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Work Table, William and Mary, Two Drawer,
Robust Turnings, Good Color Canada, Likely Quebec,
circa 1690-1740
Maple, birch, butternut and pine, original surface and turned wood drawer pull

The top with breadboard ends on a molded, otherwise plain apron containing two drawers. Robust turned legs [resting of full-height feet] joining medial stretcher. The table was built to survive, drawer fronts are very deep, secondary wood is heavy...massive dovetails that are vertically pegged front-and-back.
(Underside of second top was scored to remove cupping; one breadboard appears to be replaced as are drawer guides.
Height: 24.5"; top: 36.75



Hepplewhite Work Table, Original Condition, Legs Spaced Wide Enough to Sit, Red Paint New England, circa 1800 Pine, white and yellow

The thin overhanging top on plain apron [single drawer, original pull] joining tapered legs. The top displays an honest allover scrubbed finish; remaining surfaces retain original red with great patina. (Overall good condition, shrinkage gap to top that can easily be pulled together by our restorer or yours; height: 28.5"; top: 25.5 x 33")



Chair Table in Original Red Paint, Chippendale, Large Top New England, 18th Century

Chair table in original red paint Table,-Hutch_view-1

The four-foot square tip-top with batten ends raised on square legs joined by apron armrest. Great and original red paint. Generous proportions affording comfortable seating. (Height: 28"; top: 48" x 47")

Chair table in original red paint Table,-Hutch_view-2

Chair table in original red paint Table,-Hutch_top



Chair table, Hutch, Rectangular Top, Shoe Feet, Old Paint, Dining Size
Anonymous, Circa 1820

Antique Chair/Hutch Table with Rectangular Top and Shoe Feet, Circa 1820, closed angle view

The commodious top is functional for dining; comfortably seating six. The cleated top pivots on a dowel piercing base stiles which join wide dovetailed fascia and seat boards.
The stiles feature demilune piercings at the base joined to and raised on successfully proportioned raised and arched shoe feet.
H: 27"; top: 48 by 36"



Antique Chair/Hutch Table with Rectangular Top and Shoe Feet, Circa 1820, open angle view
Antique Chair/Hutch Table with Rectangular Top and Shoe Feet, Circa 1820, top detail

Chair Table, Large Round and Early, Wonderful and Original Surface, Robust Turnings
New England, 18th Century
Maple and pine

Antique Chair Table with Robust Turnings, New England, 18th Century, closed angle view

The four-foot top is generously overhung accommodating comfortable seating; turned arms featuring turned handholds above block and turned posts joined by board-seat resting on plain apron; the posts continuing to floor joined by box stretcher. The top in best scrubbed surface; remaining surfaces displaying thinning red in dry patina.
(Excellent condition; (H: 25”, top diameter: 47”)



Antique Chair Table with Robust Turnings, New England, 18th Century, open angle view
Antique Chair Table with Robust Turnings, New England, 18th Century, close angle view, top detail

Chair Table, Fine Original Paint and Condition, Seats 6 or More, Rural Perfection
A Conventional Form Featuring Uncommon Proportions, Fine Turning and Joinery
Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820

Antique Chair Table in Original Paint, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820, angle view

The commodious top featuring rounded corners is affixed to tapering cleats and pivots on/from armrests that are raised on robustly turned posts (posts and arms are through-tenoned) The seat rests on plain apron forming a case containing a single drawer retaining original turned wood pull; the apron joined to post blocks by mortise and tenon joints; blocks continue to beautifully turned leg. This fine and rare example retains its original painted black on red faux graining; as expected, top displays loss and thinning of pigment. This maple table seats six to eight.
(Excellent original condition; H: 28.5"; top: 42 by 42.5")
Just acquired privately, please call for enthusiastic discussion.



Antique Chair Table in Original Paint, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820, top up view
Antique Chair Table in Original Paint, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820, top view
Antique Chair Table in Original Paint, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820, top detail
Antique Chair Table in Original Paint, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1820, arm detail

Queen Anne Table
New England
Circa 1780

A New England cherry wood table retaining its original red stain, stylistically within the Queen Anne tradition, evidenced by the beauty of the delicate leg and superb proportions enhancing the simple elegance of the Federal period.

The legs are pinned into the apron and are terminated by beautiful turned feet with full magnificent pads that are remarkably crisp and at full original height The top with generous proportion is above a single dovetailed drawer with perfect molded edge; secondary wood is pine; drawer bottom is lap construction affixed with original rose head nails.

Top dimensions: 30 3/8 by 18"; Case dimensions: 24 3/4 by 13 3/8; height: 27.5".



