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Dutch Ebonized Ripple Molded Frame,
Looking Glass, Circa 1680

Mirror, Dutch Ebonized Ripple Molded Frame, Looking Glass, Circa 1680, Full View

Period example retaining original surface
Good condition with minor imperfections consistent with age, use and environment
Large size period frame, overall: 22 by 24”, view area 13 by 10.5”

Mirror, Dutch Ebonized Ripple Molded Frame, Looking Glass, Circa 1680, Detailed View

Mirror, Dutch Ebonized Ripple Molded Frame, Looking Glass, Circa 1680, Back View



Mirror, Chippendale, Central Cove Molded, Piercing Centering Gilt Female Form American or English, circa 1800 The parcel gilt scrolled crest centering extremely rare carved full-length women

Mirror, Chippendale, Central Cove Molded, Piercing Centering Gilt

Mahogany, pine and mahogany veneer, original surface; backboard and blocks appear to be clear white pine in best color. (Tip of one lower-outside scroll is replaced, one scroll is missing; 20.5 x 13.25")

Mirror, Chippendale, Central Cove Molded, Piercing Centering Gilt back




Mirror, Queen Anne Looking Glass, Pierced Scroll Crest, Parcel Gilt, Molded Slip
America or England, Circa 1725-1750
Walnut veneer, pine

Mirror, Queen Anne Looking Glass, Pierced Scroll Crest, Parcel Gil

Walnut and gilt gesso with a scrolled crest and pierced and gilded Prince of Wales feathers above a rectangular scroll molded slip with central mirror plate flanked by scrolled ears above a shaped apron featuring recessed carving.
(One scrolled ear replaced, otherwise very attractive, imperfections are minor and commensurate with age.
38 by 19”)

Mirror, Queen Anne Looking Glass, Pierced Scroll Crest, Parcel Gilt back



Queen Anne Courting Mirror, Looking Glass, High Arching Eagle Carved Scrolled Crest
Unknown Maker, American or England, 18th Century
Lovely small size featuring gilt phoenix and carved gilded gesso liner
Walnut, pine and walnut veneer

Antique Queen Anne Courting Mirror with High Arching Eagle on Scrolled Crest, 18th Century, entire view

(9.5 by 16”)



Mirror, Georgian Period Looking Glass, Walnut and Parcel Gilt, Scrolled Pediment
England, Mid 18th Century

Antique Georgian Period Looking Glass, England, Mid 18th Century, entire view

A scrolled crest having a pierced central gilt foliate device above the carved parcel-gilt liner enclosing mirror plate. (36 by 14”)



Antique Georgian Period Looking Glass, England, Mid 18th Century, crest detail

Mirror, Rocaille Carved and Pierced Giltwood with Girandole, Etched Glass
Outstanding engraved plate featuring gentleman warmed by fire
18th Century

The magnificent, fine and ornate carved and gilt frame with heavily carved scrolling, floral motifs and piercing centers a no less than incredible engraved mirror-plate that is surmounted by an engaged carved canopy set with engraved mirror-plate; the base with similar carving and inset plate receives a pair of scrolled arms with acanthus ornament, knops and turned candle sockets.
(H: 40"; W: 23"; D: 8")



Looking Glass
Mahogany, gilded wood, string-inlay and gesso on wire
Uniquely American, New York
Circa 1790-1800

With a decidedly American personality, excelling in vertical proportion, festooned with flowers and foliage and no English cognate; this example remains in a seldom-encountered high state of originality. Centering the graceful high tightly scrolled molded and carved crest ornamented with Tudor roses is the beautifully executed carved and gilded urn with wheat and floral stocks artistically arranged; beneath which is mounted a molded oval medallion boss. A bead molding is applied to the frames outside edges with the carved and gilt sight edge molding glued to the inside edges. A simple string inlay centers the inner and outer moldings. The crest with a single line inlay is butted and glued to the top of frame edge; secured by blocking and straps with the outstanding elaborate transitional Rococo scrolled base and corner scrolls likewise butted and secured against the frame. The surface of this mahogany veneer on white pine mirror appears to be original and has a rich patina. Probably New York City or Albany. (Height: 64"; width: 24 3/8".)



Mirror, Federal, Overmantle, Carved and Gilt, Neoclassical Eglomise Panels
Anonymous, America or England, possibly New York, Circa 1800 to 1815

Architectural cornice with orbs above three part frieze featuring Eglomise panels, centered by molded and engaged columns enclosing central mirror plate; each section within ebonized reeded liner. This rare glass awaits restoration, scattered surface imperfections, missing backboards; proper left glass panel is cracked near bottom.
(H: 34.75", W: 60.5", D: 3")



Mirror, Federal, Convex, Eagle
Likely English, Circa 1825

Carved and gilt, eagle on rockery plinth with floral carved boss centered by acanthus carving surmounting molded frame featuring black-painted molded liner; surrounding a convex mirror plate; all above shell, flower and foliate carving.
(Very attractive and clean; minor old repairs; 49 by 31.5")



Frame, Ripple Molded, Mirror
17th Century

A fine and richly tooled reverse ogee profile, ebonized ripple molding frame with late plate. Dimensions: 13" by 16".

