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Portraits of Unidentified Husband and Wife,
Circa 1830
Royal Brewster Smith (1801 – 1855) Maine

The artist, born in Buxton, Maine…he lived in Limington, Maine between 1821 and 1825. As an itinerant portrait painter, he traveled from town to town producing inexpensive portraits…a noteworthy figure in the history of American folk art. Arthur and Sybil Kern identified thirty-six portraits painted between 1830 and 1837 (as of 1988). Of these, 23 of the sitters were known, interestingly all were residents of a small area in Maine, none were more than 25-miles apart from another. Twenty-three of the sitters were related by marriage or were members of Smith’s family. Only eight of Smith’s paintings are signed. All characteristics of these portraits are definitively assigned to the artists formula which he used consistently. His earlier works are flatter and feature a prominent shadow along the line of the nose as seen here. The portraits remain on original stretchers and survived in a high state of originality except the frames. (Frame: 30.5 x 35.5"; view: 24.5 x 29.5") See the Clarion, America’s Folk Art Magazine, The Museum of American Folk Art, Painted By Royal Brewster Smith, pp. 48 – 55, by Arthur and Sybil Kern.

 Portraits of Unidentified Husband and Wifeand his Wife, by Royal Brewster Smith, Circa 1830



John Brewster Jr., Captain Samuel Lewis and His Wife Abigail Lewis, Folk Portraits
Painted Circa 1800, John Brewster, Jr., (1766 to 1854)
Oil on canvas
Frame: 33.75 by 38.5"; view: 26 by 30.75"

Antique Pair of Portraits of Captain Lewis and his Wife, by John Brewster Jr., Circa 1800, close up view

Abigail (Mrs. Samuel) Lewis and the painter John Brewster, Jr. were cousins; seventh generation descendants of William Brewster the elder of Plymouth Colony. Samuel Lewis’s title of Captain was an honorary one commonly given to ship owners in the late 1700s and early 1800s. (The couple married 7 September 1794 in Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; they produced five children)

Samuel Lewis

Birth: 10 Jul 1771 Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Death: 1 Jan 1842 Cheviot, Hamilton County, Ohio
Burial: Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

Abigail Turner “Nabby” Tolman Lewis

Birth: 22 Aug 1772 Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Death: 27 Feb 1843
Burial: Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

(Scattered minor restoration; backed on aluminum panels; call for details and/or additional historic information.)



Antique Pair of Portraits of Captain Lewis and his Wife, by John Brewster Jr., Circa 1800, pair view

John Bradley, Portrait of Little Girl, Porthole Format, Signed John Bradley, N.Y., Active in NYC Environs 1832-1847

John Bradley, Portrait of Little Girl, Porthole Format, Signed
John Bradley, N.Y., Active in NYC Environs 1832-1847

Typical of his later works, more academic in spirit, this young child is painted against a clouded blue sky. The frame and matt were fabricated for this painting during the 20th century; canvas remains on original stretcher. Scattered in-painting.
Frame: 26.75" x 30"; view: 15" x 18"

John Bradley, Portrait of Little Girl, Porthole Format, Signed
John Bradley, N.Y., Active in NYC Environs 1832-1847

John Bradley, Portrait of Little Girl, Porthole Format, Signed
John Bradley, N.Y., Active in NYC Environs 1832-1847



William Jennys, Portrait of Gentleman, Likely Connecticut or Vicinity
An accomplished waist-length composition
William Jennys (1774 to 1859)
Oil on Canvas

Antique Portrait of a Gentleman, By William Jennys, Oil on Canvas, close up view

Jennys advertised in 1792 as a portrait painter in Norwich, Connecticut; he was active mid-1790s throughout the Connecticut River Valley and New York. He settled in Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1804, where he was most productive and financially successful; after 1817 he moved to Littleton, New Hampshire.
(The painting was long ago relined and mounted within a period frame displaying a wonderful surface. Frame: 29.5 by 34"; view: 24 by 29")