Curly Maple Federal Card Table, Dry Surface
New England, probably Massachusetts
Circa 1800
Curly Maple, solid and veneer; mixed woods

The shaped top features an elliptic front, square corners, and half-serpentine ends and is on a conforming apron raised on tapering square legs. As expected, there is slight cupping that is limited to the front edge of upper-leaf and is not very distracting when closed; not noticeable when open.
Dimensions: 30" H, 37.75 by 17.5" top when closed, 37.75 by 35" top when open.



Table, Sawbuck, Large Size, Old Red Paint
New England, Early 19th Century

Pine top on cleats raised on crossed-legs joined by half-dovetailed stretchers
(Additional cleat added to underside of top; witness marks suggest that other cleats were added and removed during the tables working life. H: 28.5", top: 31 by 63")



A Good Federal Mahogany Card-Table
Serpentine sides; bowed front
North Shore, Massachusetts or Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Circa 1800

A Hepplewhite mahogany and veneer card table having hinged top with serpentine sides, bowed front, squared corners and an inlaid edge above a conforming apron with boldly contrasting figured veneer cross-banded rectangular panels joined and raised on double square tapering legs bordered by inlaid stringing ending at banded cuffs. The lighter contrasting wood at lower left of mahogany banding surrounding the center panel is heart-wood need color. The table remains in excellent condition. Height: 28.5"; Top (closed): 36.25 by 17.25"; Top (open): 36.25 by 34.5".



Hepplewhite Tapered and Splayed Leg Table, Original Surface, Nice Size
Pennsylvania, Circa 1810
Walnut, mortice/tenon and peg joinery

Antique Hepplewhite Tapered and Splayed Leg Table in Original Surface, Circa 1810, angle view 1

(Old ring stains on top, else fine; H: 29.75”, top: 26.5 by 19”)



Antique Hepplewhite Tapered and Splayed Leg Table in Original Surface, Circa 1810, angle view 2
Antique Hepplewhite Tapered and Splayed Leg Table in Original Surface, Circa 1810, top view

William and Mary Oak Tuck Away Table, Drop Leafs, Swing/Gate Legs, Butterfly Hinges
England, 18th Century

Round top with drop leaves on trestle base resting on shoe feet; shaped ends and swing-out supports. (Clean; good surface; H: 28.75"; top closed: 26.5 by 9"; top open: 26.5 by 30")



Table, Chippendale/Hepplewhite Transitional Drop Leaf Dining Table
New England, Likely Massachusetts, Circa 1780 to 1790

The Rectangular top on "Chippendale" style shaped apron joining string-inlaid "Hepplewhite" style legs; old, likely original surface.
(Good condition commensurate with age and use, few minor and scattered light scratches; 200-years of dark patina to center board; top would benefit from being "rubbed-out", else fine (H: 27.5", top with leaves down: 17 by 47.25", top with leaves up: 47.25 by 47.25").



Hepplewhite Circular Mahogany Card Table
In the tradition of John Shaw
Annapolis, Maryland
Circa 1800

This round table with rear double fly-legs has a drawer let into the back rail; double tapered legs with magnificent knopped feet; a successful and difficult execution demonstrating the maker's skill. Inlays are typical of better tables made at Newport or Providence. This table is ready for surface restoration; we have a skilled professional that will quickly refresh the deck surface and clean all other surface. For a related example see Magazine Antiques, Feb. 1977, pages 362-377; example mentioned published on page 377, fig. 16.
Dimensions: 27.75" H, 36.5 by 18" top when closed, 36.5 by 36" top when open.



Single Drop Leaf Table, Original Red Paint, Exquisitely and Delicately Turned Legs
Likely New Hampshire, Early 19th Century
Perfect as sofa table or against the wall, great color

Antique Single Drop Leaf Table in Original Red Paint, Early 19th Century, angle view

(H: 29”, W: 35”, D: 17.5”, D with top up: 35.5”)



Antique Single Drop Leaf Table in Original Red Paint, Early 19th Century, entire view

Table, Drop Leaf, Scrubbed Top

Dimensions: H: 28 3/8", top closed: 14 by 36", top open: 35 1/3 by 36".



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Hepplewhite Country Drop Leaf Work Table, Delicate Tapering Legs, Original Red Paint Featuring a Single Drop-Leaf Supported by Swing-Leg as Seen On Shaker Sewing Pieces - SOLD


Purportedly Purchased 40-years Ago from the Sabbath Day Community, Maine The top with breadboard ends on a plain apron containing single long drawer with brass pull; single dropleaf supported by gateleg. The whole raised on delicate tapering legs. Outstanding red paint and proportions. (Shrinkage cracks to top; thinning paint to work surface, scattered ink stains to same. (Height: 28.25"; top leaf down: 37.75" x 16.5"; top leaf up: 35.75" x 32.75")

