot militiamen began, Dorothy and Aunt Lydia remained in the home witnessing from a bedroom window, the Battle of Lexington and Concord - the first battle of the Revolutionary War. Dorothy documented what she witnessed and wrote detailed descriptions of what she had encountered during the battle.

The original portrait is hung in the Dola Hamilton Stemberg Family Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

(Very good condition; likely the original stretcher, no restoration; modern frame; frame: 25.75 by 30.75"; view: 26.75 by 21.75")

1090-1 - SOLD

Portrait of Gentleman, Mounted Within Carved and Gilt Frame
Anonymous, 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Gentleman in Carved and Gilt Frame, 18th Century, close up view

(Minor restoration, lined, else fine; overall 31 by 26.5”)

1146-1 - SOLD

American School Folk Portrait, Young Man Seated in Paint Decorated Chair
Anonymous, 1830ish
Stylish, handsome and agreeable - SOLD

Antique Folk Portrait of Seated Young Man, American School, 1830ish, close up view

(Lined, new stretcher, minor infill; mounted within an outstanding modern paint-decorated frame measuring: 35 by 28"; view: 27 by 20")

606-103 - SOLD

Portrait, Sea Captain, American School, Within the Circle of John S. Blunt
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Circa 1830
The captain wears and brown jacket, yellow vest and is shown with his ship in background - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Sea Captain, Within the Circle of John S. Blunt, Circa 1830, close up view

(Lined and mounted on newish stretcher; Ex Kennedy Gallery; Frame: 30 by 36”, sight-size: 24 by 29.5”)

1123-2 - SOLD

Portrait, Child with Dog and Cat, American School, Full Length Folk Portrait
Anonymous, Possibly Southern, 19th Century
Displaying the innocence of childhood and a loving bond with her pets - SOLD

A typed sheet of history is affixed to verso; states that the subject is Emma Woodfin Kerr (1851-1914) with family history. (Strong color, relined, mounted on new stretcher within contemporary frame; scattered in-painting/restoration; frame: 31 by 35.5"; view: 25 by 29.5")

965-3 - SOLD

Portraits, Pastel and Crayon on Paper, Pair
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Brick, Original Frames
Port Elizabeth, New Jersey
Circa 1810
Attributed James Martin (Active 1794 to 1798) - SOLD

Martin came to America in 1794; advertised in New Jersey in 1795 as "from New York, late of Fleet Street, London," and worked in New York from 1797 until 1820. (See Sotheby's, lot 948, January 1994; sale 6527, Fine Americana; Also, Keno Auctions, May 2010, lot 414. (Some minor paper loss at extreme edges (lady), otherwise very good; 23.75 by 27.75"; view: 19.25 by 23.25") Accompanying these portraits are a related will, marriage certificate and household inventory.

505-95 - SOLD

Portrait of a Woman, Probably Fanny Kemble
Attributed to Thomas Sully (American, 1783 to 1872)
Circa 1840s
An attractive rendering of notable actress and abolitionist - SOLD

Oil on canvas, frame: 26 by 29.75"; view: 19.25 by 23", modern gilt frame, original stretcher; lined, retouch, patch reinforcement, craquelure.

121-192 - SOLD

Folk Portrait of Child in White Dress, Full Length Seated
In the Circle of Ezra Ames (Albany)
New York
Circa 1830
The subject purportedly granddaughter of artist, not confirmed - SOLD

Oil on canvas, original stretcher and frame
(Frame has been re-gilt, otherwise very good; 29.5 by 24")

1039-25 - SOLD

Portraits, Man and Woman, Fine Clothing, Jewelry and Books
Continental, Possibly Belgium
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Portrait of a Woman wearing large necklace, holding book, the inscription beside her AEt: 50. Ao: 1774 indicate her age and possibly provide a time range for the age of the painting; the herald is unidentified. The agreeable gentleman is seated at a green cloth covered table and is also depicted with a book. (Both canvases have been relined and restored, in-painting, the lady to a greater degree; frames: 31.5 by 39", sight-sizes: 25.5 by 32.25")

925-6 - SOLD

Portrait, Young Gentleman at Table, Leather Bound Journals and Quill Pen
American School
Circa 1810 - SOLD

Competently rendered, agreeable subject, mounted in period frame, no in-painting
(Frame: 31.75 by 36.5"; view: 24.75 by 29.5")

497-96 - SOLD

Portrait of Little Girl Holding Doll, Folk Art
New England, Anonymous
Mid Nineteenth Century
A sweet porthole portrait by a recognized hand yet to be identified - SOLD

(Purchased mid-20th century in New York State, purportedly portrait of Robie Harlow.) The picture remains in excellent condition; wax lined, new stretcher; minor restoration. (Frame: 34.5 by 28.75"; view: 29.5 by 24")

1035-1 - SOLD

Old Master Painting, Portrait of Little Girl Wearing Holding a Flower
Painted and Signed by FG Stolberg (Franz Gebhard Stolberg)
Circa 1650
Possibly a Collaboration, Portraitist and Painter of Still Life
Interior with floral still life in the circle of Georg Flegel (1566 to 1638) - SOLD

Oil on canvas, signed lower left; excellent condition, relined canvas and two tiny areas of in-painting. (Dimensions: 31.5 by 36.75" frame, 25.5 by 30.5" sight-size.)