Literature: William Lamson Warren, "The Jenny's Portraits," in the Connecticut Historical Society BULLETIN, volume 20 (Hartford, October 1955), number 4, pp. 97-128. See the illustration for figure 10; page 104, "Unidentified Portrait," on page 128 appears this further note: "UNIDENTIFIED PORTRAIT. The subject of this portrait is said to be Thomas Seymour (1735-1829), first Mayor of Hartford. Portrait attributed to William Jenny's. (25 by 29 inches. [Figure 10]. Relined, modern stretchers. Lent by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mallory III, Rye, N.Y."

Exhibited: "Richard and William Jennys Exhibition, November 1955 through January 1956; the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn." (See page 122.)



Antique Portrait of a Gentleman, By William Jennys, Oil on Canvas, with ruler for scale

Tompkins Harrison Matteson (1813 to 1814) Portrait of Devillo White Corbin, C. 1840
A Child and His Dog within Landscape, Oil on Canvas, Original Painted Frame
Lifelong farmer near Bennettsville, NY
Exhibited: Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY, summer 1988

Antique Portrait of Devillo White Corbin, by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, entire view

Devillo White Corbin, born Oct. 8, 1835, died July 23, 1917, Chenango County, NY
(Frame: 56 by 42.5”, sight-size: 45.75 by 32”)
Please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.



Antique Portrait of Devillo White Corbin, by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, close up detail
Antique Portrait of Devillo White Corbin, by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, dog detail
Antique Portrait of Devillo White Corbin, by Tompkins Harrison Matteson, flowers detail

Portrait, Lady in Blue
Attributed to Joseph Blackburn (Active 1752 through 1777)

The appeal of Blackburn's work is apparent in this half-length portrait of a stylish young lady with fashionably rouged cheeks rendered in an elegant pose; a pinned ribbon ornaments her bodice and meticulously rendered lace is featured on her sleeves and the square-cut neck of her dress. The subjects outstretched arms and hands are typical of Blackburn's oeuvre. The canvas was long ago re-stretched; there is extremely minor scattered in-painting.
(Dimensions: 27.75 by 35.75".)



American School Portrait, Young Boy Reading, The Subject is Aged 14, 1804
Anonymous, Verso Dated 1804
This painting just in; please call or email if interested in discussing attribution

Antique Portrait of a Young Boy Reading, American School, Dated 1804, close up view

(Fine condition; frame: 28 by 33”, sight-size: 22 by 28”)



Antique Portrait of a Young Boy Reading, American School, Dated 1804, with ruler for scale
Antique Portrait of a Young Boy Reading, American School, Dated 1804, writing detail

Portrait-Young Child
American School
Circa 1830's

As depicted, the handsome child seated before rose-color drapery holding flowers. The work is mounted with a period gilt frame. Extremely minor touchup to a few scattered abrasions with all else fine. (Frame: 33.25 x 38.25 inches; view: 23.25 x 28.25 inches.)



Portrait, Young Man Holding a Pen, Seated in Decorated Windsor Chair, Folk Art
A Powerful, Engaging and Intense Composition
Attributed to Harlan Page (1791 to 1834)
Likely Connecticut, Dated 1821

A related portrait may be viewed at the Florence Griswald museum website; Works from the Hartford Steam Boiler Collection or see Hildegard Cummings article published in Antiques and Fine Art; Portraiture in Early Connecticut
(Lined; scatted in-paint; mounted within period gilt frame; 30 by 34", sight-size: 22.5 by 26.5")



Portraits, Pair, Folk, Untouched Original Condition Including Frame and Stretcher
John and Caroline Whitman Newcomb
Massachusetts, circa: 1830's
Oil on Canvas

John Whitman Newcomb
Born July 24, 1807
Married September 1, 1833
Died April 12, 1867