632-67 - SOLD

Large Sawbuck Table, Seats Six to Eight, Original Surface History, 6-Feet, 7.5-inches!
New England, Circa 1840
An actual period table retaining traces of thinning blue/gray paint on base, scrubbed top - SOLD

Antique Sawbuck Table in Original Surface History, New England, Circa 1840, angle view

(The feet were punky and uneven; we had them restored, they look great; Top: 79.5 by 35.75"; H: 29.5")

1096-74 - SOLD

Card Table, Federal, Sheraton
Attributed to Joshua Emery (1788 to 1870)
Loudon Area, New Hampshire
Circa 1820
Birch, maple, mahogany veneer banding - SOLD

This rectangular, hinged-top example with ovolo-corners, serpentine sides and front above a conforming apron featuring a central flame-birch inlaid panel within rectangular mahogany veneered banding. The front and side aprons are similarly veneered in highly figured birch within banding. The table is raised on tapered ring-turned legs with rounded flutes and ringed cuffs above inverted pear-shaped feet; all elements feature rounded edges. This table is related to a cohesive group of furniture that remained in the Bachelder and Sanborn families, their ancestral homes only three-miles apart. The Emery shop was located five-miles from the Bachelder and Sanborn homes. (Other information available) All glue-blocks are original; old surface. Dimensions: H: 30", top: 17.5 by 37".

270-85 - SOLD

Table, Dining, Queen Anne
Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island
Circa 1750 to 1760
Original Condition
Curly Maple, great patina - SOLD

An extremely rare example of ample proportions remaining in undisturbed condition. (Height: 26.75"; top (leaves down): 54.25 x 15.5"; top (leaves up): 54.25 x 53.25".)

270-78 - SOLD

Table, Work Table, Regency, Thomas Seymour, Fitted Drawer, Bead Moldings
Boston, Circa 1814
Construction precisely follows Seymour shop traditions - SOLD

The drawer is fitted with a baize-lined tilting writing surface on ratcheted support, tapering reeded legs resting on original brass cap casters. See The Furniture Masterworks by John & Thomas Seymour by Robert D. Mussey Jr., pp. 310 and 311.
(Sans bag slide, support intact, brass pulls replaced, else fine; H: 30.25", top: 18.75 by 22")

410-132 - SOLD

Painted Serving or Hall Table, Original Condition, Red Paint
First Quarter 19th Century
New England
White pine, birch - SOLD

The overhanging "D" shape top affixed to plain apron by multiple glue-blocks is raised on tapered legs; wood pegs secure the apron and legs. Wonderful old red painted surface. (H: 28.5"; top: 42 by 17.75")

191-362 - SOLD

Tap Table, Country Hepplewhite, Original Red Paint
New England
Circa 1800 to 1820 - SOLD

The two-board top with breadboard ends, and scrubbed surface above a plain apron with long drawer and a red painted surface; raised on square tapered legs. Dimensions: 26.5" H, 42.5 by 31.75" top.


Chippendale Drop-Leaf Dining Table
New England, butternut
Circa 1780-1800 - SOLD

The rectangular top with thumb-molded rule-joint on a plain apron raised on molded square legs. Nice old color and fine condition. (Height: 28"; Top (leaves up): 41 x 44"; Top (leaves down): 14.25 x 44".)

704-2 - SOLD

Table, Queen Anne, Ball and Claw Feet, Drop Leaf
18th Century
Mahogany - SOLD

The rectangular top on apron with shaped ends raised on cabriole legs resting on claw and ball feet. The rounded corners were shaped at a later date, all else fine. (Height: 27.5"; top (leaves up): 47 x 47.75"; top (leaves down): 15.75 x 47")

271-23 - SOLD

An Outstanding Chippendale Games Table
American or English
Circa 1775 - SOLD

An exceedingly nice example made of the best dense carved mahogany; the hinged rectangular top with molded edge above the conforming molded apron rail raised on square molded carved legs. The double flying rail/leg design is of "filler back" construction; the rear of the molded legs butt to the inner rail creating a uniform .75" gap between flying and fixed rail rather than the usual spacers. The flying rails are masterfully hinged at the outside corners allowing for seating on all sides. The mahogany is dense and beautiful; outstanding quality craftsmanship. (Height: 28.5"; Top (open): 34 x 33.5"; Top (closed): 34 x 16.75")

270-7 - SOLD

Queen Anne Table
Circa 1760-1780
Maple, with some figure - SOLD

The oval top on frame with nicely shaped end profiles; cabriole legs are raised on turned-pad-feet with nearly full-height pads. The rule-joints and hinges are without compromise. Some minor cupping to leaf; old refinish.
(Height: 27.5"; top (leaves down): 41.25 x 15.5"; top (leaves up): 51.25 x 41.25".)

274-87 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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