$2, 295


Queen Anne Wall Mirror, Recessed Parcel Gilt Shell Crest
America or England
Circa 1750
Walnut and white pine
Rectangular frame with scrolled crest centering shell surmounting two part plate, original backboard

(Excellent original condition with extremely minor imperfections; 14.25 by 37.5")



Federal Mirror, Carved and Molded, Gilt
American, 19th Century

Antique Federal Mirror, Carved and Gilt, 19th Century, entire view

(Minor touches, extremely minor losses; attractive, ready to hang; 34 by 20”)



Antique Federal Mirror, Carved and Gilt, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Carved Giltwood Girandole Mirror, Surmounted with Eagle, Shell, Grapes and Leaves
Possibly New York, Circa 1800
The gilt ornamentation is entirely carved including floral bosses; original candle arms and sockets; reeded and ebonized liner centering convex plate. We generally state; English or American, this one feels American! - SOLD

Antique Carved Giltwood Girandole Mirror Sumounted with Eagle, Circa 1800, entire view

(Recently re-gilt; restoration report available; H: 40.5”, W: 28”)

572-66 - SOLD

Mirror, Federal, Eglomise
Constitution/Guerriere Reverse Painting on Glass
Possibly Boston
Circa 1815 - SOLD

(28.75 by 16")

993-1 - SOLD

Mirror, Federal, Gilt Gesso and Eglomise, War of 1812 Battle Scene
Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1815
Tablet depicting ships at battle - SOLD

(Generally very good, original backboard, typical chips to gilding; 27.5 by 14.5")

1111-11 - SOLD

Queen Anne Mirror, Looking Glass, Original Condition
New England
18th Century
White pine, walnut, walnut veneer, original surface, glass and backboard - SOLD

The scrolled crest above molded frame centering plate; tip of one spur missing with else fine (16 by 11.25")

935-10 - SOLD

Mirror, Convex, Carved, Full Bodied Eagle, Gilded and Painted Wood and Gesso
America or England, Circa 1800 to 1820
Eagle Pediment Surmounting Looking Glass, Acanthus and Shell Terminus - SOLD

(Very good original condition: H: 31"; W: 18")

127-14 - SOLD

Federal Mirror, Reverse Painted Tablet, Fine Condition
Probably Boston, Massachusetts
Gilt and Eglomise (possibly a Codman tablet)
Circa 1820
Reverse painted tablet displays waterscape; a dog chasing large bird off her nest - SOLD

(H: 31.5"; W: 18.5"; D: 4")

110-561 - SOLD

Mirror, Wall, Early Empire, Split Column, Gilt, Leaf Blocks
Circa 1815 to 1840 - SOLD

This early Empire example with nice baluster and ring turnings featuring checkered capitals joined by corner blocks with applied decorative leaf ornaments retains its original gold leaf. (Excellent condition; 55.5 by 31")

168-6 - SOLD

Mirror, George III, Parcel Gilt, Pierced and Carved Frame, Eagle Final
Circa 1765 - SOLD

A beautiful and elaborate frame with a rectangular mirror plate within a molded carved and gilt scroll edge frame surmounted by a spectacular carved, pierced and gilt double scroll pediment centered by a gilt-wood eagle, the sides with gilt-wood bellflower and acorn trails. (24.5 by 50")

659-13 - SOLD

Queen Anne Looking Glass
Probably American
Circa 1740-1750 - SOLD

This mahogany and mahogany veneer on white pine example has a lovely carved and applied ogee molding surrounding the two-piece beveled glasses. There are no repairs to the tall crest or returns; glue blocks are intact and prevented warping and cracking so often encounter. In generally excellent condition with the top glass possibly re-silvered; a few small sections of molding have been refreshed; Nice old patina. (31.5 by 13.75".)

270-27 - SOLD

Carved, Gesso, and Gilt
Looking Glass
18th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: 21.5 by 33".

295-43 - SOLD

Queen Anne Looking Glass
Circa 1730-1760
Walnut veneer and pine - SOLD

As depicted, tall shaped and pierced crest surmounting the molded frame.
Very minor imperfections; one tiny veneer loss at bottom left miter. (32 by 17".)

731-11 - SOLD

Federal Looking Glass, Maker’s Label, E. Lothrop Gilder, Gilt gesso, Eglomise
Edward Lothrop, Boston, circa 1820 - SOLD

Antique Federal Looking Glass with Maker's Label, Circa 1820, entire view

Overhanging cornice with spherules, reverse painted tablet with oak leaf border, the rectangular plate flanked by convex columns with rope-twist decoration. The backboard retains nearly the entire original label advertising Lothrop’s business.
(Any imperfections are minor, and commensurate with age and use; 21.5 by 11”)

270-131 - SOLD


Country Chippendale Looking Glass, Carved and Painted Birch
New Hampshire, Late 18th to Very early 19th Century
Outstanding example! - SOLD

Fan carved crest centered by scrolls cants backwards as does the scrolled and lobed bottom rail; mortise and tenon joinery affix the cove-molded stiles…the slip is molded. Very early brown paint over red wash. The period glass likely replaced as is backboard, else fine.
(17.5 x 13.5"; rabbet: 10.25 x 14.25", view area: 13.5” by 9.5”)

1221-10 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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