Caroline Gobbs Newcomb
Born October 10, 1814
Died August 2, 1877
(The original gilt frames measure 33 by 27.75", sight-sizes: 27 by 21.75")



Daniel Webster's Portrait, Statesman, Great Orator (1782 to 1852)
Nineteenth Century

In very good condition with some minor glazing and an old two" repair at upper right. (Frame: 31.25 by 37"; sight-size: 26 by 32")



19th Century Portrait, Woman Seated Within Interior at Worktable
Anonymous, Circa 1820
Oil on canvas

Antique Portrait of a Seated Woman, Oil on Canvas, Circa 1820, close up view

(Long ago stretched and mounted; very minor fill in background; frame: 31 by 36”, sight-size: 24 by 29.5”)



Antique Portrait of a Seated Woman, Oil on Canvas, Circa 1820, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Portrait of Ann Morley by George Romney, 1787
Romney, (1734 to 1802); perhaps the most fashionable society portraitist of his day - SOLD

Antique Portrait of Anne Morley, By George Romney, 1787, close up view

See, George Romney, A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings by Alex Kidson, Volume II, [Ann Morley], page 420, number 922. (Yale University Press, 2015)
Morley (1757-1787) was widow of Captain John Barlow, she became second wife of James Morley in 1787; she and her infant son died in childbirth the same year.

Torn label on top of stretcher reads: "Mrs. M--- / Anne - (born-- / after May 1784 / wife of James Mor-- / Bombay & Sempsh-- / Hants. died Dec.24,1787 / Buried in Winchester Cathedral / Painted in 1787". (c) This may be identified as Mrs. Morley of no.2, Soho Square, listed in Ward, Thomas Humphry and W. Roberts. Romney. London, 1904.

(Outstanding frame may be original; displays minor imperfections; professional restoration available. Very minor restoration to canvas, fill to cracklature. (Frame: 34.25 by 39”, sight-size: 23.5 by 28.5”)

We have other information and provenance, we invite your phone call.

879-44 - SOLD

Portrait, Oil on Canvas, Englishman; Edward Acton, 1651 to 1719, Circa 1700 - SOLD

Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait of an Englishman, Circa 1700, close up view

(Extremely minor 19th century restoration; frame: 32 by 38”, sight-size: 24 by 30”)

997-18 - SOLD

Portrait of a Man Holding a Telescope
18th Century
Elegantly dressed self assured gentleman - SOLD

(Excellent condition, original stretcher, never relined, extremely minor "touches". Dimensions: 34.75 by 30.75".)

843-188 - SOLD

Portrait, Noble Gentleman in Gray
America or England
Circa 1720 to 1730
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

The confident subject within feigned oval architectural cartouche, depicted before a landscape, looks directly at the viewer. The gentleman in full wig wears a ruffled cravat, blue shirt and gray silk coat. The painting was lined and stretched during the 19th century; some in-painting mostly confined to areas of stretcher otherwise extremely minor.
(Dimensions: 29.5 by 24.75".)

786-8 - SOLD

Eighteenth Century Portrait, Clergy Wearing Preaching Bands
Original carved, painted and parcel gilt frame - SOLD

Antique Portrait of Clergyman Wearing Preaching Bands, 18th Century, close up view

(Lined and remounted during the 19th century, restoration; frame: 34 by 39.5”, sight-size: 24 by 30”)

1140-2 - SOLD

Federal Period Portrait, Agreeable and Handsome Gentleman, American School
Anonymous, oil on panel - SOLD

Antique Federal Period Portrait of a Handsome Gentleman, American School, close up view

(Looks great under black-light, modern frame; frame: 25 by 30"; view: 21 by 25.5")

414-66 - SOLD

Pair of 18th Century Portraits, Elegant Man and Woman, Competently Rendered
Anonymous, Continental
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Antique Pair of Portraits of an Elegant Couple, Anonymous, 18th Century, pair view

