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Country Cupboard, Open Top, Original Paint History, Sage Green over Red
New England, Early 19th Century
Rural simplicity, simple lines, wonderful color and patina

Desirable small size featuring three shelves within top section above a pair of simple board-doors, each hinged on left side; lower case with a single medial shelf above the floorboards. (Very good original condition; H: 67: W: 35.25”. D: 13.5”)



Cupboard-Wall; Chippendale, Pine, Red Wash, Step-Back, Glazed Doors, Hinged Writing Surface New England, circa 1800
(Purchased many decades ago at the venerable Russell Carrel flea market)
Original dark red surface and crazed varnish…

Step-back pine cupboard in original red wash; rectangular molded cornice above a pair of glazed six-panel glazed cupboard doors opening to four tiers of valanced compartments, stepped back on the lower case fitted with a hinged writing lid and lopers above a pair of raised panel cupboard doors, raised on bracket feet with shaped returns. (Two lobes missing, all else in fine original condition; 70.5" high by 38" wide by 17.5" deep) Ex Betty and Tim Trace Collection.



Jelly Cupboard, Wall-Cupboard, Original Paint History, Likely Pennsylvania, Early 19th Century Poplar…with proportions similar to a well-balanced tall chest

Rectangular molded top featuring projecting molding over a tall dovetail joined case; a pair of dovetailed short drawers with applied cock-bead molding is above conforming doors with fielded panels that are reeded and of mortice, tenon construction and pegged. The case with chamfered corners having an applied base-molding is raised on bracket feat…each with lobe and return. The untouched interior contains four shelves. The surface is attractive and shoes at least two layers of paint with some fill. (Height: 63.5"; width: 43.75"; depth: 19.5")



Cupboard-Hanging, Flared & Stepped Cornice,
Paneled Door, Molded Base Pennsylvania, circa 1800
pegged mortice and tenon joinery, small size cherry and poplar, original surface Wonderful surface, wrought iron hardware including hanging device, rose head nails

Featuring a stepped cornice of a raised-panel door and molded base. The interior features two original shelves; backboard is a single raised panel. It appears that this cupboard may have been used in a printing shop whereas the black patina seen at area of door-pull is ink; the interior also displays traces of ink in a wonderful-way. The ink is thin and limited to the lower half of door and stile…the area where a inked hand would normally close the door…looks great! The door pull, and swing latch are 19thcentury replacements; cupboard is worthy of upgrading to stylistically appropriate period hardware.
(Height: 27"; width: 18.75"; depth: 13")



A William and Mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York
New York City, Circa 1720 to 1730
Complex and outstanding crown molding, magnificent feet, terrific surface
Gumwood with walnut stiles

Antique William and mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York, Circa 1720, angle view

(The rear feet were compromised very early in its working life, the present shaped rear feet were added during the late eighteenth or very early nineteenth century. Dimensions: crown molding: 74 by 27.75”, case: 59.25 by 20.75”, base: 62.5 by 22.5”)

Please call for full description, and/or enthusiastic discussion.



Antique William and mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York, Circa 1720, entire view
Antique William and mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York, Circa 1720, open view
Antique William and mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York, Circa 1720, door detail
Antique William and mary Kas in Original Red Surface, New York, Circa 1720, feet detail

Step Back Glazed Cupboard, North Carolina, Original Paint, Wallpapered Interior
Piedmont Region, Circa 1840 to 1860
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested

Antique Step Back Glazed Cupboard in Original Paint, Circa 1840 to 1860, angle view

(Very good original condition; H: 80”, W: 42”, top case H: 39”, top case D: 11.25”, bottom case H: 41”, bottom case D: 19.25”)



Antique Step Back Glazed Cupboard in Original Paint, Circa 1840 to 1860, entire view
Antique Step Back Glazed Cupboard in Original Paint, Circa 1840 to 1860, wallpaper detail

Cupboard, Painted Hanging Cupboard, Original Blue and Green Paint
Pennsylvania, Circa 1810
Pleasing scale, proportion, color, and design

The beaded case with applied moldings displays three sunken panels on each side and features a three over two-drawer over paneled door arrangement; door retains original escutcheon and brass pull. It is interesting that the top outside drawers were made to be used within a desks prospect compartment as is evidenced by the chisel notched finger holds on one side of each drawer secondary wood. The drawer fronts are scratch-beaded. The lovely and original blue and green painted surface with terrific patina was expertly exposed by removing a layer of white over-paint.
(H: 29.5", W: 18.75", D: 8.5")



Country Step Back Cupboard, Open Front, Plate Grooves
New England, Early 19th Century

Antique Open Front Country Step Back Cupboard, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Imperfections; H: 72 3/8”, W: 50.5”, top case D: 5 5/8”, bottom case D: 15.75”)