570-275 - SOLD

Folk Art Portrait, Young Lady, American School, William Bonnell
Signed William Bonnell, Pinxt 1830
Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Oil on canvas - SOLD

A colorful portrait remaining in very good condition having only minor in-painting; the canvas remains on original stretcher. The artist signed and dated the verso. See American Naive Paintings, National Gallery of Art, Washington by Deborah Chotner, pp. 14, 15, and 16. (Frame: 26 by 30.5"; view: 22 by 26.5")

570-221 - SOLD

Portrait, Lady in Blue
Circa 1770 to 1780 - SOLD

Oil on canvas, painting has been restored but appears to be on original stretcher.
Dimensions: 23.25 by 30".

786-4 - SOLD

Portrait, Woman in White Bonnet Holding Red Book
Attributed to Robert Street (1796 to 1865)
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

The canvas has been lined and remains on original stretcher with the gilt frame appearing to be original; restoration includes in-painting.
(Dimensions: 31.5 by 36.75" frame, 24.5 by 29.5" sight-size.)

883-2 - SOLD

Portrait, Young Woman, Oil on Panel
Identified as Elsie Ray
Attributed to Belknap
19th Century - SOLD

Panel has characteristic gray wash on the back. The portrait is untouched and remains in its original frame. Dimensions: 26 by 32.25" frame, 20 by 26" sight-size.

816-12 - SOLD

Portrait, Native American Warrior Wearing Headdress and Bone Breastplate
Signed, J. Payro 1929 (Unknown to us)
Oil on canvas
A handsome composition in porthole format - SOLD

(Excellent original condition, the work mounted within modern frame; 29 by 29")

528-5 - SOLD

Little Boy With Book, Basket, And Hammer
Mid-Nineteenth Century
Anonymous - SOLD

As depicted, this child wearing a plaid-dress with ruffled lace collar is seated on a sofa next to an open basket with hammer; the child holds an open primer. The work remains on original stretcher and is mounted within its original mahogany veneer on white pine with blocked-corners frame. There is a tiny puncture above the child's head; three tiny punctures have been repaired with all else fine. (Frame: 29.5 x 34.5 inches; view: 21.25 x 26.25 inches.)

314-30 - SOLD

Boy with Dog
Signed Joseph G. Cole (1806-1858)
Oil on canvas - SOLD

As depicted, handsome lad with his spaniel seated on plush sofa before green drapery. The picture appears to be mounted within its original frame and remains on original stretcher. Joseph Greenleaf Cole was born in Newburyport and worked in Boston and Portland, Maine.
(Frame: 28.75 x 34 inches; view: 24.25 x 29.25 inches.)

314-39 - SOLD

Portrait of a Man
William P. Codman
Circa 1815
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Portrait of a fashionable young man, wearing a brass buttoned coat with a shawl collar, yellow vest, high collar, white stock, and jeweled stickpin. The portrait is mounted within its original gilt and black painted frame with a sand finish. The painting is signed on the stretcher "Wm. P. Codman pinxt 1815," (William P. Codman is known to have been active in Maine from 1805 through 1819, he apparently moved to Boston in 1820 and was active there until 1831.) Other than some traces of gold paint where someone touched up the frame with the painting in place, the painting is in very good condition with no damage or apparent restoration. (21-inches x 17-inches framed, 17.25-inches x 13-inches view.)

731-9 - SOLD

Portrait, Young Child in Blue Dress
American or English School
Circa 1740 - SOLD

This picture was found in the Hudson River Valley and is mounted within a molded frame with gilt liner; the work is lined and stretched on recent strainer; very minor in-painting mostly confined to outermost edges.
Dimensions: 30.75 by 35.75" frame, 24.5 by 29.5" sight-size.

786-1 - SOLD

Portrait of Man in Fancy Painted Chair, Aaron Dean Fletcher
"Taken July 11th, 1835", inscribed "AE 27 yrs" and signed by A.D. Fletcher
Probably Vermont - SOLD

This signed and dated work remains in fine original condition; the canvas is mounted on a new stretcher; frame not original. Ex collection-Hillary Underwood. (26.25 by 26.25")

594-31 - SOLD

Marietta Jarvis (1785-1843)
Oil on canvas - SOLD

An attractive woman wearing lace bonnet and collar. Remaining in fine original condition including stretcher and painted frame.
Dimensions: 32.75 by 37.75-inch frame, 25 by 30-inch sight-size.

359-2 - SOLD

Nineteenth Century American Portrait, Brother and Sister with Hound in Landscape
Signed, F.E, Cohen (lower right) Frederick E. Cohen (1818 to 1858)
English born American painter regarded as first Jewish artist of Michigan and Ohio - SOLD

Antique American Portrait of Siblings with Hound, Signed F.E. Cohen, 19th Century, close up view

(Re-stretched yet not relined, extremely minor, and small touches; frame: 38.25 by 43"; view: 29.5 by 34.25")

497-12 - SOLD


Eighteenth Century Portrait, Boy in Blue
Anonymous, Circa 1750
A handsome and agreeable lad within porthole format, mounted in carved period frame - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Boy in Blue, Anonymous, Circa 1750, close up view

Handsome half-length portrait of an adolescent boy in a light blue jacket and waistcoat, with delicately rendered cotton cuffs and collar. His competently-painted hand holds a small book and the other is tucked into his waistcoat, giving him a mature and scholarly air. Children in the early to mid-eighteenth century were dressed and expected to behave as miniature adults, and education was a priority for middle and upper-class families. Literacy was necessary among the children of wealthy families, and that our young man’s family would commission a portrait of their son at such an early age shows fondness but also an expectation of greatness. Very minor restoration commensurate with age; re-stretched and lined.
(Frame: 35 by 31.5"; view: 27 by 23.5")

659-147 - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Boy in Blue, Anonymous, Circa 1750, with ruler for scale

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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