(Relined and mounted on updated stretcher during the 19th century; a few extremely minor scattered spots of glazing; no frames, 23” by 28”)

648-16 - SOLD

Outstanding Half Length Portrait, Young Woman, White Dress and Red Shawl
Ammi Phillips (1788 to 1865), Circa 1815 to 1820 - SOLD

Antique Half Length Portrait of Young Woman, By Ammi Phillips, Circa 1815 to 1820, close up view

(The portrait is mounted in a period gilt frame; the artist reused an old canvas, on the reverse is found a portrait of gentleman. There are scattered and very tiny areas of fill that are about moot. Frame: 28.75 by 34.75”, sight-size: 23 by 29”)

570-499 - SOLD

Portrait, Young Gentleman
Attributed to Horace Bundy (1814-1883)
Circa 1840's
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

The canvas remains on original stretcher, and has been relined. It appears that the frame may be original. (Frame: 30.5 x 35.25 inches; view: 24.5 x 29.25 inches)

765-2 - SOLD

Portrait, Boy with Dog, John Burch, Signed: Isaac Sheffield, 1821, New London, Connecticut
Fine American oil on wood panel of a young boy and his dog contained in period gilt frame
Signed, John Burch, Painter / Isaac Sheffield / New London / April 1821
Handsome lad wearing blue jacket, seated in Hepplewhite chair with adoring dog - SOLD

Antique Portrait of a Boy with a Dog, Signed Isaac Sheffield, 1821, entire view

(Excellent condition, signed on the verso; frame: 13 by 15”, sight-size: 9.75 by 11”)

661-29 - SOLD

Portrait, Mary Hurlburt, Fine Fichue and Shawl, Artist Signed (Listed Artist)
Signed, Frederick Spencer, January 1830
New York
Painted on wood panel, outstanding carved and gilt frame - SOLD

(Minor warping to panel, good condition, signed on verso; frame: 41.5 by 34.5", 39.5 by 22.5")

659-75 - SOLD

Portrait, Huntsman, Young Aristocratic Fox Hunter, Carved Frame
English School, 18th Century - SOLD

The frame may be original and features egg and dart carving, gadrooning and more; at top center is a splendid carved fox head; bottom rail displays a leather and chain dog collar; each corner with flower; all relief carved.
(As expected and accepted, very old lining and re-stretching; a few small and extremely minor fills, else fine. frame: 37.5 by 45", sight-size: 29.25 by 36.5")

570-459 - SOLD

Portrait, Gentleman Wearing Half Armor under Blue Coat
Late 17th to Early 18th Century - SOLD

The canvas was re-stretched during the 19th century; minor in-painting mostly limited to stretcher rub. Dimensions: 29.75 by 35" frame, 23.25 by 28.75" sight-size.

107-134 - SOLD

Portrait of a Gentleman, Bad Hair Day Artist
Connecticut or New York State
Circa 1805
Oil on canvas, 24.5 by 20.5" - SOLD

Other portraits by the hand of this unknown, yet accomplished painter are found in the collections of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection in Colonial Williamsburg and in private collections. The artist combined his knowledge of Neoclassical American portrait painting, as it was practiced in Connecticut and New York by artists such as Trumbull and Vanderlyn, with vernacular traditions of itinerant New England and New York painters-such as Ammi Phillips in his Border Limner period-and a heavy dash of his own individuality. The result is an engaging and memorable eccentric portrait that has such a particular quality that his work can be attributed from collection to collection. In addition, it is an early-American tonsorial masterpiece. Barbara Luck at the AARFAC has related three other male portraits to this one; see Gentleman Farmer, plate 202 on page 222 of Beatrix Rumford, American Folk Portraits. Also see the catalog by the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts, Early Arts of the Genesee Valley, 1974, plate 8, Gentleman with Ledger, oil on wood panel, dated 1823. There is a portrait of Ebenezer Mack of Ithaca, New York, which was published in the Maine Antiques Digest, May 1994, page 15E; this is the best documented painting from the group having come directly from the Mack House in Ithaca. In addition to the preceding portraits, the portrait of John Lent, oil on canvas, probably from Leroy, New York, is illustrated on page 24 of Early Arts of the Genesee Valley. All of these portraits are distinguished by unruly hair. The similarity of the five paintings and their slight differences suggest a single hand developing through time from a country limner to a somewhat more sophisticated painter. Childs Gallery to Private Collection (Extremely minor touches; remounted on masonite)