Secretary Bookcase, Fold-Down Writing Surface, Butternut, Original Surface Two-piece…
scrolled feet and pilasters, outstanding molded cornice

(Base: 38 X 32 X 18”, top measures: 39.5” X 46” X 14”)



Hanging Cupboard, Shaped Galley, Paint Decorated, Original Surface, Signed, Vermont
Enosburg Falls, Vermont
Poplar, original as found condition

Antique Paint Decorated Hanging Cupboard with Shaped Galley, Vermont, angle view

(H: 18”, W: 26.25”, D: 10.75”)



Antique Paint Decorated Hanging Cupboard with Shaped Galley, Vermont, entire view
Antique Paint Decorated Hanging Cupboard with Shaped Galley, Vermont, open view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Hanging Cupboard, Two Door, Original Red Paint
New England, Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Hanging Two Door Cupboard in Original Red Paint, Early 19th Century, angle view

(W: 28”, H: 31”, D: 10.5”)

640-53 - SOLD

Step Back Cupboard, Open Top, Original Surface History, H Hinges
New England
Very old yellow over original red paint - SOLD

The open top with four shelves above lower section having plank door hung on original "H" hinges retaining leather bungs; board facings with applied moldings. As expected and accepted, there are minor use imperfections otherwise very good. (H: 74.25"; base H: 34"; W: 36.5"; D: 21"; shelf D: 11")

492-86 - SOLD

Linen Press, Paneled Doors, Four Drawers, Old Color
The Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island Corner
18th Century - SOLD

The top case with paneled doors that open to reveal three shelves features fluted lamb's tongue corners; four thumb molded drawers retaining potentially original brasses in lower case. The case resting on applied bracket base with no breaks or replacements. Minor imperfections such as one small expertly executed lip repair. (H: 81"; W: 42"; D: 18.75")

1028-1 - SOLD

Hanging Wall Cupboard, Celery Paint
New England
Early 19th Century - SOLD

This molded country cupboard with single board door contains three shelves; original surface history of dry celery green over red over black paint.
(Dimensions: 33" H, 24.25" W, 9.75" D.)

545-16 - SOLD

Cupboard, Hanging, Spice Cabinet, Raised Panel Door, Molded Cornice
Circa 1770
Walnut - SOLD

Pennsylvania German rectangular cupboard featuring outstanding crown molding above single paneled door above two thumb-molded drawers; projecting molding applied to base. (Dimensions: H: 23.75"; W: 21.5"; D: 12.5")

843-109 - SOLD

Cupboard, Wall, Blue Paint, Fielded Paneled Door, Molded Cornice
Circa 1800
White Pine - SOLD

A fine and unusual bucket bench featuring upper case with projecting molded cornice over single mortise and tenon joined door hung from iron rattail hinges and centered by applied case molding; over open shelf bucket bench, the stiles with applied molding and arched cut-out base. The surface was painstakingly cleaned down to original surface history featuring blue paint; good dry patina. Interior features four shelves above a slightly projecting deck; bucket shelf has been adjusted backward. Door turn-latches are missing, minor molding loss at rear topside of cornice with all else very good. (H: 79.75"; W: 32"; D: 14.25")

424-118 - SOLD

Open Top Step Back Cupboard
Circa 1800
Pine and poplar - SOLD

As depicted, crown molding having shaped fascia board beneath above case featuring three shelves with plate groves and shaped sides; top section rests within molding set on thumb-molded deck of bottom case that is above two short drawers above a pair of paneled doors centered by molded stiles. The cupboard is raised on molded and dovetailed applied bracket base. Old refinish, and good color; turned pulls appear to be original; the frieze beneath crown molding is restored; other minor imperfections. (Overall height: 80"; base height: 34.5"; width: 57.25"; depth: 20".)

707-19 - SOLD

An Attractive Pewter Dresser - SOLD

Assembled from period elements.
Dimensions: 87.5" high, 78.75" wide, 18.25" deep.

Contact David Hillier for additional information.

731-64 - SOLD

Small Step Back Cupboard
Gray Painted
19th Century - SOLD

Measures 79.5" in height, 21.5" in width and 19" in depth.

479-3 - SOLD

Scarcely Encountered Open Top Step Back Pewter Cupboard in Blue - SOLD

This early cupboard circa 1810-1840 has had minor touch up to paint.
Dimensions: 75" overall height, 34.5" base height, 65" wide, 21.25" base depth, 12.75" shelf depth.

201-253 - SOLD

Paneled Wall Cupboard
Grain Painted
19th Century - SOLD

The crown molding above single paneled door opening to interior fitted for shaving mugs. (Height: 29.25"; width: 24.75"; depth: 7.5".)

745-10 - SOLD

Barrel-Back Corner Cupboard
18th Century - SOLD

Great size at 40" tall by 24" wide. Paneled arched door with three interior shaped & molded shelves.

479-4 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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