413-29 - SOLD

Portrait, American School
Mid Nineteenth Century
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Gentleman with rolled paper positioned before a curtain with a vista to classical building. There is a plate suggesting that to subject is a politician named Woodfin who was a member of the West Virginia Legislature. (Building looks like the Virginia Capital) Dimensions: 36.5 by 41.5" frame, 24.5 by 29.5" sight-size.

883-1 - SOLD

Portrait Of Gentleman
Signed by H.C. Pratt (1803-1880)
Maine...circa 1826
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Oil on canvas, signed on the reverse, "H. C. Pratt / pinxt / 1826," Henry Cheevers Pratt (1803 - 1880) was an American portrait painter; it is known he was working in Portland, ME during the time this painting was done. The sitter is unknown. Some in-painting and tack-edge reinforced; old patch near the bottom. The portrait remains on original stretcher and appears to be mounted within its original gilt frame that measures 37.5-inches x 32-inches; 29.5-inches x 24-inches view.

448-12 - SOLD

Monk Painting Portrait of a Cardinal
Oil on Canvas in Elaborate Frame - SOLD

Oil on canvas depicting a monk painting a portrait of an aging cardinal, signed T. Rosenthal, possibly Toby [Tobias] Rosenthal. Rosenthal was an expatriate American genre painter who studied and spent much of his career in Germany. He usually worked very large so if this is by him it would definitely be a sketch that someone had framed.
Condition: flaking on the painting, and losses to the frame.
Dimensions: 9.5 by 7.5-inch sight-size, 18 by 16-inch frame.

514-134 - SOLD

Portrait of a Gentleman, Head and Shoulders, Bewigged
Late 17th Century
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Dimensions: 30.5 by 35.5" frame, 24.5 by 29.5" sight-size.

786-6 - SOLD

Portrait, Lady in Red
Circa 1740
Oil on canvas - SOLD

A framed oil on canvas bust portrait of beautiful young woman in a red dress. Frame plate engraved Thomas Hudson 1701-1799. The work was relined during the nineteenth century and is mounted within a good carved and gilt frame; excellent condition. Dimensions: 32 by 37" frame, 23.75 by 29" sight-size.

786-5 - SOLD

Moses B. Russell
Portrait of Nathaniel Fessenden
Oil on Canvas
Circa 1850 - SOLD

Oil on canvas portrait of a boy identified as Nathaniel B. Fessenden painted by Moses B. Russell (1809 - 1884). The subject wears a red dress with red and white stripped socks and is holding his spaniel Flight. The canvas has Boston and London stencils on the reverse and is signed "M. B. Russell Pinxt. / Boston / 1850" in black...also on the reverse. The work is mounted in a gilt-wood frame; a paper label on the stretcher notes that the painting was cleaned in 2000. This picture purportedly descended in the family of the sitter. (24.5-inches x 29.5-inches view, 31-inches x 36.25-inches framed.)

544-4 - SOLD

Portrait-Ship Captain
Circa 1820's - SOLD

As depicted, the well-dressed subject holds a telescope and wears a shirt-pin and watch fobs suggesting success. The canvas is relined, re-stretched, and mounted within a period walnut frame in old surface that is not original to the picture. Overall excellent condition with extremely minor scattered in-paint.
(Frame: 18.75 x 24 inches; view: 14.25 x 19.5 inches.)

659-3 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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